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Where’s Harry?

Pairing: Harry X Reader

Prompt: Ron is sent to get some notes for Hermione, but instead finds himself in a very awkward predicament. 

Warnings: None

A/N: I tried to do what I could with this prompt. Feedback appreciated!

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Ron was used to his schedule at Hogwarts. Wake up, breakfast, classes, Harry and Hermione, and all that usual stuff. It was the kind of normalcy he learned to appreciate since You-Know-Who could pop up and stir up trouble at the drop of a wand. Of course with the usual shenanigans came a lot of work. Lots and lots of homework. 

“Ron, where is it?” Hermione snapped her fingers in front of him.
“What?” Ron was rushed back to reality. The chatter of the Great Hall filtered back into his ears. Hermione was giving him an un-amused look. “What?” He asked again.

“My notes from Potions yesterday? You borrowed them and said that you’d have it returned by today,” Hermione reminded him. 

Ron thought for a moment and sighed. “I left them upstairs in the dorms. I could go get it now if you want.” Ron stood up. He was slightly annoyed that he forgot. After all, climbing all those steps before dinner was such a tiresome activity. 

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logging off

alright guys, since i’m working tonight and won’t be able to watch the finale, i’m logging off of tumblr until i can. hopefully i’ll be caught up by tomorrow afternoon, but i really don’t want the ep to be spoiled for me.

all you guys watching tonight, enjoy! hope we’re not all dead because of this finale :’)

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Spread some friendship and love 🌸 Give a shoutout to 5 of your mutuals and friends and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once you are done 🌼

oh uh alright;;
ur a dork and super fun to talk to and are super funny honestly just a great friend 10/10
@ask-student-joonie / @leadermonnie
(im ask-preist-taehyung btw)
ur super fun to talk to and always make me laugh im super happy ur my friend and i hope ur alright friend
@cup-of-stars / @ask-gryffindor-jin
UR LIKE THE SUPER COOL MOM FRIEND i rlly want to talk to you more gdh and i hope u know im always here to listen or anthing if u need someone♥️
ur so kind and i wish i tlaked to you more hk sorry im a bad friend ily

i did six and thats still not all my friends gosh i love all of ya yer all great

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I think the parallel will be Noora helping Sana towards the end of the season and Sana opening up, same like Noora opened up in s2 to Sana and Sana offering advice. Also I wish Julie would discard this parallel and make things alright in the next clip cos I can't do anymore angst and confusion and miscommunication. Gah!

Well then you’re in for a rough ride anon as we all are. We’re on episode 4 so things are only beginning to go down… (And yes I hope for Sana and Noora to have a better convo)

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M rated prompt : skye teaches Jemma to touch herself. The team can hear them.

YES omg I am so so sorry for the delay on this prompt. When I first saw it I immediately blushed. NEVERTHELESS, after much debate I was able to come up with something that I hope you (ANON) will enjoy (hopefully you are still reading in the fandom <3)

GAH Alright after this one, I have 10 prompts in my messages. I won’t be taking anymore until the last one is finished. It’ll be a little more spread out in terms of posting because school is starting up again so please bear with me! I love you followers and thank you so much for following me and my stories! 

Without further ado. Rated M for sex, touching, and Skye’s voice

PS I’ll be posting another smutty prompt in a few days.


Close your eyes.”

Jemma stared skeptically at the hacker sitting beside her while she was laying on her bed. The chocolate brown eyes returned a look that only asked Jemma to trust her. She breathed out heavily and shut her eyes.

“Just relax and I’ll be here to guide you.”

Jemma let out a small sigh as she let Skye’s voice linger in her mind. Relax. Her body began to sink into the soft blankets that felt like a cloud hugging her, while her head felt like it was miles apart. All because Skye’s voice.

"Are you relaxing?”


They were just having lunch really. May, Ward, Coulson, and Fitz were sitting at the bar quite content in silence until they heard the sound of Skye’s voice. They all glanced back at the door that was so close to where they were eating.

“Maybe, she’s helping with breathing techniques?” Fitz asked innocently. He could only hope that it was innocent.

May and Ward look at each other before scoffing.

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Zeref both confuses and scares the hell outta me...
  • Zeref: oh I miss my brother so im going to defy god. oops, well fuck everyone is dead.
  • Zeref: you know what im gonna resurrect my brother and not tell him shit about who he is!
  • Zeref: finally! my little brother is alive! now all that's left to do is send him out into the woods all on his own and hope a dragon finds him - and doesn't eat him.
  • Zeref: alright. now all that's left is for natsu to kill me! His only family! Yup logic.
  • Zeref: Oh hey is that natsu?! Aw he looks so badass!
  • Zeref: wait hold on changed my mind. I hate the world cuz it hates me. Im gonna kill em all.
  • Zeref: wait changed my mind again Natsu kill me.
  • Zeref: oh hey look its natsu again! *spouts out stuff natsu doesn't understand* hope he'll figure it out!
  • Zeref: wait! Gah natsus book! Let me just *yoink* alright now what do I do with it...
  • Zeref: Alright. changed my mind again. gonna kill em all! im ready to start a war!
  • Zeref: you know what ima go fight my bro!
  • Zeref: oh hey hes strong. im getting my ass kicked... You know what I just wanna die so...