gaenn region

393 - KRAITIC (Krait+Aquatic)
- Water
- Sea Snake Pokémon
- 3'2"/ 30 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Shed Skin)
DAY: Without legs, it moves using a sinuous slithering motion, gliding gracefully through the water.
NIGHT: Its elegance belies a toxic, corrosive saliva. Its Trainer must be very careful when handling it.

394 - SERPENTOX (Serpent+Toxic)
- Water/Poison
- Sea Snake Pokémon
- Evolves from KRAITIC at Level 17
- 7'6"/ 123 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Shed Skin)
DAY: Its two heads have equally venomous fangs. Like humans with their right or left hands, it can prefer one head over the other.
NIGHT: Its twin stomachs are elastic enough to engulf substantial prey. Its deadly venom predigests meals before swallowing them.

395 - HYDROSSION (Hydra+Corossion)
- Water/Poison
- Venomous Pokémon
- Evolves from SERPENTOX at Level 35
- 15’/ 245 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Shed Skin)
DAY: Using its long body and fins, it can pursue its prey quickly through coral reefs. It may also slither onto the shore to hunt every once in a while.
NIGHT: Its venom destroys tissues in a manner akin to Acid. This sly hunter subdues victims with bites from its four heads, pinpointing all vulnerabilities.

KRAITIC:  Leer, Aqua Jet, Wrap, Water Sport, Acid, Toxic, Acid Spray, Slam, Ocean Blast*, Coil, Waterfall, Wring Out, Gastro Acid, Aqua Tail, and starting move Bite.
SERPENTOX: Same as KRAITIC, but with added moves Brine, Poison Fang, and Crunch.
HYDROSSION: Same as SERPENTOX, but with added moves Surf, Corrosion*, and Dragon Tail.
Notable HM/TM: Dive, Aqua Ring, Brine, Rain Dance, Dragon Claw, DragonBreath, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, ThunderFang, Venoshock, Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Water Pulse, and Hydro Cannon; Notable breeding moves are Poison Tail and Poison Jab from Seviper.


Based on banded sea kraits, yellow-bellied sea snakes, banded water cobras, two-headed snakes, and either the Lernaean Hydra or the Naga from Hindu myth.

This is also the last of the twelve Starter families for Gaenn, which means I can get on with the rest of the fakedex! Huzzah! :D

** Ocean Blast and Corrosion were created by cj1206, and are listed here. All credit for these moves goes to him.

MUSHKI (Mush+Husky+Ski)
- Ice/Steel
- Sled Dog Pokémon
- 2’1”/25 lbs
- Ability: Fur Coat/Strong Jaw (Ice Body)
DAY: MUSHKI live in cold, snowy mountains. Their thick Fur Coats and wide paws allow them to race through deep snow with ease.
NIGHT: These Pokémon are famous for helping humans stranded in blizzards. They huddle with their friends during cold spells to keep warm.

- Ice/Steel
- Dire Wolf Pokémon
- Evolves from MUSHKI at lvl. 26
- 5’4”/ 136 lbs
- Ability: Fur Coat/Strong Jaw (Ice Body)
DAY: Once feared as deadly pack-hunters, WOLVOLENT have waged war with northern-dwelling humans for many years. They still patrol the mountains in great numbers.
NIGHT: This tenacious, predatory Pokémon is armed with powerful jaws which can chew through steel bars. Once it sinks its reinforced fangs into its prey, it never lets go.

MUSHKI: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Baby-Doll Eyes, Ice Beam, Take Down, Frost Breath, Powder Snow, Charm, Metal Claw, Ice Ball, Howl, Work Up, Haze, Pursuit, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, Reversal, Last Resort, and starting moves Leer and Bite.
WOLVOLENT: Same as MUSHKI, but with added moves Sucker Punch, Avalanche, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Beat Up, Feint Attack, Foul Play, Freeze-Dry, Night Slash, ArcticCharge*, and Sheer Cold.
Notable HM/TM: Hone Claws, Roar, Hail, Bulk Up, Hidden Power, Taunt, Blizzard, Protect, Safeguard, Frustration, Smack Down, Return, Dig, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Torment, Thief, Round, Echoed Voice, False Swipe, Quash, Acrobatics, Shadow Claw, Payback, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Swagger, U-turn, Flash Cannon, Wild Charge, and Snarl.


Much fakemon. Such overdue. Wow.

Mushki is actually more closely based on a doge shibe inu than a husky, though they are closely related. In retrospect, I should’ve made him a pure Ice-type - maybe I can fix that in a later edit.

*ArcticCharge (Ice, Physical, 5 PP, 130 Power, 90% Accuracy): The user chills itself to sub-zero temperatures and charges at the foe. A miss results in brutal crash damage.
This move is created by cj1206, and is listed here. All credit for this move goes to him.

NOTRICON (Notebook+Necronomicon)
- Ghost/Psychic
- Tome Pokémon
- 2’1”/ 2.5 lbs
Ability: Trace
DAY: It is said to have been a book possessed by a wandering spirit. Reading it carelessly will provoke it into inflicting a terrible curse.
NIGHT: For centuries, writers have used this Pokémon to record their passages. It feeds upon the information written into its pages.

GRIMORICON (Grimoire+Necronomicon)
- Ghost/Psychic
- Tome Pokémon
- Evolves from NOTRICON at Level 35
- 2’1”/ 5 lbs
Ability: Trace
DAY: Once it is used for 100 years, a NOTRICON becomes a GRIMORICON. It never runs out of pages no matter how much it is written upon.
NIGHT: Within its covers, it hides many ancient spells and curses which it can put to use in battle. Even skilled spellcasters find trouble fending off its magic attacks.

KYORNICON (Kyorinrin+Necronomicon)
- Ghost/Psychic
- Forbidden Tome Pokémon
- Evolves from GRIMORICON via a Dusk Stone
- 4’9”/ 86 lbs
Ability: Stance Change*
DAY: Its power is immense, for it is thought to have discovered the wisdom of the gods. Those who abuse its power are soon consumed by the monster dwelling inside.
NIGHT: It resides in only the most private of library sectors. Scholars consider it both dangerous and highly prized, because it is thought to conceal many dark secrets.

NOTRICON: Hex, Mean Look, Pursuit, Miracle Eye, Astonish, Papercut**, Psychic, Mirror Coat, Curse, Dark Pulse, Gravity, Crunch, Hypnosis, Will-O-Wisp, Dream Eater, Power Split, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, and starting moves Bite, Lick, and Calm Mind.
GRIMORICON: Same as NOTRICON, but with added moves Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind, Light Screen, and Future Sight. Hex and Mean Look are now starting moves.
KYORNICON: Same as GRIMORICON, but with added moves Night Shade, Night Daze, Nightmare, Trick Room, Destiny Bond, and Magic Circle**. Pursuit, Miracle Eye, and Astonish are now starting moves.
Notable HM/TM: Psyshock, Toxic, Hail, Venoshock, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Taunt, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Safeguard, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Reflect, Sludge Wave, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Sandstorm, Fire Blast, Torment, Rest, Attract, Overheat, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, Incinerate, Quash, Embargo, Flash, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Frost Breath, Infestation, Grass Knot, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, and Confide. Notable breeding moves are Iron Defense and Shadow Sneak from Aegislash and Disable, Grudge, and Night Shade from Cofagrigus.

