gah its terrible

…considering this is one of my fav ships i’m surprised i’ve never drawn it before
welp here you go


“I love you too much, to live without you loving me back.”

“I love you too much. Heaven’s my witness and this is a fact.”


@theninjamouse I’m sliding this over because originally I was gonna post the OOF picture with something else but I’m super slow :D BUT YEAH- here’s a surfing girl and a fire dude for an awesome chick! 

Captive Audience


The witch peered closely at the wall and poked it gingerly with her index finger. She could feel the burn of the iron even from just that small contact - the whole room was just one big iron box built to keep her contained and it was working.

She sighed and rubbed at a spot just over her heart, still sore from where the iron bolt had pierced her. It would heal completely in time but with her magic so severely restricted by the cell, it was taking a lot longer than usual. At least they’d removed the damn thing otherwise she’d still be dead.

A red light above the airlock contraption - designed to stop her just rushing whatever guard came in - clicked and buzzed making her head turn to see who it might be.