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"Dad.." the child who looked like they were a mix of David and Gwen said nervously while shivering. "I- i had a ni-ni-nightmare. What do I do? Mom said she'd let me watch trash tv with her but, it's not helping."


David’s eyes widened as he looks at the kid, nothing features that were clearly his and features that were clearly Gwen’s. Oh lord. A kid with features that both he and Gwen possessed meant one thing and one thing. However, David swallowed his tongue as he forced himself to say something to the kid.

“C'mere, kiddo. Daddy’ll tell you a camp story!”

A Paternal Epiphany

Today, I showed my dad what Pandora Radio is.

Now, this is the man who has locked his truck radio onto a Classic Rock station. He jams out to Journey, Nirvana, and Bon Jovi. He’s a Dean Winchester sort of music guy.

So it surprised me a bit when the first thing he types in for his new station is, “Madonna.” But I figured it’s the 80’s, y'know? I let it slide.

But then he kept adding variety, and I kept getting more and more confused: Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan…

But I totally lost it at the conversation that followed when his new station played the second song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

Dad: “What is this? I didn’t add The Gaga to my list.”

Me: “It picks songs with similar traits to what you add. Same with artists.”

Dad: “Well, good!” *likes song* “That means it’ll come back later, right? I like the Gaga.”

My dad, the man who raised me on Queen and Asia, “loves Lady Gaga.”

I feel like my life has been a lie, but for some reason this sudden revelation has also made me inordinately happy.

It has also given me the headcanon that Dean Winchester secretly listens to Lady Gaga when Sam’s not around to tease him about it.

Life is good.

Just Come Out - Lyrics by Magnus Bane

Cowritten by: @gosshiku-hime-wa-yami-san

The witchlight glows white in my apartment tonight,

Not a downworlder to be seen.

A kingdom built on secrets,

And honestly? I’m the queen.

The glitter’s shining, Alexander’s by my side.

Trying not to flirt, angel knows I’ve tried.

Don’t let Maryse in,

Don’t let Jace see,

Be the good son you always have to be.

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.

Darling, I know.

Just come out. Just come out.

Don’t sit is the closet and pout.

Just come out. Just come out.

Wear your pride on your sleeve and shout:

“Here I am! And I am gay!”

Let the Clave rave on;

The law never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how a support group

Makes everything alright,

And now our lives are brightened

By rainbow coloured light!

It’s time to step into my world;

You love the magic that I hurled.

No right, no wrong, no rules for you.

It’s true!

Just come out. Just come out!

You are the angel’s chosen son.

Just come out. Just come out!

Nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

It’s no big deal, that you are gay.

May the glitter shine on!

My power sparkles through my palms into the ground.

I can protect you so baby, please don’t wear that frown!

If someone hurts you, then you won’t see them again!

Thought that you betrayed me with - SPOILERS - please don’t ask!

Just come out! Just come out! 

Darling, you gay, just move on.

Just come out! Just come out! 

You’ll still be my number one!

Take to the streets, and just scream “YAAS”!
(Yaaaaassssss, Gaga, yaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss)

Let your dad scream on!

You know that I love you; I’m here to stay.