gaenn region

- Grass/Rock
Ability: Rock Head
Gogoat’s Mega Evolved form is Mega Gogoat and can be accessed using the Gogoatite. Upon Mega-Evolving, its hide has become extremely tough - and its rocky, armored back is toughter still. Despite this, it is surprisingly agile and can traverse its mountain habitat with amazing ease, and to repair its armor it will climb near 90-degree slopes to feast on the minerals it craves. Ancient armies harnessed the strength of this powerful Pokémon to carry troops through enemy ranks, using its granite-hard head and reinforced horns to smash through fortified walls with ease.

BST: 143/120/82/117/71/118 - 651

NOTE: Gogoat will now be able to learn Rock Climb and Rock Smash by TM/HM, and can also be bred with Head Smash (Emboar), Rollout (Donphan), U-Turn (Zoroark), Wood Hammer (Chesnaught), and Head Charge (Bouffalant).

*Dirt Scrape (Ground, Status, 20 PP, N/A Power, N/A Accuracy) - The scrapes at the ground to increase traction, boosting its Speed stat. (Note: The power of charging moves such as Stampede is doubled if this move is used beforehand.)

*Trample (Ground, Physical, 20 PP, 65 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user crushes its target beneath its feet, possibly causing it to flinch. This attack doubles in power if the foe has used Minimize.

*Stampede (Ground, Physical, 20 PP, 30 Power, 90% Accuracy) - The user continually charges at the target over five turns. It becomes more powerful each time it hits.

*Battering Ram (Rock, Physical, 15 PP, 75 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user rams its foe with great force. It can also break barriers, such as Light Screen and Reflect.


Sur-priiiiise, a long-overdue update to my fakemon blog! I heard you were all craving that mineral this holiday, so I got you all a pimped-up Yule Goat! It’s a bit late for Christmas, but better late than never…

Mega Gogoat’s design, while taking a cue from certain species of ibex, is also based on the related muskox, because those things are basically sledgehammers on hooves like Gogoat is. There’s a lot more leafy and a lot more shaggy to this guy - and that berry-laden mane is based on a Christmas wreath as well! In keeping with the vehicle-in-goat’s-clothing theme, the upper set of horns is also inspired by the handlebars on an all-terrain buggy, because goats are the ATVs of the ungulate world and you know it.

On a side note, I did want to use Grass/Steel for the type combo at first, but ultimately I think Grass/Rock works better with the mountain goat theme.

Mega Gogoat’s stat changes are based on those of a related Poke, Ampharos. These stat changes are rearranged somewhat, though. In both Mega Amp and Mega Goat, both physical stats gain 20 points. Amp’s +20 Special Defense was swapped for a +20 Special Attack, however, and the -10 debuff on Speed became a loss for Special Defense instead. Most importantly, Gogoat’s lackluster Speed stat got the +50 boost that Amp’s Special Attack gets, turning the Mount Pokémon into a veritable speed demon as well as a tank!

As for actual combat abilities, well… remember the hilariously destructive chaos that is Goat Simulator? Now you can bring that into the Pokémon universe, because Mega Gogoat’s Rock Head + breedable Head Smash + STAB + 120 Attack = PROFIT! You can also use a recoil-free Head Charge for general neutral coverage, U-Turn to scout, Rock Smash to weaken enemies, the new Battering Ram to bust down barriers, and Rock Climb for utility purposes and the occasional licking of salt from mountainsides. If you like to gamble, you can also use Stampede to stack up power at the risk of Mega Goat taking enemy fire, though in spite of the many type weaknesses of each of its types, the combination covers most of them, so you shouldn’t worry about that too much as you mow everything down.

One last time: Have a wonderful holiday season, everybody, and here’s to a very fakemon-filled New Year!

Gogoat © Nintendo
Mega Gogoat © Me!


I have not updated my fakemon blog for the longest time… *faints*

was going to complete the Rapid Fire Region challenge sooner, and I probably still will, but real life has gotten in the way. A lot. So the last three, possibly four entries are probably going to be super-slow. Anyway, I was a bit stuck for some time on what to do for Day 28 of the challenge, which concerns creating an important character for the hypothetical games of the region. I had no idea which of my OCs to port into this AU-ish thingy, or if I should just create a new one, but then I stumbled upon some old pics I made of Link (from The Legend of Zelda, of course) as a Pokemon trainer and decided to call it a submission.

Link was going to be the Steel-type E4 member, but I’ve found a better character for that role, so he's basically gonna be one of those “principal subplot characters” in the vein of Looker, Zinnia, or N. In both the Day and Night versions, his main quest is to uncover the real motivations of the villainous team of the game, since he knows of the truth behind the legends and the possible ramifications of the bullsh!t they’re doing. Though he’s not the player character (which means he finally gets to speak, huzzah!), he’ll still be essential in taking down Team Past/Future, and may actually end up helping you with a double battle against the team’s leader and the version mascot Legendary.

The two Pokemon I’ve placed on Link’s team so far are Epona, a Rapidash in this AU, and Dimitri the Dodongo from Oracle of Ages/Seasons, in this case a Shieldon. Each of his party members is a reference to one of the Zelda games, so that probably means he’ll get a Wolvolent as well, in reference to Twilight Princess (the version this design is based off of).

If I end up having to make an expy of Link for if and when Day and Night become official hacks, I’ll probably name him Lynn! :D