gah i love this for once

I feel like Sam has some kind of photographic memory or something I mean he can remember the recipe and spell for the Colt bullets despite not having used it in years, and there have been so many occasions where Sam remembers relevant information he looked at like once in college.

Sam Winchester is a genius. No discussion.

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How would Kuroo and Nishinoya react to have an artist as a S/O?

okay imma assume this is headcanon?? im sorry if you wanted imagine gah!! if you wnat that, feel free to request again!! okay, so anyways, im sorry everyone that i haven’t been active lately gah!! my life is super busy?? exams are next next week and my drama production has been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy right? @theidioticavenger okay so anyways, i will try my best to post soon!! and for those lovely sweeties who have sent me matchups, my apologies, i will not being doing them soon?? but don’t worry once holidays, start, i will complete them!! so please be patient!! thank you all for sticking with me this whole time!! i will do my best!! がんばって!!


-oya oya oya

-this lil fucker would be so impressed with you

-he won’t really show it though

-he likes cuddling you from behind while you draw

-loves just sitting near you and observing you

-he thinks you look cute when you’re all concentrated

-”draw me like one of your french girls”

-he would subtly hint that he would want you to draw him

bonus for kuroo

kuroo: hey s/o

s/o: what

kuroo: i created a masterpiece

s/o: really?? let me see

kuroo: [hands them a mirror] yeah you


-すごい!!(sugoi!!!!! / amazing!!)

-[starry eyes]

-he is so impressed and not afraid to show it ye boi

-jumps up and down whenever he sees you draw

-however, he knows you need to concentrate so he tries to keep quiet

-is just so in awe that his s/o can do something so amazing

-doesn’t really urge you to draw him because he doesn’t need you to draw him

-he just wants you to draw

-he would be happy just seeing you draw a random object

-protect this child he is too good

Boo! Pt. 2 // Kim Taehyung


the prompt:i was wondering if you could write a 2nd part to it, cause there’s that one unanswered question that worries me. What’s gonna happen next because Tae is a ghost and the reader is human??? Is there a way to have them together in harmony as a very obvious couple to the world. Like gah. Thank you once again and i hope you answer my request.

words: 3079

category: fluff + comedy

author note: i love ghost tae. here’s part two, finally. although you guys are probably going to be surprised with the direction i took it haha. also, how did you guys like not today? everyone looked so good it was a masterpiece. pls enjoy this extremely wild and hopefully comedic boo part two ft. jimin!!

- destinee

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This Ain't No Joke, Sweetheart - Chapter 1

SPN FanReality

~Let me tell you about my weekend with the Winchesters…~

Beka ( @impala-dreamer​ ), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Steph ( @torn-and-frayed​ )

3,379 Words

Warnings: It’s insane, but clean. Maybe some curses, I can’t remember.

A/N: This is not a joke. My weekend was pure insanity, and I thought I would write it all up and share it with you because, that’s what I do. You probably won’t believe me, but here it is. I’ve broken it up into chapters to save you all from reading almost 24,000 words at once. So… enjoy, I guess. I did…

Go To Chapter: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five ~ Six ~ Seven ~ Eight

Chapter One: Friday Evening…

Hey guys. Here’s the thing: I usually tell you stories when I get inspired by a song, or an episode, or a prompt, or whatever. But this story… as much as I still can’t believe it, this is all true. Not “inspired by true events,” no, 150% all natural, 10/10 this happened to me…true. I know you won’t believe me. Hell, some mornings I don’t even believe me, but unless I was hallucinating for forty six hours this weekend… this is legit.

Let me set the scene for you just so you can follow along. I’m Rebekah. I go by Beka, as you probably know. I live somewhere in the lower end of northern New Jersey. I can see New York from my house, which is where I grew up. I’ve got an attitude, an accent, and resting bitch face. My eyes roll freely and my eyebrow is usually raised. I’ve got a husband, two kids, two cats, and life is fairly normal. Well, OK. Some days are harder than I’d like, but that’s not what I want to tell you about. The boys and hubby were gone that weekend, out on a boys-only retreat with grandpa, leaving mommy home to relax and recharge. But, damn, that didn’t happen.

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Get Down had me crying like a bish!

I can’t describe how much I love this series. How much respect for it I have. It’s so much of our culture with this important subtexts and messages.

I mean take the finale episode for example - the big get together throw down scene! Even though I’m black and I have interest in just about all the eras when it comes to music it’s still easy to forget how much music - our music - has transformed. It’s easy to forget that we invented a lot of shit even though that’s often been stolen and watered down for others. Music for blacks has always been this element that’s just reigned supreme - no matter what part of our history you look at music has been founding. Music has also transformed our way of dance of course - one thing I love about the get down is its highlight of disco dance in our culture. Because yes be-boying is something that’s populated from that time and while disco music is often brought up on movies that highlight that era (about blacks)…the dance form is often left to the wayside or night shined on. And the fact that the disco king (who refers to himself as such) is someone that always has his finger on the trigger, is my favorite thing. I was so jazzed when there was a battle between hip-hop and disco - because that’s real. One washed the other out before something else came along and affected that thing too (rap). Plus that scene was fucking epic.

Can I also say I’m here for them bringing girls to the mic and having them do hip hop and not just singing disco! I was sooo amped. And baby was referenced as Queen and I dug that too with all the kingdom talks of kings. Ra-Ra is so precious. I love that every member has their role - there own superpower and everytime he creates a plan he’s just like a genius Cinnabon who can do no wrong.

