gaga and her parents

Sneak This Way

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Tayga and their parents go camping together. They sleep together suddenly they get bored and have sex on the forest. After than Joe askes where they have been and they try to tell something. Pls pls i want it now”

The humid air felt relaxing, formulating tiny droplets and causing the plants and grasses to get moistened. The little bushes were dancing to the wind, birds chirping along on their nests, and the waterfalls flowing downhill sounded very calm.

Gaga put her arms around Taylor’s as they walked excitedly hand in hand to one of the most visited campgrounds in Lancaster. Taylor is an expert when it comes into these kinds of things. He rented the whole place for the five of them, him, Gaga, Cynthia, Joe, and Pam, which kind of served as a little family get away. Well, to be exact, they’re six, including Asia.

"This place is so beautiful!” Gaga exclaimed seeing the blooming flowers around the place, putting her little puppy’s leash off, letting it run around the grassy lands.

As the six toured around the campgrounds altogether, they finally ended falling up on the best part of the place, wherein they can see the beautiful waterfalls and the astounding surroundings. Cynthia put the baskets down, helping Pam lay down some blankets on the grass. The tents were set up by Joe, with Taylor’s help on the other hand.

“Hey, do you guys need some help?” Gaga asked the big guys, with Asia on her hands playing with it.

“We need some woods to build up the campfire later tonight. Can you get some? And Taylor I suggest you to please go with her.” Joe responded, busy with the tents.

“Okay.” The couple said in response.

Walking out of nowhere, Gaga was just following Taylor’s footsteps as she didn’t know where they were going. While him, being a great camper in Pennsylvania, he almost knew every corner of the place.

“Just look at that, T!” Gaga pointed around everything she sees, astounded by the whole place as it was her first time to be there. Taylor, who grew up and have gotten there a lot of times especially when he was at a very young age, told a lot of stories in response to her expressions, reminiscing his childhood.

“I remember I fell down to that small lake and I didn’t know how to swim!”

Gaga laughed at how cute he sounded. “Then what happened?” They were walking and at the same time talking around, finding some woods at the forest.

“I cried like a baby, well I was kind of a baby way back tho, and my brother helped me get out of the water.” He was carrying branches of woods on his strong arms and suddenly, someone pushed him from the back letting the woods get off his grip and eventually falling on to the water.

“Hey!” Stroking his own hair looking really hot, he rose above after sinking in to the lake, laughing as she saw Gaga bursting into laughter too, with her hands on her stomach.

“Help me I don’t know how to swim!” Taylor pretended he was drowning but she knew he was fooling around.

“Oh stop Taylor!” She laughed harder as she could, almost losing her breath. “You’re a good actor but you can’t fool me around!”

“Stef please I’m drowning!” He was drowning himself and pretending he couldn’t swim, but Gaga knew he was just trying to get her with him on the water.

She laughed. “Okay fine. Here comes your wonderwoman!” Gaga took off her heels and swam to the lake. She got Taylor who was pretending he couldn’t swim. She was laughing doing it while Taylor’s being a good actor. “Oh my God stop doing that Tay!” She laughed more.

“I think someone needs a mouth to mouth resuscitation!” Taylor suggested while faking a cough.

“Get over that T!” She smirked still laughing at the same time.

“You don’t want to do it? Okay then I’ll be the one to do it.” In no second, their lips locked with their tongues pushing inside and outside of each other’s mouth. They were kissing in the cold water, just like their first anniversary. But that was in the swimming pool. It’s so much different now that they’re in the lake. And somehow, better.

“I love you.” Taylor mumbled and pecked her lips for the last time. He was so addicted to them.

“I love you too but I guess we should get off this water now. It’s so cold and they might have been waiting for us.” She hugged herself as she felt she was freezing.

“Okay. And the woods!”

