gaf b


If you haven’t seen THAT performance yet… Well.  . here you go.

Someone has 2


I’ll b - ……….. - that 1.

Feeling is better than nothing.

The heart needs to breath . A stone has no home

A stone sees nothing..

A stone is not a human.

A stone is a stone.

gaf- this word now - pig Latin.

Ancient language like tongues-spoken only by the too sensitives . For their liking..

forbidden now and almost dying… search out like a code - that’s not hidden

They feel 2 much , they carry the world on their faces the extacy and the dying….

They’re always laughing always crying. Mixed up and mix in. Over coffee and a sentence .

And a Jesus thrown in.

A stone has no home

A stone sees nothing

A stone is not a human

A stone is a stone .

There are no codes - not once - not ever

Just feelings and a heart.

Filled with everything- like the simplicity of an embroidery needle . Wow.

Wow again. And jesus.

I’ll b - …………………. - that 1-


I speak pig Latin. With a lil- jesus thrown in. i love him.

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