*Stance Change will now cause the user to assume its defensive form whenever it uses any protective move. Examples include Protect, Light Screen, Safeguard, or King’s Shield.

**Papercut (Normal, Physical, 30 PP, 20 Power, 90% Accuracy) - The user inflicts a shallow but painful cut on the opponent’s skin. The foe is guaranteed to flinch.

**Magic Circle (Fairy, Status, 10 PP, N/A Power, N/A% Accuracy) - The user casts a magical symbol around itself that protects it from damage. It harshly lowers the Special Attack stat of any foe who attacks it.


I’ve mentioned that my Psychic-type Gym Leader is Twilight Sparkle from MLP, so a book Pokemon is all but necessary XD. They’re based on the Kyorinrin, a tsukumogami that’s a pile of possessed scrolls and books, and the Necronomicon of the Lovecraft mythos.

If these guys remind you of the Honedge line, that isn’t a coincidence - they are the equivalent of this line in my region, but instead of being physically biased, they are more focused on special attacks. This is reflected in their massively powerful Sp. Atk. and Sp. Def. stats, and unlike Aegislash, these two stats are not that far away from each other. Closed Form Kyorinicon is all but energy-proof, but Open Form Kyorinicon is also capable of taking quite a few hits before going down. Flinch your opponents to ribbons with a thousand Papercuts or no-sell them with a Magic Circle - the choice is yours! Tired of Ghost-types inflicting 4X damage? Use Dark Pulse or Crunch to send them packing! Got allies? Use Light Screen to keep them safe and Trick Room to help out the slow and steady ones! Including Kyorinicon itself which is rather slow. Unfortunately, paper can be damaged easily, and Kyorinicon’s physical stats are average to lackluster. But don’t worry - as long as you read the problem statement carefully and keep your wits sharp, your opponents will magically disappear… into this monster book’s gullet!

I’ve got a few more fakemon designs in my archive and dA account to post up here. Expect to see a number of those next week! ;)

- Grass/Rock
Ability: Rock Head
Gogoat’s Mega Evolved form is Mega Gogoat and can be accessed using the Gogoatite. Upon Mega-Evolving, its hide has become extremely tough - and its rocky, armored back is toughter still. Despite this, it is surprisingly agile and can traverse its mountain habitat with amazing ease, and to repair its armor it will climb near 90-degree slopes to feast on the minerals it craves. Ancient armies harnessed the strength of this powerful Pokémon to carry troops through enemy ranks, using its granite-hard head and reinforced horns to smash through fortified walls with ease.

BST: 143/120/82/117/71/118 - 651

NOTE: Gogoat will now be able to learn Rock Climb and Rock Smash by TM/HM, and can also be bred with Head Smash (Emboar), Rollout (Donphan), U-Turn (Zoroark), Wood Hammer (Chesnaught), and Head Charge (Bouffalant).

*Dirt Scrape (Ground, Status, 20 PP, N/A Power, N/A Accuracy) - The scrapes at the ground to increase traction, boosting its Speed stat. (Note: The power of charging moves such as Stampede is doubled if this move is used beforehand.)

*Trample (Ground, Physical, 20 PP, 65 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user crushes its target beneath its feet, possibly causing it to flinch. This attack doubles in power if the foe has used Minimize.

*Stampede (Ground, Physical, 20 PP, 30 Power, 90% Accuracy) - The user continually charges at the target over five turns. It becomes more powerful each time it hits.

*Battering Ram (Rock, Physical, 15 PP, 75 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user rams its foe with great force. It can also break barriers, such as Light Screen and Reflect.


Sur-priiiiise, a long-overdue update to my fakemon blog! I heard you were all craving that mineral this holiday, so I got you all a pimped-up Yule Goat! It’s a bit late for Christmas, but better late than never…

Mega Gogoat’s design, while taking a cue from certain species of ibex, is also based on the related muskox, because those things are basically sledgehammers on hooves like Gogoat is. There’s a lot more leafy and a lot more shaggy to this guy - and that berry-laden mane is based on a Christmas wreath as well! In keeping with the vehicle-in-goat’s-clothing theme, the upper set of horns is also inspired by the handlebars on an all-terrain buggy, because goats are the ATVs of the ungulate world and you know it.

On a side note, I did want to use Grass/Steel for the type combo at first, but ultimately I think Grass/Rock works better with the mountain goat theme.

Mega Gogoat’s stat changes are based on those of a related Poke, Ampharos. These stat changes are rearranged somewhat, though. In both Mega Amp and Mega Goat, both physical stats gain 20 points. Amp’s +20 Special Defense was swapped for a +20 Special Attack, however, and the -10 debuff on Speed became a loss for Special Defense instead. Most importantly, Gogoat’s lackluster Speed stat got the +50 boost that Amp’s Special Attack gets, turning the Mount Pokémon into a veritable speed demon as well as a tank!

As for actual combat abilities, well… remember the hilariously destructive chaos that is Goat Simulator? Now you can bring that into the Pokémon universe, because Mega Gogoat’s Rock Head + breedable Head Smash + STAB + 120 Attack = PROFIT! You can also use a recoil-free Head Charge for general neutral coverage, U-Turn to scout, Rock Smash to weaken enemies, the new Battering Ram to bust down barriers, and Rock Climb for utility purposes and the occasional licking of salt from mountainsides. If you like to gamble, you can also use Stampede to stack up power at the risk of Mega Goat taking enemy fire, though in spite of the many type weaknesses of each of its types, the combination covers most of them, so you shouldn’t worry about that too much as you mow everything down.

One last time: Have a wonderful holiday season, everybody, and here’s to a very fakemon-filled New Year!

Gogoat © Nintendo
Mega Gogoat © Me!

MEGA MANTINE (Manta+Marine)
- Water/Steel
Ability: Filter
Mantine’s Mega Evolved form is Mega Mantine and can be accessed using the Mantinite. This gentle giant rarely ever feels the need to defend itself, although its Remoraid-shaped wing blasters and durable armored skin are more than enough to dissuade potential threats. With few natural predators, its docile nature makes it popular with divers, and it will happily ferry people and Pokémon across vast stretches of water. Some can grow so large that when they rise out of the ocean, their sheer bulk can stir up tsunamis!

BST: 65/70/80/110/150/70 - 555

NOTE: Mantine will now be able to learn Heavy Slam, and can be taught Gyro Ball and Flash Cannon by TM.

*Scatter Shot (Steel, Special, 30 PP, 25 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user fires a barrage of metallic pellets in rapid succession. Strikes two to five times.

*Depth Charge (Steel, Special, 10 PP, 100 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user detonates an explosive from below the battlefield. Diving or digging opponents take double damage.

*Cannonblast (Steel, Special, 5 PP, 150 Power, 90% Accuracy) - The target is hit by a massive explosive projectile. The user must rest on the next turn, however.


