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Character development and growth. Truly thy name is Maryse Lightwood.


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could you write a fic where hiro follows tadashi into the fire and they both survive the explosion but hiro ends up with the worse of the burns. give me big bro with all the angst and guilt please!

i shouldn’t be this excited over an angsty prompt like this, but here i am

All My Fault

Fandom: Big Hero 6

Rating: K+ (near death experience) 

Characters: Hiro Hamada and Tadashi Hamada

Word Count: 2,001

Summary: just…Angst™

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Another update already!!! here is the latest outfit I’ve made for a medieval festival i’ve been to (and surely other ones) in which I tried fan veils a (fellow dancer) friend of mine offered me :3 My attire was very hard and draining to make but here I am and proud of the result :)

made : tunique, sleeves, headdress, collar (made with feathers I picked up on the floor during my last trip for the big ones and the smaller ones were given by a friend that picked them up on the floor too), purse (it doesn’t appear in the pics of me so it’s pictured here)

customized : skirt (sewed the last row actually)

Honestly though. My boyfriend is probably the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met. Back when we were living together, every morning before he’d leave for work he would kiss my forehead & say “good morning, have a good day, & I love you” Before I left he got me this bear, with a recording of him saying his usual good morning, & covered it in my favorite cologne of his. & told me he couldn’t bear the thought of me not getting a good morning while he’s at bootcamp, so this would have to do. The occasional letters, quick calls, & pressing this bear a million times are the only things that got me through the 8 weeks of minimal contact. Gah, I am truly blessed.

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moon u, teenager, you are, and remember you are my faves. actually all seven tracks are my faves! this entire mini album was genius and this really (in my personal opinion) one of the BEST comebacks of 2017. got7 really outdid themselves and i'm so proud of my boys :)))))))

GAH SAME. Honestly, I adore this album. It’s all the more special since the boys had such a large hand in creating it. And honestly, the songwriting/production now vs when they started writing and producing has grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Like, I cannot say how proud I am. The entire album is wonderful. The lead single is wonderful, the choreo and visuals and message are top notch. THE ALBUM IS SO COHESIVE. aH. It’s like you said, I’m just so proud of our boys :))

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Y'all don’t even know.

I am so insanely proud if Mark. It was easy to see that this kind of performing is difficult for him, but he did it. Yes, there were a few lyrical mistakes and such, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was a really good cover. Honestly, he is so inspiring to me. He is actually a part of what made me who I am today. Gah I’m stopping now before I get off track. Yeah, super proud if him, great, amazing, woohoooo!

(I am talking about @markiplier by the way, this blog does sometimes consist of Mark Lee, so just to clarify ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

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My school is a lot about game programming and game design, so my art teacher gave us an assignment to remake a ridiculous armor after I showed him this blog, he loved it!

So I fixed the armor of the poor girl on the cover of the phoenix x-men: Legacy of fire-manga.

External image

I hope my remake is pleasing to look at! *v*

Also you should feel proud that you inspire people who teach the future’s game developers, so that they carry it on to their students! This assignment has opened the eyes to most of the 24 guys in my class when it comes to horrible armor logic!

Still on hiatus, and still no time to go through the inbox (but keep sending submissions! The hiatus WILL pass one day soon!) but I decided to at least submit something.

This is absolutely amazing! And I am proud, extremely! I feel the happiness just… gah! Wow! I can’t stop thinking how incredible that is. and good job on the repair, really! Perhaps encourage your friends/the other students to submit their fixes as well? It’d be fun!

How Bleach characters would congratulate someone

Author’s choice list. :)

In this list, Bleach characters will congratulate Ichigo. Not for doing anything super extraordinary like saving the world, but for something more mundane. Say, actually finishing high school. So how would each character off their sincere congratulations?

1. Matsumoto: Through a hug

Matsumoto: I’m so proud of you, Ichigo!!!

Ichigo: mmmmmph!

2. Keigo: Through an (attempted) hug

Keigo: I-CHI-GO!!!!!

Ichigo (knocking him to the ground): Hey, Keigo.

Keigo (from ground): So proud!

3. Nel: Through a tackle hug

Nel: IT-SY-GO!!!!!

Ichigo: Gah!

4. Tatsuki: Through a friendly punch to the shoulder

Tatsuki: Nicely done, Ichigo!

Ichigo: Ow!

Tatsuki: Too hard?

5. Byakuya: By sending a card

Ichigo: Hmmm….a card with  cherry tree on the front. 

Ichigo: And inside….

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: It says, “You did good.  -Byakuya." 

Ichigo: I, um, guess that’s sweet?

Byakuya: I am sorry I got so emotional.

6. Rukia: Through a home-made card

Ichigo: Is this a bunny wearing a graduation cap?

Rukia: Look at you! Smarter already!

7. Renji: With a high-five

Renji: Ichigo! Well done!

Ichigo: Thanks, man!

8. Grimmjow: Through a fist-bump

Grimmjow: Hey! Kurosaki!

Grimmjow: [holds out fist]

Ichigo: BANKAI!!!!


