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The Signs as Female Artists

Aries: Taylor Swift
Taurus: Amy Lee
Gemini: Lady Gaga
Cancer: Lana Del Rey
Leo: Beyoncé
Virgo: Melanie Martinez
Libra: Hayley Williams
Scorpio: Rhianna
Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj
Capricorn: Marina Diamandis
Aquarius: Halsey
Pisces: Grimes

I will never ever forget this night.

That night Gaga spoke to us for maybe 80minutes in a small room about everything from highschool, fame, drugs, Cheek to Cheek and most importantly ART and POP.
Seeing her in person, hearing her talk and even sing for us acapella was just so surreal, I can’t even describe what it was like. She’s so talented and genuine, it’s almost scary how passionate she is. You can tell that she doesn’t take anything for granted and that this opportunity and this life she lives is something she uses to do everything she’s ever wanted. 

She responded to all questions, regardless of the content. Some fans told touching personal accounts and she was truly touched. She really expressed a concern at the current state of pop culture and flogged the notion of ARTPOP a lot. When you hear it come out of her mouth you know that ARTPOP is something so important to her. She adores art, she literally finds inspiration in all of it,  she told us that right now commercialism and pop were at an all time low and nothing was more important than art, and needed to be at the front, literally and conceptually. 

She told us that her high school was tough given its elite reputation and unless you were filthy rich you weren’t taken very seriously.

She told us that it’s been tough coping shit from Madonna, given she’s always been a fan. She never mentioned Madonna, fans brought her up.

She expressed love for Marina, and laughed off her ice challenge because she had experienced much more wackier experiences with Marina during training at her estate. She told us Marina would put on a video camera, strip her and leave her to her own vices in forests. 

She told us that she wants her legacy to be that Lady Gaga was so dedicated and involved that she almost seemed arrogant because she believed and invested in her word, messages and concepts so much.

She said the singing Jazz has been one of the best experiences of her life  and played us Cheek to Cheek and Bang Bang. Both are amazing. Her and Tony have the most natural and complimentary voices.

A fan mentioned rumours of her moving on from “Lady Gaga’ and ‘changing’ back to Stefani. She laughed and told us that if we thought Lady Gaga was weird that Stefani Germanotta was fucking insane. 

Her favourite from song from this album is ARTPOP

After being asked if she was a  feminist, she said of course she was.

She talked about her shows in Dubai and Tel Aviv and said she would always alter her show and fashion to comfort the cultural expectations but would NEVER weaken or remove her stance of LGBTQ rights in such places. She said if she had to wear a burqa she would because she’s respectful of the places she visits, obviously she’s not going to do that she was just stressing her point.

She spoke only briefly about Taylor and said that he loves he’s 'seashell girl’ and that she’s weird on the outside and he’s weird on the inside. You could tell from her smile that she is smitten over him, almost as much as she is over Asia  (she was wearing a black tee with Asia on it) 

She said being famous is hard because she’s only got the smallest group of friends, roughly 10 she said. She said its hard to trust and welcome new people in. She said she’s still friends with her friend Bo from school and that she has taken her along to some shows, she said she was backstage cooking for her that night.

She confirmed Tara was quite ill with lupus, but was really positive and she’s always going to be there for her. 

A fan asked if she felt pressure to use drugs and alcohol as a means to be or seem creative. She said no and that she has and does use both, for different reasons. She said she smokes as a form of balancing out her really crazy and demanding life and that she doesn’t necessarily seek creativity in drug use. 

Im sure i forgot something, but I hope you enjoyed x

Also her sister Natali was backstage, she is flawless! 

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My ARTPOP ZONE & ArtRave Experience

Here goes…..

First off I have to say that for the originally scheduled Seattle show I was actually in GA but one APZ ticket came up randomly on and as if fate had finally intervened, it was mine. Finally it was happening to me….

For those who don’t know, I followed Gaga around Australia during the Born This Way Ball tour for a whole month and I can count 20 times that I tried and waited for her at every possible moment I could manage and still missed out. All my friends back in Aus met her…. except me. This is why this past weekend has been so special to me.