Super Fighting Robot, MEGA MANTINE!”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA Okay, I’m done now.

In all seriousness, when I designed my own Mega Evolution and pre-evolution, I remembered that my Gold/HeartGold counterpart got a pre-evolution in Diamond/Pearl, and then I realized that if the Armor Bird Pokémon was to Mega-Evolve, the Kite Pokémon should as well to complete the correspondence. So I decided to give that ol’ mobulid a little Helping Hand as well!

Yes, Mega Mantine’s body does indeed look like the helmet of a certain fighting robot. Yes, those blasters are indeed based on both Remoraid and the arm cannons of said fighting robot. And no, I have no regrets whatsoever. XD

Aside from the (hopefully) obvious (by now), Mega Mantine is also based on a fighter jet, since Mantine himself already has that going for him with the gun-like Remoraid being “mounted” on his wings. I gave him these nifty turbines on his wings, facial fins, and belly, based on those really cool turbine propellers that I’ve seen on some fictional airships (the flying carrier from The Avengers, the assault planes from Avatar, etc.). The Steel-type isn’t just there for the horrible, horrible pun, either - while Mega Mantine can’t fly anymore (even though Mantine himself couldn’t learn Fly in the first place - the Flying type was likely there because mantas breach and the related eagle rays can glide), Water/Steel provides eleven resistances and a Poison immunity! His ability, Filter, also takes care of Electric types (also Fighting and Ground) which would otherwise bypass his defenses (especially the physical ones - Mantine was supposed to be a Special wall for what it was worth, and Mega Mantine’s stats are exactly the same as Mega Skarmory’s except for the Physical/Special switch, save for the fact that Mega Mantine’s Attack is boosted instead of Speed).

So with his vastly improved defensive talent, Mega Mantine can tank Special Attacks with ease, and the added Special Attack boost will be useful in providing retaliation. Heavy Slam hits hard for something weighing nearly 500 pounds, though his lower Physical Attack (even with the +30 boost) would render it questionable at best. At least Gyro Ball could be worth a shot with his relatively low (and virtually unchanged) Speed stat. I guess it would probably be easier to stick with Special Attacks, but since the only canonical Special Steel move that Gaenn-native Mantine can learn is Flash Cannon, I’ve also provided a few new ones to help him out. Scatter Shot is good for multi-hitting, Depth Charge takes out anyone who dares to use a super-effective Dig (Dive as well, but Mega Mantine resists Water attacks anyway), and Arceus forbid if he blows off a Cannonblast in your face! To be fair, Steel isn’t the best offensive stat (though I’d still recommend at least one of the special Steels because GODDAMN FAIRIES), but Water is far better in this respect, and Mega Mantine retains Mantine’s aptitude for powerful or otherwise useful Water-type attacks like Hydro Pump for sheer power, Scald for crippling physical attackers, and, for obvious reasons, the ever useful Surf - great for everything from a leisurely ride across the ocean to literally washing out everyone who dares to swim in the Super Fighting Manta’s way!

Mantine © Nintendo
Mega Mantine © Me!

TOUCAMP (Toucan+Amp)
- Electric/Flying
- Shock Beak Pokémon
- 1’3”/ 5 lbs
Ability: Lightning Rod/Big Pecks (Motor Drive)
DAY: Clamping its beak around a power source, TOUCAMP absorbs electricity into its body. Then, it releases it through its tail feathers.
NIGHT: It Roosts at the tops of trees, absorbing lightning from storms. It cooks Berries by grasping them in its beak and Discharging electricity.

TOUCHARGE (Toucan+Charge)
- Electric/Flying
- Surge Beak Pokémon
- Evolves from TOUCAMP at Level 25
- 3’6”/ 75 lbs
Ability: Lightning Rod/Big Pecks (Motor Drive)
DAY: By releasing Sparks of lightning from its large, colorful bill, TOUCHARGE can startle its enemies and impress its peers. It nests in forest canopies, leaping with great Agility between branches.
NIGHT: The markings on its bill light up as it prepares to unleash its electric attacks. It recharges by raising its bill skyward, summoning electricity from power sources up to 3 miles away.

TOUCAMP: Leer, Charge, Gust, Fury Attack, Air Cutter, Thunder Shock, Mirror Move, Discharge, Rain Dance, Defog, Agility, Volt Switch, Thunder Fang, Pluck, Thunder Wave, Zap Cannon, and starting moves Peck and Spark.
TOUCHARGE: Same as TOUCAMP, but with added moves Charge Beam, Hurricane, Tesla Rush*, and Sky Attack. Charge, Gust, and Air Cutter are now starting moves.
Notable HM/TM: Fly, Hone Claws, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Roost, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Return, Double Team, Reflect, Aerial Ace, Sky Drop, Acrobatics, Thunder Wave, and Wild Charge. Notable breeding moves are Quick Attack, Focus Energy, and Air Slash from Swellow.


One of four common birds for Gaenn!

The full discussion for the design can be found here. To sum it up, I wanted an Electric type, and after finding a crocodile clip around the house, I noticed that it bore a slight resemblance to a bird’s beak, and the next thing I knew, I was imagining a toucan with a cable clip for a face. XD

Also, sorry if I haven’t updated this dex in a while. I’ve had complications at school and sadly they won’t be resolved until sometime next week or so. D:

*Tesla Rush (Electric, Physical, 15 PP, 70 Power, 90% Accuracy): Electric flares spark over the user as it dashes towards the target. Each turn the target remains on the battlefield, it takes a small amount of damage.
This move is created by cj1206, and is listed here. All credit for this move goes to him.

387 - BRANCERA (Brachyceratops+Branch)
- Grass
- Horn Pokémon
- 2'3"/ 34 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Intimidate)
DAY: It lives in large groups in forested areas. Using its sharp beak, it can Cut down branches to eat.
NIGHT: If attacked, it stands its ground and brandishes its horn. No predator dares to face it head-on.

388 - CENTRONK (Centrosaurus+Trunk)
- Grass/Dragon
- Big Horn Pokémon
- Evolves from BRANCERA at Level 18
- 5'10"/ 145 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Intimidate)
DAY: It Bites through shrubs and twigs with its strong beak. A healthy individual can eat 70 pounds of plant matter in one sitting.
NIGHT: It uses its long, sharp nose horn both to fend off enemies and to Cut through thick bushes. It often sharpens it on tree trunks.

389 - FORESTYRAC (Forest+Styracosaurus)
- Grass/Dragon
- Giant Horn Pokémon
- Evolves from CENTRONK at Level 32
- 11’/ 332 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Intimidate)
DAY: The berries on its tail bush are thought to give strength to those who eat them. Using its sharp beak, it feasts upon tough branches every day, keeping its hide sturdy and thick.
NIGHT: FORESTYRAC is armed with a nose horn shaped like a sword. Rivals will joust fiercely over territory and partners, using movements reminiscent of sword-fighting.

