gaga concert

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One time, my school librarian attended a gaga concert and filmed the whole thing on her phone and then she played some of the footage at an assembly. She also hung up a poster of Stef in her bubble dress from 2013 in the library.


Lady Gaga is Satanic ? The Hell you care ? You are such a product of sheer sanctimony and maybe, if such so, one of it’s highest kind. We all done something that fall upon mendacity that make us vulnerable and resistant to grasp repetitiously this inevitable custom. Yup I’m a FAN of Lady Gaga because she is the facade of LGBT Community that tries to escalate the self-esteem and self-confidence that were incessantly seized by the narrow-narrowminded creatures. Did even you know that the mortality rate of LGBT community is as possible as 51% every year because of suicide, drug abuse, cardiovascular disease etc. So pls this is the 21st century, aptly think with profundity before you speak or act ‘cause someone might hurt and consequently commits suicide.