Well. Here marks the end of my lovely weekend with @tklswitch and @peanutbuttertickletime :’( Thank you two for such an unforgettable time! 

So before I dive into my billion-hour long editing of videos for all the requests that needed to be fulfilled.. 

Here’s a slight teaser… if you were curious as to what I sound like.. when… being……. (blushes for eternity) 

ps. Those are definitely the sounds of a tough cookie 🙈

(Backstory: The two little jerks that I was hanging out with were the ones who thought of recording a sneak peak for you guys.. annnd that may explain some of the dialogue you hear in there haha) 

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anonymous asked:

Try binural beats or asmr designed for focusing. That.... ocassionally... helps me. Sometimes. It's better then nothing okay you don't got shit to loose

You’re right. I need to get myself together! I really don’t got shit to lose. Thank you!! You know what would also help… If I just logged out for the day. 

But… I like it here too much