It turns out that the Leprechauns of legend were actually people from Africa known as the Twa. These Twa were diminutive men and women (luchorpán) that grew to a height of about 4’11”. They migrated into Ireland many thousands of years ago. The Twa were craftsman and had advanced knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, textile and clothing manufacturing and apparently shoe-making, which Caucasians thought was “magical”. So we find that it was the Twa people that have come to be what we know today as #Leprechaun’s.

In the book “Ancient and Modern Britons by David MacRitchie” it is stated: “That the wild tribes of Ireland were black men is hinted by the fact that “a wild Irishman” is in Gaelic “a black Irishman” (Dubh Eireannach)”. The word “Dubh” in #Gaelic means “Black”. Refering to the Twa People of Ireland.

It is the Twa that #StPatrick “chased out of Ireland”. (There is no evidence of actual snakes in Ireland) The story of the holiday is actually a veiled attempt to cover up genocide, as St. Patrick lead the charge to hunt these men and women down to kill them. 🌍👉 #BrotherTarik #PreachOneTeachOne #Twa #Pygmy #Dawrfism #Ireland #SaintPatrick #BlackHistory

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Scottish Gaelic Resources

Here’s a list of all of the Scottish Gaelic resources I’ve found that are available online over the years.

Gaelic in Three Months - The best self-study text that I know of, but get the revised version, “Gaelic in Twelve Weeks” if you can

Everyday Gaelic - Great for building vocabulary, just ignore the horrific approximate pronunciations

Blas na Gàidhlig - The bible when it comes to pronunciation, it is an absolutely essential text for any serious learner.

Gaelic Verbs: Systemised and Simplified - More for advanced learners, this book has amazing explanations of grammar and I can’t recommend it enough

A Taste of Gaelic
Colloquial Scottish Gaelic
Teach Yourself Gaelic (1971)
Gaelic Language Practice
Speak Gaelic with Confidence (Teach Yourself)
Teach Yourself Gaelic Dictionary
The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language

WEBSITES: - A one-stop shop for all things Gaelic. This website is great because it has all of the episodes of Speaking Our Language available (albeit in an edited format. I have all the episodes on DVD and you’re not really missing much.)

Am Faclair Beag - The only dictionary you’ll ever need. It includes IPA transcriptions as well as pronunciation audio that you can download in .mp3 format. It’s a dream come true.

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Resources - A fantastic page with an enormous amount of resources available online.

GaelicGrammarWiki - A wiki all about Gaelic grammar that is always being updated.

BBC News in Gaelic

An Litir Bheag & An Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh - Two great podcasts hosted by Ruairidh  MacIlleathain, the first directed more toward beginners and the second for learners at a more advanced level.

TAIC Lessons - Some free Gaelic lessons available online, downloadable as PDFs.

GaelicInternet - A good blog to follow for questions about grammar and such
Gaidhlig-Things - A collection of Scottish Gaelic media and other content.
Sgribhisg - Mostly posts Gaelic resources and Gaelic news

That’s all! :) I hope some of you find this post useful. I’ll probably make an updated version sometime in the future, this is just all the stuff I could think of off the top of my head. If you have any resources or you know something I missed, feel free to message me and I’ll add them to the post!


A good gaelic to you too sir

So I’ve seen quite a few language masterposts around the interwebs, but not one for learning Scottish Gaelic.

Note: Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) is not necessarily the same thing as what many people refer to as Gaelic. Gaelic is the English word for the words for both Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) and the closely related, but different language of Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig). Where I live, a lot of English speakers generally refer to Gaelic as Irish Gaelic, but the word can refer to either language. If you are in the UK, Gaelic generally refers to Scottish Gaelic. If you are looking for resources on how to speak Gàidhlig, this is the post for you! If you want to speak Gaeilge, look elsewhere.

On to the websites!

Learn Gaelic: An overall fantastic resource to start learning! This website has lessons for different ability levels of Scottish Gaelic, from absolute beginner to advanced levels. It also has a page of links for resources like dictionaries and other sites to learn/extend your knowledge of Scottish Gaelic.

BBC Alba Beag Air Bheag: Also fantastic for learning. This part of the BBC website is no longer updated, but all of the lessons are still online for your learning pleasure.

Taic: Another website with lessons, as well as a dictionary of all the terms used in the lessons in English and Gaidhlig.

Speaking Our Language: A series of videos found on YouTube. They are a basic intro to some common phrases in Scottish Gaelic, and are nice for pronounciation practice.

Can Seo: Another series of videos for beginners in Scottish Gaelic. Also has an accompanying textbook which can be found here.

Cainnt Momhathar: Just a page with a lot of links on it, for extra things that I have not linked here. I have not thoroughly looked at this page, so there might be some things that I have already linked on there.

Mango Languages: This is a website somewhat like Duolingo, but a bit different. It requires a subscription to access, but many libraries and schools subscribe to it. It has lessons for many languages, including Scottish Gaelic.

BBC Alba: BBC has a version of their website in Scottish Gaelic. They have many videos and radio programs on their site for free.

sgribhisg added:

I have a list of resources for Scottish Gaelic on this page: Scottish Gaelic Resources.

I will most likely update this post with more valuable sites when I find them. Also, if anyone else has any websites that belong on this post, tell me and I will add it as well!


Emily Ratajkowski speaks Gaelic, eats cow tongue, and talks Presidential ambitions.

Here, watch 73 things you didn’t know about the model turned actress.


“Outlander” star Sam Heughan spoke Gaelic to me during a stop in Toronto. What did he say?? #Outlander #samheughan #Gaelic #Scottish (@victoriaAheran)

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Learning the Language: IRISH

Hey lovely people!

I have received a bunch of messages about it, so I thought I would pass on the information to all my beautiful Irish-loving followers:

Duolingo now has Irish!

If you are an avid app user like myself, you may know about the language learning app called DUOLINGO. It is a similar learning style to the popular Rosetta Stone language software, but it is available for FREE in the app store (And in the android marketplace as well)! 

There are several language options like German, French and Spanish, but the most recent update now supports learning Irish for English speakers!!!

If you are interested go check it out and let me know what you think! I have tried a few lessons and it seems like a fun way to get to know the Irish language. 

Have an amazing day, 

Erin xx

Nothing new at the moment - I promise I will post something soon though. 

Meanwhile, I think you should check out this playlist; it is so beautiful, and perfect for when you are reading Outlander.

My Sassenach by TheWishingBone.