Below are some main points of what transpired during the backstage meet and greet in Seattle:

  • We had 1 and a half hours with her
  • Security confiscated all our phones
  • There was a bar backstage
  • Chairs all around the perimeter of the room
  • Gaga came out and sat in the middle on a bar stool next to a raised table. She wore a Skid Row band t-shirt and a  long sequined top with fishnets and studded black booties.
  • She came out with the rolled up painting a fan had created for her and thrown on stage (Lady Salvador)
  • She showed us it straight away (after offering all of us a drink on her! But we already all had drinks so politely declined)
  • She asked how we were doing and if we enjoyed the show
  • She played 3 songs off Cheek to Cheek (Firefly, Bang Bang & Every Time We Say Goodbye) that she playe from her iPod hooked up to Beats speakers.
  • Firefly was my favourite track of the 3.  Very playful & really showed a playful side to her personality through the lyrics especially.
  • She danced around the room and in her chair to the music, she was so candid & adorable and I remember seeing Lane looking at her from the back of the room smiling so proudly and happily at her.
  • People asked about Tony and collaborating with him on their album.
  • She spoke about how Tony is mentoring & teaching her about singing Jazz, he says her vocals sound like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Their friendship and collaboration just came about so organically.
  • She gave us insight into working on the album with him.
  • Do What U Want with Christina came up and she spoke about her performance with her. How she always makes sure she is highly professional throughout the entire process from start to end. She prepared Christina with all the lyrics highlighted in advance, choreography, swatches of their outfits, every little detail was thought out meticulously.
  • Gaga spoke about how her family members are all highly professional so it’s instilled within her too.
  • She spoke with depth about her relationship with Taylor, when they first met, how he gave her his email address on a piece of paper as she was pulling away on the last day of filming and it was an embarrassing one he’d made when he was 15 and how she was amused by it.
  • How she cried for 3 days after filming You & I and meeting Taylor because she knew she had to be with him but at the time she was with Luc.
  • How he takes her out for drives on his motorbike to the ocean to getaway.
  • How he loves it when she changes the way she looks all the time. He’s a weirdo on the inside and she’s a weirdo on the outside.
  • She said she wants children but isn’t ready for them yet.
  • Her work with Marina and wanting to do more performance art pieces in the near future. She spoke about the famous piece Marina did where she laid out all different items and the public could choose what they wanted to do with her. Her Dad doesn’t want her to replicate this but she believes there would always be enough fans there to protect her from any harm.
  • Her work with Robert Wilson in the Louvre and being able to separate the mind from the body, as it was so physically demanding on her.
  • Katy Perry and other artists copying her work visually and about her tweet referring to everyone having green hair and riding mechanical horses suddenly!
  • The gay community and having lots of gay friends growing up, quite often they didn’t even realise they were gay until they were older.
  • Gaga was singing Bang Bang whilst getting ready to take out M&G photos.
  • My friend Larry was the last question of the night but instead of a question it was a request. Asking Gaga to stop for our friend Jon who was outside the exit to the venue waiting for her. He showed Gaga the booklet he had made with Jon’s bio and Gaga looked at it & loved his photo with Michelle Obama. She asked exactly where he was and what his condition was (he has cerebal palsy). We told her & said she HAD to meet him; he’s a big fan and a really great guy. So Gaga told us she would try to find him to meet him.

Now onto the exciting highlights of the night:

When it was photo time Larry & myself made sure we went last of all. This is where it’s all a bit of a whirlwind blur. I remember Larry getting his photo taken then it was my turn. I walked up to Gaga and said “Hi Gaga, I’m Catherine.” “Hello Caaatherine ~” I couldn’t believe she said my name. Hearing her say my name made me lose it inside! Then I blurted out what I really wanted to tell her but not in front of the entire group (even though we weren’t supposed to talk much to her during photo time). I said “I just wanted to let you know that I came out in January this year & I wanted to thank you for your support and dedication towards the gay community”.

(I really desperately wanted to tell her this as it was such a big deal for me coming out this year as a 27 year old woman and the entire BTW Ball experience for my freinds and I was like one giant travelling pride parade. Full of love and acceptance for one another. Born This Way couldn’t have come at a more significant and important moment in my life. The timing was perfect and instrumental to my acceptance of my sexuality.)

Gaga said “You’re welcome” then she pressed her head to mine put her arm around my waist & bam. It was all done. But then!…… she said “Did you guys come together” Do you want a photo together?” Looking at Larry who was watching then to me. “YES PLEASE!” I said. Gaga: “Larry! Come back here!” I told her Larry is my surrogate father. We posed for another quick photo & then I thanked her profusely. Then blurted out right at the end “Thank you for the pizza’s in Melbourne by the way!” Everyone laughed but I just wanted to make her laugh. I really wanted to say so much more to her but time ran out and we had already gone far over the usual time she gives fans. Maybe another time.

