gah the colors

‘Reflecting’ on an infinite universe.

I can imagine Pigde’s adventure starting to get to her. The more space she explores, the more her universe expands, and the more places where her family isn’t. A game with chances of a thousand-to-one becomes billions-to-one, and she keep losing. The amount of  space between her an her family just keeps getting bigger.

Also the transparent looks good.


Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play

Fresh_Hell….Thats what it is to draw this fool…But honestly I had a lot of fun drawing him and experimenting with my markers and blending. Also this is my first fan art for this blog sooo, Here ya goo *Runs away cuz SENPIIIII*


Whatever happens, you will come back.


Nextale Asriel

I mean he looks so cool-

I just want to draw him- 

So cool socool- too cool

This Asriel belongs to @nextale


@sugarandfeathers wanted YooSeven based from the song Late to the Party and this is all I could come up with. Wasn’t gonna color it but it looked to blah without, so I tried a lazyish color technique.

(Also ignore my sloppy af handwriting.)

Gah! Tumblr makes their skin color wonky Dx