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I wanted to practice drawing more girls, so I chose one of @zamaron‘s character, Miya! I was immediately drawn by her cute design. I hope you like it!


Whoniverse: Class - a Quill an episode for the BBC America broadcast (1x01)

One of my favourite things is finding a fanfic, and getting so invested in the characters. I feel so much for them, their anger, and sadness and fear, and it destroys me. I’ll cry, and laugh, and yell, and hide behind my hands. But I LOVE that feeling of finding an author who can make me feel like I’m right there with them . 

Bless you, you wonderful authors out there.


||March BPC: Just One Word|| 4. Yourself. So … guess who got to go to a book signing on March 4? That’s right, I did!! It was awesome and she was super great and I loved it and I only had to say one sad word to hear her thoughts about one of my favorites and it was hella good for closure purposes.

Hey there!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

I have dyed my hair myself and did some small trimming on the ends (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡*.+゜I like it…I am a little weirded out by having it all close to my natural hair colour…I am not used to it, hopefully I’ll grow to love it~ (*´˘`*)♡

Hoping you all are having a great day!
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Please hear me out!!! Phil Lester is fucking 30 and I know his birthday was like 7 month ago but he's 30 and I'm having a mental freak out!!!! I wish him all the best, I hope he's eating healthier and drinking a lot of water and keeping running !!!!! Please always smile!!!! Omg can we talk about his beautiful smile??!!!! Can we talk about his stubble omg omg fucking omg ?????!!!!! And his mind please let us know what do you think about everything because I value his fucking amazing opinion omg

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i just thought of a klance lafluff and raced to tumblr to tell you ahahaha. Have you ever seen the Martian? There's a scene where one astronaut is heading out to space and his love interest puts a little kiss on the glass of his helmet, but then gets embarrassed and says "That was stupid. Don't tell anyone I did that." He blushes and responds "Don't tell anyone I liked it." and i just :o :O


At my mom: AAAAH



At my pillow pet: AAAH


Okay, so, yeah, I saw like half of that movie? I think? Idk why, ANYWAYS, SO! 


A hand grabs him by thw wrist and Lance’s turn back to meet Keith’s. 

“Kei -” the word dies on his throat when he sees Keith stepping forward, eyes narrowed in detemrination and takeshis blue helmet from his hands.

Lance can only watch as Keith looks up at him almost shyly before he offers a soft smile and drops a quick kiss on the top of his helmet, eyes never leaving Lance’s. 

It’s suddendly too hot in his armor. 

One, two, three ticks in silence and then Keith’s expression falls, lower lip getting caught by his teeth nervously.

“Oh, no, that was embarassing, wasn’t it? Oh no, okay, that’s fine, just - Oh my god, just hush about it, not a word, Lance, just…forget about it, ‘kay?”

Lance blinks. One, two, three times before he literally has to softly sap himself on the cheek to react. “Uh, yeah, yeah, uh… no, wait no, defenitly not forget, no,I just…uh, yeah, wait…uh.”

Keith frowns in confusion but then he sees it. He sees Lance’s flushed face, his bright wide eyes, the strong heartbeat echoing from where he hold the brunet’s wrist. 

Keith smiles and leans forward, this time more confident and daring. 

“Don’t tell anyone I did this.” Keith whispers under his voice before dropping a kiss on Lance’s forehead.

Lance’s heart does a sharp flip before he let’s out a breathless laugh and leans closer to his boyfriend’s face. “Please, tell everyone I loved it.” 

Gah, I’m sorry, I just….god, I’m having emotions and feelings all in one and it’s not fair. Sorry for the typos, that was just like a quick scene to the point. 



This song guys is all I’ve been listening to the past few hours since @smokesontheroof pointed out  this post and gave my a little prompt so here we go .Writing from Andrew’s perspective is new and a challenge so hope it turned out ok D: also I can’t remember the bed situation in the dorm but lets go with this if I’m wrong ‘)

A moment like this

It was still dark when Andrew slipped out of the dorm.