I cried so many times for fucking Shaolin in part 2. I def liked him more this time around. He was more human, more real. You guys know I love my broken baes. My heart broke for him a million times over. Zeke made him believe they were ride or die, that they were family that he could lean on him and the Kiplings and then he turned his back and walked away. He spent his childhood and adulthood being raped by Annie, running drugs for her, surviving alone. He says in one episode - “You’ve never seen me out with a girl, on dates and holding hands, I don’t know nothin bout that shit.” - this part shows is just how Annie has affected him. When he goes to find Dizzee at Thor’s and he’s sees into D’s world/his sexuality we get subtext that maybe Shao’s sexuality ain’t the lady killer as he makes it - he also refers to Dizz as his brother (his alien brother) and we see him refer to the members as his brothers a few times (showing his opening up). When he lets Boo start to run drugs for him, it’s not out of greed or malice it’s because Boo was gonna be in that life regardless of what anyone said and Shao felt like he was better under his care than someone else’s. Its also because Boo hit him with that relatable - they’re gonna leave us one day and I ain’t got no college to go to - line. Zeke often has one foot in and one foot out where Shao is concerned. He had many people in his ear warning him about how bad Shao was. So hearing him out was never on the table. Mentally I couldn’t help but say it’s because you love him when Shao asked zeke what’s stopping him from fucking zeke up right then since they aren’t family, because that’s what it really was. He had stood in front of Zeke and once again stripped himself bare by revealing a part of himself he never showed anyone else (his real name) and Zeke used that against him - telling him things that deep down he believed himself. And then to see him go back to Annie! Gah! I cried and cried and then that bitch shot the kitten! Man….they had me fucked up with this season/part.

Can I give a honorary mention for the fact that it was this shared reality that made homie give up trying to get Shao to come back and sign that paper. That scene was so important.

Last but not least - my baby Dizzee and in part his baby Thor! My boo was somber this season/part. We also didn’t get a lot of him because jaden’s time allot was different/his contract. But I still love this shit! Paint nails, crazy philosophy, considered weird and still a rebel at heart. Diz had to settle more into his own sexuality this season/part. Thors locked up and Diz is taking a stone cold break from his street art and even his old friends. For some reason his father feels like he’s the bad one (ha). It just seems like he’s a little disconnected and trying to keep his head down while making comic sketches for his jailbird boyfriend. That all of course changes when Thor gets out. It’s clear he doesn’t want his family to know about his sexuality or his relationship with Thor. And they’re so stupid they’re still calling Thor his friend even though he took that step towards him before he passed out, repeatedly draws him, spends all his time with him, and draws him hearts with spray pain in the air…he just doesn’t wanna lose those close to him. He doesn’t think they’ll accept him. You could see the fear dropping off of him when Shao walked into Thor’s place and saw everything - from the way he glanced from his Rumi paintings to a sleeping Thor. Rumi is a metaphor for his own sexuality but it was easy to read between the lines in that room. Diz’s art is a very important part of him. It’s how he communicates, how he tells his stories. Like music and dance art (def street art) is a big part of the culture and The Get Down used all 3 to triangle eachother in a nice way. Music, dance, art, they were all a rebellion and art was Diz’s preferred form. It was what originally bonded him and Thor (and can I say how cute it is that Thor supports him and amazed by his performance both with a mic in his hand or an art tool!). I’m gonna have to talk about Dizzee again cause they had me all the way fucked up with that ending. Dizzee is my fav and I’m just not…it’s not where I’m at - at all. It’s frustrating to love this shit so much and know it prob won’t be renewed. Like…ugh. Five fucking episodes - it wasn’t enough! And don’t even get me started on the domesticated house scene of pure freedom and elation as Dizzee and Thor painted each other.

Everything had me crying like a baby and that finale had me wtfing all over the place.


“If the repair kit never stops working, then…why did you give her two?”

What Do You Expect?

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Warning(s): None, unless you count how short it is. 

Note: This is very short and I am so sorry! Also I fucking love Jasper. This can be found on my Ao3!

Requested by @h19w1n5: “ Hi Hun! I’m loving your writing!! Can I ask for a Halfdan x reader request using the following prompt? “Gah! Why are you so cold? Get off of me you icicle!” Please and thank you xoxo”

You are in the tent you share with your husband Halfdan, fixing his torn up armor. He and his brother, Harald had gone with a few other men to hunt for tonight’s supper. You all are out in a small camp, a few more of your men are farther. Scouting the area for the opposing army, and trying to get close enough to figure out their ideas. You would not say you are much of a fighter, but they bring you along to help tend to serious wounds and if they need armor or weapons fixed. Growing up with a healer for a mother and a blacksmith for a father helps making you a valuable person. Not only are you here to help with wounds and weapon issues, you are here to support your husband.

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Seeing you after tour

Here you go @nanablast I changed it a bit to you waiting at the airport for them :) Hope that’s okay <3



Joshua would be pretty calm to be honest, surprised? Yes, but also kind of calm. He would exit the baggage claim to see you waiting for him with a big smile and a welcome home present. His hand would go up to his face, hiding the shocked laugh on his lips, his eyes would glint and he would start walking towards you after freezing in his spot. The others would let you be alone, probably on Seungcheol’s orders. Joshua would hug you tight before wrapping his arm around your waist, walking out of the airport with you by his side.


This grease….. He too would be shocked but he would compose himself rather quickly. His stroll up to you would be full of confidence and almost on the verge of cocky. The members have once said that Jun is the member who thinks he is more handsome than he really is so I think he would kind of have that attitude in this situation. Once by your side he would smirk at you and sat: “Did you miss me so much that you couldn’t wait for me to get to you?” which would result in you smacking his shoulder and him pretending to be hurt. Then finally, all jokes aside, he would kiss you on the mouth, letting everyone in the airport know that your his and walk away with you hand in hand.


Also one of the calm ones. He would probably even be reading a book while exiting the baggage claim, one of the other boys would have to poke him to get him to see you. You probably wouldn’t get that much of a reaction from him, I mean have you seen his poker face, you’ll never know what this boy is thinking. He would however walk up to you in an instant, wrapping you in his arms and not letting you go for a while. He would bury his face in your hair, just relishing in your presence. He wouldn’t say much but his actions would say enough.


