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It JUST NOW clicked for me that in GotG2 we go from this:

Kraglin: No matter how many times Quill betrays you, you protect him! Like none of the rest of us matter!

to …

Kraglin: *apologizes for accidentally starting a mutiny*
Yondu: *gives him another chance pretty much instantly*

I mean, obviously I knew both of those things happened in the movie, and I might be the last person to get from Point A to Point B. But it’d never occurred to me that there’s such strong mirroring between the two scenes - Kraglin’s main source of resentment is that he’s the loyal one, while disloyal Peter screws up and turns away from the Ravagers and is still forgiven; but when Kraglin ends up in Peter’s shoes, as the betrayer, Yondu does treat him just like he treats Peter, and takes him back. By the end of the movie, Kraglin knows Peter better than he’s ever known him. He’s been him.

… In general, Yondu’s inability to hold a grudge against people he cares about is breaking my heart completely at odds, in a very Yondu kind of way, with his hardened space pirate persona. It’s not just Peter and Kraglin, but also Stakar – he’s furious at Stakar, but what he wants isn’t revenge or compensation, it’s just to be let back into the Ravager family that cast him out. 

And it’s not little things. It’s Peter costing him the score of a lifetime, inadvertently turning part of his crew against him, and running off across the galaxy with a new family; it’s Kraglin turning the rest of his crew against him and getting most of his loyal crewmates killed; it’s Stakar exiling him from the only home and family he’s ever known. 

He’s just so damn … complicated. He’s a thief and a liar and a killer. He’s also a guy who loves with all his heart (no matter how hard he tries to stamp out that loyal-to-the-death part of himself because he considers it a weakness) and … gah … I just have a lot of feelings about Yondu.

@sevi007 pointed out awhile back that the two people in Yondu’s crew who he apparently spent the most time around, and therefore had the most influence on (Peter and Kraglin) are also the two kindest, most open and empathic and generally sweetest people in the whole gang. They both ended up resenting him too, because, well, Yondu and his A+ people skills, but it’s just a fascinating thing that people who’ve been on the receiving end of Yondu’s mentoring seem to turn out reasonably decent; there’s something fundamentally decent in Yondu that he doesn’t manage to hide as much as he tries to.

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What about an imagine where the RFA are already in relationships when they meet and fall in love with MC? How would they feel and what would they do? Eventually they find out that MC reciprocates their feelings but is keeping quite and holding back because of their relationships.

Gah! These ALMOST turned out into mini-fics!! There’s just so much material to work with >_<

For now, I only wrote Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee and Jumin. HOWEVER, due to Seven’s circumstances as a secret agent, I do not believe he would be in a relationship with anyone—even considering the possibility of a mission, it is unlikely that it would be long-term or serious.

If you’d like to see other characters for this ask, you may request it, but I’m also working on about 4 other asks right now, so please be patient <3 In the end, I’m writing for you guys anyway, so, I hope you’ll understand!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!! I had fun writing this ^~^ (Jaehee’s might break your heart i mean what)



He’s been dating this cute, girly college student from his class, and he had been determined to have a stable relationship with her, since she was his first girlfriend. She’d been the one to confess to him, and he giddily accepted, excited to experience “love.” He constantly felt pressured to say cute things a boyfriend should say, and act gentlemanly, sweet and romantic. It took a lot to keep her happy.

When you joined the RFA, he was excited to get to know you, and the two of you hit it off easily. He found himself looking forward to your messages, and he always felt happy during your calls. He’d never even met you, but you were able to make him so… so happy. Not like his girlfriend at all. He had to force himself around her. He felt conflicted. Was this how a relationship is supposed to work? Is he supposed to feel stressed and tired because of his girlfriend?

At the RFA party, Yoosung overheard your conversation with Zen. He listened quietly from behind a wall, as you cried to Zen about how you’d fallen in love with Yoosung, but it could never work out because he’s already in love with someone else. He felt his heart clench in pain as he listened to your muffled sobs against Zen’s shoulder. Jealousy stirred in his chest, wanting to be the one who wiped away your tears instead of Zen. And it was then that he knew, you were the one he loved.

With his feelings sorted out, Yoosung decided to break up with his girlfriend before doing anything with you. But before he could even say anything, his girlfriend broke up with him over text: ‘Hey, Yoosung… I’m really sorry but I don’t think we’ll work out. I realized that I wasn’t in love with you, but I was in love with the idea of having a boyfriend. I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to continue our relationship based on these shallow feelings of mine. Thank you for everything.” While it was true that he was never really in love with her, he did shed a few tears for losing the relationship they had. It wasn’t like he hadn’t liked her at all—he would still feel emotionally attached, despite their short relationship.

After a short while, he finally gathered up the courage to tell you about his feelings. It was over a brunch date, and there had been a painfully awkward silence prior to his confession (as neither of you knew what to say. Him, because he was nervous to admitting his feelings, and you, because you were miserably in love with him but couldn’t express it)

His confession surprised you. You hadn’t expected that his girlfriend had broken up with him, nor that he reciprocated your feelings! You’d thought it was a painful, one-sided love, and the fact that it wasn’t made you relieved to the point of tears. “I-I thought I would have to be your friend forever… just watching you smile beside h-her… and not me,” you sniffled, sincerely confessing your thoughts. “I thought that you’d never look at me, and that I’d have to k-keep giving you advice on how to make your girlfriend happy…”

“If you’ll be my girlfriend, then I hope you never stop advising me on how to make my girlfriend happy, because I want to make you the happiest woman on Earth.”


As a publicity stunt, Zen had been forced to date Echo Girl. He was against the idea, but as an aspiring actor, he had no choice but to follow his management’s orders. Besides, it would be good practice for roles where his character was in a relationship. He didn’t really care, since this wasn’t a real relationship with sincere feelings. Echo Girl hardly knew him.

He never expected that he would actually fall in love with someone so soon after his relationship with Echo Girl was made public. Your appearance in the RFA was sudden, after all. But Zen had fallen in love with you at first sight. You were kind to everyone, listening to their thoughts quietly whether you agreed or disagreed. And you weren’t pretending to be nice, either. Nobody would be able to keep up an act like that for so long—he would know, he acts everyday, and he can’t get into character every time.

