gah i am so proud of this


“I can’t believe I’m doing this.. A date.. with ELLIOTT!…” Said Kinleigh 

“I’ve always thought he would be perfect for you..” replied Lizzie

“What do you mean?” 

“He’s always been a good kid, ever since you were children I’ve like him.. He’s always treated you so well, I’ve suspected he had a bit of a crush since you guys were about 12..” 

“Really?… Was I that blind?…Gah, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to notice him!”

“Everything happens for a reason, Honey..  At least you’re noticing now. and besides, had you ‘noticed him’ earlier you probably wouldn’t have Jarrah..” 

“That’s a point!” 

“I’m so proud of you honey, I know I keep saying it, but I really am!…” 

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I just read 'her forehead is big so that it can hold her third eye' and the premise is so interesting that I....AKDSJBDZGLKHNLK. Now my head is full of scenarios of Kakashi and Sakura bonding and opening up to each other about the burden of the dead that they both carry, and friendship, and budding feelings (I am a slut for pre-Kakasaku; there is something so easy and fun yet stable and mutually supportive abut them that I - GAH) and proud matchmaking ghosts. I love it. Thank you ;_;


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I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! I am a huge fan of ships that make as good BrOTPs as OTPs, and I definitely feel that Kakashi and Sakura make for great friends.

And, um, @everyone. I swear I’m working on part two!!!!!! I’m making no promises though on when it will appear because my promises keep biting me in the ass.

Finally getting comfortable with myself, I want so much more for me; I think it’s about time I start reveal some of myself. I’ve been going through a lot these years and I’ve finally been able to tell some people that I am trans and I’m so proud of myself! I think the biggest fear was that I felt I would lose my bf if I revealed me for me…we’ve gotten a lot closer since I came to him and said I was trans and that I love that part of me. Gah sorry guys for not even posting on TDOV, I wasn’t ready, but at least I made it to the party. I can’t wait for the next few years to come and become the full me, the real me! I love you guys! Ps. I love this color on me, it was my moms old lipstick that I stole and then also used as an eyeshadow lmao.