Grimmjow: It’s like you don’t trust me.

9. Rose: With a song

Rose: Sit down, Ichigo! I’ll start just as soon as my guitar stops giggling!

Ichigo: What

10. Kira: With a haiku

Kira: I prefer to express my feelings in three-line poems.

Kira: [clears throat]

Kira: "You finished high school

Kira: "While also saving the world

Kira: "You are quite a man.”

11. Kukaku: With fireworks

Ichigo: Um is that my face exploding in the sky?

Kukaku: I go all out for my cousins!

12. Chad: With a thumbs up

Chad: [thumbs up]

Ichigo: Wow! Thanks, man!

13. Ishida: By sewing a banner

Ishida: Ironically, not quite finished.


Ishida: I didn’t actually think you’d graduate.

Ichigo: You made it blue and white?

14. Yoruichi: With balloons

Ichigo: Um thanks?

Yoruichi: They’re Shihoin balloons, Ichigo.

Yoruichi: They make you fly!

Ichigo: Cool!

15. Ukitake: Through a life-sized statue

Ichigo: Um

Ukitake: Not heroic enough?

16. Yukio: By programming a dancing Ichigo icon

Ichigo: Hey, that’s pretty neat!

Yukio: Thanks it took me five minutes.

17. Karin & Yuzu: By throwing him a party

Yuzu: I made a cake! And Karin decorated the house!

Karin: Please ignore the ghosts.

Karin: I did not invite them.

18. Ikumi: By kidnapping him for a surprise party



 19. Orihime: Through baked goods

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun! I baked you a cake!

Orihime: Look, it has a list of all of your accomplishments with illustrations!

Orihime: That’s why it’s so giant!

Ichigo: Wow!

Ichigo:  A shame to eat it, really!

Orihime: Are you kidding? It’ll be delicious!

20. Hisagi: Through baked goods



Hisagi: My cake that says “Congrats” just seems so lame now.

Never written one of these before because I’ve never had this many followers??! First before I get into any of these names and the long winded messages to you lovely people. I just want to say I am thankful to you all, for taking the time to follow me here. Eleven is just so cute and I enjoy that you all have taken a liking to her also. c: I feel like I’m making a speech right now!! I’m having an award here. Jsyk I like to ramble, probably going to have a bit of it in here. I’m also writing this on no sleep, cue rambling, sleeping Mina. Oh yeah, I’m Mina! If none of you knew. There. Let’s get into the read more before I start chatting more. (and please take this crappy graphic, idek what it is?? it’s something i cooked up!!??)

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Thoughts On Parade Day
  • Cecil Palmer: master of subtlety.
  • Cecil, you’re going to get yourself killed.
  • So the transcript site says: Morse code 1 is TAMIKA NEEDS YOU. More code 2 is RISE UP NIGHT VALE. More code three is RADON CANYON IN 1 HOUR.
  • However, it’s incredibly likely that there are dozens of Strex employees who understand Morse code, and when plotting a rebellion it is generally not a good idea to give your enemy an hour’s notice.
  • “Wait – how did you forget your place and date of birth? I understand you can’t comprehend the relentlessness of existence, but your own birthday is pretty easy to remember!” But…doesn’t that sound like Cecil, a man who can’t remember large parts of his childhood?
  • The cars in the traffic report are metaphors for the perceived comfort of Night Vale citizens?
  • The rest is pretty easy to decipher - he’s rallying the citizens for battle.
  • Morse code 4 is GO TO RADON CANYON. Morse code 5 is DESTROY STREX.
  • Cecil my baby I am so proud of you.
  • DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *sound of Carlos’ colleagues snickering in the background*
  • Canon Carlos coworkers: Rachelle and Dave (and thee others)
  • NO! Carlos is lying about being with his team. Get back here!
  • Cecil’s talking about the angels coming through the doors and all I can think about is

  • Canon Strex HQ location: right on Radon Canyon.
  • You can hear the smug in Cecil’s voice.
  • BUT- BUT-
  • GAH! I’ll finish this later.

Anxiety: Day 2

  • Cecil sounds absolutely heartbroken.
  • Isn’t Cecil in danger? He was, after all, the main person to attempt to rally the citizens under Tamika.
  • Son of a bitch.
  • Where is Daniel?
  • “We all chose to stand down, and hope change would be won for us, and not by us! By someone else, we believed. A hero, we believed." Wow.
  • Ah. There’s Daniel.
  • Cecil, if you are not an immortal being then you are probably a 30-year-old man. You built a fort with a "KEEP OUT” sign to hide from the bad guys. Bro.
  • “But no, I have seen him before! Where have I seen you before?”
  • Either it’s Kevin or videntefernandez is about to be very, very happy.
  • Is the the end of Cecil as the main broadcaster? Will they replace him with Kevin?




You guys have no idea as to how proud of this blog I am. I NEVER make it to 300 hundred followers for any of my blogs after only a few weeks. NEVER. In fact, my other two active blogs currently have less than 300. And they have been active for several months, one of them almost a year! GAH!