He fell in love with your voice, just as he fell in love with the rest of you. But your voice had a special appeal to him. You sounded so sweet and sincere, and prior to the party, it was his only way of feeling connected with you. He’d savour the sound, loving the way his name rolled off your tongue. “Hey Zen… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you?” His heart almost stopped at the question, but he eventually managed to squeeze out an “I don’t know.” You had sounded so genuine, his heart was racing with the possibility in mind.

Despite not confirming your feelings, Zen approached his manager, demanding that they put an end to the relationship publicity stunt, or he would publicly announce that the company was lying to build his image. When it was all done and dealt with, he proceeded to beg and beg Seven for your apartment’s address. Zen would be in debt to Seven for thousands of Honey Buddha Chips, but it was all worth surprising you for your smile. With his knee to the floor, and a bouquet of roses raised towards you, he imitates your confession to say…

“MC… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you back?”


She’s been dating a man for a while before she met you. He had asked her out during one of the C&R business events, and fallen in love with her at first sight. While Jaehee knew that his feelings were sincere, she wasn’t sure about how she felt towards him, but he told her that he was willing to wait.

Fortunately for her, you’d soon joined the RFA, and she felt that she was able to confide in you about her problems. You would listen to her as she ranted about her admiration for Zen, Jumin’s irritating tendencies, and relationship problems, amongst many others. With each conversation, Jaehee became more and more relaxed talking with you, and your ability to ease her burdens only got better as you learned more about her.

Jaehee’s boyfriend noticed the way Jaehee’s expression had grown softer lately, and how she always replied to your texts immediately in the midst of their conversations. He watched knowingly as Jaehee’s eyes gained a happy glint in them, her laughter sounding more feminine and relaxed, compared to her forced, unsure chuckles from before she’d met you. He was fully aware that Jaehee was most likely in love with you, and that he would have to let her go soon.

He prayed to the gods to forgive him for forcing someone who wasn’t interested to stay in a relationship with him, begging for just a little more time with her. He knew that he should support her and push her towards the one she truly loved, but he wanted to be just a little more selfish, until she would realize her own feelings.

So when Jaehee finally confronted him, he was prepared for her confession. “I’m really sorry. I… thank you for being so patient with me up until now. I truly did enjoy spending time with you, and I am honoured that you would fall in love with someone like me, so I believe you deserve a proper apology,” Jaehee forced herself to look into his eyes despite the guilt in her heart.

But he deserved a serious, proper explanation from her, because he’d been nothing but kind to her throughout their relationship. He’d put his best efforts in making her happy, and she knew it. “I’m really grateful for your feelings, and I’m truly sorry to say that I can’t return them. There is… someone else who has already stolen my heart,” she admitted softly.

Finally, he was able to let her go. He left her with one last kiss on the forehead, and bid her farewell, “Thank you for everything. I hope that whoever you love will be able to love and care for you much better than I was able to. Please, be happy from now on.”

Jaehee couldn’t help but shed a few tears, for losing a good relationship with an honest, sincere man. But no matter how amazing he was, her feelings for you would not change. You were the only one who could make her feel so relaxed, comfortable and happy even when her work pressured her to no ends. You were the only one who she felt could understand her, and she wanted to give you the same happiness she received.

Although she was now single, she still believed that her love was one-sided. Love between women was becoming more socially acceptable, but she had no idea about your views about it. And even then, it didn’t necessarily mean that you returned her feelings. But imagine her surprise when you burst into her house upon hearing the news that she’d broken up with her boyfriend. Tears were streaming down your face—you were crying for her. You explained, “But Jaehee… didn’t he make you happy? Why aren’t you crying? It makes me really sad when I think about everything you’ve lost with him… I had been s-so happy that he was there for you through all your struggles…”

Gently, she wiped your tears, looking affectionately into your eyes. “The person standing right in front of me is the one who I’ve fallen in love with. MC, you’re the one who makes me feel happy. Your kind words have always cheered me up. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I will try my best to win your affection, okay? Because MC… I love you.”


Money, fame and looks… Jumin Han had it all. He had never had trouble getting anything he wanted, although he was still dying to understand love—not that he would ever admit that. Instead of expressing this desire, he hooked up with various women, trying to find someone who could match his preferences.

He was in yet another of these shallow relationships when he met you, but he hadn’t been attracted to you immediately. It had taken a lot of time and conversation before he developed any feelings towards you. At first, it was a fond interest. ‘MC sure can be cute, trying to argue with me about the business world… Doesn’t she know I have a large advantage over her in that area?’ It slowly changed into admiration, as he observed how you were able to get along with everyone in the RFA. He often had trouble with Zen, but you seemed to handle the narcissist without a problem. (No Jumin, Zenny just hates you..)

It wasn’t until he read a magazine in which he took a quiz, ‘Are you in love?!’ (he actually believes this stuff, thinking that they publish credible information) Thinking of his latest hookup, he circled answers in pencil, and calculated his score, which resulted in, “SADLY, NO: but we hope that you will find ‘The One’ soon!! There’s gotta be somebody for you out there :)” Sighing, Jumin threw the magazine to the floor. He would never find ‘The One,’ at this rate. He’s already failed so many times…

A thought struck him. Hesitantly, he retrieved the magazine from the floor, and attempted the quiz again, with thoughts of you in mind. ‘Does he/she make you smile when you talk?’ Yes. ‘Do you want to know him/her more?’ Yes. ‘Do you want him/her to be a part of your life forever?’ If you would, then yes. “WOW: It looks like you’re in love! See our next issue to find out if they could be ‘The One!’”

Flustered, Jumin scowls at the magazine despite the happy feeling bubbling in his chest. Maybe this magazine isn’t that credible after all. (Now you think that?? You tsundere.) He spends the night drinking wine, complemented with dazed thoughts. He’d never truly loved a woman in his life before, not even his own (gold-digging) mother. And yet this magazine claims that he’s in love with… you? You, a woman who’d just waltzed into his life and captured his genuine interest. …Fuck. Maybe I do have feelings for her.

“What is love?” he asks you over dinner, swirling the wine in his glass around the brim. You reply sadly in a mock posh accent, “What is love, but an emotion that only serves to break one’s heart?” Surprised by your answer, he wonders what makes you say that. He quietly questions you if someone had dared to break your heart, voicing his shock that anyone could possibly turn down a sincere, kind-hearted woman who could pique one’s interest in conversation, such as yourself. You laugh bitterly, shaking your head in disbelief. “It’s you, idiot,” you mutter, facing downwards. Avoiding his eyes, you stood up abruptly from the table. “I… I’m gonna go.”

