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@neven-ebrez: Cockles on messing with Alex then Misha #SPNHON [tweet]

maybear2003  asked:

On the part that said that if Frisk was Hispanic, don't you mean "Hip-spanic" XD (In that comic I thought you were gonna make that joke) And I like the way you draw Frisk and Sans, not because of their looks (Well maybe a little) But how much passion you put into it! To be Concise, you are a great artist and you kinda... erm... inspire me or influence me in a way!! Keep up the Drawings! Stay Determined! (Sorry for typing a lot) (_ _")

thank you so much for the nice words, compliments and encouragement!!! yeah, drawing undertale and frans have nearly been a turning point for me, both artistically and personally, so it’s gotten a special place for me ♡  it means a lot to hear that i have the power to inspire people, please keep on making that wonderful art of yours  ♡ ♡ 

I see a lot of sadness on my dash

So I want everyone to cheer up a little and remember that Mish will be back next season as a regular and that this is confirmed.

Also, I made a list of great things about to happen:

  • We will see the fucking Gag Reel!
  • Comic Con Panel
  • JIBcon and Cockles Panel!
  • The more emotional than ever reunion of Dean and Cas at the beginning of s13
  • Hiatus Beards will be grown
  • Gishwhes madness
  • All the cons are coming, there will be lots of photos from ops and videos

As for the show itself,

  • We just saw Dean mourn over Cas’ dead body and fall to his knees in shock and despair guys do you really think they would just do a “welcome back bro” thing after that come on it’s gonna be awesome when he comes back
  • Cas might come back human
  • Even if any supernatural being wont bring him back dean winchester sure as hell will
  • We will definitely see more of the apocalyptic alternate reality
  • The nephilim feels connected to Cas for some fucking reason, he might want him alive and bring him back immediately.
  • Deancas // Samjess i mean it was obvious and thats great
  • Cas said dean even tho there were 2 more members of his family there
  • Dean fell to his knees do you understand that
  • Sam looked at dean, looked at cas, looked back at the house and left dean there to mourn because he knew.

this is all progressive good stuff, i feel hopeful about all of it. I feel like they are gonna break and finally do something about the built-up emotion. i …. have faith (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