gag tonight

Lol we had a hilarious accidental recurring gag tonight at the closing ceremony:

Demore: I hope [my appreciation and gratitude] reaches deep…
Demore: … into your /hearts/! I didn’t mean it in the dirty way… *at us, jokingly* behaaave!
Someone from the audience: never!
*everyone and Demore laughs*

Scott: again [I hope that our appreciation] reaches you deep… but unlike Demore I mean it in the dirty way..!

Hugh some time later ((about our awesomeness)): it reaches us deep… *realises the pun too late*
*everybody loses it*


Warnings: mentions of assault

“Where is she?”

Amaro’s voice echoed as he sprinted down the hospital hallway, Rollins following close on his heels. Olivia leapt to her feet at his words, immediately placing out hands to steady him, “Nick, take a breath.”

“Liv, what happened? Is she okay? Where is she?” He looked around desperately, brown eyes wild and broad chest heaving. 

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Eyes on Me IV (M)

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Warnings: Sexual sadism, Daddy/little girl, bondage, slight angst (aka JEALOUSY AF), bit of voyeurism

Length: 2k 2872

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“Good evening, Jiyong.”

“Good evening, Seunghyun-hyung. What’s up?”

Seunghyun sipped his wine slowly, savoring the rich tartness of the garnet liquid, before responding evenly, “I’m just cleaning up the mess you made, Jiyong-ah.”


“Oh, that’s right.  You had no idea what was happening right in front of your eyes, did you?”

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A smutty story about Harry trying to figure out why [Y/N] has him in a very compromising position backstage just minutes before a show.

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Preference #37: Little Girls (Calum)

I usually don’t post on a Saturday, but this is quite cute and I feel like posting it so, enjoy?!?

It was somewhere in the early hours of the morning but Calum had just gone to bed. He had just gotten home from his most recent world tour about 2 weeks ago, but the jetlag still hadn’t worn off. He tried to get back into a normal routine, but he had to get up every morning at 7, to take his 4 year old daughter Sienna to her playgroup, and you, his heavily pregnant wife, were going through a time of odd cravings, which usually came on at about 2-4am. Calum knew pregnancy cravings were weird, the sight of you eating pancakes literally drown in ketchup made him gag. Tonight had been okay though it was a Saturday tomorrow and it was Sienna‘s first ballet recital and afterwards you were all off to his parents house for a special dinner He was just about to go back to sleep after your 4:30 snack of steak with ice-cream, when he heard the creek of a door and the tap of tiny feet along her wooden floors.

“Daddy?” her voice was strained and tired. Calum yawned, turning his lamp on.

“You okay Sienna?” Calum asked. He could barely make out his tiny daughter, her hair tossed and a pout on his face.

“No,” Sienna replied and that’s when Calum noticed that she was crying. He stretched out his arms and there wasn’t a moment that passed before Sienna ran to him, burying her face in his ancient Nasa shirt.

“What’s the matter Bug-Boo?” Calum asked, rubbing her hair as she sobbed. Calum was beyond exhausted, but he had always promised to be there for his little girl. She just cried harder. It pained him to see her in such a state.

“Stop crying babygirl, it’s gonna be fine, I promise,” Calum soothed her. He had no idea what she was crying about but he was almost sure he would be able to protect her or stop whatever it was. “Tell me what’s wrong, I’ll fix it.”

Sienna managed to stop herself before mumbling, “I’m scared for my recital.”

“What?” Calum was laughing. “Don’t be silly Sienna, it’s gonna be great. You love being on stage!”

Sitting on the floor of the tour bus, 3 year old Sienna Hood was engrossed in the television. She was watching Angelina Ballerina, staring wide eyed at the screen. The room was quiet except for the squeaky mouse voices and the occasional sighs from the young Clifford boys because this show was “boring” but it was Sienna’s turn to choose what to watch. Sienna’s little brain was ticking, she wanted to be like that. She wanted to wear a pretty pink tutu and leap around the stage. She wanted to be a ballerina.

Sienna stood up and left the room that she stayed in while she was on tour with the other kids, pulling up her Hello Kitty pjs pants that was to big for her tiny waist as she walked. “Daddy?” Walking into the kitchen/lounge area of the bus, she called out for her Dad.

“What’s up bug-boo?” Calum bent down to his pint sized daughter and she threw her hands up, wanting to be picked up. Calum did so, holding onto her skinny leg as she flung her arms around his neck.

“Wanna be a ballerina!” Sienna exclaimed, looking into her fathers eyes.

Calum laughed. “Sure Si, you can be whatever you want.”

“No,” Sienna shook her head. “I wanna dance. On stage. In a pink skirt, like Uncle Luke’s!”