He would literally scream and attract the attention of the whole airport once he saw you. It would barely take any time before he started running, leaving the baggage behind him for the complaining members to take care of. You would probably lose your breath thanks to the force of his hug when he reached you. He would pick you up and spin you around in the air like the happy virus he is. I promise you he would not let you go for that whole day. And expect a lot of kisses too.


Another extremely happy person. He would also just leave all of his baggage behind once he saw you. He is one of the most affectionate ones of the group so expect a lot and I mean A LOT of skinship with this one. He would hug you to his tall frame and practically engulf you in his embrace, then he would start kissing you all over your face, mumbling how much he missed you and how much he loves you in between his affectionate pecks. That day you will be surrounded by love and only love.


Shy bean who has been coming out of his shell more and more, gah I love him. He would be a bit more like Joshua in the sense that he would calmly approach you with a sheepish smile on his face, once in front of you however he would just stop and stare at you because he could barely believe that you were there, standing in front of him. He would then, after actually realizing that he wasn’t dreaming, pull you into a hug and just stay there, just enjoying your warm touch, the others would really struggle to get you to part so that you could get going.


He would cry so much, if you have seen his reaction when he sees his mom or just talks about her then you know what I’m talking about. As soon as he saw you he would burst out crying, barely walking straight to you. Once he reached you he would throw his arms around you and just cling to you. Your shirt would  be soaked once he let go because of his tears, get ready to do some comforting. He would be happy though, his tears are happy tears and he couldn’t be more ecstatic to see you.

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How about the NDRV3 guys sleeping with their S/O for the first time? (Just sleeping. Nothing NSFW)

Awh that’s cute Anon ^^ Have some fluff >_>

NDRV3 Boys sleeping with their S/O for the first time (No NSFW)

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The boy was stressed

- This was the first time you agreed to stay over at his house

- He literally cleaned everywhere just for you

-The two of you spent the day watching Sherlock (Best show)

You noticed he was yawning more and more 

- “Saihara - kun! Let’s go to sleep now, I won’t carry you to bed haha”

- You take his hand and pull him towards his room

- He already has a faint blush but once he realises that you’ve decided to sleep with him he’s instantly bright red

- “U-Uh… Are you sure S/O - san?…”

- You nod before cuddling up to him

- “Night night Saihara - kun!” You give him a quick kiss on the nose

- Gah… You’re so cute…

- He shyly kisses the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you and closing his eyes

Kaito Momota:

- He loved the idea of you staying over at his house for the first time!

- He won’t deny it, his house was messy so he did what we all do when we have guests

- He threw everything into the wardrobe

- The two of you were night owls which meant that you could appreciate the night sky with him

- The two of you were lying on his jacket as he lazily pointed out stars to you

- You cuddled up to him and slowly started to drift off to sleep

- “And this is… Oh… You’re asleep”

- You look so cute, it’s unreal

- He carefully wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead

- “Goodnight, my brightest star”


- He didn’t really know what to do

- He invited you over to his house for the night but he didn’t really think about what you two could do

- When you finally arrive he gives you a small tour of his house

- “So uh… I would usually charge up over there but… It’d be rude to just leave you..”

- You give him a confused look, he’s blushing quite majorly

- “I… Can… I would like to accompany you whilst we ‘sleep’!”

- You begin to giggle, he was just so cute!

- You just spent time talking to each other before you started to become sleepy

- “Bedtime!” You say as you yawn

- Kiibo just sort of stays in one place so you have to take his hand and guide him to the bed

- You let him lie down first and then you simply place your head on his chest

- “Night night Kiibo - kun!”

- Hesitantly, he puts his arms around you before turning on sleep mode

- “Goodnight, S/O - san”

Rantaro Amami:

- You invited him to stay the night for the first time

- “Make yourself at home!”

- The second you say that he smirks and jumps onto the sofa, taking up all of it

- He flashes you a grin before getting the remote and switching the TV on

- “Come watch with me S/O - san”

- “There’s no space.”

- “I’m sure you’ll think of something”

- And think of something you did, you walked up to him and casually sat on his stomach

- “Kh! Okay, stop!”

- You roll your eyes before shifting so that you’re lying on top on him

- “Better Amami - kun?”

- He begins to blush and just stutters out a “Y-Yeah…”

- The two of you just watch TV but… He’s really comfortable…. Soon enough you find yourself slowly drifting off

- The next time Amami glances at you, you’re happily sleeping on him. He just smiles and wraps his arms around you before closing his eyes

Kokichi Ouma:

- Of course he invited you to sleep at his house!

- As soon as you enter he pulls you into his room and shows you all of his best possessions

- He then proceeds to tell you all about the best pranks he pulled

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan should join me one day!”

- You giggle before rubbing your eyes. You loved listening to Ouma’s stories but that didn’t stop you from becoming sleepy

- “Huh? Are you sleepy?”

- You nod before slapping your cheeks lightly

- “Nishishi!”

- Before you know it, Ouma jump hugs you causing you to fall onto the bed with him on top

- “If you’re tired you should go to sleep S/O - chan”

- “Eh? What about you?”

- “Well~ I have someone I can cuddle now so I’ll sleep too!” As he says that he kisses your cheek before cuddling up to you and closing his eyes

- This is cute

- You hug him back before letting yourself fall asleep

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Being the gentleman he is, whenever you offered for him to stay the night he always slept on the sofa

- You two were together for a while now and you knew he was just being polite but you wanted him to be happy too

- “Hey hey Gonta - kun!”

- “What is it S/O - san?”

- “Tonight, you have to sleep with me okay? No more sofa sleeping, it’s bad for your back!”

