gag tonight


Warnings: mentions of assault

“Where is she?”

Amaro’s voice echoed as he sprinted down the hospital hallway, Rollins following close on his heels. Olivia leapt to her feet at his words, immediately placing out hands to steady him, “Nick, take a breath.”

“Liv, what happened? Is she okay? Where is she?” He looked around desperately, brown eyes wild and broad chest heaving. 

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Lee Joon on Gag Tonight 

This was perfect!!<3 


09/05/2012 [CUT] Joon no Gag Tonight (by hongcha0207)

OK So I asked for something from STARZ and we get all this awesome GAG reel stuff tonight so I am now going to say what the heck and ask for a little reveal from Sam and Cait. What the heck right? Why not... can’t hurt. LOL. :) Seriously though thank you iTunes!!