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The Story of Rearview Memories


July 14, 2012

We didn’t get to the show in time to watch To Speak of Wolves, but I really wanted to meet them still. Luckily, Matthew introduced me to Gage (even though I was awkward..) I was still really glad to have met him. 

We all decided to get a group picture with MCMB (Hunter already left though). Gage took the picture for us.. and a couple other random pictures just because. haha. I wish the group shot came out better but there wasn’t time to take another one.

Matthew finally got to draw in my Wreck This Journal (I forgot last time). And the reason he wrote “better signature than MIW” was because MIW signed a page at Warped and he saw it. 

I got a poster signed by TSOW. (Matthew drew the devil horns on Gage haha)

It was a really great show and a lot of things happened.. but I never really like writing out big long stories about seeing MCMB because it feels weird and fangirl-ish.


“My only partner is a life that starts to fade. Stay until I’m safe.”