Taylor helped Gaga get off it first. She put her heels back as her feet touched the grass. Her own hands were around her own body feeling the coldness of the water on her shirt as the wind blew. As Taylor has gotten off it with a little help from Gaga, that was the only time he also felt how cold it was. “Shit.” He was dripping and that made it more cold so he decided to take off his shirt, showing his perfect body with his oh so sexy abs. Gaga bit her bottom lip and Taylor saw her.

“Not now Stef.” He laughed and smirked.

“What?” She said, blushing.

“I know what you’re thinking! I promise you. Later tonight.” His smirk was still on, plus a sexy wink.

“Later? How and where?” She chuckled.

“Trust me. I know every inch of this place. Now let’s go back, they might be getting worried right now.”


The air was freezing cold so the five of them gathered around the campfire Joe and Taylor made. They had long conversations, unending talks, and their lungs were collapsing nonstop. They shared different stories to each other especially their parents talking about their son and daughter’s childhood.

“We’ve seen it in her since she was four. She’d rather prefer to stay in the house and play the old piano in our apartment while everyone’s outside playing.” Joe stated, talking about how Gaga was in love in music since she was at a young age.

“Oh. Well, I’ve never seen it in Taylor when he was a kid. I don’t know, I never thought he’d be an actor someday!” Pam laughed and so did everyone.

“I never thought neither!” Taylor said in response.

“But I’m glad that you’re an actor now! I can’t imagine you being a serious office guy.” Gaga cackled. “And if it happened that you didn’t become an actor, you’d never be in the Yoü and I music video, which means I’d never meet you, and my life would be boring.” Being in between his legs, she looked up to him and their eyes locked with sparkles in them. He pecked him not caring about what would their parents think, and so she did.

"Uhm..” Cynthia said and faked a cough but it seemed like the couple heard nothing. They were still looking at each other’s eyes, and slowly painting smiles on their wonderful faces.

“One look and I’m done. One glance from your eyes and I’m captivated.." Gaga started singing while staring at his ocean blue eyes. “The taste of your skin. The warmth of your hungry lips has me so taken and I…”

Their parents were just watching the beautiful moment Taylor and Gaga were sharing.

"We need some popcorn I guess.” Joe said and the two ladies laughed but it still didn’t bother the couple.

“They look so lovely.” Cynthia mumbled hugging Pam as tears started streaming down her face. They knew that they’re really meant for each other.

“I know.” Pam said with a smile.


It was 12 in the midnight when they finished talking, laughing, crying, and singing. It was such a perfect night for the all of them. But Taylor and Gaga’s would be better, they thought.

They packed up the blankets and turned off the fire as they were about to go to their tents and sleep.

“Loops will sleep with us in the tent and Taylor will be with her Mom. We only have two tents here.” Joe stated making the couple look at each other, turn around, and open their mouths in shock.

“What?!” They said in unison.

Cynthia bit her lip trying to hold her laughter but she was not able to do such as Pam started cackling.

“Yes.” Joe said.

“B..but… Okay fine!” Gaga said annoyed and Cynthia chuckled at her daughter’s expressions.  Taylor has nothing to do, so he just obeyed Joe’s decision.

“I thought this is going to be the best part of our trip, but I guess it will go the opposite way.” Gaga told Taylor without their parents hearing her. She pouted getting really irritated about such thing.

“I know! Me too. But as what I’ve promised you…” He winked making Gaga blush.

“Pft. But how?”

“Just wait for me to sneak inside your tent!” Gaga giggled as Taylor whispered on her ear.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you!”

“Hey go to sleep you guys! It’s getting late!” Cynthia screamed.

“Sleep will only take five to six hours, can’t you guys handle being away for that short period of time?” Pam added with a laugh.

“Yes.” Gaga whispered to Taylor making him laugh.

“We’re coming in a minute, Mom!” She screamed back.


“It’s been two hours! Why is he not coming here yet?” Gaga thought losing patient. But she cannot sleep neither.

“Steffi?” Someone whispered from the outside and she knew it was him. She jumped from her lying position to unzip the tent.

