When someone says they’re a fan of Fire Emblem Awakening...


Pat them on the back. Be happy that our fandom has a new member. Let them in through the front door with a warm handshake. Be nice. Be civil. Let them geek out about their favourite units for a bit. Make them feel like they have a place in the community.

Then, when they ask, “I found this axe called “Armads” in the DLC, what’s the significance of that?” you can tell them, “That’s from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. You should check it out, the series has a tonne of great history that you would enjoy.”  And then they might go off and play that game and come back and say, “Hey, that game was awesome!  Do you have any other recommendations?” and then you can tell them, “Sure!  Go check out Genealogy of the Holy War if you want to see a darker version of Awakening. If you want to know who this Ike guy everyone keeps going on about is, try to play Path of Radiance. I hope you have fun with them!”

Because some of those newbies want to get into our fandom. Because not all of those newcomers are obsessed with fapping/schlicking to their waifus/husbandos. And when we, the old guard, start looking down on them and demanding that they, “go pleh a reel fiya emburemu gaem FFS” that makes us look like complete dickbags and doesn’t give the newbies much incentive to discover everything we’ve always loved about the franchise and its history.

You want a better fandom, I get it. So be it.

colorfulcollectordragon-2f8ee55c  asked:

Just... WHY. Do. People. Just. Not accept. Things. As. Being. Just another. Part. Of. Your. Animations. As far as I'm concerned, your AU, your rules. You want your Frisk to be able to do something canon Frisk can't? Go right ahead. You want someone to live or die? Go right ahead. I personally respect you and your decisions, even if I don't personally agree with them. And you're SO amazingly talented! I know you might not see this, but I really hope you do!!!

Wow thanks.

Yah it was getting on my nerves. I do try to make this like, as close as possible to the canon but there are a few things I have to see my own way and give it a different interpretation. I try to make them not too farfetched or try to make it have sense within the world’s rules since I want this to be an AT, but people will still whine like “cameeh das nut in gaem”.

But then 5 seconds later they send me a message like “but pls add desbelef papaya”

And I’m like… nig plz