Tattoos are against the bible"


To some extent, they are against the bible. But so are ear piercings. Times have changed. Now a days, earrings are seen as beautiful and elegant, and I believe that someday tattoos will be seen as the art they really are.

Let Loose - Luke Hemmings AU Imagine

A/N: sorry for how long it is but I think it’s worth it (;

“Damn baby, your legs are fine.” I hear a raspy voice holler behind me.
I stop walking and turn around.
I glare at the red haired boy who’s smirking at me.
He leans against the brick wall with three others. One with the jet black hair laughs at his friends remark, his tattooed arms grab attention. The curly haired one pays attention to the girls asses as they walk by while smoking on his cigarette. Both of his ears are gaged widely and he has his eyebrow pierced. Then the other one, the green haired one who’s also covered with tattoos and piercings as well, watches me intently while his cigarette rest betweens his lips. He looks familiar but I can’t figure out where I’ve seen him before.
“Something wrong, sweetheart?” The black hair tool asks me, a sneaky smile appearing on his lips.
I open my mouth to speak but I close it when the words don’t come out. I breathe in before turning back around to walk again.
I hate that about me. I hate that I can’t stand up for myself and I absolutely loathe that I don’t have confidence.
“You’re uh (Y/N), right?” Another raspy yet deep voice asks.
I stop at the sound of my name.
I turn around again.
The green haired boy still watches me while inhaling his cigarette and then move it out of his mouth, blowing the smoke out.
And I have never seen anything so sexy in my entire life.
“Yeah, who asked?” I stutter a little.
“I see you around the halls.” Greeny says while pushing himself off of the wall with his foot, walking towards me.
“H-how do you know my name?” I ask, backing away a little.
He chuckles before putting his smoke back into his mouth and inhaling.
“You’re very well known, baby. That pretty little face of yours and killer bod is what every boy is talking about about.” He blows the smoke out.
“Don’t understand.” I say with a confused look.
“You’re wanted by everyone, baby. Don’t you see?”
I swallow at his words. This can’t be true.
“I mean,” The boy smirks at my lips while rubbing his scruffy chin. I could smell the tobacco from his mouth, thats how close he was. “I’d take you in a heart beat.”
I could feel my heart sink and my blush appear in my cheeks immediately.
He a chuckles lowly while he throws his smoke on the ground.
“I’ll see you around (Y/N).” He says slowly before walking back to his friends.
Then it hits me who that boy is.
It’s the Luke Hemmings.
I breathe in as I open my locker. The sound of people talking and laughing gives me a headache. Today has not been my day and Fridays are my favorite. Teachers gave out a shit load of homework for this weekend, which was not how I wanted to spend my two days off from hell.
I groan a little while placing my three big text books into my backpack.
“That’s a lotta books you got there.”
I turn my head to where the familiar voice came from and see Luke coming up to me.
He leans his shoulder on locker next to mine.
“Uh…yeah it is.” I mumble putting a piece of hair behind my ear before grabbing my notebooks.
I close my eyes once I realize that I have a English project due next Wednesday. Fucking great.
“You alright?” Luke asks, his voice very raspy, probably due to all the cigarettes he’s been smoking.
“Why are you here?” I ask quickly, my curiosity getting the best of me.
Why is a boy like him talking to a girl like me?
He closes his mouth slowly then folds his arms together. His strong and tattooed arms makes me swallow a little.
“You didn’t answer my question,” Luke says firmly, “Are you alright?”
I nod my head quickly, afraid of what he’ll do if I didn’t answer him. I zip my bag up and put my arms through its straps.
“Just s-stressed, I guess. But-”
I turn my head and see my fiend Kyle running towards me and Luke.
“Oh hi Kyle.” I say with a smile once he comes over to me.
“You’re going to the game tonight right?”
“Sorry man,” Luke speaks up while placing an arm around my shoulder. “But (Y/N)’s gonna hang with me tonight.”
The smell of axe and cigarettes engulf my senses.
Kyle opens his mouth a little.
“Oh. Well, alright then.” He nods his head and looks sad. “I…I’ll see you around (Y/N).”
He leaves and I feel guilty for not speaking up for myself.
“Why did you lie to him?” I ask Luke, pulling away from his reach.
“I wasn’t.” He says before licking his lips.
“If you actually think I’m going to hang out with you then you’re wrong.”
Luke chuckles before playing with his lip ring.
“Why don’t you want to hang with me, babe? I’m not that bad.” He exaggerates the “that.”
I give him a small shrug while staring at his green hair
“Do I smell?” He asks before sniffing his armpits and I try not to laugh which causes him to smile.
I suck in my breath a little.
It’s really, really gorgeous, his smile.
I stare into his piercing blue eyes as he stares into mine.
“Come and let loose with me.” He whispers, taking my hand in his.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” I mumble.