Alarmed, he catches hold of your hand. “Wait!” he calls out to you before he even realizes what he’s done. “MC… I think I’m in love with you. I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet, but I’m really, really interested in you. I don’t understand it myself, but I do know that you’re special to me. Will you wait for me?”

Softly, sincerely, he stares into your eyes, silently begging you to understand. And you stay.

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Subaru’s Diabolik Interview!

1) Hey, Subaru? Do you like anyone? Or have you at least fallen in love before? « Fallen in love… Hmph. Why would I? It’s a stupid idea. In all my years of being alive, not one person has surpassed the level of “food” humans are branded with by me. There’s no need to associate myself with food. Especially because I know I’ll only get hurt in the end. Tch- Why am I telling you this?! »


2) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « Super…flexible ? What do you mean ? I’m confused. »


3) Why do you hide your kindness so often? Everyone knows you’re a softy inside. « Hah? Softy? Softy?! I’ll show you softy! Come here, I’m not finished with you! »


4) Subaru, how do you feel about the cheesy car jokes? *Sighs* « You people are the reason I hate my brothers even more. Tch… ! They won’t stop teasing me about it ! »


5) What turns you on? « … I enjoy… gah-! This is completely stupid! I get turned on by neck kisses, alright?! I love it when I give them, and love it when I receive them. So shut up and just stay still. This is what you get for asking me that… »


6) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where does it hurt most ? « How the hell am I supposed to know !? I’m the one doing the bitting not getting bitten ! »


7) What would you do if you found out that one of your brothers was trying to steal your s/o from you? « Tch-! The only [bothers] who would try to steal her from me is Ayato or Laito. If they tried to steal her away, I’d beat the shit out of them. Hell, if I’m angry enough, I might kill him. There’s no way I’m letting someone that important to me get stolen. »

8) What would it take to convince you that you aren’t tainted, but in fact that you’re far more pure than any of your brothers and deserve to be happy? « Heheh. Is that what you think ? I don’t deserve any of that, I was born to be the thorn to my mother. I’m definetely no better than my brothers. »


9) Boxers or briefs? « I’m not Hentai over there. Boxers. »


10) What’s something you only do when no one’s looking?  « None of your business, tsk !! »


11) How would you react to your s/o admitting she had a few kinks of her own that she wanted to try with you? « It depends on what it is. I’m not exactly comfortable with some things. Though, I’ll probably be okay with most of her kinks. Heh, why don’t you go ahead and tell me them now? I’m sure we can find good use to them. »


12) I’ve heard rumors about you and Shu… Are they true? « What the hell kind of rumors are you talking about ? I look up to him because he is the only one who actually knows how to act like a brother. »


13) As a child, did you play a lot with your brothers, or did they all just kinda keep to themselves? « Ayato and Shu were always busy with studies, Reiji was always trying to impress his mother, Kanato and Laito did their own thing, most of the time. Myself? I had to deal with her. I never found comfort with my so-called brothers. »


14) What do you love most in this world? « I don’t know honestly. Never thought of it… »


15)What do you do to relax after you get angry? « After I get angry I usually isolate myself from everyone. No one needs to see it. Gah- Why am I explaining it to you? Fine. If I feel somewhat less angry I’ll take a walk outside. Maybe… visit my mother’s garden. It’s strange… I can’t stand it when I’m there, but it also makes me calm and clear. Hey. Do you… want to take a walk with me? »


16) What’s something that no one knows about you? « Everything. They don’t know me at all, hmph ! »

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"I wanna be yours" (PJ Liguori one shot)


Word count: 2K

(y/n) loses her virginity to PJ on romantic get-away. 

“PJ, is it alright to talk now?” I said, as I encountered my very busy boyfriend. “Uh-um maybe later?” I immediately added, he was editing a video -at least from what I could see standing by the door frame.

“Nah it’s okay now (y/n). I am pretty much done” he said, twirling his chair to face me, he palmed his knee motioning me to get closer.

“Are you sure? I don’t mean to bother" I sat on his lap, his arms wrapped around my waist. 

"Shh” PJ whispered near my ear, his warm breath making my whole body quiver. I prayed to all the gods out there for him not to noticed my reaction. 

“It’s kind of serious” I felt how his body tensed under mine. “Okay, maybe not that serious" 

One of his hands slid up my face, his gentle grip making me turn in his direction. "Just get it over with, please” he wore impatient eyes but a smirk -I personally find to be the perfect blend of sexy and adorable- softening his demeanor. 

I opened my mouth trying to push the words out  my throat but found myself wondering where to begin.

Pleaseeee” his free hand poked my side and his smile widen. That is what I like the most about PJ, he knows how to act in every situation. He is so carefree yet caring. Gah, I love the kid. His silly act made me feel a tad more confident for what I was about to request. 

“Okay, okay” I said trying to regain my composure. “PJ, you know I" am a huge prude. No-no- definitely not how I want this to go. In my struggle to find the appropriate words our gazes were glued to the other, that pretty shade of green making me loose my fluency.

"I- I love you, PJ” a grin spread in both our faces. “You are my first boyfriend –my first real love and the only boy I’m in love with”

“Yes” he muttered softly, encouraging me to go on. 

“And I- I now want you to be my ”first time“ too” as soon as the words escaped my lips I looked down, I could feel my cheeks getting hot like a summer day. 

“Little one, I- come on look at me” I dared took a glimpse through my lashes, his expression lighted up like a Christmas tree, not far from the respond I was expecting. 

For the past few months in our relationship we have had steamy make out sessions numerous times, however PJ has always respect my boundaries. We talked about sex before, and even though I love him so damn much my insecurities always took a toll, but he has make his duty to remain me daily how “beautiful”, “sexy” he thinks I am.

“Are you really ready?” Fuck yeah, I am. I have never been more certain and desperate for anything before. The thought of his touch all over my bare skin gave me goosebumps.  

“Yes” he gave me a soft peck and before I could adjust it turned into a much intense kiss, his palms stroked under the fabric previously covering my lower back, the tip of his tongue teasing my bottom lip. 

