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I just wanted to say that I love your fics and your writing! Plus, you seem super cute. 😙 I'm wondering if you have any fic recs too because I've been running low on jikook and I haven't found any new ones that have caught my eye. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a good day~

omy…goodness… nonnie who.. allowed u to be this cute mY HEART IS ALL FLUTTERY HDHFH I CAN’T ^////^ thank u so much for liking my fics omg!!! 💞💓💞💓💕💓😙

i haven’t really been lurking around the jikook tag lately either, so here are some fics i just… rlly love… and would definitely re-read:

- he loves me, he loves me not (seven days) by jeonify // @shyjimins

[two-shot, complete] small soft jimin and rich playboy jeon, super soft and dreamy, v angsty but totally worth it in the end :)

- blow me like your french horn by ohdizzy // @ohdizzy

[chaptered, complete] french-hornist!jeon, trumpeteer!jimin, rivals to eventual lovers, hands down still the funniest fic i’ve ever read, prepare ur tissues bc u will laugh that hard

- let’s not fall in love by jungkoojk // @jungkoojk

[chaptered, complete] highschool au, bad-boy!jeon (he becomes good tho!!  dw), half angst, half fluff, an emotional rollercoaster wow

- taking back october by mintaehyung

[chaptered, on-going] college/uni au, fluff, a bit of angst, it’s rlly cute i scream every time it updates

- the ocean at the end of the universe by mindheist

[one-shot, complete] space au, aviation academy, enemies to friends to lovers, angst(?), the first bts fic i ever read and i constantly go back to, it’s that great!!

- the petty criminal discount by kingkiwi

[one-shot, complete] criminal!jeon (sort of… a v minor criminal i guess), coffee-shop owner!jimin, fluff, this is hella cute pls read, i re-read it all the time aaahhh

the goon squad is a two-shot by the same author that takes place in the same au after that, i highly recommend it!!

- wonder by wordcouture // @baebsaes

[two-shot, complete] space au, apocalypse au(?), fluffy, v dreamy, aNGST ANGST ANGST, if ur gonna read it till the end pls prepare tissues iT WRECKED ME

- acrobats, artists and animals by flitter

[one-shot, complete] ballet!au, rivals to lovers, angsTY AS HECK but so realistic, the characterisation is amazing, a piece of art pls!! read 

- your little moon face, shining bright at me by cygnus (lucid_wysteria) // @c-cygnus

[chaptered, on-going] coffee-shop au (sorta), soft shy lil musician!jeon, barista!jimin, angsty but also fluffy, the descriptions are magical istg, aLSO sunshine-line are always bickering it’s great, pls read this i’m in love with it

and… that’s… a few… ;;;