“Finally!” She exclaimed in a very soft tone trying her best to not ruin her parents’ calm sleep. Or else everything they planned will be ruined.

Taylor laughed at how excited she sounded. “I’m so sorry it took me so long. Mom and I just finished chatting like an hour ago!”

“My dad has been snoring for already two hours.” She laughed and immediately covered her mouth.

“So….” She said and smirked.

“I know babe. Well to be honest there’s no place for us to do that thing. The only place I know is nowhere. I mean, there’s no comfortable places here, or a little cabin to stay at and…”

"I don’t care let’s just get out of here I can’t wait for you to fuck me!” She pushed Taylor outside not caring how cold it was.

“Okay, okay. Calm down.” He laughed knowing how excited she already was.

It was so dark and the only light they’ve got is a flashlight. He fitted his big hand on her little one. They were laughing all the way for no particular reason. She felt so damn free again after a year of touring. He always makes her feel to live in a normal life, and to be in a normal relationship, disregarding all the newspapers and cameras. They simply trust each other in spite of being away for a long period at times.

Ending on a really nowhere place, Taylor pushed Gaga letting her back rest on a tree. He bit his lower lip as he felt he was so turned on. He eventually kissed Gaga, letting the flashlight get off his grip as he stroke her hair, parted her lips to push his tongue inside her mouth. She did the same thing. They’re tongues were dancing along to the sound of the wind, having a harsh fight time after time.

“Mmmhh.” Gaga moaned softly at how perfect that moment felt like. “Shit I’m so addicted to your lips Tay.” She said in between the lovely kisses he gave. Taylor then went down to her neck, sucking it agonizingly that will surely leave a hickey later. She moaned louder as Taylor accompanied his tongue throughout the kisses. He started undressing her by pulling her sweater off and her pyjamas, leaving her with her black lacy panties and bra.

“Damn Stef, you’re so perfect.” Taylor whispered to her ear making Gaga blush. He went back to his job, kissing her lips in a not-so-respectful manner, down to her neck then to her chest. He unclasped her bra as he cannot control himself any longer. He looked so eager. Gaga shrugged her shoulders to let her bra fall off the ground, now showing her flawless body. He bit his lip again as he felt his massive boner getting harder and harder for each and every moment. Taylor started sucking her breasts, licking her nipples, and kissing every inch of them. He cupped them making her gasp. Her hands were running around his soft hair as she felt so much pleasure in everything he did.

“YAAASSS TAY!” Gaga screamed. “Get inside me now!”

“Sshhh. Be patient.” He smirked and went down to kiss her stomach, then to her most sacred part. He slowly removed her panties, trying to do every single thing sexy, but Gaga took his hands off as she can barely wait any longer, removing her underwear by herself and throwing it away. He laughed at how eager she was.

“Now do it, baby!” Gaga said wildly. Taylor kissed her pussy and eventually letting his tongue swirl around her clitoris, sucking every inch of her meat. “FUCK YES TAYLOR!” She screamed and her voice echoed in the forest. But they didn’t care at all. They simply continued what they were doing. His fingers joined the dancing session with his tongue which made Gaga moaned louder and louder in every thrust. Taylor liked it when she speaks his name, and as she does such thing, he pulled his fingers in and out harder, faster, and deeper. He knew how to make her scream.

“Oh shit I’m about to come!” Gaga said breathlessly and in no second, she released right inside his mouth and fingers. Taylor kissed her lips again, sucking his tongue harshly and biting her lips.

“YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD TAYLOR!” Gaga said in between the harsh kisses they’ve been exchanging.

“Who said we’re finished? Now it’s your time to do your job. Undress me baby!” Taylor said in a sexy manner, slapping her beautiful ass. She screamed in pleasure and pain and as she can barely wait for him to get inside of her, she removed his shirt and pants, leaving his blue boxers on. His manhood was visible on it, and her eyes widened seeing his huge erection.

