Starplaza Release: Callie’s Picks Issue no. 16

Hello fashion lovers, 

Here’s a small review on the new collection from Callie’s Picks. 

Prints always look amazing in magazines like ELLE or Vogue, but this collection is the perfect way to create gorgeous outfits with different prints! 

My opinion: 

I like the collection, sadly most of the clothing are leopard prints combined with a colored top or blouse. I would liked it more if there were other prints too, like zebra and polkadots.

My favorite items are: 

  • Leopard Cape (20SD)
  • Harley Spikes bag (16SD)
  • Leopard theme shorts (13SD)
  • Orange high sandals (82 Starcoins)
  • New York heels (10SD)

All of the other items are cute and creative, but personally I think that most of the items are overpriced, I mean… 13SD for fake eyelashes? 14SD for the Leopard Lock purse? I like the items, but now I’m more willing to search in Starbazaar and Starplaza for look-a-like items. 

Let me know what you think, 

Have a lovely week, 

Luna (gagaproductions)

Does LG5 Have A Title?

It’s rumoured that Lady Gaga’s fifth studio album is called Eden. It will supposedly be released in December of this year (2015). It even has a false (I mean rumoured) tracklist!

The supposed insider that gave this information also said that it’s her best album to date, and it’s a mix of The Fame Monster with P!NK-esque songs.

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Starplaza Update: Millionaire Maison Fashion

Hello dollies, I know it’s been a while, I was really busy! I want to apologize for being so un-active. I’ll make it up to you, I swear! 

Yesterday released a brand new collection from M-M Fashion and I absolutely love love love it! The clothes are fabulous and the details are fantastic! I love every single piece of the collection, BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR STARDOLL! 

More information about the clothing: 

- 35 brand new items (OH MY DEAR LORD!)

- Price range is between 6 and 20 Stardollars!

- 3 Starcoin items (shoes, belt and sunhat)

My favorite items: 

- Shining Star Blouse (17SD)

- Gold Leaf Earrings (7SD)

- Seaside platform (8SD)

- Stefana Beaded sundress (18SD)

- Raffia Seaside purse (9SD)

- Silver Threaded Full skirt (14SD)

Have a lovely week & lots of love, 

Luna x

Starplaza update: new Velvet Orchid collection!

Stardoll released a cool new collection for the Velvet Orchid brand, it’s an edgy and rock'n roll inspired brand! I really like some items! 

Here are my favorite items: 

  • Rodeo Fringe jacket - 16SD
  • Frill Frill vest - 128 Starcoins 
  • Silver Heart handbag - 9SD (you see the bag on the picture)
  • Boheme Fringe skirt - 13SD
  • White Rebel booties - 10SD
  • Shiny Rainbow skirt - 130 Starcoins
  • Black Rebel denim - 16SD (also on the picture)
  • Safety Pins tanktop - 13SD

Congrats Stardoll with this gorgeous collection, some of the items are fashion disasters, but in combination with other items you can create a creative and punk styled outfit! 

Have a great weekend, 

Luna xx