So! I’m going to go ahead and promote you people! YAASSSS!!!

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I don’t know how. but I somehow managed to miss a few of you, but just know that I love all of you, some more than others, but still. I am thankful for this goal that you guys helped me reach! You guys are awesome and wonderful!!


         aw y eah, shitty ps skills must be showcased at all costs!!
; hi, hello. story time, yes?? when this blog was
         first created, it was meant to be PRIVATE. meaning, i was
         only going to rp with people i knew && wanted to write with.
         but three days && TWO HUNDRED FIFTY followers later,
         so manylovely people believe i’m worthy of writing w them
         && speaking to them. as a thank you to all, here’s my ff!!


         my closest friends, who have r e a l l y been there for me
through all my blogs, obsessions, muses, && losses of 
         muse. if you don’t follow/speak, to them, do so por favor.

     ➤➤➤➤ deadmxnwalking / tori / dean winchester ;;
      the everything to my everything, in a nutshell. one of my
      bestest friends not only on tumblr, but in life in general!!
not only that, but a phenomenal writer && great at lit
      everything she does. i can’t overstate how m u c h she
      means to me. she’s le sam to my dean, kirk to my spock,
      paul to my john,  caroline to my elena, && basically life.

      ➤➤➤➤ laidre / megan / maggie greene ;;
      m EGAN. gah, you’re one of my favorite people in the 
      whole friggin world. i’m so glad i met you on sam, bc
now you’re one of my bestest friends and i love you.
      i’m so happy to have you in my life pls never change.

      ➤➤➤➤ animaliism / rocio / wolverine ;;
      my beautiful babe!! i’m so proud of you for all that we
      have accomplished together. tho we may not speak
 v often anymore, i’m here for you no matter what
      am v excited to hear you’re having a gr10 life!! ily!!


&& now onto my new friends, which i love just as much as
my old ; i already see a beautiful friendship growing w all
of you && i  hope  you  know  you're STUCK w me forever.
+ people who helped me reach where i am today, thanks!!

❖ ———  peetaxalways (peeta to my katniss, probably my soulmate tbh.) 
❖ ———  huntingpartner (admire u so much i cant believe we’re rlly friends???)
❖ ———  xducktail (marvelous prim, marvelous mun, such a gorg person.)
❖ ———  constantgrief (promo’d me so much, deserves all the happiness!!.)
❖ ———  comprobata (already in love with u!! beautiful person all around.)


&&  now!! people  who  i write with && would  love  to get to 
know better && people who i admire from afar,  only  wishing
i could one day write with. every single one of you is precious
too && i hope to get to know you/write  with  you all!!in  order
of who i followed first, not who i heart more, bc youre all great.
please remember that you’re adored  &&  loved, cupcakes!!

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Finally getting comfortable with myself, I want so much more for me; I think it’s about time I start reveal some of myself. I’ve been going through a lot these years and I’ve finally been able to tell some people that I am trans and I’m so proud of myself! I think the biggest fear was that I felt I would lose my bf if I revealed me for me…we’ve gotten a lot closer since I came to him and said I was trans and that I love that part of me. Gah sorry guys for not even posting on TDOV, I wasn’t ready, but at least I made it to the party. I can’t wait for the next few years to come and become the full me, the real me! I love you guys! Ps. I love this color on me, it was my moms old lipstick that I stole and then also used as an eyeshadow lmao.

I have to write this small idea

Craig closed his locker door as he pulled his back pack up on his left shoulder.
“Yo craig” Clyde nearly sprinted towards his friend a big goofy grin plastered on his face. “so where’s your boyfriend” he chuckled nudging token who was standing beside him. Token sighed at the jock. Craig turned to them and flipped Clyde off making him laugh.
“did you end up doing the homework last night” token asked ignoring Clyde. Craig turned to him with a blank face. “Thought so” Token straightend his back.
“WAHHH” a girl screamed from the distince. Craig turned around to see what happend. “gah I am sorry nah” tweek stuttered shaking frantically. He looked down the hall and smiled brightly once he noticed craig. Tweek ran down the hall.
“Hey Craig” he shouted. He stopped infront of the taller male. “look” he said grabbing his green button shirt. the three looked at his shirt. “I buttoned all of them right today” craig looked from his shirt to his face. He blushed slightly at the proud face Tweek was making.
“wow good job tweek” token smiled. The blond looked behind his ‘boyfriend’ and nodded. “I gotta g-get to my class” he told. Clyde chuckled “aw just wanted to share your acoplishment with your boyfriend~” he sang. Tweeks smile changed into a shy small grin. He looked down at the ground “ya I guess” he mummbled. He turned around and walked away from the three.
“come on Clyde don’t tease them like that” token chuckled. “Ah come on its fun right craig your having fun right” he nudged Craigs back. “Boyfriend” he whispered looking down the hall.
“What was that” the two asked. Craig shoked his head, turning to his friends. “nothing let’s get to class so I can copy the homework” the two shrugged and walked with craig down the hall.

presenting the lead cast of Mani Ratnam’s upcoming bilingual