“PJ" I pulled  a few inches away from his gorgeous face. I still don’t know how I managed to not ripped his cloths off right then and there. "I have some…concerns, though" 

"I am all ears” he then buried himself in the nape of my neck.

“This is going to sound utterly stupid, but I kinda, sorta, want our first time to be -um cute and memorable” I damned every chick flick I have ever watched for making me sound just like another generic repressed virgin. 

“I know” his voice a faint. “I want that too. Don’t you worry about a thing, little one” the way he calls me “little one” never fails to make me squeal internally, his overall thoughtfulness made my stiff  muscles go like jelly. 

But there is still another minor detail.

“Thank you” after a pause that felt like 287 years I carried on “Babe, I don´t want it to hurt either so…can we get some-I don’t know lube?” I spilled out the last words, bringing my palms to shield my crimson cheeks. PJ’s responds was a low chuckle, which made me punched his stomach softly. 

“Again, don’t worry about a thing (y/n)" 

Two weeks went by and the matter was never discussed again. I could swear he forgot it, he was producing a new short film for a internet safety campaign. We barely met ever since and the 2 or 3 times we have he was too burn out for anything other than movies and snuggles.


Wanna hang out, little one? x"I read the words off the shiny screen. 

Wow, are you finally free? Sure :)” 

PJ’s reply came within seconds, making my stomach do a leap. “Pick you up at 1, bring a swim costume xx”

The clock struck 11:40 am, Sunday the 4th so of course taking a shower wasn’t in my mind till his text. When done, I picked a pastel pink sundress and strappy sandals as my outfit. I am guessing his plans involved a beach or water of some sort, the weather isn’t precisely warm -then again, when is it here in gloomy England?- so I trow a knitted cardigan on too. I packed a tiny red bikini, a towel and a clean set of underwear in my big hand bag and ran out the door, telling mom I was hanging with my boyfriend prior. 

“Hello gorgeous” I greeted, crawling into the passenger seat. 

“Hello” PJ leaned over sweetly brushing his lips to my forehead. God, I’ve missed him. 

“So, care to explain where are we heading today?” I asked, PJ’s eyes set on the road ahead. 

“Yes, it’s a surprise” he winked, turning his head to me. The funny feeling in my stomach creeped all over me.

Today. is. the. day. holy. fuck. 

After a not-so-short ride -that consistent mainly of PJ ranting about his new project while I drooled because I find his creativity so, SO attractive- we finally arrived a  small house hide by the woods. 

“Where are we?” I asked, studying the vintage structure trough the glass. The wood holding it was patchy and brittle looking. The facade consisted of just a window and the main door.  

“I used to come here when I was a kid -family getaways and stuff- it’s one of my favorite places on earth” And I could see why. Not the nicest house there is, but the light pecking trough the trees and the eager birds' melody screamed “PJ happy place”. 

As we hopped off the car, I stared farther out the house, noticing rocks and a watercourse. PJ snapped me back from my amaze, pushing me inwards. The inside was a lot cozier yet it still kept it’s humble vibe. 

“Are you hungry? I have chinese take-away in the car -Or we can go for a swim first. Whatever you prefer” PJ spoke fast, a sign I took as nervousness. I was walking the impromptu kitchen not really facing him, but I could pictured his shy smile. 

“You should take the food out of the car. Like really” I said, being caught off guard when I opened a mini-fridge and it was running. 

“Uh, yeah. Shit!” while PJ ran back to the car, I sneaked into the only room there was.

I walked out of my changing area -tiny bikini on- when I heard PJ steeping inside again. "Let’s go for a swim" 

His stare taking me in from head to toes “Sure" 

I waited by the door steps until a shirtless PJ appeared. A towel hovering over his left shoulder, dark hair covering the right spots over his chest. So. damn. sexy.

He held my hand until water flowed like a stream of glass in front of us. Definitely my new favorite place too. PJ dipped himself in, water reaching just above his hips. I toed the riverside hesitating.

"Come on! Get in here (y/n) is warm, I swear” PJ shouted, splashing water on my way. 

We spend the afternoon teasing the other, being silly and creating new memories in our little piece of heaven on earth. 


“No, come this way” he grabbed my hand, interrupting my race back to the cabin. We dug into leaves and bushes to find a fairly large tent laying over flat ground, positioned facing the sunset. 

“Oh my god” I whispered incapable of muttering anything coherent, PJ squeezed my hand while we approached it. 

A floral pattern quilt and multiple cushions rested inside. Also lanterns and candles, the set up looked like a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. 


"Do you like it?" 

"I love it” I managed a smile while lying down, PJ lit some of the candles, giving the space a delicious scent of vanilla. 

His lips pressed mine and words weren’t necessary anymore. Soft and hard, gentle and passionate, romantic and pleading. He stripped me off the damp towel, my touch focus on his back, running my fingers aimlessly along it. 

He swiftly undid the strings on my top, braking our contact just to pull the fabric above my head. One of his hands reached for my breast giving it a delicious squeeze, later on, massaging circles over my sensitive nipples. I laced my finger in his silky curls, he then proceeded to leave a trail of bites from my neck to my navel. 

“Quiet there” PJ hissed, pinning my hips to the ground. 

PJ spread my thighs, nibbling, licking every inch of them. Other than wildlife my moans and his occasional grunts where the only sounds. He pressed a kiss over my throbbing clit trough the clothing, sending me over edge.

And me bikini bottoms where off in a split second. He ran his tongue smoothly across my folds and my grip over his hair tightened. My lungs were itching when he -without braking the exquisite motion- rubbed two finger up and down my folds. A cold, slimy yet amazing sensation hit me. 

“Oh my god PJ" I grunted through clenched teeth. 

"Like that baby?” he looked up, a ravishing smirk painted over his features. 

“Y-y-yeah” he pumped a finger inside me, it took me some seconds to adjust. It wasn’t painful -like everyone claims- it was just odd, but then he hit my sweet spot and slid a second one making my toes curl in anticipation. 

He probably noticed it too and slowed his pace, pulling out finally. “Not yet, baby" 

His mouth returned to mine in the form of a messy kiss, my hands found the way to pulled his swim short off. His erection sprang free, I took the opportunity to rubbed his lenght from tip to base, making my boyfriend whimper like a baby. 

"For f-fuck's sake” he almost yelled agitated. “Ready, (y/n)?" 