BRANCERA: Leaf Blade, Bite, Synthesis, Horn Attack, Bullet Seed, Tantrum*, AncientPower, Ingrain, Swords Dance, Growth, Slash, Endure, Dragon Dance, SolarBeam, and starting moves Cut and Protect.
CENTRONK: Same as CENTRONK, but with added moves Scary Face, Take Down, Horn Leech, and Dragon Rush.
FORESTYRAC: Same as CENTRONK, but with added moves Double-Edge, Wood Hammer, Outrage, and Guillotine.
Notable HM/TM: Strength, Rock Smash, Grass Knot, Giga Drain, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail, Grass Pledge, and Frenzy Plant. Notable breeding moves are Iron Defense and Iron Head from Bastiodon.


Last Starter set for Island 4!

This Starter triad is notable in that it is the only one in my fakedex that is comprised of reptiles - a characteristic that was sorely lacking in the previous three sets. I based the Grass Starters off of ceratopsians as rivals for a Steel/Dragon-type tyrannosaur lineage, which is now redundant because suddenly Tyrantrum. I liked how these guys came out nonetheless, so I decided to keep them with some minor design additions. Forestyrac in particular has improved texture and more meaning to the bush on its tail - it’s a berry bush that’s a substitute for the tail bristles known from some primitive ceratopsians.

*Tantrum (Dragon, Physical, 10 PP, 50 Power, 90% Accuracy) - The user works itself into a rampage and charges down the foe. Has a chance of raising the user’s Attack stat.
This move is created by cj1206, and are listed here. All credit for this move goes to him.

258 - SKULLUGA (Skull+Beluga)
- Water/Ghost
- SkeleWhale Pokémon
- 3'5"/ 62 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Levitate)
DAY: It can sense life force using its tusk. When eerie fog gathers, it is said to be rising to the surface.
NIGHT: Said to be spirits of Pokemon hunted by humans, they are often seen haunting the wakes of fishing boats.

259 - NARVERTA (Narwhal+Vertebra)
- Water/Ghost
- SkeleWhale Pokémon
- Evolves from SKULLUGA at Level 16
- 8'10"/ 286.6 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Levitate)
DAY: Strange Mist gathering over the sea is attributed to its breath as it surfaces. It lives in the cold seas of the north.
NIGHT: NARVERTA’s tusk can Detect the spirit energy of its prey. The NARVERTA with the longest, sharpest tusk leads the pod.

260 - LEVIAJIRA (Leviathan+Bake-kujira)
- Water/Ghost
- SkeleWhale Pokémon
- Evolves from NARVERTRA at Level 36
- 35'7"/ 835 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Levitate)
DAY: Sightings of this Pokemon are always accompanied by freak storms. Because of this, it was once thought to feed on the life force of sailors drowned at sea.
NIGHT: Its drill-like tusk is used both to locate life force and as a weapon*. Many LEVIAJIRA have scars on their faces from battling their favorite food, SQUOLOSSAL.

SKULLUGA: Astonish, Water Gun, Bide, Ripple**, Detect, Bite, Whirlpool, Mist, Body Slam, Horn Drill, and starting moves Horn Attack and Screech.
NARVERTA: Same as SKULLUGA, but with added moves Lock On, TerrorScream**, Dive, and Crunch.
LEVIAJIRA: Same as NARVERTA, but with added moves Ice Fang, Shadow Spear*, Water Spout, and Perish Song.
Notable HM/TM: Waterfall, Surf, Fly(!), Rock Smash, Rain Dance, Ocean Blast**, Foam Cover**, Hydro Pump, Water Pledge, Giga Impact, and Hydro Cannon.


Based on narwhals and the Japanese bake-kujira. The shiny versions have white and whitish-blue skin, along with black and dark gray skeletal features.

I start classes tomorrow, so if you want to see more fakemon then be prepared to wait for afternoon downtime and shorter fakedex descriptions, since I’ll be posting on campus until the end of Spring term.

** Ripple, TerrorScream, Ocean Blast, and Foam Cover were created by cj1206, and are listed here. All credit for these moves goes to him.

255 - ELEFLOON (Elephant+Balloon)
- Fire/Flying
- Whimsical Pokémon
- 1'2"/ 62 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Unburden)
DAY: Its playful nature makes it popular with young trainers. It is often seen floating about aimlessly.
NIGHT: It inflates itself with belly gas to get airborne, and shoots flames from its trunk when threatened.

256 - BLIMPACHY (Blimp+Pachyderm)
- Fire/Flying
- Absurdity Pokémon
- Evolves from ELEFLOON at Level 16
- 4’/ 124 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Unburden)
DAY: Remarkably, its body can float using a flammable belly gas. It ignites it to produce streams of fire when provoked.
NIGHT: In general, it has a gentle disposition. However, it becomes energetic and competitive during the breeding season.

257 - DHARMAFANT (Dharma+Elephant)
- Fire/Flying
- Divinity Pokémon
- Evolves from BLIMPACHY at Level 36
- 7'2"/ 248 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Unburden)
DAY: By consuming coal and firewood it creates belly gas that, amazingly, allows its heavy body to stay airborne. It can produce powerful waves of heat to defend itself.
NIGHT: Such is its knowledge and control over fire that it can create all kinds of amazing forms with it. Because of its mystical powers, it is frequently associated with deities of wisdom.

ELEFLOON: Defense Curl, Flame Charge, Gust, Sand-Attack, Strength, Fire Spin, Stomp, Flamethrower, Smolder**, Mirror Move, Furnace Hold**, Flare Blitz, and starting moves Tackle and Growl.
BLIMPACHY: Same as ELEFLOON, but with added moves Air Cutter, Gale Force**, Bulk Up, and Overheat.
DHARMAFANT: Same as BLIMPACHY, but with added moves Heat Wave, Superpower, Blow Down*, and Mystical Fire.
Notable HM/TM: Fly, Defog, Rock Smash, Superpower, Earthquake, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Low Sweep, Bulldoze, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Work Up, Fire Pledge, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, and Blast Burn.

*Blow Down (Flying, Special, 5 PP, 120 Power, 75% Accuracy) - A two-turn attack. The user inhales on the first turn, then exhales violently to knock opponents over and throw off their aim.
NOTE: The next attack from any of the affected opponents has a 50% chance of failing. Does not affect foes using Dig or Dive. Any foes using Fly, Bounce, or Sky Drop will receive double damage, and the second phase of the move will fail by default.


And here’s the Fire Starter for Island 3, with a total makeover to boot! I was inspired by visiting one of the museums in our New Years’ trip, and seeing a statue of the Hindu god of wisdom, the elephant-headed Ganesha. This is why Dharmafant has six arms and those mystical orbs of flame. Also, that weird lower jaw in the third stage was inspired by Platybelodon.

Other changes include moving the hot-air sacs to the backs, changing up the stance a little, and giving them a few new moves to deal with those pesky Rock types.

** Smolder, Furnace Hold, and Gale Force were created by cj1206, and are listed here. All credit for these moves goes to him.

