Game Grumps - Link to the Past (2015) - Part 37 (FINALE)

Emetophobia warning: 0:11–0:14 - Danny and Arin both make a burpy-gaggy sound.

Flashing lights warning: 0:32–0:36 - They use the ether medallion.

Ableist language warning: 0:50–0:54 - ‘with a cr*zy sword’; 13:24–13:26 - ‘cr*zy adventure’

Misogynist language warning: 2:20–2:25 - ‘silly b*tches’; 18:25–18:28 - ‘hot b*tches’

Food mention: 4:08–4:12 - Arin mentions rotten eggs; 16:31–16:36 - Arin talks about taco joints.

Alcohol mention: 4:13–4:15 - And then whiskey and bourbon.

Racism warning: 4:14–4:45 - Danny makes a joke about Armenian people smelling awful and follows it up with the ‘we have an Armenian friend’ defense.  While I couldn’t find a set source on if Armenians were POC or not, I feel the need to warn for this since it is about a race of people who experienced genocide and have faced oppression; 4:58–5:07 - Arin talks about how silly it is that they apologize for making an Armenian joke when they’re constantly doing racist accents (and then does the Japanese one they do so often) Danny responds ‘well, that’s hilarious.’

Scoleciphobia warning: 6:29–6:44; 7:59–9:09 - They fight one of the big wiggly enemies again.

Unsanitary mention: 19:51–20:00 - Danny mentions golden showers.

Volume warning: 20:13–20:18 - Arin shouts ‘damnit’ really suddenly.


Please sign and show support for Emily Kinney, She worked her ass off to portray this amazing role-model only to be killed off in the poorest way. Bring Beth Greene back. Please. I feel sick just thinking about last nights episode.

Save our angel.


Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Scene that made you laugh.

Recognize this scene? It is the beginning of the episode “Killer Within”. Basically, Daryl calls Glenn and Maggie; they were in the guard tower where they had spent the night ;).  Glenn walks out on the tower deck while buckling his belt saying he’ll be right down. The gang laughs at them for ‘spending too much time’ in the guard tower, lol. I laughed at this scene and was already liking the episode but sadly, Lori and T-Dog died later on :/ Regardless I loved the scene and I love Gaggie (Glenn + Maggie)

anonymous asked:

yeah, my parents think i don't want to go out because I'm "addicted to the computer" but I'm actually scared that someone will throw up. my emetophobia got to the point where I FUCKING CRIED to not go to school because a classmate of mine was COFFING. once, a guy in my class was feeling really sick, making gagging noises and stuff, when he FINALLY left the classroom I had to go to the bathroom to calm myself, i was fucking shaking and crying so much.

ill readmore this so others that suffer can just scroll on happily

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