This outfit is inspired by androgyne. I love Agyness Deyn, she’s a gorgeous lady and her style inspires me everyday. Personally for me, I think this outfit would be a style she would wear. The tower sweater combined with the quarterback legging is gorgeous. The motorjacket is my favorite item for this outfit. The jacket and combat boots can make a classic outfit edgy and creative, I adore it! 

More information about the clothing: 

Moto jacket: Evil Panda. (available, 15SD)

Tower sweater: Nelly. (available, 20SD) 

Quarterback leggings: Evil Panda. (available, 14SD)

Combat Boots: Yves Saint Laurent. (not available, check starbazaar)

Purse: LE. (not available, check starbazaar) 

 Androgyne chique; by GAGAPRODUCTIONS 

Message for all the fashion lovers!

Hello my sweet fashion lovers, Luna here. 

I want to excuse myself for not being very active on this blog, I’ll explain you why: 

I started my second module in nursery in January. It started very easy, but now it’s getting difficult and we get a lot of work, learning about wound care, how to place vaccins etc. Also, I’m having exams in the first two weeks of May, that’s why I’m not very active. 

I had really difficult weeks, the past 2 months. I was sick a lot and couldn’t rest because I didn’t wanted to miss important lessons in school, so I went to school with a headache, sometimes even with a small fever. 

At the moment, I have 2 weeks of vacation, I’m making lots of summaries for my exams and I’m on a holiday with my parents in the Netherlands right now, this is really good for me, it’s relaxing, I can study on the beach, enjoy the weather etc. I want to tell you I’m truly sorry I’m not posting articles that much, but I’m happy that Abbie creates gorgeous posts and articles! She’s an amazing blogger with a fantastic passion for fashion!

I hope you understand, 

Lots of love and I promise i’ll make it up to you guys! 

xoxo Luna 


Hey dearest readers. I had my first day of school today, it went great! I met lots of new people with fun interests and ideas! Because I did post this morning a quickly-made article, I was thinking about making a post about my decor. My suite has 12 basic rooms, the Penthouse and Panorama Room. They’re all open to be viewed. I also used for every room a different theme. Let’s say it’s a little dollhouse / shop / desk / showroom.

The three pictures you see above, are my three favorite rooms.

1: Anna Wintour inspired working office. This room is dedicated to Anna Wintour, it’s a little office where I can work and search for new designs. Yes, I know, I have great imagination. It was really fun creating this room. 

2: 50’s inspired lounge room. This room is inspired by the 50’s. I love the interior of that decade. It’s very creative and colorful without being kitschy. Also I’m in love with the 50’s…The music, clothing, dances, the elegant ladies, the gentlemen. I would love to take a time-machine to visit the 50’s for a day or two! :) 

3: Bathroom. I also created some real life rooms like a salon, bedroom, kitchen. This is my bathroom. It’s very simplistic and white, but I like it this way. Just added some accessoires to create my own ‘lifestyle’. Personally this room was the most fun to create because Stardoll released lots and I mean lots of interior-pieces that can be added in a bathroom. (Also a lot in Starcoins, just telling)

This were my three favorite rooms. Please feel free to check the other ones out.

I also created: a garden, catwalk, ballet/dance studio, terrace with pool etc. 

Lots of love, 

Luna x

300 Million members! 

Hello dear sweethearts, today we received our 300 millionth member! YAY! 

Enjoy your free items and don’t forget to spend some Starcoins and Stardollars to get these gorgeous outfits, sadly to receive number 7-10 you have to spend 150 - 300 SD in Starplaza! 


Lots of love, 
Luna x

Welcome dears, here’s another Outfit of the day article. Yesterday I started my new classes as a future nurse, so I’m really busy this week. That’s the reason my outfits are simply edited with a black background etc. I hope you like the outfit though. Personally I love this outfit, It’s simply created!

More information about the clothing: 

Sleeve red jacket: Evil Panda (available, 9SD)

Heart shirt: It Girls. (available, 6SD)

Black skinny jeans: Elle (not available, check starbazaar)

Leonora shoes: Miss XV (available, 52 Starcoins)

Black bag: Rio (available, 40 Starcoins)

Extra information:

Fancy hairstyle designed by AppleMelez. (You should check her out, the designs are lovely!)

Formal street style ; by GAGAPRODUCTIONS. 

Valentines Day.
  • Hello dear sweethearts, I'm really, really sorry that I didn't posted a happy valentine message - outfit or look. I'm glad Abbie did (what a wonderful job you did, Abbie!)
  • I will tell you why, I had to go to school a whole day and afterwards I went to my boyfriend and we went to Ellie Goulding, Oh dear lord.
  • ' Anything could happen, anything could happen' :)
  • THAT GIRL IS AMAZING! Her voice is just crazy, never heard someone with such good voice-controls. (except for Gaga) She told on twitter the day before that she was a little bit sick, sore throat. But really, she was awesome!
  • I hope y'all had a great valentine,
  • xoxo Luna