gah not even happy with how it turned out

FF Versus XIII

I’m so fucking happy XV ended up having nothing to do with XIII…I may be one of only a few who feel this way, but I hate everything about the XIII universe, from the convoluted story to the shallow, one dimensional characters. I have no idea how they made three games out of that ish. I’m so happy XV turned out the way it did… independent from that farce.

And I’m also happy Stella became Lady Lunafreya! Stella seemed to be yet another shallow, one dimensional character even in design alone whereas Luna has some real depth of character. She’s one of the few female leading FF ladies I adore.

Gah, so happy these changes were made, not even mad it took 10 years.




KStew and RPattz turn their long-awaited wedding day kiss into a full-on makeout session in front of family and friends.

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