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  • carey: when we get married you can keep your last name if you want babe idc
  • killian: that's really nice of you and i love that you respect my right to choose in this situation but also i literally cannot wait to be named killian fangbattle. is that not objectively the coolest name ever
  • carey: it's great i just don't want you to feel-
  • killian: babe. KILLIAN FANGBATTLE
  • carey: you're right that is cool

Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

OC Questions: Road Trip Edition

Your OCs are off on an adventure! Whether they’re on a mission or just slaking their wanderlust, this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the squad. What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Which OC is the driver? Where are the other OCs sitting in the vehicle?
  2. What form of transportation are your OCs using (RV, motorcycles, on foot, etc.)?
  3. What’s playing on the radio?
  4. Imagine your OCs reacting towards staying overnight at an incredibly shady motel
  5. Which OC gets homesick nearly immediately? Do they get over it?
  6. Imagine your OCs getting lost
  7. Which OC yells “HORSE” whenever they pass by horses?
  8. What does your OC do to pass the time on a long stretch of road?
  9. Imagine your OCs playing I Spy
  10. Which OC brings a guitar to serenade the other OCs as they travel?
  11. What happens when your OCs meet a hitchhiker?
  12. Which OC insists on stopping at every fruit stall to buy snacks and chat with the seller?
  13. Which OC gets accidentally left behind at a stop? How long does it take before anyone realizes that they’re gone?
  14. Which OC buys cheesy souvenirs as keepsakes and to give to their friends who didn’t come with them?
  15. Imagine your OC sitting on the hood of the car with a thermos of hot cocoa in their hands, watching the sun rise
  16. Which OC is on a quest to try as many different kinds of food as they can on this trip?
  17. Which OC points out every strange sign they pass by on the road and reads them aloud to the amusement or annoyance of everyone else?
  18. Which OC has to stop to relieve themself every hour or so?
  19. Imagine your OCs getting pulled into a side quest when one OC claims that they saw a cryptid
  20. What happens when the vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere?
  21. Which OC starts taking increasingly daring nature/action photos of themselves and their friends?
  22. Which OC starts out stressed about the amount of work they’re leaving at home, and slowly lets themself have fun?
  23. Imagine your OCs stopping by the side of a quiet road to go stargazing. Bonus points if they all end up falling asleep together, warm, happy, and surrounded by their friends

“I said I wouldn’t cry.”

WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS but it’s mostly inspired by this by @kcgane thanks dude you’re an inspiration :’)

SO I was actually in the middle of packing (frantically) and writing many, many goodbye letters (also frantically) when I finally decided to stop, take a break, and…. messily doodle out this header. And now that I have a header, I can’t just not have a post… yeah?

Obviously, while I’ve only been writing for almost, almost two years now (holy shit, I know), I’ve been reading fanfiction for a lot longer. And I’ve been loving it. So, as a long time reader and appreciator of all of the amazing works the community has so generously shared with the public, I’ve decided to create a quick blog rec post to honor all the wonderful blogs that I have come across. Some I follow, some I don’t, some follow me, some don’t… and that’s fine, and frankly, should not matter at all.

In fact, the only thing that should matter (in regards to this post) is that they are all fanfiction writers and thus deserve all the appreciation and recognition for their hard work and tireless efforts on this special day.

Okay, okay, enough talking. Here we go– (please prepare yourself for the monstrosity that will ensue):

listed in no particular order; italicized blogs either cannot be located/have stopped writing.

@exo-nerates / @taesthetes / @zephyoongist / @tayegi / @duizhangdeluxe / @keypea / @min-tokkiwriter / @bubbleteascenarios / @kainks / @yuudetama / @gukvory / @serendipitae / @chan-chanyeol / @mrsmon / @syubits / @freelancebat / @thesammtimes / @palpitate-hyperventilate / @an-exotic-writer / @xiuminipple / @writingseoul / @kimseokjinsprincess / @baebsaes / @seoulscapes / @remembeo / @9901010101 / @byulwriter / @yoonminnings / @inktae / @dodexogen / @rabbitwrite / @writewhatyoulove / @kareverie / @thereaderwriter / @theboyswhomwelove / @smokaible / @minearebigger / @btsugaplums / @mint-yooxgi / @eat-a-mint-jungkook / @lovelylittlemaknae / @hitchhikingbabeh / @modestlydreaming / @jjangpanda / @inspiritdawn / @jiminerie / @heungtanbts / @suegakookie / @monbell / @jespere-hope / @taehyungie / @wheeinah / @hobibliophile / @rainwards / @dabguk / @13x06x2013 / @exoticarmy127 / @exobaozi-xoxo / @misstae / @sxciopathic-tendencies / @shineeing-star / @jungblue / @helloblamebts / @uyuagashi-fics / @sehvnter / @winnie-writes-kpop / @triptaech / @asexpectedofthestork / @smuttyfairy / @cosykims / @gukblush / @annyeongs / @jungkxook / @the95liner / @versigny / @jiminables / @kimvtae / @starry-sehun / @minsvga / @bapsae-bae / @jjungkooked / @xingtokki / @jheartseok / @funtaesy / @monbell / @9395x / @lthyl / @btsfix / @very-important-army / @flyfireflyfly and, of course, all the writers in the @btswriters network :)

Clearly, I’m missing a lot of people (considering I’ve had a tumblr for a few years now and have used it to read fics rather consistently), and an alarming number of blogs I used to stalk all the time are gone. And, I know, just barfing up a block of text (well, writers) probably isn’t the most sentimental move and people tend to just glance over the whole thing (which is a shame, because there are a lot of talented writers in here). I really regret not knowing about this day earlier, or else this would’ve come out a lot better but… well, better than nothing right?

That being said, I’d really like to take the time to thank all of these writers for dedicating so much of their time towards producing such great works and sharing it with me… some of you guys mentioned have also become my friends who I love and appreciate.

And finally, for all the the writers out there, both of whom I already know and have yet to discover…

(yes, it’s supposed to be fanfic writer’s appreciation day, but I’d like to think that they are one and the same)

This is another small moment I really like. When Yuri makes a mistake, Victor reacts very negatively but then shakes himself and goes back to being stoic.

Considering Yuri had just earlier been very uncertain about his own performance and stated that he needed Victor to have faith him, to me what happened here is Victor telling himself a) to not show any outward negative body language to not impact Yuri should he glance Victor’s way and b) to have faith in Yuri and thus not act so pessimistic over one small mistake.

He paid attention to what Yuri needed and wanted, and adjusted to it.

AnY Chapter 148 Spoilers ➸

(Kouren looks so pretty in this panel, omg~)

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 148 with some pictures without some pictures once again because, once again, the Korean scans came out hella early. If you want to see them please check the AnY tag. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

*sensually sprinkles salt all over this post to remind you to take this summary with a grain of salt* The usual guys, the usual. 

Okay, that’s enough salt, let’s get on with it!

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