Then that was it, or so we thought. We quickly went to the toilets and were the last 2 people to leave the arena. We walked to the exit & immediately saw Jon waiting with his father. We chatted briefly and told him we told Gaga about him and told her to stop for him.  Suddenly 2 black SUV’s came speeding out of the exit & down the street, up the hill past the big crowd of fans waiting at the other exit. “That cant have been Gaga!”, we all said, she would have stopped. I stepped out onto the road & the fans were going crazy, it was her and the SUV’s were heading back down the hill in our direction! “Go Jon go” I yelled and I ran down the street alongside him. Gaga was leaning out of her window pointing in our direction.

She was swarmed by fans and got out of the car surrounded by her security guards.

Gaga said to Jon “Hi. I’ve heard a lot about you from Larry. I hope you feel good.” She asked if Jon enjoyed the show and if he was feeling okay". She spoke about Emma. And asked if Jon had any pain or problem with hip displacement.  Security was surrounding us and keeping the fans back, I asked if we could get a photo, I even managed to film a little during the mayhem:

I quickly took some photos of Jon & Gaga as she posed so happily with him. We all thanked her again and then she left, speeding away into the night.

I will never be able to really express how happy I was for Jon and how happy I was that she actually listened to us and didn’t brush our request off. She didn’t have any obligation whatsoever to stop yet she went out of her way to find Jon, even after a strenuous show, an hour and a half meet and greet and I’m sure her security not being too happy about her wanting to stop. This is another reason why I love and am proud to be a fan and supporter of this woman. Not many other celebrities and rock stars like her would even entertain the thought of going out of their way to see a fan or spend so much time backstage with their fans. It meant so much to us all.

The generosity and down to earth and friendly attitude she had really blew me away. Being able to experience it in person and in a more intimate and low-key setting was a once in a lifetime opportunity and worth every cent. It was like talking to an old friend and not a world-renowned superstar. You could tell that she has absolutely no ego or pretence about herself and it was such a privilege to just sit and be completely engrossed in her thoughts as she was speaking to us. I got first hand exposure to her intelligence and depth. I could have listened to her talk and her thoughts all night long.

After this Larry and I then left around 1:30am to drive to Vancouver for the second show I was to attend. We got into the LMZ line up and I went to stand near the bridge & APZ for the best views. It was really nice to get a different perspective of the show from the GA floor in with all the die-hard fans. Sweating, dancing & having fun & lot’s of laughs. Vocally Gaga sounded stronger than ever before.

In the Seattle Artpop Zone Joe and Tara appeared. I didn’t want to bother Joe but really wanted to see Tara again. I went up to her and asked her for a hug. She said she liked my necklace and I told her I last saw her outside the hotel in Sydney in the cold waiting for Gaga. Tara said “Oh I remember you!” Such a cool moment. It was lovely to be able to witness first hand the interaction between Gaga and her father whilst she sang to him.

Dope and Happy Birthday to Joe:

Gypsy piano version:

Clip of Venus & weed smells wafting through the crowd in Seattle:

During DWUW she did a bit of an add lib and showed off her vocal acrobatics caught in the emotions of the song. She had her back to me then turned, looked right at me and came and stood right over me before running off for the piano section of the show:
Pure magic!

Thank you to everyone I met during my 2 shows, you guys are such fun and genuine people. Yet another perk of this fanbase is the beautiful people you can discover from Gaga and her music. At the end of the day it’s about more than just the music. When I got home and sat on my bed surrounded my my merch and mementos (and bags of confetti) I cried. I couldn’t believe everything that happened and the surreal feeling of it all. It was overwhelming. I cannot thank Larry enough for his support and friendship and probably never will be adequately able to.

To the Seattle & Artpop Zone guys, I’m so happy I was able to experience it with you all. Couldn’t have hoped for a better group of people: @over50lilmnster, @martina_gaga81, @fozzibehr,  Jonathan Napier, @Desdemona1204 and @liberatedbygaga.

The Vancouver artRave friends: @over50lilmnster, @mustiwrite, @monstermommy101 and @dwn2earth. I had so much fun dancing with you guys and sharing my first Canadian show with you all.

This fan base is truly unlike any other I’ve encountered, there really is a sense of family and community, compassion and empathy for one another. At the heart of this story is the message of friendship, love, helping others and the resulting impact we have on others. I’m still feeling that love and happiness that this weekend has given me. My Gaga high is in full effect. She touches people and makes their lives a little brighter and brings magic to the mundane. Thank you Gaga for simply being you. Until we meet again….