He had woken up suddenly, his eyes wild, panicked and limbs thrashing. And even though his heart raced, time slowed enough for him to realize that he was alone.

The only weight crushing him was that nightmare that was his own memory. He kicked the already strewn sheets aside and sat up from his pillow, damp with sweat.

It took a minute longer for him to loosen his grip on the knife he’d grabbed on instinct.

It took him two minutes before he slid it back into place. He listened to the sound of Neil’s own uneasy sleep in the bunk below and when it was quiet, Andrew swallowed the last of his fear and climbed down from his bunk.

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So I was going to spend tonight writing another Rosvolio drabble, but now I’m starting to feel a little sick, so maybe I’ll just watch Medici: Masters of Florence for a while and then go to bed early.

Ard for deathstickz

Because Kal is great and deserve a hug, so here have a portrait of your beautiful and wonderful Minder. <3

I’m quite pleased with this piece too <3

Enjoy~ <3

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Someone mentioned Secrets on your blog and I have to say I discovered this fic thanks to you and no word can express how much I love it so thank you so so much! Do you have any similar drarry recs? (though none will ever be as beautiful as secrets)

I’m so glad that you loved Secrets by Vorabiza so much! It’s so perfect, isn’t it? It’s my all time favorite fic and my accepted canon Drarry :)

I wish I could help, but I always find requests for similar fics really difficult to fulfill because I’m not sure what aspect(s) of the fic appealed to you! For instance, did you want other fics in which Harry and Draco care for a child together? Other fics with a more Slytherin Harry or a wonderfully pro Slytherin message? Other fics with mentor Snape? Other fics that are alternate Horcrux hunts (I haven’t read many, but I highly recommend Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n)? Other fics that are just really, really fantastic

I’m sorry I couldn’t help more! I think Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza and Temptation on the Warfront are probably your best bets, but I really enjoy the rest of the fics here too, so hopefully you’re able to find something to fill the void in your chest that Secrets left!

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This video is very important to me, it’s apart of the reason I became a shipper and why I love them and their relationship so.

The very first JongKey video that I watched. I couldn’t help but to stare at them and just watch their relationship develop. I replayed the part where Jonghyun has his hand on Kibums neck and awkwardly moves his hand away, I went back and just watched both their expressions and their smiles.

But what really got me was when Key was standing behind Jonghyun and was reaching towards him but stopped when Jonghyun looked back. He looked so focused–no-mesmerized, he looked so mesmerized and I was just dazed and “Wow…” That’s what I remember thinking and, “You two aren’t straight…” lol

And towards the end of the video with Sekyung, I felt really sad for Key and mad at Jonghyun…I was upset for a while and the song playing in the background(G.Na’s I’ll back off so you can live Better) always tugs at my heartstrings and gives me feels. Key was sad/heartbroken over something.

But as I became more enveloped with their relationship and involved(kinda) I was able to see the ways they interact with each other, the way they look at each other and handle each other. They handle each other in such a way I can’t put my finger on. It’s much more than friendship. Much more than bandmates.

Sometimes I think noo, there’s no way, but then there’s times where their eyes 

External image

External image


External image

External image

and their words

External image

External image

betray even their own thoughts and mine and I’m left to think…there’s something between them, wondering what it is and hoping someday I’ll be able to find out. That we’ll, shawols, shippers, fans alike…will be able to find out just what it is they see when they see each other.

I Lick All Your Faces!!!

Gah! I just adore you all so much! Thank you for making me feel accepted and laughing at my terrible humour and just being you!! I want to smooch all of you!! Why you all have to live so far away!? 😭

You are all an incredible bunch of people and I’m so glad I fell into this hell and that there is no escape, because I don’t want to escape!! Ever!! I want to stay here and burn with you all!!

And remember, you’re amazing with such beautiful souls and you are enough!! You are enough! Let that sink in because I wish to god someone had told me that over the years. So this is me telling you that you are enough. Just as you are 😘

Been on Vacation..!


It legit took 5 minutes for any webpage to load so Tumblr was hopeless. 

But I’m BACK now!! Gah!!

I feel so guilty y’all