Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since i did my first follow forever. I’m making this follow forever to thank everyone for making my dash soooo beautiful everyday and my new followers ♥♥ Thank you guys for following me even though my blog isn’t that good, and I want to thank all my loyal followers who stayed with me!. I wanna thank these amazing blogs that never failed to shine my dashboard! (✿◠‿◠) 

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Thank you all (◕‿◕✿).

I don’t know if anyone still remember me or know of me anymore on tumblr… well… 

i have quitted this account for a quite long time.. this time im here… because im not so happy to announce that one of my friend i met on tumblr… Phuong anh which is… she have gone with a car accident last sunday…RIP… she will be missed…..i just want to let people who know her knows.. she a very sweet and nice person….


  Hey guys! This 2015 it’s soon to end so I decide to make a follow forever.  These are the blogs that on my opinion are really awesome, some of them are not active at all but are blogs that I really admire. 

@hyukwoon | @yempire | @haeland | @tokkiteuk | @asoomatic
@dongh4e | @dochihae | @qiubutt | @donghaeyah | @13elieve-in-15
@hyukjae | @jiho | @yehae | @super-junior | @chorgasm
@mysilver-sea | @donghaek | @littlelostgirlworld | @superjnr | @leedonghei
@haehyukjaes |  @thelastmanstandingsuju | @butihatetumblr | @parkjngsoo
@haohaoeunhyuk | @lee-teukk | @welovehaehyuk | @mingteukies | @aegyopanda
@choxide | @86milk | @mrs-hae | @onlyloveeunhae | @heechul-ssi
@shirade | @kimyori | @whorechul | @ldhae | @rurouneko
@monkeilii |  @atgwanghwamun |  @heecorner |  @hyukk-jae |  @siwook
@eunhae-holic | @cho-kyuhyuns | @heechulie | @haekey | @taesunamo
@funkysuperjuniorgifs | @gaemq | @grill15taco

I have the opportunity to talked with some of them, but with others no (hope we could change that )    >.<  I really want to let you know that I love your blogs, and I’m very thankful because you fill my dashboard with beautiful things. ♥

I also want to thank to all the people who followed me and support this blog.  ♥  (⌒▽⌒)☆

As I said at the beginning this year is soon to end and I hope this 2016 will be a wonderful year for all of you, full with new experiences and love. I with you the best of best.    \(●゜∀゜●人●゜∀゜●)/