Jokers Daughter Imagine: Years In The Making

Sorry if this sounds stupid but the joker had an old sidekick named gaggy and I was just wondering if you can do a story on how he waited years to get his revenge on the joker and he kidnappes Harley but they think she’s at ivy’s or something then the daughter goes missing at the joker goes ballistic and he gets a note saying to meet him at a certain place and they meet together or whatever you want


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idk if i posted abt this last year but a girl in my tute i had a group project with was like sooo opinionated and steadfast to the point where we were deleting and editing each others words in real time on the google doc of our assignment… anyway i saw her again in my tute today and formed a group w her again because i like her hustle


My beta had a great rise. It tripled. I go back for the last beta on Wednesday and they need to see a 66% rise. 

They scheduled an early ultrasound for a week from today (I’ll be 5wks4days). Then I’ll have another ultrasound on 4/11 and an appointment with my RE. 

I’m tired, nausea/gagginess is coming and going, some smells trigger dry heaves. What else, I’m so hot at night, I pee a couple of times during the night, dizziness, sore breasts (not too bad, always there, but intensity changes), left hip down to my knee hurts at night - I think it’s sciatica. I was looking back at old blog posts when I was pregnant with Harry and I saw that I mentioned that pain was a problem at the start of my 2nd trimester. He wasn’t an IVF kid so maybe all the extra hormones helped this symptom come early? 

Anyhow, I can check today off the list and breathe a bit of relief. Man, I can’t wait until this first trimester is almost over. With a history like mine it’s so nerve wracking.