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Just a cute little photobooth scenario you know Johnny and Ash would eventually do and of course, it ends in a kiss. ;-)

These two are just too adorable, I can’t take it. T_T

Also, I uploaded a new chapter of my JohnnyxAsh fict, “Set Me Free” if you’re interested.

Got to hold our friends’ newborn baby today and HOHMAN. I was hit with a strong urge of “yeah I would be okay if a second one came along”.

For someone who swore up and down for most of my life that I would never have kids, I’m actually glad I changed my mind. Fullmetal is such a joy, and I can’t imagine life without him.

(I am NOT insinuating that life is better with kids, or that godawful line of “you’ll change your mind one day”. I just happened to be a case where I changed my mind, and I’m glad for it. If you’re not interested in having kids, that’s cool, too!)

In celebration of Father’s Day (which, by the way, Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there!) I decided to showcase a bit more of family moments that Johnny and Ash have with their adopted kids, Josh and AJ.

Again, huge shout-out @thewinterme for collaborating in the creation of JohnnyxAsh’s kids as well as some of these precious scenarios! You’re the best! ^_^

If you missed my Mother’s Day post that I did for Ash, the basic synopsis is that Johnny and Ash cannot have kids naturally so they decided to adopt a few years after the got married. Their first adopted son Josh (a year old abandoned gorilla from Rwanda) and five years later is when they adopt little Ashlyn Jo/AJ (an orphaned infant porcupine from a remote region in Africa).

Ash would so buy little Josh this onesie to surprise Johnny with. <3

The first pict is much like I did with Josh instead this is when they’re bringing AJ home. I picture at first Johnny being terrified to hold his daughter; how small and delicate she seems to be. But with gentle prodding, Ash is able to convince him to hold her for the first time. <3

The next is another sweet father/children moment where Johnny reads to his kids before bed.

And I can’t finish it off without how their kids would end up in bed beside the couple. Little AJ has a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone and Josh, not being able to be left out, sneaks in bed with them as well. Johnny and Ash are more than happy to allow their kids to sleep between them. Just one big happy family. <3

Totally unrelated to Father’s Day but I just wanted to add a sweet moment from the first time Josh gets to hold his darling little sister. They’d be such amazing siblings and love each other dearly.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share some more picts and scenarios with Johnny and Ash’s children. Hope you enjoy. :-)

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WHEW SORRY TO BUG YA AGAIN but man im addicted to your Saeran headcanons so uhm. Can I get some Saeran hcs where Searan probably has a ptsd breakdown and with a short haired MC knows EXACTLY what to do for due to having PTSD herself (but for slightly different reasons) bonus points for snuggling with MC sharing some of her favorite music to chill to.

(;﹏;) Baby needs the biggest hug. And you’re not bothering me!!!! This was actually one of the personal ones I wanted to post… Though I might still post the other I had in mind, since it is a bit different! But, gah…Saeran, baby ;;;;

It was hard for him. Everyone knew it, he knew it, but that didn’t mean he excused himself for it. 

He would try his best to just go about his day, lessening how he snaps at people, trying to be nicer, but it all just felt alien to him. Like he was just lying to himself and everyone else. It made his skin crawl each time he tried. So most of the time, he just ended up locking himself in his room.

He wouldn’t let anyone in his room unless it was you.

You were so sweet and calming. You didn’t mind his outbursts, you didn’t mind his sudden switch from screaming in anger to outright sobs, sobs that had him just collapsing on the floor and heaving.

Each time that happened, you were there to help him stand, to help him remember to breathe. Just there, chanting a mantra of ‘I’m here, it’s alright’ as you rocked him back and forth. You would do it for hours if you needed too, no matter how hard the floor was, no matter how sore your voice was. Because he needed it.

He felt as though he needed you, and he was so scared of the day you would leave him.

He was so weak, so disgustingly weak, constantly wrecked with the vivid memories, the lingering drugs he craved. How were you so calm? How were you able to stand someone as pathetic as him?

He was laying on his bed, just sprawled out on his back, thinking about all of this. He couldn’t breathe- his chest felt so fucking painful. It was like all his thoughts were stabbing away at his lungs.


He can’t move. Everything is just piling on him. The familiar chants he used to hear on the daily, the faces he used to look up to- just constantly in his vision when he closes his eyes. God, if he focused enough, the memories would spill out and manifest in front of him.

He manages a noise out. Nothing that forms any word, but a strangled acknowledgement. He heard you. God, he heard you. He knows he’s so fucking pathetic right now, but please…

“Hey,” Your soft voice is beside him, and if he wasn’t choking on his pride, he’d let his emotions pour out of him. You lay beside him, propping yourself up on an arm to look at him and brush his bleached bangs away from his face. “Is it bad?”

He closes his eyes, forcing himself just to nod a little. He can’t say it outloud, he just can’t. Thankfully, he doesn’t need to. You’re cuddling him in an instant, helping him move to his side so he can hide his face against your chest. Hide his shame, his humiliation. 

Everyone told him it would take time, but you told him the truth. You told him how it would last with him forever, but he would need to learn how to cope, how to ignore it if needed. You wished so hard it would go away one day, you told him how you would love for the pain and memories to just be swept away like some god given ocean wave taking those disgusting feelings into its depths. But lying to yourself wasn’t the way to go through it. Lying to others about it would just cause more pain.

You brought him back from the memories, rubbing his back and kissing his forehead. You didn’t say anything when his tears starting spilling out uncontrollably, when he gripped you hard enough to leave bruises, as he outright wailed.

You just rubbed his back and rocked him gently, humming some song from a video game that helped you when you felt so bad, when you felt like him.

