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I’m sorry for all the inactivity, but I knew I needed to at least keep up the “stupid valentines” tradition! I love and miss you all! 
Hopefully my life will get back on track soon so I can get back to screencapping regularly… D:

BONUS: (because I know there are some Brice lovers out there…)

(made with photoshop/powerpoint)

So I had a follow up doctor appointment for my anxiety and we got to talking about all of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing… it turns out that I’m also suffering from severe depression, which I have already suspected. So I was prescribed a small dosage of medication and I’m praying that it will help, but to help lift my spirits today I’m participating in my favorite past time. Screencapping Emergency!

Here we’re starting off with Roy and John showing up at “The Bash,” Roy looking like he would obviously prefer to be somewhere else. He’s going to see soon that his feeling isn’t so far fetched.

Johnny walks in before him, totally enamored by the huge house and Roy saunters off after him… eventually. 

Upon walking in they immediately realize that they’re both hopelessly overdressed and stick out like two fruit loops in a bowl of cheerios. 

Roy’s plan of action is to hit the bar and the snack table, which isn’t a terrible plan at all there, Roy. 

And as if alcohol and food wasn’t enough to comfort his anxiety, he brings up the trichinosis outbreak at Rampart hospital thinking it would possibly earn them some brownie points. Because they’re definitely needing them.

But fear not, they swiftly saved the life of a man who was electrocuted and all was well.