“C’mon, baby.” Luke says while giving my hand a kind squeeze. “Let me take things off of that pretty little mind of yours.”
I bite my lip as he watches me with hopeful eyes.
I nod slowly before he pulls me towards the schools doors, gently yet excitingly.
“Well this is quite the surprise.” Luke’s red haired friend says with chuckle after Luke and I walked through the door.
The smell and smoke of marihuana fills the entire garage. Luke’s garages. Pink Floyd plays in the back ground as well.
“Fuck off, Michael.” Luke says before taking a chair next to his red headed friend, leaving me standing alone.
The curly friend laughs continuously with a blunt between his index finger and thumb.
“What is she doing here?” The black haired boy asks, giving Luke a confused look while pointing to me with his thumb.
“Her names (Y/N), you ass.” Luke barks. “And she’s here to relax. To forget about things for awhile.”
Michael, I think that’s his name, snorts but Luke ignores him.
“(Y/N), huh?” The black haired boy says to me and I nod.
“More like goody-two-shoes to me.” He remarks and curly laughs.
I look at him and shake my head a little.
“And your name is Richard.” I say, seriously. “People call you Dick for short, right?”
His face turns red while curly and Michael start laugh. In the corner of my eye, I can see Luke smirking at me.
“No it’s Calum.” The embarrassed boy says angrily.
“Are you sure?” I ask. “Because your personality says something else.”
Michael and curly lose it.
“Alright, that’s enough shaming each other.” Luke finally speaks with chuckle. “(Y/N), take a seat and stay for awhile.”
“Come sit by me.” Curly says, patting the seat next to him.
I smile at him and walk over to him.
“I don’t know your name.” I say after taking a seat on the beat up couch between him and Calum.
He takes a hit from his smoke.
“Ashton.” He says with a smile.
I nod my head and then he blows his smoke to the side, making sure to not get it in my face.
Michael and Luke sit in chairs in front of us. A coffee table littered with cigarettes and blunts separates us.
Michael and Luke start their own conversation as I sit quietly between Calum and Ashton.
“I’m sorry for being mean to you.” I say over to Calum and he smirks before taking a hit of his blunt.
“Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who started it.”
I nod before leaning back against the couch.
“Here, (Y/N).” Ashton says, handing me the blunt.
“No, I uh…I’m good.” I stutter, declining his request.
“No, be my guest.”
I shake my head.
“Oh c’mon (Y/N). Why not? It’s not like you haven’t done it before.” Michael encourages.
I bite my lip and I can feel my cheeks heat up.
“Well I really haven’t.”
Calum coughs on his smoke.
“Okay hold it. You’ve never smoked before?” Michael asks, chuckling.
I switch in my seat a little.
“I’ve smoked, just not this stuff.” I say.
“Well try then!” Ashton shouts, handing me his smoke.
I take it from him and stare at it.
“All you have to do is breathe, baby.” Calum whispers to me.
The four boys watch me carefully.
I put the smoke between my lips and then I breathe in hesitantly.
Then something inside me starts to grow and I don’t know what it is…but I like it.
“It’s nice.” I squeak after taking it out of my mouth and looking at it.
Ashton throws his hands up in the air and howls. Calum pats my back gently.
“You took it like a pro, babe.” He says.
I laugh at the two boys while blowing out my smoke.
Michael nods at me proudly and I take another hit.
As I breathe in, I see Luke watching me in the corner of my eye, his teeth biting his lower lip gently.
I have no fucking clue what’s time it is but all I know is that I could go for some Doritos.
Ashton and Calum started teaching me how to blow ringlets a few minutes ago and I feel like I’ve mastered it pretty well.
Michael left an hour ago, I think. Luke watches the three of us while leaned back on his chair with his legs spread out, smoking his blunt as well.
An Arctic Monkey’s song plays quietly in the background as I laugh with Ashton about the word “pineapples”, my giggly side coming out. It’s been awhile since I laughed this hard.
I have never felt so relieved, so pumped in my entire life. So this is what it feels like to be care-free. And let me tell you, I feel absolutely phenomenal. I could walk on air right now.
Calum puts an arm around me and I smile over to him.
“You should hang with us more often, (Y/N).” Ashton suggests, Calum nodding as well.
“Yeah, I could get use to your company.” Calum smirks while bringing me closer to him, making me smile more.
Then Luke gets up quickly, pushing the chair back a little.
I turn my head to him and see that his one fist is tighten a little.
“Alright, boys. I think you two had enough fun for the tonight.” Luke chuckles a bit, giving them a small smirk. His fist relaxes.
“But Luke, we’re just getting started.” Ashton whines.
“Yeah but it’s time to go home.”
Luke says, rubbing his chin a little.
“Ashton, go home.” Luke says, his voice raising a little. “You too, Cal.”
“But what about (Y/N)?” Calum asks, he rubs my arm.