390 - CHELOMIN (Chelonian+Mine)
- Fire
- Mine Turtle Pokémon
- 2’/ 12 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Aftermath)
DAY: CHELOMIN is friendly and sweet-natured. However, it may Bite, scorch, or Tackle a potential enemy.
NIGHT: When the red spot on its back is pressed, its shell will explode, scattering Shrapnel* everywhere.

391 - VOLATURLE (Volatile+Turtle)
- Fire/Steel
- Explosion Pokémon
- Evolves from CHELOMIN at Level 18
- 4'8"/ 260 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Aftermath)
DAY: It is slow-moving because of its great bulk. To compensate, it stores volatile compounds inside its shell.
NIGHT: VOLATURLE’s shell explodes with devastating force when threatened. Its back becomes unprotected afterward.

392 - DETONATLAS (Detonate+Colossochelys atlas)
- Fire/Steel
- Detonation Pokémon
- Evolves from VOLATURLE at Level 32
- 9'4"/ 563 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Aftermath)
DAY: This is one of the largest and longest-lived of the turtle Pokemon. Its iron-covered carapace can release mighty fireballs and shockwaves when it explodes in self-defense.
NIGHT: Old enough DETONATLAS can control their Explosions at will. They are used by demolition companies today, as they are easier to control and care for than manmade explosives.

CHELOMIN: Withdraw, Cinder Gun*, Wide Guard, Flamethrower, Bite, Protect, Spikes, Iron Defense, Selfdestruct, Shrapnel*, Gyro Ball, Explosion, and starting move Tackle.
VOLATURLE: Same as CHELOMIN, but with added moves Flash Cannon, Fire Blast, and Earthquake.
DETONATLAS: Same as VOLATURLE, but with added moves Magnepulse*, Magma Storm, and Fissure.
Notable HM/TM: Strength, Dig, Fire Spin, Lava Plume, Eruption, Rapid Spin, Magnitude, Sand Tomb, Sand-Attack, Earth Power, Iron Head, Metal Sound, Doom Desire, Meteor Mash, Shard Shower*, Fire Pledge, and Blast Burn; A notable breeding move is Bulldoze via Rhydon.


Because they’ve done Grass and Water starters based on turtles, and I felt that using the Mine Turtle to complete the triad with was pretty much necessary. XD

** Cinder Gun, Shrapnel, Magnepulse, and Shard Shower were created by cj1206, and are listed here. All credit for these moves goes to him.

SUCHONYX (Suchomimus+Baryonyx+Onyx)
- Water/Rock
- Fish Eater Pokémon
- 3'2"/80 lbs
- Ability: Intimidate/Tough Claws (Hydration)
DAY: Thought to be extinct for millions of years, its fossils date back to the time of the dinosaurs. Its webbed feet make it good at swimming but clumsy on land.
NIGHT: Its scales offer good camouflage in rocky riverbeds, and it can hold its breath for up to an hour. It uses its sharp claws and teeth to grab slippery prey.

SPHARAONYX (Spinosaurus+Pharaoh+Onyx)
- Water/Rock
- River King Pokémon
- Evolves from SUCHOBYX with King’s Rock
- 8’/ 620.5 lbs
- Ability: Intimidate/Tough Claws (Hydration)
DAY: Ancient peoples respected and feared this giant predator as a symbol of power. Temples in desert oases were adorned with its ferocious visage to ward off evil spirits.
NIGHT: It swims with its colorful sail above the water to ward off rivals and attract mates. Its noble, regal appearance belies its ruthless nature, attacking anything that gets in its way.

SUCHONYX: Fury Swipes, Aqua Tail, Rock Blast, Ice Fang, Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Recover, Stone Edge, Block, Water Pulse, Wide Guard, Take Down, Stealth Rock, Crunch, Surf, Dragon Claw, and starting moves Leer, Bite, Mean Look, and Scratch.
SPHARAONYX: Same as SUCHONYX, but with added moves Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, AncientPower, Rock Slide, and Night Slash.
Notable HM/TM: Waterfall, Cut, Dive, Hone Claws, Calm Mind, Roar, Bulk Up, Hidden Power, Taunt, Light Screen, Protect, Rain Dance, Safeguard, Frustration, Solar Beam, Brick Break, Reflect, Rock Tomb, Torment, Facade, Rest, Focus Blast, False Swipe, Scald, Embargo, Shadow Claw, Giga Impact, Rock Polish, Dragon Tail, Swagger, Substitute, and Dark Pulse. Notable breeding moves are Sand Tomb, Mud-Slap, Dig, and Earthquake from Krookodile and Head Smash and Bone Crusher* from Tyrantrum.

*Bone Crusher (Rock, Physical, 20 PP, 50 Power, 100% Accuracy) - The user bites down with tremendous crushing power. This attack is super-effective against resistant types.


Decided to drop off the colored versions of my revised dino lines in this region. The second one will be up later today. Hopefully.

I changed Strong Jaw to Tough Claws after noting that Spinosaurus had a weaker bite force than I first thought (the snout was also narrow like a gharial, and thus easier to break in battle); Rock Head got changed to Intimidate for the same reason. I really prefer to see Spharaonyx as more of a bulky special wall, though. He’s a big, bulky fellow who’s more likely to paddle around and dine on fish sticks all day than any of that JP3 top predator nonsense (that’s what his version counterpart’s for). Stealth Rock and Dragon Tail work pretty well with his high defenses, and Recover+Leftovers increases durability (he must really like those fish sticks, apparently). If you want to go with a mixed support/offensive set, I’d go with Tough Claws as an ability, with Hone Claws to boost his rather mediocre physical attack and a priority move like Aqua Jet because he’s pretty slow.

Oh, and Bone Crusher has been nerfed to 50 Power, since Strong Jaw+STAB on Tyrantrum would make it pretty powerful even without the type effectiveness (113 Power). On Spharaonyx it would be 75 Power.

016 - RUBIN (Ruby+Robin)
- Normal/Flying
- Songbird Pokémon
- 1’/ 5 lbs
Ability: Keen Eye/Moxie (Guts)
DAY: They gather in large flocks to search for food. When threatened, they fight back en masse with their beaks and claws.
NIGHT: Though admired for its beautiful song, it is a vicious predator. It skewers prey on sharpened tree branches and eats it alive.

017 - RUBREN (Ruby+Robin+Wren)
- Fighting/Flying
- Songbird Pokémon
- Evolves from RUBIN at Level 18
- 2’4”/ 36 lbs
Ability: Keen Eye/Moxie (Guts)
DAY: Using its broad wings to soar on air currents, it migrates across continents with the seasons. It uses its talons to snatch prey from above.
NIGHT: It swoops down upon its foes, then mercilessly attacks them. It makes sure that intruders upon its territory are left with painful wounds.

018 - ZEPHRUBON (Zephyr+Robin+Ruby)
- Fighting/Flying
- Pugnacious Pokémon
- Evolves from RUBREN at Level 25
- 4’3"/ 225 lbs
Ability: Keen Eye/Moxie (Guts)
DAY: To mark its territory, it sings for hours at a time. Others steer clear of its musical, warbling cry, and flee for their lives from its piercing Screech.
NIGHT: Its regular migrations are said to be a harbinger of the seasons. It Divebombs its prey from above, and then crushes it with its powerful talons.

