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… alright, fair enough, i guess it’s about time i introduce him TvT since you were so sweet and asked- and thank you, by the way, sweet anon! you’re too kind ;///;

this is Grim Sans… aka Grim, heh.

he’s permanently trapped between the void and reality.

in his efforts to regain Gaster after his ‘erasure’, someone sabotaged his machine - resulting in it backfiring as he was partway in. everything in his world was effective erased - and all the monsters were sent to the Void, their magic and the brief rebound effect of the barrier the only thing that kept them in the Void rather than just… gone.

as it turned out, the Void is essentially a reality-adjacent dimension, and effectively overlays any and all realities. in the end, the monsters of his world - now reunited with Gaster - settled in the Void over a peaceful timeline where monsters have been since freed.

Grim, however, is unable to join his family and friends. because he’s split between realities, if he spends longer than an hour in the Void he begins to melt and lose his mind, and would eventually be completely lost and unable to be saved.

as such, he now effectively ‘haunts’ the surface. he cannot interact with living things that have not touched/seen the void, and his magic is similarly tied to the void and cannot interfere with the real world unless it’s been transferred into/through the Void.

one thing about the Void, though - it is the place souls travel through in death. so there are people in reality who can see him - but only when they are on the cusp of death and their souls are close to shattering. at that point they can see him, talk to him - or perhaps more crucially, he can talk to them. he’s been stuck like this for a long time, and while he is able to check in on his friends and family on occasion, and eventually he was able to get a phone modified by Gaster and Alphys to be able to send and receive messages via interdimensional box (as the tech is Void-based), he’s lonely. once he realized those souls close to death could see him, he started talking to them, or if possible, trying to help-

… and that’s when he got the nickname Grim. turns out even in a reality where monsters were freed, humans suddenly seeing a skeleton in black when they’re dying is a little too on the nose.

so now Grim wanders about, researching ways to bring more tech and connections back to the monsters in their new settlement - where they’re learning how to work their magic in the Void, how to run wireless tech again (wifi isn’t Void-friendly, not yet), and catching them up on human history - he sends what he can via interdimensional box. he also has a penchant for dark humor (of course), retro and pixel-type videogames (shhh), and may or may not really like maple syrup.

… help me i think way too much about him and the things he gets into and gah guys he tries so hard

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asfgdhjdak I NEED ANSWERS!!! I wish I could look into Iwa's mind in the fighter Au!! And see his thoughts!! He spent the whole night with Oikawa and took care of his drunken ass! Listened to his rambling! Heard all the complains!! So how does his day go now?? Does he think about? what does he do? He will only see Oikawa that night for the fight so what about his hours until then? What doe she think?? Any thoughts?

Iwaizumi has a lot to think about following Oikawa’s drunken night in chapter 8. 

I’ll put this below the cut, because some of this might be spoilers for those not caught up on the You’re now rockin’ with the champion/it’s a bit of insight into Iwaizumi’s POV, so if you want to be totally surprised with the coming events, don’t read this!

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So Barry Davis has his own podcast and last week Darwin Barney was on and they were talking about how Barney plays piano, and sometimes he has a teammate who comes over and they play together, and make up their own songs and this teammate has a really good ear, and makes up his own stuff… SAID TEAMMATE WAS RUSSELL MARTIN. 


i just had a heart attack because i got a new computer and i’m trying to transfer my phanfics folder (yes i have one of those and it’s very complicated i have folders for literally EVERYTHING and i have a system lol) and i almost deleted it but it has like 20 fics that i have ready to post but DON’T WORRY I GOT IT I STILL HAVE IT but i almost lost everything and I was going to burst into tears bc one of them was almost 9k words


Character development and growth. Truly thy name is Maryse Lightwood.


So I commissioned my wonderfully talented friend @plastic-pipes to make a piece from the last chapter of my fanfic Surrender and she absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

The compression of tumblr doesn’t do this picture justice so please click it and really look at it because there are so many wonderful little details all over the place. Pipes is absolutely magic and I love this so much.


goons and shoops

OC Questions: Road Trip Edition

Your OCs are off on an adventure! Whether they’re on a mission or just slaking their wanderlust, this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the squad. What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Which OC is the driver? Where are the other OCs sitting in the vehicle?
  2. What form of transportation are your OCs using (RV, motorcycles, on foot, etc.)?
  3. What’s playing on the radio?
  4. Imagine your OCs reacting towards staying overnight at an incredibly shady motel
  5. Which OC gets homesick nearly immediately? Do they get over it?
  6. Imagine your OCs getting lost
  7. Which OC yells “HORSE” whenever they pass by horses?
  8. What does your OC do to pass the time on a long stretch of road?
  9. Imagine your OCs playing I Spy
  10. Which OC brings a guitar to serenade the other OCs as they travel?
  11. What happens when your OCs meet a hitchhiker?
  12. Which OC insists on stopping at every fruit stall to buy snacks and chat with the seller?
  13. Which OC gets accidentally left behind at a stop? How long does it take before anyone realizes that they’re gone?
  14. Which OC buys cheesy souvenirs as keepsakes and to give to their friends who didn’t come with them?
  15. Imagine your OC sitting on the hood of the car with a thermos of hot cocoa in their hands, watching the sun rise
  16. Which OC is on a quest to try as many different kinds of food as they can on this trip?
  17. Which OC points out every strange sign they pass by on the road and reads them aloud to the amusement or annoyance of everyone else?
  18. Which OC has to stop to relieve themself every hour or so?
  19. Imagine your OCs getting pulled into a side quest when one OC claims that they saw a cryptid
  20. What happens when the vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere?
  21. Which OC starts taking increasingly daring nature/action photos of themselves and their friends?
  22. Which OC starts out stressed about the amount of work they’re leaving at home, and slowly lets themself have fun?
  23. Imagine your OCs stopping by the side of a quiet road to go stargazing. Bonus points if they all end up falling asleep together, warm, happy, and surrounded by their friends