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So when I play, I liked to imagine that the approvals and disapprovals happen in real time with like cheers and boos and stuff. Though, if that’s the case, I guess it’s probably a good thing they can’t approve in real time on the … ahem… romance consummation bits ^_- 

I also really like Tiny Booing Morrigan :P


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If you want to keep your relationship private, ramparts smooching is probably not the best way (or place) to keep it on the down low :P

I just really love how he’s all hoping to keep things private, even tho they will eventually get out (I’m lookin’ at you Jim =_= ) but then like your makeout spot is like… right in the open where there are always guards patrolling? Not super subtle there, Commander :P I mean to be fair, it could just be that my Inquisitor made out with him a LOT, like WAY too much, but… naahh, that can’t be it ^_- 


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So I see a lot of posts about NPCs having the Inquisitor’s hairstyle and stuff and while I agree we need more hairstyles in character creation, my first thought was that it was totally the hair stylists starting to offer the “Inquisitor style hair cut” and that’s why there are so many people running around with the Quizzy’s cut. I mean, the Herald of Andraste? The leader of the Inquisition, who WOULDN’T wanna look like them? ^_- 

Poor Quizzies tho, must be so confused at first, eheheh


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David Cronenberg meets Charles Schulz in this collection of Michael DeForge’s award-winning one-person anthology series Lose.

Praised by Publishers Weekly as “one of his generation’s most admired cartoonists,” Michael DeForge is the vanguard of a new wave of alternative cartoonists, and Lose, collected here for the first time, is his signature series. Lose is DeForge’s place to experiment with a variety of comics of various lengths and style, from three-panel gag strips to longer narratives.


SU x UG “IN THE END” + Omake

Gems don’t have to eat, but Amethyst likes the feeling. I was wondering if they even digest stuff…

I might think about these things too much…

+OmakeOh sure, I could have been productive today, but that seemed like a hassle :p I’m making up for not being able to draw over the Easter holiday because I was sick. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.How bad do you think Pizza Steve smells after this ordeal? He doesn’t really spoil and Amethyst didn’t digest him, but he did take a dip in the toilet, so…Yeah, I definitely think about these things too much.And when there’s a knock at the door, it’s Uncle Grandpa dressed as a plumber, right? That is, if he doesn’t just crash in to the HQ. Poor Pearl.