Please sign and show support for Emily Kinney, She worked her ass off to portray this amazing role-model only to be killed off in the poorest way. Bring Beth Greene back. Please. I feel sick just thinking about last nights episode.

Save our angel.

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miyusawa and 19

things you said when we were the happiest we ever were 

The scene was distressingly romantic. A light breeze was blowing, which meant their hair was getting ruffled in a girl’s comics style. The sun was setting, painting the sky in streaks of orange and pink. 

But the worst, most gag worthy thing, was the fact that they were at the edge of the beach and his arms were wrapped around Eijun, chin hooked over his shoulders. 

The beach was mostly deserted by then so Kazuya was more than comfortable with the display of affection, but still. It was the principal of the thing. 

He felt the urge to say something that would rile Eijun up and ruin their placidity, but before he could Eijun turned slightly in his arms and opened his mouth. 

“This is nice,” he said, smiling a little. “I’m glad we go on these trips together—I like seeing things with you.” The setting sun made Eijun’s eyes seem more golden than usual, and Kazuya’s heart clenched in his chest. That was more painful than romantic, but Kazuya didn’t want to think about that, not when Eijun was here and so warm. 

Kazuya leaned in and pressed his lips to Eijun’s to get rid of that feeling, and to shut him up before he could say anything else that made Kazuya feel that strange concoction of pain and happiness that only Eijun could brew inside of him.  

Before he and Eijun had gotten together, Kazuya had gotten used to carrying around heavy feelings. He’d never thought that he’d be able to share any of his burdens, never realized that true happiness could make you feel lighter than air.

“I’d go anywhere with you,” Kazuya said stupidly, embarrassingly, when they pulled apart. Eijun grinned like the sun before kissing him again.


Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Scene that made you laugh.

Recognize this scene? It is the beginning of the episode “Killer Within”. Basically, Daryl calls Glenn and Maggie; they were in the guard tower where they had spent the night ;).  Glenn walks out on the tower deck while buckling his belt saying he’ll be right down. The gang laughs at them for ‘spending too much time’ in the guard tower, lol. I laughed at this scene and was already liking the episode but sadly, Lori and T-Dog died later on :/ Regardless I loved the scene and I love Gaggie (Glenn + Maggie)

I have news

I got a 98/100 on my manicure and pedicure test and i didn’t cry while doing it i was only a little miserable and got a little gaggy but apart from that i did great and :) now i don’t have to touch anyone else’s dirty ass feet bc i passed so YAY

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So this might be a silly question but I'm new to the snk fandom and I was just wondering what the jpop hell arc is? I've seen people talking about it but I can't really find anything super helpful. Thanks! (Love the blog!)

not silly at all, and thank you!! if keep up with the manga you may (or may not!) know about the fake previews that isayama draws at the end of every volume that are kind of gaggy and usually poke fun at traits about characters so like ‘next volume is the cooking battle arc’ [picture of sasha with a bunch of food] that kind of thing. if you’ve watched the second ova (the one from jean’s perspective) most of the events in that are based on these fake previews—armin freaking out hitting his shin walking up the stairs, jean getting caught drawing under the covers by his mom, etc

SO ANYWAY this is a long way of saying the jpop hell arc (official translation jpop nightmare arc) is just another fake preview where eren’s in love with armin lmao you can look at the official english translation here !