gah i really wanted to write something smart but i always get emotional about this scene

Rebuilt Jedi Enclave would always be my favourite KotOR II moment. I remember playing for the first time and how this whole sequence basically shattered every illusion I could’ve had about this game. I’d been already half in love with KotOR II, with its post-war reality, struggling worlds, beautifully written dialogues and complex characters, but it was this moment and everything what happened next, that made me really love it. It was such a giant “fuck you” to everything I’ve been used to, to everything I could’ve been expecting and, hell, it wasn’t even that much of a plot twist, but it still felt more intense than any “great revelation”.

I’ve never even really liked the Jedi Masters, but while playing on LS, I actually felt betrayed by them at this moment. Because they’ve promised to listen, to help, maybe even reconsider their judgement. But then you come to Dantooine to basically face another trial and the only one to defend you is Kreia, even though she feels the Exile failed her somehow by being less than she expected.

I think it’s pretty amazing, that in a world so strongly divided by Light and Dark, the climax of the story is so ambiguous. It’s hard to still think about the Jedi Masters only as “the good guys” and Kreia as “the villain”. And I love that whole game is like that. Even if you’re standing firmly by your allegiance, it still operates in greys, more or less subtly, and there is always something more than just Good and Evil.