- He makes a somewhat shocked face before blushing

- “It’s nice that… S/O - san cares about Gonta’s health”

- You two spend the evening watching a wildlife documentary before you take his hand and lead him to your room

- He takes up most of the bed but you don’t really mind seeing as you just cuddle up to him 

- He’s like a giant teddy bear

- At first he feels kind of.. Awkward seeing as he never did something like this before but after a while he just brings you closer before playing with your hair

- “Sleep well Gonta - kun..” You murmur into his chest

- He lets out a little laugh and kisses the top of your head

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- The two of you didn’t really do much when you spent time together

- And by that I mean you mostly read books together

- He was just sitting on the sofa reading whilst you were lying on the sofa, your head resting in his lap

- You had to admit, reading like that made your arms quite tired but it was worth it

- As you glanced up you noticed his eyes were closing

- Aha! There’s your chance

- You quickly put your book away before sitting up

- He gives you a confused look but you ignore it and quickly sit on his lap then you lean against him

- “Huh.. What are you doing S/O - san?”

- “You look like you need a nap so I’m joining you of course!”

 - He just rolls his eyes but then lazily puts an arm around you

- “We should do this more often S/O - san”

- “Agreed!”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He somehow managed to convince you to go to the gym with him

- That was a mistake

- By the end of it you were exhausted whilst he seemed as energetic as ever

- As soon as you got home you collapsed on the sofa

- “Hey, S/O, come on that was barely a proper workout”

- He starts poking your cheek but you just reply with a groan

- This however, does not discourage him so you open your eyes and glare at him

- “Stop”

- “No”

- “Okay.” You quickly reach out and pull him towards you until he’s pressed against your chest

- “Gotcha”

- You can’t see but his face is bright red

- “Now I sleep”

- It doesn’t take long for you to actually fall asleep and he just kind of… Thinks about this situation a bit more

- She pulled me into a hug. She’s asleep now though. Is this sleeping together? Wait if it is this is the first time. She’s warm… Wait no bad Ryoma!

- He tries his best to get out of the hug but your grip is like iron

- Guess he’s staying here for a while…

- Not that he’s complaining :3

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Group of drunk people end up at Phil's and play "Never have I ever..."

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tony waved his hand and raised his voice to be heard above the ongoing conversations. “I call foul on that one. No way Spider Lady hasn’t finished a whole bottle of vodka by herself.”

“Some of us know our limits,” Natasha shot back, kicking a leg over the arm of the chair she’d claimed as her own.  Without enough seating in Phil’s small living room, they’d resorted to rock, paper, sissors to decide who got the couch.  Nobody made Natasha play. “Now it’s my turn.  Never have I ever …” she looked directly at Clint as she spoke … “written a poem for someone.”

Clint glared back; he might be drunk but he knew exactly what she was doing.

“Ah, I have composed sonnets to the beautiful Jane!” Thor tossed back a shot and banged the glass on Phil’s coffee table. “This is not a difficult game after all.”

Tony shrugged then drank.  “Hey, it works like a charm, what can I say. Rhyme a few words and some people fall instantly.”

Steve’s glass went untouched. “I draw pictures, okay?” he said when Tony gave him the evil eye.

“Oh, Agent Agent! Do tell!” Tony badgered. “Was it a sonnet? An ode to her beautiful hair? I bet it was some Shakespearian shit wasn’t it? My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun …”

“It was free verse.” Phil flushed even redder than he already was, averting his gaze to the empty glass in front of him.  From his place seated next to Phil on the floor, Clint could see the top curls of dark hair where Phil had taken off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.  The more he drank, the cuter Phil became, the perfect agent mask slipping to show the nerdy geek inside that Clint adored. “And it was about hands.”

That last sentence must have slipped out because Phil winced as he realized what he’d said. Clint had never seen his handler quite so open about himself. It wasn’t just the alcohol; the fight earlier had been emotionally draining, a bloody mess that they couldn’t make better.  Bad enough that getting rip roaring drunk was high on everyone’s agenda for the evening.

“My Cellist’s fingers are supple and long, the better to … Ow.” Tony rubbed his shoulder where Natasha kicked him. “Seriously, you guys know how I am. Why do you keep bruising me for being me?”

“Clint?” Steve asked. The man noticed everything including how Clint’s hands hovered near his glass.

“Fine.” The liquor burned on the way down. “One time, okay? And it was a dirty limerick, nothing flowery or sappy.”

“There once was a man from Nantucket …” Tony paused but no one made a move his way. “Gah, it’s no fun when you don’t respond.”

“Dirty? You wrote about not washing?” Thor asked.

“Dirty as in sexual, using vulgar words and crude language,” Natasha supplied. “Clint, why don’t you recite it for us?”

“Fuck you, Nat.” He meant it with his whole heart. “I really don’t like you.”

“You love me and  you know it.” She grinned like the Cheshire Cat. “I know you remember it.”

“Yeah, come on Legolas. Every drinking party needs some cussing,” Tony agreed.

“I showed you the dance I used to do on stage,” Steve reminded them. “And Thor balanced on his hammer to prove he could.”

He could only hope Phil didn’t notice … but that was an impossibility since Phil remembered everything. He was so screwed.

“There once was an agent of SHIELD,

who kicked ass routinely afield,

I jerk off every night,

after watching him fight,

don’t ask who, my lips are sealed.”  

Of course, Tony and Thor clapped, both of them cheering.  Steve had the good grace to blush even if his eyes flicked back and forth between Clint and Phil. Natasha only smiled, looking not at him but at Coulson. For long seconds, Clint couldn’t bring himself to look, but, after a breath, he glanced sideways to see Phil giving him a thoughtful look.

“Knobby fingers circle my wrists,

Calloused palms catch my skin

Strong knuckles grip my arms,

Soft tips stroke my neck.

Battered by years and work and danger

These hands hold me when all else fails.”

Clint’s eyes widened and the sound of the others faded into the background.

“You wrote that for me?” he asked.

“You jerk off thinking about me?” Phil asked.

“Yeah,” they both replied at the same time.