RUBIN: Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, Hone Claws, Grapple*, Fury Attack, Slash, Feather Dance, Agility, Wing Attack, Crush Claw, Divebomb*, Ripping Talon*, Hyper Voice, Sky Attack, and starting moves Peck and Screech.
RUBREN: Same as RUBIN, but with added moves Counter, Low Sweep, Throttle*, and Sky Drop. Gust is now a starting move.
ZEPHRUBON: Same as RUBREN, but with added moves Freefall*, Double Kick, and Brave Bird.
Notable HM/TM: Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Air Slash, Bulk Up, Return, Aerial Ace, Round, Shadow Claw, and Pluck. Notable breeding moves are Steel Wing from Skarmory and Valiant Effort* from Braviary.


One of four common birds for Gaenn! I always thought we should get an early Flying-type that doesn’t suck XD.

Based on the American robin, the shrike/butcherbird, and the red-tailed hawk, with some influence from masked superheroes. The shiny versions could have a color scheme based on Robin from Batman! XD

*Grapple, Divebomb, Ripping Talon, Throttle, Freefall, and Valiant Effort are all created by me, and are free to use by other fakemon creators. For more information on these moves, go here.

GLOWVA (Glow+Larva)
- Bug/Psychic
- Glow Worm Pokémon
- 1’2"/ 4.5 lbs
Ability: Illuminate/Shield Dust (Swarm)
DAY: They hang sticky silk from the ceilings of caves. By shining their lights through the silk threads, they create a hypnotic light show to attract prey.
NIGHT: It is thought that staring into its light orb will allow it to control one’s mind. When they gather in large numbers, their lights create the illusion of a starlit sky.

PHOSFALIS (Phosphorescence+Chrysalis)
- Bug/Psychic
- Glow Case Pokémon
- Evolves from GLOWVA at Level 8
- 2’7”/ 24 lbs
Ability: Shed Skin
DAY: Its soft body is protected by a tough shell. Nonetheless, if enemies come too close, it creates a dazzling display of flashing lights from its orbs to scare them away.
NIGHT: When at ease, it hangs from cave ceilings, awaiting evolution. It does not take kindly to being disturbed, so it protects itself by projecting frightening visions into the minds of attackers.

FLUORESECT (Fluorescence+Insect)
- Bug/Psychic
- Glow Fly Pokémon
- Evolves from PHOSPHALIS at Level 12
- 4’/ 75 lbs
Ability: Illuminate/Tinted Lens (Swarm)
DAY: By waving the lights on its tail and antennae, it creates a hypnotic display to lure in its prey. It may also perform this same dance to communicate or attract a mate.
NIGHT: It is a poor flier and prefers to use its wings to frighten its enemies. Because of its strange display behavior, many folk tales ascribe mystical powers to this Pokémon.

GLOWVA: Flash, Struggle Bug, Dazzle, Psychic, Sticky Web, Reflect, and starting moves Tackle, String Shot, and Tail Glow.
PHOSFALIS: Harden, Astonish, Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and whatever moves were learned as a GLOWVA.
FLUORESECT: Gleam, String Shot, Bug Buzz, Silver Wind, Dazzle, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Struggle Bug, Attract, Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Calm Mind, Cosmic Power, Baton Pass, Extrasensory, Infestation, Psywave, Heal Block, Trick Room, Miracle Eye, Psystrike, Quiver Dance, Super Laser, and starting moves Tail Glow, Psychic, Bug Bite, and Flash.
Notable HM/TM: Psyshock, Hidden Power, Taunt, Light Screen, Protect, Safeguard, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Reflect, Facade, Rest, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, Embargo, Payback, X-Scissor, U-Turn, and Dazzling Gleam. A notable breeding move is Zen Headbutt from Illumise.


One of two common bug lines for Gaenn! I originally had a pepper moth with two forms based on the environment where they were found, but in retrospect I should’ve remembered that there were too many butterflies already. So their replacements are based on Arachnocampa fungus gnats, also known as “glow worms”! There’s also some influence from fireflies, moths with eyespots for wings, and crystal balls.

I was going to have Compound Eyes as an ability for Fluoresect, but I felt that would be better for another fakemon idea I’m saving for later in the dex.

I have the lineart for the other regional bug line sketched and ready to color, so it should be up later this week (hopefully by tomorrow if I’m quick enough with the color job).

276 - ORNUTTO (Ornith{Bird in Greek}+Putto)
- Flying/Light
- Pure Bird Pokémon
- 1'2"/2 lbs
Ability: Pure Heart* (Healer)
DAY: Because it lacks eyes, it “sees” using its halo. What looks like its closed eyes are actually markings.
NIGHT: It literally cannot land, and instead hovers. It is regarded as a symbol of purity because it is partial to virtue.

277 - ORNTHERUB (Ornith+Cherub)
- Flying/Light
- Evolves from ORNUTTO at lvl 25
- Penance Bird Pokémon
- 4'5"/127 lbs
Ability: Pure Heart* (Healer)
DAY: The “eyes” on its face and breastplate are actually markings. It sees by radiating spiritual energy from its halo, and it is thought that being exposed to its full power will purify a corrupted soul.
NIGHT: A symbol of peace and holiness, it derives sustenance from the purification of people and Pokemon. If it detects corruption in its opponent, it will remove the impurity through any means necessary.

ORNUTTO:  Quick Attack, FeatherDance, Wing Attack, Refresh, Shield Breaker, Dazzle, Halo, Safeguard, Return, Dash, Beam Spam, Air Cutter, Counter, Detect, Magic Coat, Defog, Drill Peck, Angel Ring, Roost, Sky Attack, and starting moves Gust, LaserBeam, and Flash.
ORNTHERUB: Same as ORNUTTO, but with added moves; Penance, Air Slash, Laser Cutter, Mirror Move, Lock On, Flash Step, Brave Bird, Corona, and Retribution.
Notable HM/TM: Fly, Super Laser, SolarBeam, Pluck, Mirror Coat, Steel Wing, and Hyper Beam.

*Pure Heart - Ignores secondary effects of enemy attacks.


Based on the Caladrius, a mythical bird with snow-white plumage and the ability to cure disease. I also took inspiration from putto and Biblical cherubim, which are often confused with each other (my headcanon is that they are different life stages of the same being).

These guys were the flag-bearers of the Light-type back when I first elaborated it on deviantART. For more on that type, go here.