“Oh.” Gaga smiled in a naughty way. As soon as she reached the lining of his boxers, she pulled it off with her mouth, and that made Taylor more aroused. His massive cock flaunted out and Gaga’s expression never changed. It’s so damn huge, she thought.

Licking it’s head in a sexy manner, his boner went harder and harder, even harder than a rock, that it was kinda hurting him already. But as soon as Gaga put it inside her mouth, he felt so much pleasure all over his body. She moved up and down glancing every second on his perfect eyes. Taylor held Gaga’s head, pushing her deeper and deeper until he cummed inside of her. She stand up from her kneeling position, going back to put her lips on him again to make him taste himself. “I want to let you know how delicious you taste like!” Gaga kissed his lips harder, biting them and causing them to bleed.

“So, are you ready for the most glorious moment?” Taylor smirked while his hands were caressing her back.

“Yes please! I’ve been waiting for it since this morning!” She screamed not caring about anyone but Taylor. Again, he pushed him on the tree, putting his hard manhood inside her wet pussy. As it’s head rub along her clit, she screamed in pleasure, making her grip on his shoulders tighter and tighter. Taylor put on his first thrust and Gaga sighed at how perfect he felt like. He gave the second thrust with all his full length and again, she screamed as her voice echoed. She wrapped her legs around his waist to have a better position. He continued thrusting faster and deeper. His balls were slamming on her.

“Taylooor!” She screamed in pain and pleasure. But she liked it more when she feels a little bit of pain.

“I know baby.” He said breathlessly.

“I’m about to cum!”

“Me too!”

In a couple of thrusts, she cummed all over him, making an “O” shape on her mouth, and as soon as she did, he also did cum inside of her.

“This is the best damn sex I’ve ever had in my entire life!” She exclaimed, and in no second, their lips locked again, tasting every inch of them, not caring about how windy it was.


Taylor and Gaga dressed themselves up and decided to go back to their tent. They were so tired. They needed to sleep even just for a couple of hours.

“Thank you, baby.” Taylor mumbled as they were walking hand in hand.

“For what?” She stopped and looked at him in the eyes.

“For everything.” He smiled and again, kissed her addicting lips.

As they were kissing in the middle of nowhere, they heard somebody coughed. And they knew it was a fake one.


It was Joe! The couple jumped off and almost screamed seeing him at that time.

Was he following us? DId he see what we have just done? Oh my God, I will surely die! All these thoughts were running around her freezing brain. “He..hey Dad. Wha…what are you doing here?” She asked with a little bit of shaky voice. Her heart was pounding so fast. She held Taylor’s hand and had a very tight grip on it.

“The question is, what are you doing here?” Joe gave the question back to her, with a stern look on his face.

“Ahhh„,Uhhmmm. We-” Gaga was running out of words so Taylor tried to help her and speak whatever comes out from his out.

“We just had a little walk. We’re about to go now tho.” Taylor said straight but in reality, his heart was already on his throat.

“Can’t you do it tomorrow?” He was investigating!

“Uhh.. Uhhmm.”

“I got so bored, I was not able to sleep so I woke him up and asked him to tour me around. And… yeah.” She bit her bottom lip and faked a smile.

Joe stared at them for a moment.

“What?” Gaga asked.

“Nothing…” Joe mumbled. “You guys better go back and sleep! We’re hiking tomorrow at five!”

“Okay, Dad.”

Gaga looked at Taylor and as her father went away, they both sighed in relief.

“Phew! That was close.” Gaga wiped away some sweat on her forehead. 

“I know…”

Their eyes locked once again. Hazel green to ocean blues. And for the millionth time of the day, he grabbed her lips and they started kissing hungrily.

Suddenly, for the second time of the night, soft sound of footsteps seemed to be heading to where they were standing at. They jumped off and gasped thinking there was someone who’s been watching them behind. And there really was. Seeing a tiny black creature with it’s ears like a bat’s, cuddling in between their feet, Taylor and Gaga laughed. It was their little batpig Asia.