Clint leaned and so did Phil meeting halfway to brush their lips together.

“Okay, lovebirds,” Tony interrupted. “We gonna play the game or are you two going to get a room.”

“I need a break,” Phil said, never taking his eyes off Clint.

“Sounds good,” Clint agreed, hauling himself up. “Kitchen?”


“My work here is done,” Natasha said.

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Gah, mm panicking ahah. I'm drawing fan art for your Rebel AU and I'm so afraid to post it once I'm done oh god. I'm also that anonymous person on ThisCrush that said I was 5 years younger, I'm actually 4 whoops, thought you were 16 hah. God I'm scared I hope you like it hah

Oh no I’d love to see the fanart!! Don’t be afraid of posting it <3

Having Pride (Response)

A response to the “Having Pride” YouTube video by @thatsthat24

I'm crying and my hands are shaky so apologies in advance for my typing skills. Also apologises for my tangents, I’ll try to keep them in brackets.

OK, Here goes …

I’m sitting here at 23:22 on my bed. It’s another rainy night in Halifax (for which I am thankful because humidity is Satan). Anyway, I’m here on my bed having just watched this amazing YouTube video twice over. And I’m just balling my eyes out, then I catch myself, and then I start balling again. Halifax and I have this in common today: tears of Pride. And there’s no stopping the tears – (because I’m an overly sensitive mess who once cried because my dad wouldn’t talk to my grandfather on the phone. I mean that was PMS on my part. But it’s still an example of how unnecessarily over-emotional I can get so sorry) – so I’m going to try to power through it.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH! Like, seriously. I love everything about it. I like how casual it is, and how honest it is, and how personal it is. I love it all. – (Gah, What can I say? I don’t have any criticisms or anything. I just love it. Plain and simply. It is beautiful. And I’m probably going to watch it a few more times tonight and cry while doing so because it’s just beautiful.) – I guess I would like to thank each and every one of you for being in this video, on behalf of myself and others.

While you didn’t influence my coming out, your videos have definitely helped me to further explore and embrace my sexuality – I was identifying as bisexual prior to this February when I found pansexual to be a better fit. I’ve not been a fan since your Vine days, yet you are so welcoming that doesn’t seem to matter. I came across your content when my mental health was dead in the gutter and you – along with my meds too, I guess – have really helped me feel better about myself, both in relation to my sexuality and mental health.

It has largely been due to the Fanders community that I have found other LGBTQ+ people. I’m currently living in Halifax with crippling social anxiety while my friends and family live in Ontario, so having the support of this wonderful online community is monumental. I finally feel like an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, even if it’s just online. And that is something I’ve never felt before. I’ve never before felt like I was allowed to call myself LGBTQ+ because I spent years denying my attraction to women and nonbinary individuals and I am straight-passing much of the time, additionally, apart from my best friends I didn’t really know any LGBTQ+ people in my life. And thanks to this fandom community that surrounds you, most of these people I’ve met online are LGBTQ+, and that’s incredible!

Oh crap, I’m crying again. Shit. It’s 00:17, I really should start wrapping this up. OK, concluding paragraph coming up.

My crush on you (Thomas) is now platonic, but it is still ever present (the crushes I have on some of your friends might not be just platonic). You and your friends are amazing human beings, and I wish I could be friends with the lot of you. OK, I’m going to go now and stand out in the rain so Halifax and I can happy-cry together. – (OK, not going to lie, I’m also sad-crying because I want to meet all you amazing people and knowing I probably never will.) – Love you all, platonically … mostly … and sorry (big Canadian long-o sorry) that this has become more of a ramble than a final paragraph. In short, thank you @tallykat3, @welcome-to-the-joangle, @jayisjo, and Thomas (and if the others have Tumblr tag them too for me) for this video and being the amazing human beings that you all are.

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Do you think Cass has recognized and accepted his feelings for Dean? Because I think Dean has long since recognized what he feels for Cass, but has just been shoving it down and not accepting it. I think he was close to getting there when The Thing at the end of the finale happened, and i'm interested to see how those events influence that. GAH, i'm just so excited to see how all this plays out as far as Dean's emotional arc goes!

Same. I mean, Cas did say I love you, so I think he gets that. I think Dean gets it too, but he hasn’t had a chance to really accept it. I mean, think of the circumstances of s12…

As soon as Dean and Cas are reunited in 12.01, Dean’s also dealing with Mary being back all of a sudden, AND Sam having been kidnapped. Dean is freaking out in multiple directions.

Once they get Sam back, Dean just begins to think the four of them will be able to settle in as a family when Cas is suddenly rushing out to hunt down Lucifer (after promising to call Dean for help when he finds him), and then Mary’s leaving because she can’t handle everything…

Cas is nearly killed when they finally catch up to Lucifer, and then Sam and Dean are arrested and shuttled off to a top secret prison, which they only escape by making A Terrible Bargain with Billie.

Cas kills Billie, potentially incurring some Cosmic Consequences, and Dean’s simultaneously miffed and grateful that Cas would risk himself like that for them. He’s not angry, he’s worried.

All through this time, every interaction between Dean and Cas earns #married status.

Then we have Lily Sunder, Ishim, Cas’s past, Cas nearly dying again. And then he comes even CLOSER to dying in 12.12 (and we get that I love you from Cas, which Dean can’t accept for a lot of reasons… Cas was only there because Dean asked him to be, but also Cas is only telling him this now that he believes he’s going to die, but ALSO Dean is feeling pretty crap about himself and exactly how he was responsible for “changing” Cas, because Dean’s still not sure that change was a good thing, you know?)