Decided to batch-post some Rapid-Fire Region concepts again. It’ll probably be like this for a while because of other things, but eh…

  • At the top are some logos for my evil teams, Team Past and Team Future. I’ve already elaborated on them here - Team Past intends to resurrect an ancient legend (in the Night version), and Team Future intends to make a new one (in the Day version). Their motives may have something to do with the version (cover) legendaries as well, which I’ll elaborate when we get to them. Team Past uses Pokemon with an ancient motif, while Team Future uses futuristic ones.
  • Then we have doodles of the next few fakemon designs by type. I redesigned my star maiden line for the Ghost type, to fit a role somewhere between Clefairy and Gothitelle. There’s influence from Kirby, magical girls, and the Flatwoods monster in the last one.
  • The Grass-type line is entirely new, and is based on garlic, onions, and lilies. Scourlic in particular is based on onions making people cry, and uses acidic tears to attack. I’m not happy about the evolved stage - Garlisis was intended as a dangerous plant body sprouting from inside the bulb, which is based on a lily because lilies are poisonous and Lilligant can suck it. I may redesign her to look more like a vampire plant in the future, because she’s part of my Poison-type gym leader’s team and also because I find a garlic vampire hilariously ironic.
  • Armorm and Armogola, the sand worm Pokemon, fill out the Ground-type slot, and are based on earthworms and the Mongolian Death Worm, as they’re intended for a cryptid-based Ground-type gym. I liked Armogola’s lindworm-like initial design, but I decided that it could use a little extra flair, so I changed his forelegs into a more paddle-like arrangement and gave him mandibles like a bobbit worm, because those things are freaking badass and you know it.
  • I used today’s topic, an Ice-type fakemon, as an opportunity to redesign Mushki, the basic stage of a doge wolf Pokemon I originally intended for my Steel-type E4 member (he was going to be Link from LoZ, but I decided that Shulk from Xenoblade would be better for the role). I may put him among the Ice-type gym leader’s team instead. Anyway, Mushki was supposed to be a Shibe Inu but I didn’t have ref art for the original drawing, so I printed out a picture of one for this round and based the new design off of that. He’s a lot more fluffy now, because one of his abilities is Fur Coat and I wanted his appearance to suggest that. He’s also going to be pure Ice-type (Wolvolent will still be Ice/Steel), since there isn’t any reason for him to have the Steel-type from the beginning if Metal Claw and Iron Tail are the only two moves of that type he learns naturally.

APPARACH (Apparition+Arachnid)
- Bug/Ghost
- Weaving Pokémon
- 2’5”/10 lbs
Ability: Frisk/CompoundEyes (Pressure)
DAY: It spins its webs in the darkness of caves. It conceals them from its prey with mysterious smoke produced by its abdomen.
NIGHT: Its silk is almost invisible, but instantly ensnares anything that touches it. Its bite drains the life force of its victims.

ALLURACH (Allure+Arachnid)
- Bug/Ghost
- Enthralling Pokémon
- Evolves from APPARACH via level-up while knowing Attract
- 5’/ 252 lbs
Ability: Enchantress*/CompoundEyes (Pressure)
DAY: Its body became elongated in order to attract its prey and catch it from afar. Its smoke contains scents that are attractive to male victims, which it captures for breeding and sustenance.
NIGHT: There are no males among the ALLURACH species, and they must therefore find male Pokémon of other species to reproduce. Those who wander into their webs are never seen again.

APPARACH: Astonish, Bug Bite, Scary Face, Leech Life, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, Fury Cutter, Misty Terrain, Sweet Kiss, Fairy Wind, Spiderweb, Draining Kiss, Poison Fang, Attract, Shadow Ball, Sticky Web, and starting moves String Shot and Sweet Scent.
ALLURACH: Same as APPARACH, but with added moves Dark Pulse, Phantom Force, Bug Buzz, X-Scissor, and Infestation.
TM/HM: TBA. Two notable breeding moves are Electroweb from Galvantula and Megahorn from Heracross.

*Enchantress - Pokémon of the opposite gender become infatuated when the user switches in. The user draws in all attacks from Pokémon of the same gender as long as it remains on the field.


Happy Halloween! Thought I’d join the skeleton war with some skull arachnids! :D

I teased this line before with the flat colors, and the design aspects were already described there, so the battle abilities will do. You know Galvantula’s CompoundEyes Thunder and how it gets an accuracy boost that makes it usable? Same idea, albeit with a breedable Megahorn instead (those horns on Allurach’s butt are based off longhorn orb-weavers). Ghost-type moves in general are also 100% accurate and this type is also pretty good defensively, so Allurach is useful for different roles. If you want to screw with an opponent and you know their Pokemon’s gender, go with Enchantress, though be aware that any girls brought in will try to attack you as well. At least you’ll be able to play the keep-away game for teammates in doubles! She can also trap stuff with Spiderweb and a breedable Electroweb, and also no-sell status conditions with Misty Terrain.

Now, on to November, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holidays! :D

MALCIER (Mal [Latin suffix for bad]+Alces [Moose genus] + Glacier)
- Ice/Ghost
- Does not evolve
- Megafauna Pokémon
- 6’8”/285 lbs
Ability: Intimidate/Unnerve (Snow Warning)
DAY: A Pokémon that was once common throughout the ice age, it was driven to near extinction by human hunters. Its breath is as cold as the ice it once inhabited.
NIGHT: Because it once fought against humans, it developed a fierce grudge even in the afterlife. It strikes fear into its enemies with the eyes on its huge antlers.

Powder Snow, Horn Attack, Hypnosis, Blizzard, Shadow Sneak, Icy Wind, Stomp, Take Down, Frost Breath, Confuse Ray, Ice Ball, Roar, Ice Shard, Frustration, Double-Edge, Megahorn, Skull Bash, and starting moves Mean Look, Tackle, Astonish, and Headbutt.
Notable HM/TM: TBA. A notable breeding move is Zen Headbutt from Stantler.


Oh hey look, another spoopy fakemon design!

After seeing this post one fine day, I decided, why not have a moose fakemon for my region? The thing is, most of them are either Ice-type, Grass-type, or related to Stantler, and some people also made Ghost-types based on animal-head trophies as well. I decided to give mine a bit of a difference by combining the concepts together. The antler eyes were a bit of a last-minute addition but I really like them too.

This guy combines Stantler’s attacking prowess, Avalugg’s mighty defensive stats, and… a rather poor speed stat. Thankfully he’s got Ice Shard and Shadow Sneak to get around that, and though the lack of strong physical Ghost-type moves is a shame, Shadow Ball is always a good standby. Aside from that, his hand-like antlers allow him to learn several punching techniques as well, Brick Break and Mach Punch being useful for their respective effects of barrier busting and priority.

I’ll have at least one more spooky design up by Halloween!

252 - DEWLIP (Dew+Tulip)
- Grass/Dark
- Bloom Trap Pokémon
- 2’/ 15 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Chlorophyll)
DAY: It uses its leg-like roots to walk and probe for nutrients. Otherwise, it swallows victims whole.
NIGHT: The sticky nectar on its tongue has a Sweet Scent, which it uses to lure in unsuspecting prey.

253 - DUPLORA (Duplicate+Flora)
- Grass/Dark
- Bloom Trap Pokémon
- Evolves from DEWLIP at Level 16
- 4'2"/ 85 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Chlorophyll)
DAY: It moves awkwardly on its root-feet, but its stems and tongues have a deceptive reach, surprising anyone that wanders too close.
NIGHT: Each of its toothy flowers uses a Sweet Scent as a lure. It then grabs its prey on both ends with each flower, and then pulls it apart.

