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The Curse of the Creator

Holy shit, I didn’t realize how many incredibly successful people have Pluto in 5th. In Cherry’s words: The Curse of the Creator.

Amongst these successful people are Lady Gaga, Edgar Allan Poe, John Lennon, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and many more! I feel as though Lady Gaga is a spitting image of Pluto in 5th.

Pluto in 5th people destroy their happiness and give life to a new form of happiness. This is personal because I have Pluto in 5th and I get obsessed with something and this becomes my source of happiness for me. Letting go of something that you find nothing but joy in is hurtful. This is happiness we’re talking about, the thing that puts a smile on your face. Imagine having to kill that. But also knowing that you’ll soon have something that puts a smile on your face all over again. 

When it’s your birthdate and you been waiting to get the iPhone 21S but you get a shitty DIY present instead and you pretend you like it.