Just when Dean happily suggests they all go home, Cas disappears again, in the search for Kelly Kline and Dagon… and he’s not mad, he’s freaking TERRIFIED. Because the last Prince of Hell they dealt with nearly KILLED Cas, and Dagon HAS killed multiple other angels. And then Cas stops returning his calls…

When they’re finally reunited in 12.19, Cas tries to return his mix tape, and I think that broke Dean’s heart. But they did talk, a little bit. Dean’s still hurt, but he’s relieved that Cas is back home again… until he’s suddenly feeling very used when Cas leaves yet again. With the Colt.

They catch up again, and he’s just about got Cas talked around to coming home again when Kelly gets “Jacked” into stealing the Impala, and then Jacks Cas into running off again.

Dean is FREAKING CONCERNED. That wasn’t his Cas. This was something different.

So when they’re reunited AGAIN in 12.23, and then The Terrible Thing happens, it just about breaks Dean in half.

Why did I type all of this out. This is all terrible. If he doesn’t get how important Cas is to him, I’d have to say he’s a flipping moron.

The Dark Affices: Lord of Shadows Analysis

(Unpopular opinions sorry+mostly criticism but the book is good, its just Imm irked by these points GAH )
I loved this book while reading it, the plot flowed well, the characters were quite lovable, but once I finished it- it felt like I had read nothing at all. The only feelings I had came from the whole situation with Kieran and Mark and Cristina, and that was just because I’m a total sucker for sad romances where one loves the other way more than they are loved back but ANYWAYS.


Unseelie King
Isn’t even half as threatening or formidable of an archenemy as Sebastian Morgenstern, and that makes the whole story quite weak already

Seelie Queen
She’s going to do something that will bite the shadowhunters in their arse the moment Julian gives him the Black Book. Predictable. She could’ve done way more manipulation on the others as well.

Zara and the Cohort
Everyone who fought in the way againt the Circle/Valentine is still alive. There is no way that within 10 years people who go back to wanting to brand downworlders and such. They remember the last time someone wanted to do that a massive war broke out and their relatives died. Also Zara is a two-dimensional character: her goal is weak, and she doesn’t seem to have any human/likeable qualities. So she’s a Regina-George-type character, made to be hated, but the Unseelie King has already taken that role. Repeat: Sebastian Morgenstern was a way better villian, since he had a single human quality: he wanted to be with his family, his sister and his brother. This brings us onto my next point

Both the villians and the heros both had very single-trait, non in-depth personalities, probably due to the amount of characters and arcs.

Emma: too unflawed. Her emotions are quite simple throughout the book (there could’ve been great inner turmoil about whether she could give up being shadowhunter to love/protect Julian). She killed a rider too easily- making her seem to powerful.

Julian: He was a pretty horrible person in this bk but in terms of character depth he’s not too bad. He loves his family and would do anything for them and it’s shown in a variety of ways. I’ve been comparing him to Cersei, since he’s on the whole “family is most important” and “manipulation” thing. However, considering that he’s practically been running the family, he should definitely sound less whiny and more mature.

Cristina: I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even remember what you did apart from sing lullabies and be attached to Mark. Her lack of more personality sucks because Kieran keeps saying she’s really nice and kind and stuff, but it’s not that supported really. She could’ve contributed way more to the fantastic love triangle, by trying to actively push Mark away because she’s seen how much Kieran loves him. Her selfishness here doesn’t lone up with her wanting to end the Cold Peace for both faeries and shadowhunter’s gain.

Mark: I hate him and love him. Cassie made a good decision in making him quite the douchebag, not quite loving Kieran as much as he loves him and not caring enough about Kieran’s feelings. But that makes him the most realistic of all characters: he feels regret since he’s practically ditched Kieran the minute he didnt need him (I mean there’s the whole “you made my brother and sister get tortured but you saved my other brother” thing which should’ve been Mark’s excuse to himself about why he’s not choosing Kieran, but he’s doesn’t and runs around with Cristina anyways. Interesting.

Kieran: I love him to much to make any judgement. Also he’s a faerie- they aren’t exactly “humans” and their emotions are more 2D so…

Ty: Better character compared to some others, and we now understand mildly how the twins and Kit work together as a team (since Kit needs to become one of the only people that understand Ty due to Liv’s death) . Also his loyalty to family as seen by the letter to Annabel. Cassie has laid great groundwork for him. Can’t wait for him to be a main character.

Kit: He and Ty need potential to evolve in the next series so I’m giving them some slack. I’ll do more analysis on their relationship later.

Liv: She loves her brother and is curious about Kit and she’s a generally more “realistic” character. Really thats it. I wish I felt tears for her death. I dont. Cassie could’ve developed her even more as a character, but then that would make her death more painful so. But her importance to Ty and the rest of the family is written enough that it would justify the changes that will happen due to her death.

Dru: TBH Cassie could’ve not spread the characters out so much that we’re kinda at a lost. Time spent writing about Dru could’ve been used on main-er characters, but Jaime needed an introduction. So did she. Looking forward to reading more about her in TWP.

Diego: A character with multiple loyalties! Yay!

Diana: It would’ve been way more influential if she had been forced by Julian to explain why she couldn’t apply for the institute instead of dropping it like a “bonus” story which makes her seem like then token LGBT character. It’s a great plot twist that couldn’t have seemed even more forced. It’s kinda sad that a brilliant character reveal was ruined

Gywp: He’s leader of the Wild Hunt and I know he’s in love with Diana but he’s not Magnus, who’s always had nothing better to do than help hot shadowhunters. (Jkjk)

Magnus/Alec/Jace/Clary: domestically cute and cameos that contribute to the main arcs.

Now, onto the more controversial topics:
Julian/Emma: This entire book is supposed to be about them balancing dealing for their love of each other with saving the world. It’s written in a whiny way and not nearly enough character (If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series, then you’ll understand- they needed the long-ass training scene between Aelin and Rowan). We never read about how they fall in love and that makes the emotions quite plastic…? It would’ve been fantastic to read more about how they fell in love instead of how they are insanely tortured now. It doesn’t emotionally appeal to me at all.