"Fuck yes" 

A sealed package of condoms appeared -I swear- out of nowhere. He got it on while my stare  devoured him. "I’ll-ll be very gentle, okay? Tell me if I’m hurting you at any point, please” he positioned his hard cock in my entrance and slid into me carefully. Again it took a couple seconds to get comfortable with the unfamiliar sensation, but he was now giving his full attention to my neck- the spot he knows made my knees weak. That and his deep thrusts had me at a daze. 

“F-faster” I pleaded, he increased the speed and our hips danced together in perfect sync. Black spots crawled in the corners of my vision as I dig my nails in PJ´s lanky shoulders. 

“Sss-o close cc-ome bab-by” sweat driped from his forehead, his curls wild and soaked, and his stare intoxicated with lust and love. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. A wave of pure ecstasy rocked me like a tsunami, making my entire body shake and my mouth screamed out PJ’s name. PJ followed screaming mine out as well, shifting his head back, his thrust became sloppy. He rolled to my side after pressing his lips to the top of my hair.

“That was definitely cute and memorable” I teased him after I calmed my breathing.

He pulled me into his embraced “It was amazing. I love you, my little favorite monster” he spoke in a low, suiting tone. 


Kitt: Ooo, it’s almost nighttime love. You know what that means, right?
Kitt: … Oswald?

Oswald: *sigh*, Yes. I know what that means.
Kitt: hehehe, now the REAL fangs are out!!
Oswald: Let’s see how YOU like it!!!
Kitt: ahhhh!!!!! YOU… JERK!
Oswald: Hahahahaha.

Kitt: NOT FUNNY, you are NOT gonna turn me!!
Oswald: Oh c’mon, hehe. That’s the most fun I’ve had all day. Plus, you owe me for springing this mess on me.
Kitt: gah… fine, fine. Fair enough. But really though, no biting… ya turd.

Coffee Shop (Part Eight)


Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Epilogue

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol

What happens when you accidentally sit next to someone you shouldn’t in a coffee shop.

‘What the hell are you doing with him?’

‘Jung-Soo!’ you said, surprised by how he was acting.

‘Y/N,’ he said curtly, ‘Can I talk to you for a second. Alone?’

You looked at Jung-Soo in alarm. What had got into him? You nodded mutely, giving Chanyeol a squeeze of the hand, saying softly, ‘I’ll be right back, okay?’ Chanyeol nodded at you, watching you walk towards Jung-Soo with concern clearly etched on his face. Jung-Soo scowled at him and stomped towards the door. You followed him out silently.

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solackson headcanon: when percy first thought he was not straight he asked will for help

I don’t know who you are, but you are my favourite person right this moment c: 

  • Percy and Will have always been close, like really close
  • They fought two wars together, Will understands Percy struggle with having to carry a lot of weight on his shoulders (He became the head counsellor of the Apollo cabin at what… 12?), they help each other out with things the other just doesn’t seem to be able to get done
  • So of course it’s Will who Percy asks when he thinks he might be attracted to not just girls (hell yeah for pansexual Percy)
  • Will has been over this with so many people, it’s not even awkward when he gives Percy the “there are many sexualities & genders”-talk 
  • He takes the chance to come out to Percy then too, it’s not that he was afraid of doing it earlier, but the topic never really came up and Will is a strong believer of making people realize that they need to stop assuming everyone’s cis and straight  unless they come out
  • Percy asks Will if he can kiss him
  • Will says yes
  • It’s a bit strange for Percy for a second, not because he’s kissing a boy, but because this is Will, one of his best friends
  • He puts that thought past him the second Will’s teeth graze over his lower lip
  • and holy hades Will turns out to be an amazing kisser
  • they end up making out for endless minutes, Will only breaks away when their hands have already found their way underneath each other’s shirts
  • It’s very, very quiet for a while, both breathing heavily and resting their foreheads together
  • then Percy starts giggling, Will joins in
  • they kiss again, just a peck this time, and decide that if they ever happen to both be alone and unattached at the same time, they can give this a try
  • (Annabeth knows, she’s fairly amused, not even a little mad when Percy tells her what happened. as it turns out, she had a fairly similar experience …. with Clarisse maybe. I can see that.)


Wedding Bells | Kyungsoo (D.O)

Rating - Fluff

Word Count1.6k

Summary - In which you get married to Kyungsoo!


Part 1

Originally posted by osehu


I was looking through the unsent invitations planning on a way to get them through by tomorrow morning, when I heard my phone begin to ring. I decided to ignore it as there were way too many things that needed attention, but it happened again. And again. And again. The rings got to the point where they were unbearable, and I stormed over to where my phone was lying and picked it up, not looking at the contact

“What the heck do you want?! Its 1am!“ I snapped at the caller, but my anger melted away as I heard the long offended gasp my fiancé let out after hearing my comment

“Rude! All I wanted to do was to see whether my Jagiya’s okay” He defended, as my mind was only processing the what he called me

“W - what did you just call me?”

“Sorry was I not supposed to? Y/N I-” He began to apologise

“No! No, I liked it…” I cut him off, smiling idiotically as I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear

“Noted. Well now the question I was actually going to ask, how are you doing?” He asked whilst I sat back down at my laptop, desperately trying to find the addresses

“Not exactly well. It’s a night before my wedding and I’m still chasing people down with invitations” I sighed dropping my head down onto my desk

“That sounds so weird” He simply pointed

“You’ve said weirder things” I scoffed earning a chuckle from him

“’Our Wedding’ doesn’t saying those words give you chills of excitement?” He randomly asked

“My point exactly” I rolled my eyes

“Okay Miss Sarcastic. But seriously are you excited?” He asked as I made my way to my bed dropping my head onto the pillows, smiling at his question

“Of course I am! It would be concerning if I wasn’t don’t you think?” I giggled. Our conversation continued for hours as the invitations and the fact that we both had to get up early, had completely slipped my mind. We never seemed to find an end to our conversations, one topic leading to the other, which led us to falling asleep whilst we were still on the phone to each other.

