gaga party

Heart eyes, mother effer

So this morning, this beautiful, radiant, glorious, had-a-waffle morning, I got to THIS gem.

My reaction follows, in three gifs, for science purposes.

First: flooded basement. watered crops. cups runnething over.

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Second, every cell in my body attempted to take a flying leap at my phone screen

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To finish, 99.9% this, barely any approximation, I got way taller and did Gold Bond commercials and I hope spread joy and moisture GET IT throughout the land:

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This is what happens when a Climber & American Ninja Warrior goes to a Red Carpet Event…

First Red Carpet walker Climber?

[Natalie Duran.]

Not ready :(

I finished Ieyasu’s MS this morning, practically squeal-wiggling myself right off the couch. GOD.

I know Ieyasu isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re on the fence about him I can’t recommend his story strongly enough. So many good points. From a modern perspective this is not the most assertive MC in the game but it’s suuuuuuch a beautiful romance and if you even think you *might* be into cracking a Tsundere shell, DO THIS/HIM. I’m totally heart eyed and still getting doki doki aftershocks and I’ll ALWAYS be gaga for Tokugawa. 😍 Will definitely play his route again for that noble ending and a peek between his ears.

See graphics below for my beautiful pain. That Tokugawa kimono tho!

Purple arrows indicate samurai I’m dtf.

1000000000000/10. This CG is so good! So good! He looks suddenly like a MAN instead of a scared child in a man’s body, which is how he can come off for… most of the story, really. His sprites are attractive, duh, but there’s one looking away face that he makes whenever someone calls him on something too close to home and it is unnnnnnnfffff. But this! Grown up! Look at that Adam’s apple! Look at that gaze! Bless. 🤤Still wanna wreck him.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be crying a river into this dandelion clearing in my exquisite kimono as I die a bit inside that I’m all the way through this story.