Cristina/Mark/Kieran: Words cannot express how much I fucking love this romance arc. It gives me so many feels, and half of them make me cry. I’ll analyse Kierark first. When it first debuted it felt like the “token hot gay ship thats thrown in for the fangirls to get off to”, but then as time passes we slowly learn how toxic this relationship really is. Kieran doesn’t love anything else in this world apart from Mark, having no family, no friends to love him. Whereas with Mark, he’s always been surrounded with love, with his half-brothers and sisters, Emma, Helen… etc. He doesn’t understand how much he means to Kieran, and Kieran definitely loves Mark more. In the Wild Hunt, it’s shown just how much Mark depended on Kieran to stay sane, which suggests, as Cristina says, that Mark owes a debt to Kieran. But it is not nearly that simple. Kieran’s love for Mark is what kept him sane, and love is unconditional in most cases, including this. It is undeniable that Mark, despite him having the possibility of not being in love with Kieran when they first become lovers, due to it merely being what he needed, it is certain that Mark does feel for Kieran. Even when Kieran betrays Mark, Kieran believes it to only bring Mark back to him. I see someone so broken that they’d do anything to have their lover back, not a selfish bastard who doesn’t cate about Mark at all. Kieran doesn’t understand “Family”, and in his defence the Blackthorns are a large enough family to survive without Mark. I’m not saying Kieran is entirely blameless, but its a totally understandable thing to want things to go back to how they used to be, and that is extremely human and (“I betcha you would have done the same”). Their love is insanely primitive and raw, and it is more of a “need” to both of them. Kieran needs someone to give him love, Mark needed someone to keep him sane.
Then we move onto Mark. For some reason, the faerie-blooded characters seem to act the most human in this series. Mark is a bloody douche for stringing Kieran on, while pursuing Cristina, but then that’s exactly what he craves. He needs someone to love him, in a simple way. He craves normality, and that comes in the form of Cristina, whom he finds himself attracted to, originally physical (he says he wants Cristina and that Kieran wouldn’t mind: he was not emotionally attracted to Cristina. But now that he’s spent time and realised how easy she is to love, he loves her). Kieran and Mark’s relationship is not just sexual, or romantic, or friendship, or brotherhood- it’s insanely complex and dependent and its toxic but they will never be able to remove the bond between them. They’ve experienced life and death together. But Mark doesn’t want to be burdened by such a heavy emotional relationship anymore, and that’s understandable, so he turns to Cristina. Kieran cannot bring himself to hate Cristina, since she wants the Cold Peace to end and that shows how much she cares for everyone and how she uncharacteristically wants to protect faerie rights despite being a shadowhunter. Cristina also oddly finds their relationship arousing instead of being jealous of Kieran, which leads to some of the fandom wishing for a polyamorous relationship. (Including me to an extent). On one hand Cristina could neutralise the toxicity of Kierark and also slowly teach Kieran to love other people, which would result in him not requiring the entirety of Mark’s love. (Cuz currently, Kieran love mark with 100% of his heart and wants Mark to do the same. If Kieran loved other people it would be less toxic, since Mark does HAVE to share his love with his family even if Cristina is out of the picture ) On the other hand, it would be great for Kieran to find someone who will love him as much or even more than he loves them. The smol deserves more love in his life, don’t you think? Also, I forgot to mention that Kieran does need to go back to the Wild Hunt, or he might become Unseelie King, and then Kierkark could actually be impossible, but I firmly believe they’ll always love each other, maybe not as much as before, but they’ve left quite the imprint on each other’s lives
(The stars will go out before I forget you, Mark Blackthorn)

Ty/Kit: LIKE THEY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER SO WELL TY DOESN’T OPEN UP EASILY WHEREAS KIT DOES (he’s already attached to the Blackthorns) And Kit is so much more outgoing and cool and GAH its a great ship looking SO forward to TWP. (Srsly I have so much hopes for TWP cuz in my opinion TDA is a bit of a weak arc and the only redeeming characters seem to be Mark’s drama (I don’t think we’re going to see this in TWP I’m sad)

Gwyp/Diana: super cute and deserves more love

In conclusion:
I love Cassandra Clare’s style and how she can make character relationships insanely lovable. The fact that she always protects the characters all of us love from dying is great too. But @cassandraclare if you see this, please do consider these points made by a fangirl who is nitpicking a bit (I hope this series ends up as good as TID) for the greater good😂 (Also Diego/Kieran ain’t too bad of a ship either😏😂)

If you disagree with any of these, I am open to dicussions:) Just please don’t blindly hate on this: all of us are entitled to opinions, you have yours and I have mine. Let’s respect each other, okay?

Our Eyes Ch. 4 (Steve x reader)

Hey lovelies. So, I’ll be continuing this series. It’s honestly not my best, but that’s okay. Once I get through this, I hope my creativity flows again. Gah, I hate this roadblock. Oh well, I guess lmao. xoxo

Description: You’re a quiet girl who hangs around coffee shops, capturing what you see onto paper. You’ve always minded your own business, never getting involved with anyone in any relationship for reasons you’d rather not say out loud. He’s a super soldier who keeps to himself, never one to really talk to anybody that he doesn’t have to. He’s been through a lot, but never talked about it, always shoving it into the back of his mind. A chance encounter makes some sort of connection between you two and suddenly everything changes. Your eyes tell a story, as well as his, but will either of you find the courage to say it?

Warnings: None

Chapter 3


Over the next couple months, you spent more time with Steve. He took you on countless dates, and they were always new and exciting. You grew very fond of him with each growing day, and it felt like you had known him forever. Even though he didn’t talk much about himself, you really liked him. Of course you wanted to know more, but you didn’t push it. You told yourself that he would tell you when he was ready. At this point you were beginning to question your relationship status, whether or not you considered yourself taken or available. You weren’t seeing anybody else, but was he?

