-being the only female member of the team

-he began flirting with you immediately

-it was all fun and games with him asking you out and rejecting him until you said yes and then he got all stuttery and blushy, “really???? like… like a-a-a a real date?”

-after that no one else was allowed to flirt with you

-he would protect you with his life

-he is the guy who has his arm over your shoulders

-he would literally growl at anyone who came to close to you

-the others would get gaggy about the PDA

-but lets be serious, Donny would not be able to take his hands off you

-he’d be the one to smack your ass playfully

-that shit eating grin of his would just make your heart leap

-he’d like to carry you around

-i dunno, just show off those muscles

-you’d be known as the Bear Jew’s Girlfriend and have a reputation as being one of the most gorgeous woman alive who ‘tamed the bear jew’

-so much laughter with that boi

-he’d grab you bridal style and spin you around

-he’d get very protective on missions, it would actually be an issue for Aldo when he’s choosing teams because if he put you together it might distract Donny but if you’re not together he’ll be worried and make mistakes so catch 22

-he’d have all sorts of pet names for you

-he would love to talk about introducing you to his family back in America and how his mom and grandma would love you

-cuddling him and getting to touch that chest

-but he’s so fiercely in love with you 

-when he’s all good and calm he can actually be really sweet, saying cute things in that accent

-he’d have a thing for playing with your hair

-he’d be rough with his kisses sometimes because every kiss could be your last

-but also really gentle little kisses (he’d like kissing you all over your face to make you laugh)

-ugh yes please


Please sign and show support for Emily Kinney, She worked her ass off to portray this amazing role-model only to be killed off in the poorest way. Bring Beth Greene back. Please. I feel sick just thinking about last nights episode.

Save our angel.

Would You Be So Kind

Request: Heyyyyy can u do a fic with ethan and you are making a video together and you do a cover of “would you be so kind” by dodie and then you fall in love…oh god that was so gaggy but im in the mood for fluff😂

Pairing: Crankgameplays x Reader

Warnings: none

You had been crushing on your best friend, Ethan for a while now, and today you were hanging out with him on a livestream.

You and him had been messing around, joking, and playing video games, when the chat started suggesting to play ukulele.

When he asked what song while he grabbed his ukulele, “The chat says to sing a Dodie song!” You yelled across the house while he was getting both of his ukuleles. “Oohh what about Would You Be So Kind?”, “I love that one!”, he said as he handed a ukulele.

Both of you learned how to play ukulele when you were in high school, you both started playing the chords to one of your favorite songs, and started singing.

I have a question,

It might seem strange,

How are your lungs?

Are they in pain?

Ethan messes up one of the chords and you stop and start giggling after starting again.

‘Cause mine aching,

Think I know why,

I kinda like it though,

You wanna try?

You start doing a little dance while strumming the ukulele and start giggling while singing the lyrics. You start looking over at Ethan who’s staring at you smiling.

You start looking at Ethan while you’re singing and playing the ukulele.

Let’s write a story,

Be in my book,

You’ve got to join me on my page,

At least take a look.

He smiles at you and you look down blushing, he’s never had that much of an effect on you before.

Ohhh where are your manners,

You need some time?

Let’s swap chests today,

That might help you decide.

You look at the camera and start dancing and singing again and think about Ethan while you sing.

Oh would you be so kind as to fall in love with me?

You see, I’m trying,

I know you know that I like you,

But thats not enough,

So if you will please fall in love,

I think it’s only fair,

Theres gotta be some butterflies somewhere,

Wanna share?

Cause I like you but thats not enough,

So if you will,

Please fall in love with me?

Ethan joins in with you dancing and eventually starts singing too.

Oh, do me a favor,

Can your heart rate rise a little?

Do me a favor,

Can your heart rate rise a little?

You start staring at Ethan again, and he stares back and you sing the last verses of the song directing them to him.

Oh, would you be so kind,

As to fall in love with me,

You see, I’m trying.

I know you know that I like you,

But that’s not enough,

So if you will, please fall in love.

I think it’s only fair,

There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere,

Wanna share?

‘Cause I like you,

But that’s not enough,

So if you will,

Please fall in love with me?

When you finish the song you keep staring at each other and eventually the two of you start leaning in towards each other.

