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yo real talk i forgot how fucking beautiful david tennant was in broadchurch

Ruby’s lips parted, but no words made it out, and she was quickly reminded why she so rarely looked Sapphire dead on; distracting was too soft a word, the girl was closer to mesmerizing. “I…”

Sapphire was already so close, then even closer, and those soft fingers tipped her head up just an inch before something somehow so much softer than those dainty hands pressed against her lips.

Everything was misaligned. Their noses bumped together awkwardly as Sapphire pulled them close, her lips hardly brushing against the corner of Ruby’s, and even if it was only for a second before Sapphire draw back, everything was perfect.- Such is Fate, chapter 5

(I ADORE this fanfic omfg)


Happy one year anniversary to these two idiots, here’s to many many more!!!

Just. Square Enix got us so well!

 It hits me every time, especially when I think about drawing Ignis and Noctis looking at the stars, it just crazy. Like, they gave us Episode Duscue, a big bright open field, where you sleep under the stars, obsess over chocobos, go hunting for mushrooms for dinner, its just light and playful, even when its not (ex: the behemoth lol) BUT ITS WHAT YOULL REMEMBER THE MOST FONDLY. 

No matter when you started liking Final Fantasy XV. The demo was The Beginning. It’s where we really meant  the boys. We learned Gladio trips over his own big feet, Prompto is probably a selfie master, Ignis, a master cook, can burn toast. And Noctis is just like us, so wide-eyed and generally a dork. And that was the beginning. From there so many things started because their world was open to us. 

So we write, and draw and expand, on an unknown place, and its freedom


it gets dark.

You knew it would be that’s imagination for you. It creates beautiful things from dim places.

You discover that your whole world is falling apart but here you are, in this bright place that’s its clouding over, eclipsing and its new and scary and that’s the journey. 

Now, scenes like the night under the shooting stars will always be bittersweet, and the memories fond, because you remember the beginning of anything the best. But you have to keep going, you can only look back for so long and that’s the hardest part but if you keep going, you know you’re sure the reach an ending.

Even if its not the one you want.

or the one you pictured,

but its your story.

And that’s beautiful.


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Among Us Hide…: “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy (x)


“borrow the moonlight until it is through, and know i’ll be here holding you”

naruhina wicked au! the headcanon that naruto and hinata sing to/with eachother gave me an excuse to draw them in my favourite musical har har har. i adore this scene and duet so much and it kinda suits them perfectly so give it a listen here <3 


i know that edna can’t hear me. and yet, it brings you comfort. why else do it? well, i suppose, talking to the old girl makes me feel like she’s here in a way. maybe she is. i thought you’d given up on all that? i want to. rubbish! wanting to change your faith is about as pointless as me wanting to have edna back here. there’s no choice. i’m struggling to believe in a god who’s this cruel. who takes, and takes, until there’s nothing left. edna would have said that that is part of god’s plan. no. no, no. she wouldn’t. she’d tell me that life is to blame, not god. edna believed that he helped us by guiding us through life’s struggles. how? by giving comfort and strength. the tools to face what life threw at us. what tools? blessings. to help us cope. i may have dementia, but i have laurel to spend the rest of my life with. and arthur. and gabby. and you. do you hear that my dear, he’s just called me a tool! god helped me get my family back, right when i needed you all most. you think you have to thank god for that? yes. i do. 


this is easily the best fucking video i have ever seen its so accurate

Turn down your volume, its kind of loud.