Tonight you were curled up together on the couch watching re-runs of Full House. He hadn’t seen it before, but so far he was loving it. You had a blanket tossed over both of your legs as you rested your head on his shoulder, his arm around your waist. He had just laughed at something on the screen, but you didn’t know what he laughed at. The burning question was distracting you from your night in. 

“F/N, are you okay?” He looked down at you, a smile still cracked on his face. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” You quickly nodded, and he directed his attention back to the computer screen. You blankly watched the show for the remainder of the episode. When it went through those few seconds transitioning from one episode to the next, you blurted out the question. 

“Steve, what are we?” You said softly, looking up into his mesmerizing, blue eyes. Your expression was soft, and honest. He quirked his eyebrow at you, and realized what you were asking. He leaned forward and pressed the stop button on the computer. His arm released you and he positioned himself on the couch so he was facing you. 

“Are we not… together?” Worry was in his voice, and he looked slightly humiliated for thinking that you were.  His gaze moved to the ground next to you, his face tinging pink. He looked adorable. Your heart was slightly fluttering at the thought that you and Steve were a couple. You wanted much more than friendship, and now was your time to make that clear. You smiled at him, joy washing over your body. 

“Aw, babe, I just didn’t know. We never really made it official. But, I hope you know I’d love to be your girl.” You winked at him, giggling into your shirt sleeve. His face lit up and a goofy grin replaced the sad frown. He tackled you on the couch, making both of you burst out laughing. 

“Then you’re my girl, my best girl.” You pulled him down to you, smiling against his lips as he kissed you. This kiss was different from the ones he gave you after your dates. This one was passionate, and he wasn’t afraid to show it. You pulled away first, and looked up into his eyes. He was yours now, but he was still keeping something from you. And you were still keeping something from him. You were willing to tell him, you just needed to form the right words, hoping you wouldn’t scare him off. 

The two of you sat there on the couch together, laughing and talking all night long. You laid your head in his lap, staring up at him, meeting his soft gaze. His eyes told you things, things that he wouldn’t say out loud, but it also held back. Little did you know, Steve could say the same about you. There was a story laying in his eyes, something that had affected him tremendously, and you were jsut waiting for him to reveal it to you. He played with your hair, rubbing your scalp and letting his fingers run through your soft, H/C locks. You two sat there in silence, and you realized that you were ready. You were ready to tell him about your painful past, the past that you put behind you.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, the silence beckoning you to say something. You looked up and him again, and opened your mouth to speak. 

“Steve, there’s something that you should know…” 

Aghhhhhhhh I’m like seriously face palming right now, because I feel like this series kind of is faltering. I’m going to try to write through it, and hopefully all is well by the end. By the way, I want to thank you all for getting “Behind Closed Doors” to almost 400 notes in just over a week! Also, I want to thank you all for following me because I never thought I would get to this point. I’m less than 5 followers away from 400 and I’m literally going to cry. You’re all amazing and I love you guys so much. xoxo



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everything was blue.

soundtrack to this scenario here. [ x ]

because i can never resist a good soulmate! au.

A sense of creativity had always flowed in your veins, mingled with the smell of oil paints and the brushstrokes of a watercolor artwork. Being an artist had always been your dream, despite the fluctuating salary that came with the occupation. But, you never felt entitled to pursue it. Cooking was always more your passion anyway, but you figured, since you had to take a class on the arts, you might as well learn a bit more about its history.

Your art history professor had taken your class on a field trip to a museum that housed “the finest of arts, the treasures of the historical eras!” Trailing in after your fellow classmates and tourists, you feasted your eyes upon the inside of the museum.  The museum had a sort of modern glow to it, plain white walls lined every so often with a sculpture or a painting, sometimes even an artifact. You filed in past the front desk where an elderly lady sat with a stamp ready in her hand, the fresh red mark of the current exhibit appearing on your flesh.

Your professor had marveled about this very exhibit in the weeks leading up to the trip, eyes glazed over in anticipation and revere. The exhibit for the Mystery Woman in Blue, practically a version of not a very known Mona Lisa, was known all throughout the world. The painting had made its fair trips around the country, but now, it had appeared at the museum near your university. The artist left nothing but his initials, PCY.

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Dududu, ya I know. Suki, didn’t you say you would properly do IM chats? Yes yes.. > _<’ give me an hour.. haha.. Anyways, I’ve been extremely excited about many things with the game. Doing my first ships *wiggles brows*, getting back into story writing and trying to hone my creating skills.

First! I’m converting some ts4 hijabs by @aanhamdan93 to ts3 (^-^) thank you very much for letting me and your kind words on the project so far! I’m only going to do 1 for now, might do more in the future because I would love to have more variation for the beauties!

Funky blender preview! 

I’m remeshing the bby and now it’s finally fitting, it’s time to add details. I have @eliavah senpai guiding me once again and gah. I’m excited > 3< I hope to be able to test it in game soon (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Fun with Quality Fanfics!

After the cut, you’ll find stories recced by me in categories I’ve chosen and defined. The fics in each category will be listed alphabetically.

Note: For T7S fic authors reading this: if none of your stories are on this list, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good, that I don’t enjoy them, or they aren’t on my faves list. I always rec my favorite T7S fics on my T7S blogs, and they’re all on my Fanfic Recs page.

And, remember, this list is just one person’s opinion. =)

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Hands down one of my favorite scenes of the show is still that time in Season One when Deaton protected Scott in the vet clinic and refused to let Peter take him. It’s just…gah. Also, its no coincidence that its the first time on the show Scott was protected and kept safe by another character….and sadly something that’s never really been repeated.

And then add that to the scene in 3A when Scott’s desperate to rescue Deaton before the Darach can sacrifice him….to protect his mentor and friend as Deaton once protected him…..and then again, that hug in Season Five when Deaton’s rescued, and Scott’s relief at seeing him….