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The Musketeers King Louis and Queen Anne as their real 17th Century Portraits. King Louis is by Philippe de Champaigne painted in 1670 after Louis’s death in 1643, and Queen Anne a contemporary copy after Peter Paul Rubens painted in 1620-1625 after it was lost.  Previous edits from the same set depicting The Musketeers characters as they would have looked in the 17thc can be seen here: d’Artagnan (x) Constance (x) Milady de Winter (x)

Katherine/Kate Spencer (Manhunter), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), Barbara/Babs Gordon (Oracle), Dinah Lance (Black Canary), Barda Free (Big Barda), Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk), and Charlotte/Charlie Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit).

The Door of the Double Dragon: A Romance of the China of Yesterday and To-Day. Hector Blanding. New York: W. J. Watt & Company, (1920). First edition. Original dust jacket; art by G. W. Gage.

“Dressed in the imperial yellow, with a Double-Dragon interwoven throughout in gold threads, his gown belted about the waist by a golden-linked belt, clasped with a carven topaz, he was a singularly stately figure.”


Legacy Titles: 5/6

  • Batgirl
Batgirl is the name used by several female superheroes to be a counterpart to Batman and/or Robin. Barbara Gordon being the most prominent and iconic of all the Batgirls had mentored two different successors, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, along with her duties as Oracle. Two former Robins had the distinction of serving as Batgirls the out of continuity Carrie Kelley and the in-continuity Stephanie Brown.

Image Source:
  • Barbara Gordon: Batgirl #1 Cover by Adam Hughes (Upper Middle)
  • Caroline Keene “Carrie” Kelley: Dark Knight Universe Presents: Batgirl Cover by Frank Miller (Lower Right)
  • Cassandra Cain: Batgirl #1 Cover by Damian Scott and Robert Campanella (Center)
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Gage-Radcliffe: Birds of Prey #98 by James Raiz (Lower Left)
  • Harleen Frances Quinzel: Harley Quinn #10 Cover by Terry Dodson (Middle Right)
  • Helena Rosa Bertinelli: Batman: No Man’s Land #0 by Greg Land (Middle Left)
  • Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Kane (Stylized as “Bat-Girl”): Detective Comics #853 by Andy Kubert (Upper Left)
  • Michelle Carter: Booster Gold #12 by Dan Jurgens (Upper Right)
  • Stephanie Brown: Batgirl #15 by Dustin Nguyen (Lower Middle)

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