 *The next morning*

Traditionally, I had to wake up extremely early in the morning to make sure everything was going to be running smoothly. I slightly struggled with the first bit seeing as Kyungsoo and I had gone to sleep at about 3am. It was now 10am and the idiot must’ve been peacefully sleeping whilst I had to get my hair and makeup done. After hours of extremely agonizing transformation, I went downstairs with the help of my sister to find my parents waiting expectantly for me. I gave my mother and father a light smile, before we went out to the limo which was going to take us to the venue.I stood there in front of the huge doors which would reveal hundreds of guests attending my wedding, the person who was going to officiate my wedding, and the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. 

My father came beside me offering me his arm and a warm smile as I returned one, wrapping my arm around his. The doors were pushed were open, but before noticing anything, we both caught each other’s gazes and the whole world seemed to have stopped. He was stood in his black tux complimenting his well-built figure, with a bowtie around his neck tucked perfectly under the simple white dress shirt. I gave him a little grin which he returned, before wrapping my arm tighter around my fathers as I began to walk down the aisle.

We never seemed to break eye contact as I made my way up towards the slightly elevated level. I let go of my father’s arm as he backed away into the front row, with a look of pride spreading across his face. As the wooing and light chatters continued, I decided to finally look up at him and seeing his light smile form into a bigger one was simply the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Are you sure you want this Y/N? There’s no going back after you say the words” He teased taking a hold of my hands making me lightly giggle

“Oh I’m sure. But I don’t think you’re ready for me to be a part of your life. I’m a lot of work you know” I stated earning a chuckle from him

“I’m willing to take my chances” He winked before the ceremony finally began. The exchanging of vows and such, took place as my world was slowly being changed to being into something I had no clue about.

“You may now kiss the bride” The officiant said making my heart beat at the speed of light. Great! Our first kiss just happened to be the one that sealed our commitment. No pressure. I looked up at his nervous eyes, giving him a reassuring smile as we both began to lean in. Our lips were inches away when my eyes fluttered closed as he captured my lips into a sweet kiss. Saying it felt like fireworks would be an understatement, because it felt like something so wonderful, I couldn’t put it into words. As we pulled away, I heard loud cheering, more concentrated from the area where his friends were wooing over our kiss. A toothy grin was plastered on his face as we looked back at each other, making me lightly giggle and look down at the thought of this perfect man being my husband. We soon went to our reception venue.

After a good half an hour of getting congratulations from guests and being introduced to Kyungsoo’s friends and family, e soon went to our reception venue.  We were attached to the hip as we had conversations with relatives and he didn’t seem to mind at all! Neither did I… It was finally time for the first dance. As the announcement was made, he instantly got out of his conversation with Chanyeol and a smile formed onto my lips as he took my hand and led me to the middle of the room. He placed his arms around my waist and I connected mine behind his neck. We stared intently at each other as we lightly swayed to the beat of the soft music playing in the background

“You’re my wife now… It’s like official, we’re a thing now” He as a matter-of-factly pointed making me fall into uncontrollable fits of laughter “Oh shush, as if you aren’t having trouble processing this” He huffed, sticking his bottom lip out in an adorable pout

“I actually processed it the day we were set up. I just wanted to see how long it would take you” I shrugged making him shake his head at our random encounters.

The wonderful night soon came to an end as we drove to the house we were going to live in until we found our perfect one. It was small, but it was cozy instead of suffocating. I sighed in content as we stopped in the drive way, smiling over at him as he took the keys out of the ignition. I got out and closed the door behind me, before attempting to walk to the front door, only to be literally swept off my feet by Kyungsoo. I let out a shriek as he picked me up bridal style see what I did there? and began to walk forward, making me wrap my arms around his neck.

“Since when were you so romantic?” I giggled at his sudden sharing of affection as he simply shrugged

“There a lot of things you can’t learn about a person in a week” He pointed un willingly letting me down as he grabbed the house keys from his pocket. As soon as the door was unlocked, I swung it open and the very first thing I did was to take off the heels my sister had made me wear because it looked good with the dress. Kyungsoo watched in amusement as I collapsed onto the sofa, still in full bridal wear, making him smile down at how tired I was

“Come on! Off to bed we go” He instructed pulling my off the sofa, as if I was a 5 year old. Let out a whine before giving into his attempts, and getting up. I made my way to the bedroom and took out a pair of pajamas from the suitcases that were dropped off by his parents before we arrived. I saw him enter the room and give me a smile before he opened his own, whilst I went into the en suite to freshen up. As I exited, I found a really tired Kyungsoo, completely knocked out on the bed wearing his T-shirt and pajama bottoms. I shook my head at how adorable he looked, before turning the lights off and making my way onto the bed. At first I kept a moderate amount of distance as no cuddling was initiated due to the fact that we were both so tired. But when I turned onto my side, I felt his arm wrap around my waist and pull me flush against his chest.

“Keeping warm purposes…” He mumbled with his eyes still closed making me roll mine

“Right… Okay sure” I sarcastically agreed running my hands through his hair as my eye lids began to feel heavy

“Quit being sassy and go to sleep” He whined wrapping his arms tighter around my waist, making me giggle at his desperation for rest. We soon drifted off into a peaceful slumber, tangled in each other’s arms. Okay maybe marriage wasn’t such a bad idea…

A/N: The feels I got whilst writing this were just… Gah! Okay well I hope the anon that requested this is happy with how it turned out. I kind of joined two requests cause I  thought the ideas were mostly laced with cute and squishy Kyungsoo! I hope you loves liked this imagine and thanks for the awesome support. Later Loves 

-Shazz xx


Recap of Ep 5529 (04.07.14)

So episode 5529…the opening scene…how friggin’ cute and excited and happy does Jasmin look seeing Anni?? Not to mention, Jasmin has completely blocked out the whole Lucia thing and only has eyes for Anni at this point. SHE IS SUPER FRIGGIN’ EXCITED TO SEE ANNI Y'ALL!!!!

And Anni grabbing Nele’s pink jacket on the way out after Lucia = HILARIOUS! I’m not sure if she has done this because she is just rushing after Lucia, or because Jasmin has flustered her and her brain has died, or both. But either way, Anni running after Lucia in that ridiculous jacket CRACKED me up!!!

And keep telling everyone that you no longer have any feelings for Jasmin, Anni…we believe you….

I’m glad when Tuner asks Jasmin about Kurt, there seems to be no hesitation or feelings from Jasmin. He is done and dusted. Over. But I think Jasmin feels guilty for not coming back for Tuner earlier. She asks him to call her if he gets bored and also offers herself for some cafe shifts. Aww Jasmin, you are too sweet.