Eventually you two share a shirt sweet kiss, when you two pull apart you smile widely and Ethan says, “I’ve been waiting to do that since middle school.”

You start laughing and then realized that the livestream was still going, you elbow Ethan and look towards the camera. You look at the chat and read:





You start laughing at the last one and hug Ethan and say “No he’s mine.” While kissing his lips again softly.

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I want to make a video game where everything in it, including monsters, are ridiculously fashion forward and your armour and defence depends on different articles of clothing that actually look GOOD. and heels give many critical hit bonuses.

your accessories like watches or a choker have enchantments and there’s fashion shows in the villages too…it’s RPG time honey and shits getting gaggy


Milo is Wakko, Melissa is Dot, Zack is Yakko, Elliot is Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, and Mrs. Murawski is Hello Nurse (Hellloooooooooooo, Nurse!)

Why is Milo Wakko and not Yakko?  Milo has his Backpack, Wakko has his Gaggy Bag.  Both of them also thrive on chaos.  Also, I bet Milo could make a gookie.

I’ll apologize for the coloring.

anonymous asked:

static quake + "pregnant"

  • daisy has THE WEIRDEST pregnancy cravings
  • she makes lists for lincoln with things like “crunchy peanut butter” and “bread and butter pickles” and he stares at the list and then at her for a very long time before saying something about how he REALLY hopes she doesn’t intend to eat these things together
  • but here’s the thing if you think lincoln would do anything for daisy now OH BOY would he do anything for daisy pregnant
  • seriously one word and he will make her that goddamned  crunchy peanut butter and bread and butter pickle sandwich no matter how gaggy it makes him
  • he is SO NERVOUS about being a dad buT SO EXCITED
  • one day soon after he learns daisy is pregnant he comes home with bags. FULL. of EVERY BABYPROOFING THING HE COULD FIND
  • he called jemma and she told him everything she and fitz used and he got everything else too JUST IN CASE
  • “lincoln do you think this might be a tiny bit overkill” says daisy from the bed where he has just finished BUBBLE WRAPPING THE LEGS
  • “no ????”
  • daisy is nervous too but her nerves are less apparent than lincoln’s
  • she buys three whole parenting books
  • she has never even HELD a fresh human before ??
  • once there was a baby at the same foster home as her and it cried all the time nonstop and she does not want their baby to cry all the time nonstop she thinks SHE will join it in crying all he time nonstop if this happens
  • seriously all she wants is a happy baby
  • at some point these nerds actually realize that they BOTH are massively nervous and this makes them both feel a little better, especially once they talk a little about it and realize that between the two of them, baby is gonna be just fine
  • they have trouble picking a name and daisy thinks that maybe they should just copy her parents ?? and pick a flower
  • so she asks lincoln what his favorite flower is fully expecting to have to amend “aside from daisies” because obviouSLY daisies are his favorite
  • except
  • without hesitation
  • he responds “VENUS FLY TRAP”
  • this idea is swiftly abandoned
  • when daisy goes into labor EVERYTHING FLIPS AROUND
  • she starts to freAK out and lincoln suddenly finds doctor mode and is Calm and Collected
  • daisy almost breaks his wrist while he drives to the hospital she is holding onto him so tight
  • “daisy BREATH bringing a HUMAN Into the WOrld is much different from punching nazOW PLEASE LET my WRISt COME OUT OF THIS ALIVE I’M PARTIAL TO THIS ONE”
  • except when she is holding their little smol she thinks.. maybe she will do it just one more time

Send me a word and I’ll do a headcanon bulletpoint!

The First Trimester
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WhatIWore: The first trimester of pregnancy threw me for one hell of a loop. I had an old copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting on hand, along with the ap on my phone and I dangerously fed my curiousity by reading mommy-to-be forums all over the internet (don’t do it!) I eventually asked Adam to check my symptoms instead of scaring myself to death reading things online.  I also keep regular lists of questions and concerns for my doctor and midwife, plus have their office number programmed into my phone. 

Here are some of the things I dealt with and how I got through them (or at least how I tried!)

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Why is this always people’s roleplay character for me?? Even setting aside that role playing as real people is incredibly gross, illegal, and creepy, why do they make me this??? If people are going to be horrid and steal my images and impersonate me, could they at least manage to not make me sound like a supper gaggy bottom/13 year old who’s never met an actual gay person