It took him ages to stop the crying, but when he did he still didn’t feel safe. He felt like he was just in a hazy fever dream- That your sweet touches would transform into pangs of delirium and whips breaking his skin. God, his mother was right his mother was right his mother was right his mother was right his mother was right

“Saeran? Can you hear me?”

He weakly pulled his face away from your chest, his wet face wincing as cold air hit it. You didn’t laugh. You didn’t make fun of his disgusting face. You just calmly grabbed a tissue and cleaned the tears away, cleaned his worries away.

“Can you talk?”

“Just. Just a bit. I don’t think.” He rubbed his face with a free hand- too scared to let go of you- as his voice croaked. God, had he even spoken today?

“Do you want to talk about it?”

No, god no. He didn’t want to risk the memories flooding back in all at once, like that god awful nightmare had prompted them to do. 

“No,” He shook his head, pulling you close to him and burying his face against your neck. “You can talk. Please, I just. I just need something.”

“I can try singing that song I hum? I mean, it’s not really words-”


You cleared your throat and started singing lowly, running your fingers through his hair, and he melted against you.

How can you be so sweet to him? How can you be such a wonderful short haired goddess when he was the scum of the earth. He had done things you didn’t know, that no one knew of.

But you welcomed him into you arms. You were his personal confessional, and he was so thankful you didn’t judge him. He couldn’t stand anymore judgement in his lifetime.

He shifted his head up, his nose nearly against yours as he stared into your eyes. You stopped your singing, but he slipped his fingers through your hair, putting his forehead against yours with closed eyes.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

I just got through watching Cars 3 and...

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to say anything spoilerly at all or anything else other than that I shed ALOT of tears throughout that movie. By ALOT of tears, I mean I cried like 6 times. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT OMG

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Lounging around on the couch you’d notice a familiar blonde head bobbing rapidly towards your direction. “Baaaby, I have something to tell you!!” He’d say excitedly as he stared at you. Laughing you’d say what is it and he’d take in a biggg breath. “Um, succhiami il cazzo!”(suck my dick) his face exuding how proud he was of himself. Turning red in the face you’d laugh and tell him what it meant making him turn red in the face. He would laugh sheepishly at his words.
“What…oh my god, how did I say that baby?? Gah I’m so embarrassed”

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Both of you would be laying together, the usual in bed, tv on with a low volume. Until Yoongi would clear his throat and look at you. “(Y/N), I’ve learned something for you” I slight grin emerging onto his face. Curious as to what it was you’d tell him to go on. “Vuoi spogliarci?”(wanna get naked?) he’d raise his eyebrows at the end and you’d double back, trying to see if you actually heard that. Biting your lip slightly you’d tell him the meaning of the phrase. His facial expression would be indifferent as he’d shrug. 
“Okay, but do you then?”

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Joonie would be reading some type of book in the living room when you would hear him call your name, “Baby come over here, I got somethin to tell you!”. You’d walk up to his sitting figure and he’d pull you down next to him. His eyebrows were set which meant he was completely focused. “Mi accendi come una luce”(you turn me on), a grin coming to his lips when he was done. Grinning back at him you would tell him what it meant. He’d probably get a little embarrassed but intrigued as well.
“Well I mean, what I said wasn’t wrong baby girl”

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Watching tv you would hear Tae walking back and forth in the room until finally he made his way over to you. Smiling his adorable box smile he’d look at you expectantly “Jagiyaaa~ Can I tell you something!?” he’d already be giggling with excitement and you’d smile and nod. “ Voglio farti urlare di piacere” (I want to make you scream) his smiling gracing his features once more. Stunned you’d translate what he just said and he’d probably just stare at you. He’d be more confused than anything.
“Huh?…wait but Jagi I know I said it right! Let me say it one more time!!”

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Kookie and you would be eating at the table, talking about the usual and making small jokes. After a bit he would stop eating and look at you, “Jagi, I learned some Italian for you” surprised at his words you’d smile and urge him on. “Ti voglio scopare tutta la notte.” (I want to fuck you all night). His words almost make you choke on your food as he freaks out. You’d tell him what he just said and you’d see him be the most Jungshook he’s ever been.
“No..I-I wait…but how??”

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Making your way to the kitchen you’d smell a delicious aroma lingering in the air to which of course you’d find Jin to be the cause. He’d look back at you and smile lovingly, “Hey sweetie, while you’re here I have something to tell you” you’d be curious as to what it was and wait for him to continue. “Voglio sentirti sulla mia pelle” (I want to feel you on my skin), you’d giggle slightly into your hand as you explained what he just said. Immediately his face would turn tomato red as he laughed nervously.
“Wow um…I’m not sure how that came out of my mouth”

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Snuggling on the couch with your little mochi you’d sense he would look at you every now and again. Doing that thing where he bites his lip and smiles because he wants to say something. You look at him the same time he looks at you which completely catches him off guard, “Um princess, I learned something for you” he’d smile shyly. Curious to know what it was you waited patiently for him to tell you. “Facciamo l’amore.” (Lets make love) he’d stumble over the words but eventually get the out. He’d raise his eyebrows and smile waiting for the praise he was about to receive. Your cheeks would glow red as you explained what he said. Surprised at the words he too would also turn red as a smile appeared on his face.
“Really?? Oh my god…although I wouldn’t mind princess”

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Ok but finding out this much information through ymir’s past won’t make the basement as exciting anymore?? Or is it just me?? Like i don’t wanna be salty over anime’s pace but i do think that animating her past kinda ruined the whole point of reaching the basement. I don’t know where they’re going with this but i guess we have to just wait and see?