254 - TRIFFLEUR (Triffid+Fleur)
- Grass/Dark
- Carnivorous Pokémon
- Evolves from DUPLORA at Level 36
- 6'9"/ 394 lbs
Ability: Overgrow (Chlorophyll)
DAY: Because it grows on poor jungle soil, it has evolved to obtain extra nutrients from meat. It cannot outrun fast-moving prey, so it lures in passers by with its colorful petals and delicate odor.
NIGHT: TRIFFLEUR lives in tropical jungles, and is feared by many rainforest explorers. Its mouth-petals are lined with razor-sharp teeth which Slash through flesh, leaving horrible, gaping wounds.

DEWLIP: Vine Whip, Assurance, Acid, Razor Leaf, Quash, Crunch, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Acid Spray, Power Whip, and starting moves Bite and Sweet Scent.
DUPLORA: Same as DEWLIP, but with added moves Slash, Poison Fang, Leaf Storm, and Faint Attack.
TRIFFLEUR: Same as DUPLORA, but with added moves Night Slash, Leaf Tornado, and Snap Trap*.
Notable HM/TM: Cut, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Attract, Absorb, Grass Knot, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Leech Seed, SolarBeam, Embargo, Foul Play, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Thief, Grass Pledge, Hyper Beam, and Frenzy Plant.

*Snap Trap (Dark, Physical, 5 PP, 120 Power, 75% Accuracy) - The user seizes the target in a trap that snaps shut. The target will take serious damage if it escapes.
NOTE: Snap Trap will trap the opponent for 2-5 turns and prevent it from using Physical attacks. Unlike other trapping moves, however, the opponent has a 20% chance of successfully switching out if that option is selected. Upon escaping, the opponent will take half the damage that was dealt to it when the attack was used.


Sorry for being absent again, I’ve been super busy with contest entries and school work. I’ll try to speed up progress for this fakedex soon.

Based on the Triffids, the fictional carnivorous plants from John Wyndham’s “The Day of the Triffids,” along with tulips, and the Piranha Plants from Mario. The shiny colors will reverse the colors of the tongues and petals, meaning blue in place of red and purple in place of yellow, respectively, and vice versa, as an homage to the Deku Babas from The Legend of Zelda.

158 - SIMERAN (Simian+Samanera[term for Buddhist monk-in-training])
- Water
- Water Monk Pokémon
- 1'10"/ 10 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Own Tempo)
DAY: SIMERIAN’s webbed feet make it a strong swimmer. As such, it is always found in areas near water.
NIGHT: This Pokemon enjoys playing in rivers. In cold months, it climbs mountains to bathe in hot springs.

159 - KUNGFHIKU (Kung Fu+Bhikku[term for Buddhist monk])
- Water/Fighting
- Water Monk Pokémon
- Evolves from SIMERAN at Level 18
- 3'6"/ 62 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Own Tempo)
DAY: A social and dutiful Pokemon, it lives in large groups that always move in unison. It trains itself in fast-flowing rivers, strengthening its muscles by swimming upstream.
NIGHT: The paddle on its powerful tail has webbed digits for both swimming and fighting. Monasteries today still teach a variant of its distinctive three-fisted style of combat.

160 - BUDDHANUMA (Buddha+Hanuman)
- Water/Fighting
- Pacifism Pokémon
- Evolves from KUNGFHIKU at Level 30
- 5'7"/ 375 lbs
Ability: Torrent (Own Tempo)
DAY: At least one BUDDHANUMA leads each troop, maintaining peace among all of its members. It never loses its temper regardless of the situation, making it perfect for breaking up fights.
NIGHT: They are welcomed around monasteries because they are considered sacred to the water god. Statues of these Pokemon decorate altars that are still used for ceremonies at harvest time.

SIMERAN: Water Sport, Focus Energy, Water Gun, Body Slam, Dizzy Punch, Water Pulse, Revenge, Aqua Jet, Encore, Aqua Tail, Double Edge, Calm Mind, Hydro Pump, and starting moves Tackle and Tail Whip.
KUNGFHIKU: Same as SIMERAN, but with added moves Rain Dance, Bulk Up, and Mach Punch. Water Sport is now a starting move.
BUDDHANUMA: Same as KUNGFHIKU, but with added moves Hammer Arm, Quick Guard, and Superpower. Focus Energy and Water Gun are now starting moves.
Notable HM/TM: Rock Smash, Surf, Dive, Strength, Aqua Ring, Scald, Quick Attack, Focus Punch, Rolling Kick, Bulldoze, Defense Curl, Wake-Up Slap, Work Up, Take Down, Low Sweep, Rest, Return, Water Pledge, Giga Impact, and Hydro Cannon.


Based on proboscis monkeys, Buddhist monks, Buddha statues, and the monkey god Hanuman.

I’ll be out of town within a few days, so if I don’t get the other two Starter sets done by then, I’ll probably be back with them when school starts again in January.

155 - TABBLAZE (Tabby+Blaze)
- Fire
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- 1'7"/ 5 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: TABBLAZE has a headstrong, fiery temper, and can take down foes three times its size.
NIGHT: Its claws retract into sheathes out of battle. It likes to sharpen them on hard objects.

156 - SEARCRED (Sear+Sacred)
- Fire/Light
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- Evolves from TABBLAZE at Level 14
- 3'2"/ 25 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: By focusing its spirit, its body temperature reaches over 8000 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fire breath can burn through steel.
NIGHT: SEARCRED lives a solitary lifestyle, guarding mountaintop temples. It uses ruins as vantage points, pouncing on prey from above.

157 - LUMERONG (Lume+Leo+Barong)
- Fire/Light
- Mythical Pokémon
- Evolves from SEARCRED at Level 36
- 6'5"/ 250 lbs
Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: Its fire attacks are incredibly powerful. By purifying its mind, it can unleash devastating streams of flame that are ten times hotter than the surface of the sun.
NIGHT: LUMERONG was worshipped by ancient peoples as the King of the Spirits. Representing both benevolence and authority, it is thought to ward off evil with its mighty Roar.

TABBLAZE: Leer, Ember, Sunny Day, Swift, LaserBeam, Bite, Roar, Beam Spam, Swagger, Fire Fang, Crunch, Roar, Scary Face, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, and starting moves Scratch and Tackle.
SEARCRED: Same as TABBLAZE, but with added moves Fire Blast, Take Down, and Shield Breaker. Ember and LaserBeam are now starting moves.
LUMERONG: Same as SEARCREDbut with added moves Sacred Fire, Super Laser, and Hyper Beam. Take Down is now a starting move.
Notable HM/TM: Cut, Rock Climb, Snarl, Return, Fire Spin, Light Screen, Barrier, Fire Pledge, Giga Impact, and Blast Burn. Notable breeding moves are Charge Beam from Luxray and Hyper Voice from Pyroar.


Based on the Barong, a mythological Indonesian deity which is probably Balinese. Also, does this qualify as the Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac the Fire Starters have as a theme?

Didn’t change the movepool much for this one. Just streamlined it a bit.