“I’ll take her home. All you need to worry about is you getting home.”
“No, I’m the one who’s heading out. I can take her.” Calum says standing up, reaching for my hand.
“No, Cal. I got her. You take Ashton home. I got (Y/N).” Luke states, firmly.
Calum breathes in before giving him a nod.
“Fine. C’mon Ash.” Calum says before heading towards the garage door.
“Will we hang again?” Ashton asks me before getting up.
“We’ll see.” I say, giving him a smile.
He smiles widely and then gives me a kiss on the cheek.
“Bye guys!” I shout with a wave.
Ashton waves back as Calum gives me a wink. Then they’re gone, leaving me with Luke.
“You’re no fun, Luke.” I say pouting.
He chuckles before sitting next to me as I sit criss-cross, my body facing him.
“Why do you say that?” He asks.
“You made them leave for no reason.”
I frown while playing with my hands.
“We were having a good time.”
He chuckles before lighting another blunt. He inhales and then exhales, blowing the smoke away from me.
I love the way he does it. I could watch him smoke for days. It’s like I can’t get enough of it.
“You and I could still have a good time.” He whispers to me before handing me the smoke.
I put it between my lips and inhale slowly. He watches me, his mouth opened a little and his eyes dark.
“Oh yeah?” I ask with a smirk, blowing a pretty nice ringlet in his direction.
He nods and leans in to grab the blunt.
“Do you even realize how fucking sexy you are right now, (Y/N)?” Luke asks before he takes a hit and then passes it to me.
I shake my head before putting the smoke between my lips again.
He blows, watching my every move I make.
He smirks, his eyes glossy and even a more darker shade of blue.
“I just really wanna kiss you.” Luke admits, biting his bottom lip.
I inhale, pulling the smoke out of my mouth.
“Then what’s stopping you, Luke?” I whisper sexily, blowing the smoke into his face.
Then he leans in and our lips meet with each other.
The force of his lips makes me lean back a little, startled at first. But then I lean forward, moving my lips against his.
He tastes amazing and I’m guessing he’s been kissed before, like a lot, because he’s like a master at this.
Still kissing me, Luke places his hands on my sides and pulls me on his lap gently.
I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him more closer to me.
His hands move to my back, rubbing it gently, as his lips trail down my chin and then my jaw before reaching my neck.
I whimper once he starts to suck on my sweet spot.
“That’a girl.” Luke whispers with a low chuckle.
I roll my hips against his groin and he groans, his hands stop rubbing.
“Did I do something wrong?” I ask, stopping my movements.
He pulls away and shakes his head quickly.
“No, no, no. K-keep doing that.” Luke squeaks out and I giggle.
I start to roll again, watching him as I do so.
He leans his head back, closing his eyes while letting out a moan.
I can’t help but feel happy with myself.
“Oh m-my God, (Y/N).” He stutters.
I feel something hard poke my sensitive area and I blush.
His hands play with the hem of my shirt and I stop my movements.
I interrupt Luke by pulling my shirt up above my head.
His mouth opens a little while staring at my chest. His little friend stiffens more as well.
I can’t believe how much confidence I have right now.
“Wow.” He whispers in awe while wiping his bottom lip slowly and sexily, almost as if he’s impressed.
“Fuck.” Luke groans before before laying my back on the couch, quickly.
He smashes his lips against mine as he hovers over me.
Then it’s his turn to roll his hips against mine.
I moan as my center throbs for more friction.
“Luke, I need you.” I whisper in his ear once he begins to kiss jawline.
He nods his head before pecking my lips.
I move my hands down to the bottom of his shirt and pull it up, dropping it next to me.
Tattoos litter his chest as well and I can help but kiss his covered chest, licking ever now and then.
Luke pulls off his pants so fast, revealing his red boxers and his excited friend.
I unbutton my jeans as he kisses my lips again.
“Jesus.” He mumbles once I help him take off his boxers, giggling.
And he helps me as well.
“You got the condo?” I ask, giggling at my little nickname for it.
He smirks before reaching above me to grab one from the lamp stand.
After he rolls it on, he isn’t hesitant to slide into me.
I squeak as he begins to move. His lips found mine again and the kiss is very slow and sweet.
Luke thrusts in and out of me beautifully and rhythmically, soft moans and groans escaping both of our mouths.
He’s so gentle yet so amazing.
I pull at his green hair as he hits my “spot”.
He bites my lip once I moan really loud.
I claw at his back gently, reaching my utter most high.
His hand grips my hip.
I whimper once I release, panting up a storm.
“My G-God.” Luke moans once he releases as well.
He pulls out and then rests next to me on his side, almost pushing me off the couch.
We both pant and I laugh a little, feeling a little embarrassed.
He lets out a chuckle.
“You’re defiantly coming over to hang out more.” Luke says before kissing my cheek.