“Well that can be arranged,” Calum said, because if his daughter wanted to dance, his daughter would dance. “You would be a beautiful ballerina.”

“Wanna be a ballerina now,” Sienna insisted, pouting.

“Well you can dance all you want bug, but we’ll have to wait until you get home with your mum for lessons,” Calum explained. Sienna thought about it for a moment before nodding. She kissed her Dad’s stubbly cheek before sliding down, her bare feet barely touching the ground before she skipped off. Calum smiled fondly, thinking that tomorrow she would want to be a movie star, and she would want to do baseball the next.


The obsession didn’t pass. Sienna had her mind made up, she was going to be a ballerina. She loved the way it looked, toes pointed and complicated jumps and all the ballerinas she saw were so pretty. She wanted to be a pretty dancer, because she knew she was pretty, her Daddy said so, so it had to be true. She tried and tried but she couldn’t point her toes properly and always ended up on her butt.

“I’m getting lessons,” she would pout, every time she would do a dance for Alex Clifford and he would say that she looked stupid. “I’ll be amazing!”

Sienna was nearly four by the time she did get lessons. 4 months of sighing enviously and doing failed bunny hops before her Dad finally signed her up.

“It might be hard, Sienna. It’s not as easy as it looks,” Calum told her.

“I know Daddy. That’s why I need lessons!” Sienna sighed. It was obvious, she loved her Daddy but sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder why he was so stupid. “I can’t wait! I bet it’s gonna be so fun.” Sienna was prancing up and down in a her pink tutu that looked way to cute on her. Her tiny feet were stuffed into ballet slippers and her dark hair in a bun, courtesy of you.

“S’okay if your not good at it at first, though, don’t worry about it,” Calum told her. Sienna, like most 3 year old were not one bit graceful.

“I’m gonna be good, Dad. Promise!” Sienna sighed.

Sienna’s first lesson did not go to plan. She tried to copy what the teacher was doing, but her leg stuck out at an awkward angle and she fell and the other girls, who were much older, laughed at her. Sienna stuck out her bottom lip and made puppy eyes at her Dad. She wanted to be a good ballerina. “I can’t make you any better, Bug-Boo. You just have to practise, I promise you’ll get better then,” Calum told her. That sounded like a lot of work for Sienna, she didn’t realise that this would involve so much practise but Calum had to be right, because he was her Daddy and her Daddy was always right. So Sienna stuck at it. She went to lessons every Saturday morning as well as tap lessons Wednesday afternoon. She watched ballet videos so with so much interest on her dad’s iPad. She practiced in front of the mirror, perfecting the simplest steps before she would show anyone. Then Calum would dote over her. He never saw anything that looked so cute as his chubby-cheeked daughter in ballet tights and a leotard, dancing around his bedroom.

Sienna soon discovered that as always, her Daddy was right and she soon became an excellent ballerina, as well as being able to tap. Her dances were simple but graceful and more than enough to make everyone in the room cheer for her. She smiled proudly and would say “I know” when people commented on how good she was and she would take so much pride when Calum cheered for her and called her is “Little Ballerina!” But why was she so nervous now?

“But what if I mess up?” Sienna asked, her chocolate brown eyes filled with redundant worry. “Everyone will laugh and I won’t be allowed to be a ballerina anymore.”

“You won’t. I can tell. I know that you’re gonna be excellent. You’re gonna be so beautiful, Sienna,” Calum told her, smiling contently. Sienna’s sobs were reduced to tiny sniffs and Calum wipe her tears away.

“I thought I was always beautiful?” Sienna lisped her voice happy again. Calum laughed. There wasn’t a day that passed that Calum didn’t tell his daughter how beautiful she was.

“You are. You’re my beautiful princess. And you always will be, Bug-Boo, even if you do mess up,” Calum confirmed.

“You sure?” Sienna asked, lacing her tiny fingers with his.

“Positive,” Calum nodded. He gently kissed the top of Sienna’s forehead and laid her down next to him. “Go to sleep baby girl, you’re going to do excellent tomorrow.”

Sienna believed him and once again, he was right.

Did you like it? Do you think I should do the other boys?



For Her

It’s No Feeding Tube Friday
and all through the house
not a nostril is weeping.
Mom bought a new blouse.

The jar of nasal lube
is closed nice and tight.
My nose does a happy dance:
No penetration tonight!

No gagging, no coughing,
just a full night of bliss.
If only I had a sweet girl
to bestow a goodnight kiss.

In the morning I’ll rise
hungry for bacon.
No bloating or nausea
as my soul awakens.

On Fridays I exist
in a state of constant glee.
Too bad I’m all alone;
can someone help me pee?