Jasmin’s look when Anni walks into the cafe with Lucia = priceless. Her Anni goggles have finally fallen off and she now sees Lucia properly for the first time and MAN, SHE IS SUPER JEALOUS. She asks Nele;

She doesn’t know where to look. She does NOT like this one little bit!! When Anni and Lucia return from the bathroom, blowing right past Jasmin, she is pissed. What is this new feeling inside? What am I feeling? WHY IS ANNI IGNORING ME?!!!

Jasmin is not used to being ignored. Especially by Anni. I love seeing Jasmin on the receiving end of all this. Anni was always the one in the past who was always looking at Jasmin, giving Jasmin attention. Now that the tables have turned, Jasmin is not a happy camper. But I am loving those big PUPPY DOG eyes from Jasmin!

And I love how this time Jasmin is not hiding her feelings any more. Nele asks her if she is OK with Lucia, and she says “Of course”…but then a second later tells her that she thought a lot about Anni in the US and that she missed her BADLY!!! BADLY YOU GUYS!!!! ARGH MY HEART!!!!

I have to admit Anni with Lucia on the couch, while they are watching soccer, is pretty cute. Jasmin however is not so happy. And I’m amazed that Anni has been able to avoid the “Jasmin eyes” until now. She must have been using ALL THE WILLPOWER! Because we all know the power those eyes have! Stay strong Anni!!!

Luckily it was only for a few seconds. Phew. Dodged that one Anni! Better make an escape plan to the bathroom. Phew! ESCAPED!!! Oh NOOOO Jasmin follows her in!! It’s OK, just don’t look DIRECTLY at her. Make small talk. Lingering eye contact. Longer and longer. AHHH NOOO….All of the feelings are resurfacing!!! GOD JASMIN LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Noooo look away…I feel happy feelings coming back up…damn she’s smiling at me. GAH! OMG! My brain and my heart are about to IMPLODE WITH ALL THE FEELINGS!!!! RUN AWAY ANNI! RUN AWAY!!!!

Love how pissed Jasmin is at herself there. FUCK indeed Jasmin. You blew it. Now you have to try and sleep through a whole night of Anni & Lucia having sex! Haha, again I love how the tables have been turned. Anni had to listen to her having sex with Kurt ALL the time and now that she has to endure ONE night of the same, she can’t take it LOL Love her cute little American pillow though :)

Weird that Jasmin didn’t just kick Mesut out of her room though and make him sleep on the couch? ^o)

No sleep for an entire night makes for a very cranky Jasmin in the morning. As long as she gets her coffee, she’ll be OK…oh wait what’s that? That skank has used the last of the milk??? Ohhh GAME ON!!! Esp when she gets a look like that from Lucia!!

ALL BETS ARE OFF! Jasmin is now angry, tired, with no coffee and …. SHE LOVES ANNI!!!!

ARRRGHHHH!!!! Its what we’ve been waiting for!!!! JASMIN HAS FINALLY SAID IT!!! 

Harry!” said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. “Simply splendid to see you, old boy-“
“Marvelous,” said George, pushing Fred aside and seizing Harry’s hand in turn. “Absolutely spiffing.”
Percy scowled.
“That’s enough, now,” said Mrs. Weasley.
“Mum!” said Fred as though he’d only just spotted her and seizing her hand too. “How really corking to see you-
—  in other words why didn’t we get more Fred and George in the movies? (Prisoner of Azkaban)
We Tried to Make Pie.

Dean x Reader (centric); Sam x Reader (family)

A/N: This fic was written for the Spn #SPNFamilyLove Writing Challenge created by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Prompt: “What’s that smell? And why is there smoke?”

You pulled in to the garage after a long afternoon digging through old files at the county historical society looking for information about an old house. Of course, you weren’t just looking for fancy—something was screwing around with the family that lived there. After hours of flipping through giant, musty records, all you wanted was to take a bath and go to bed. Your nose itched from the dust. Your eyes were dry. You were tired, hungry, and cranky.

Carrying more than your arms could hold, you used your elbow to open the door to the bunker and your butt to pry it open, pen dangling out of the side of your mouth. You made your way into the library and dropped the files on to the table with a thud, before spitting the pen onto the top of them. You let out an exasperated sigh and ran your hands through your hair. Head pointed towards the ceiling, you attempted to take a deep breath. As soon as the air hit the back of your nose, you choked and began coughing profusely. Suddenly, you realized a thin layer of smoke around the doorway, more cloudy than heavy fog. You sniffed the air once again, realizing that there was a burnt aroma in the atmosphere. What the hell??

You began to panic. “Sam?! Dean?!”

“Y/n?!” Dean called.

“Don’t come in the kitchen!” Sam yelled.

You crinkled your brows and pursed your lips. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all. You thought.

“What’s that smell? And why is there smoke?!” You called, tiptoeing around the corner. “What are you guys doing in there?!”

“NOTHING!” They both yelled in unison.

You smiled. They were such children.

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lapithyst bomb day 3 - fusion!

say hello to Sodalite :D she’s Amethyst and Lapis’ fusion, and her weapon is both their whip and water manipulation. Sodalite is an easily excited gem, and is giggling to herself about a joke no one else heard. once fused, she stays fused for days or weeks on end until Amethyst or Lapis get too tired or too upset to stay together. Sodalite is just a wee taller than Garnet, and she loves playing with Steven!

starcrossed-comets  asked:

No matter how it turns out I am here for you. I've seen the post and I agree on your side

GAH I REALLY MEAN IT WHEN I SAY I LOVE YOU! It is very nice to hear someone else out there who understands :) I still remember when you had to go through all that awful hate and I was there for ya :D so glad to have someone like you on my blog <3

Clever Boy

For @dhampir72 who got me to write this because of my ranty tags on this post.


Bond is not a very good hacker. Not remotely. He knows some simple, basic things, and he knows his way around any major OS, but he definitely has no place among the Q-Branch boffins.

But despite that, he’s occasionally quite successful in getting into even extremely high security networks and accounts. Like M’s, for instance, be it the previous or the current one’s.

His method is quite simple, actually. He guesses people’s passwords. Or rather, he’s able to work them out, based on observing the people in question, reading them, noticing important details camouflaged into the background and connecting them with each other. He’s good at that, he knows. He’s able to pinpoint the important things and make the right connections, hazard the right guesses. He’s intuitive and can move through a person’s preferences efficiently enough to get what he needs, the same way he can move through their home security measures. He instinctively knows which board not to step on, which window will be the most secure and which the least.

Of course, this method is heavily limited, which is why Q-Branch is in charge of all hacks, and why he has no chance whatsoever of getting his hands on the Quartermaster’s account and network access - Q changes his passwords rather frequently but irregularly, and they’re always a string of randomly selected numbers and letters. Bond has exactly zero chance with that (not to mention with Q’s security protocols which make Bond start drifting off when Q talks about them).

Still, his way is sufficient enough to snoop around an account or two at MI6, which is what he’s doing right now, on a lazy morning in bed, a rare thing for Q and himself. He’s propped up against the headboard, his personal laptop on his lap, and Q is lounging beside him, reading a book.

Bond is quite busy snooping in search for a detail he’s personally curious about, but a fragment of his attention is always on Q, so naturally he registers that Q hasn’t turned a page in a while.

When he turns to look, Q is smiling at him, a soft, gently dazed sort of thing, eyes glazed and bright with affection and something more, something like… loving admiration. He’s beautiful.

“What?” Bond asks.

Q’s smile broadens minutely, eyes flicking over Bond’s face.

“You’re so clever,” he says so simply and so lovingly, and the praise is so inescapably open that Bond simultaneously wants to preen and hide under the duvet. Because Q is brilliant, he’s a genius who loves intelligence, and from him this praise feels both important and deeply intimate.

Bond still can’t decide whether to preen or hide, so he leans in and kisses Q into closing his eyes, so he stops looking at him like that. Like Bond is something precious. Because Bond honestly isn’t sure how to cope with this.

Q smiles into the kiss, so Bond growls into it and pulls him closer, jostling the laptop and the book, rumpling the covers and making Q squirm until Bond has him securely in his arms, determined to kiss the living daylights out of him. Q reciprocates eagerly, his mouth easily open and welcoming, his own arms winding round Bond. There’s an unspeakable warmth and affection in Q’s kiss, and Bond slowly allows himself to give in to it, to relish being so loved on.

Maybe even to relish and admit the unconditional honesty of Q’s praise.

Bond knows he isn’t stupid, even though feigning stupidity - infuriating stupidity - is often enough his strategy of choice. He likes to occasionally be underestimated by his adversaries. He also knows that putting on a blatant act of stubborn stupidity is an effective way to deal with his superiors, it had worked especially well with the previous M, and it’s working well enough with the current one.

He knows Q doesn’t like it when he plays dumb in front of him, usually as a half-joke and trying to get out of a scolding for lost equipment or an unnecessary risk leading to a minor cock-up on a mission. Q frowns when he does it, when he puts on his ‘blunt instrument’ face, and there is something in that frown that gives Bond pause. It’s only a pinch of annoyance, the rest is a complex swirl in Q’s expressive eyes - concern, resentment… upset. Ever since it happened for the third time, Bond takes care not to play stupid with Q. Even though he’s not sure why it upsets him so much.

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Yaay! A new fe:a imagine blog! Some Frederick fluff please! \(^O^)/ Like how he'd treat you if you're sick, or flirting, or first kisses. Gah, I love that man.


i hope this turned out nicely

When you’re sick: You do your very best to hide it from him. You disguise bouts of coughing into spontaneous laughter. You avert your face each time you have to clean your nose. You hide you fatigue and vertigo until you actually do pass out from overexertion. He scolds you for a good while as he begins his treatment. He pampers you to the point where you have to beg him to stop. After the sixth variety of tea you break into tears. This, of course worries him even more. “It tastes baaaad!” you sniffle and he has to stifle laughter. He adjusts the wet towel on your head and lies beside you. “Won’t you get sick?” you ask him when he pulls you to lay against his chest. “If I fell sick so easily, I wouldn’t be able to care for anyone else. Now sleep, my love. I will remain here.”

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Little something for ’A Present for you’ gdi its 1 am i shouldn’t read anymore but whatever orz

i didn’t expect to get sad when reading it but it happened ;~; gah i’ll just blame it on a lack of sleep aaahh poor Dad Mike

this lovely story was written by fivenightsatfreddysfanfiction and if you like sad stories then you should check their blog out! (don’t worry tho they got nice cute stuff to cheer you up after that again as well ewe)

some things never sleep (blood is running deep) (3/4)

summary: The only times she had heard from Killian had been when Kristoff would bring a package with a letter from him for Henry on his birthday. Emma had never asked him how Killian managed to get them in time or how he contacted him. She was better not knowing, anyway.

He hadn’t missed one of Henry’s birthdays since the day he left.

Oh, and the divorce papers. That had been the only correspondence she and Killian had shared in the past three years.


notes: started out for cs au week because i love me some divorced!au angst and i know a lot of you do too. so why not. right.  

also on ao3 and

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I met Norman yesterday and told him about my 8-year-old niece who is absolutely enamored with him. Several months ago she wore her Daryl hair bow to school. My sister in law received a phone call during the middle of the day from the main office saying “Kailey was called down to the principal’s office today because of the bow in her hair.” My sister-in-law’s heart stopped. She thought, “Oh God, the school thinks I am a horrid mother because she watches The Walking Dead.” The woman however told her, “We LOVED her bow! Not only did the principal take photos of it, but so did other teachers who are huge fans!”

Norman got the biggest kick out of it and was like “That is so awesome!! I LOVE IT.” Then he turned around, grabbed a little stuffed wolf, turned back to me and said “Give her this little wolf from me!” Gah! I hugged him and told him how sweet he was. Then Kayleigh and I confused the shit out of him when he was writing the autograph out to my niece Kailey (pronounced the same but spelled differently) and nephew Connor. He was like “Wait, is this right?” And we were like “Yeah, that’s fine.” And he still was like “Really? No…you sure? is it!?” LOL. It was so funny. And he held Kayleigh’s hand throughout the entire thing and even called her a cutie. :3

As we were walking away he called out to me saying “Make sure you give that to her!” I promised him I would and said I’d tweet him a photo.

Here’s the little wolf:

I carried it around the entire day with me. My brother and sister-in-law told my niece and she is flipping out. I seriously cannot wait to give it to her <3