things Even experiences with sleepy/tired Isak:

  • lots of soft kisses and nose nuzzling
  • the radiant soft pink glow on his skin he always gets (mostly those adorable cheeks) when he’s cosy and warm in Even’s arms under their duvet
  • quiet whispered discussions about anything and everything, what they’re gonna do that day, how their homework is going, when they’re next visiting parents. just cosy domestic stuff that Even loves.
  • comfortably quiet breakfasts, sometimes over their second hand kitchen table and sometimes in bed, where they share sleepy smiles and nudge each other’s knees playfully while they eat
  • slowly dancing around their flat (if you could even call it that), as close together as two people could possibly be, the sides of their heads resting together and their arms wrapped like vines around the others waist just listening to each others breathing and their hearts beat because neither of them are awake enough to talk
  • Isak whining that they don’t need to get out of bed and meaning Even sets alarms ten minutes earlier now to accommodate Isak’s need for snuggle time
  • half arsing dinner and just ordering take out or giving up with it all together because they just want to lie down and recharge from the day’s events and how bad can it be to skip a dinner here or there
  • Isak falling asleep literally anywhere if he’s tired enough. over the kitchen table, sat in the school cafeteria, that one time Isak had been in the shower too long for even a 17 year old boy and Even went in to check on him and it turned out Isak had sat down under the shower and fallen asleep there despite (or maybe because of?) the warm water raining down on him
  • when Isak’s tired his brain gets things muddled up and his sentences sometimes come out backwards and he doesn’t even realise (like the time he asked Even if he’d homework’d his finish and Even said he didn’t study Finnish and they both stared at each other in confusion for a solid 60 seconds). most of the time Even can figure out what he means thankfully

things Even experiences with Tired™ Isak:

  • Isak getting overly emotional about everything, with all logic going out the window. homework unfinished? Isak is psyching himself out into thinking he’s going to fail all his classes. Even looked at him strangely? Even is realising Isak is a mess and he doesn’t have time for him. Isak burns dinner? he’s an impossible human being it’s no wonder his family fell apart when he can’t even cook a simple omelette. you get the idea.
  • Isak’s temper going from 0-50000 real quick. but his face always crumples before he’s even finished snapping and snarling (or shouting on the odd occasion)
  • having to wrap Isak up in so many layers and blankets because when he’s tired Isak cannot keep the cold from his bones and constantly shivers and shakes even when it’s a warm day
  • holding Isak close in the small hours of the morning while he tries to sleep, rubbing Isak’s back and stroking his curls and sometimes even rocking him gently, just wanting to help his exhausted boy sleep
  • the few times it got so bad that Even woke up to Isak shaking against him trying not to cry and when Even gathered him closer still his heart breaking when the tears spilt over Isak’s cheeks and he choked out I just want to sleep
  • the utterly terrifying night that Even can’t think about even now without breaking into a sweat. he’d woken up to the sound of retching and stumbled across to their small bathroom and found Isak hugging porcelain with a half empty bottle of sleeping pills on the floor.
  • for a wild second Even thought it was a suicide attempt and he was horrified that he’d missed warning signs that weren’t there, but when he dropped to his knees Isak choked out an apology and the tears spilled over (whether it was from the stress of vomiting or the emotional strain is still unknown) and he kept repeating that he was so tired and he just wanted to sleep. that was when Even took matters into his own hands and made Isak a doctor’s appointment
  • the many a night that Even woke up and through bleary eyes saw Isak lying awake next to him just staring blindly up at the ceiling
  • Isak not being mentally present at all for short stretches of time. sometimes he’ll even space out midsentence, to the extent that Even’s wondered if maybe Isak is having absent seizures rather than just being too exhausted to function

Gael Garcia Bernal chats about season three of Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’


HEY HEY it’s commission season so you know what that means

Hi, I’m Gael, and I do art stuff. All of my work is done through Paint Tool Sai with a Bamboo Wacom tablet. I accept payment through PayPal and Venmo. Feel free to message me here on Tumblr if you are interested, or you can email me at My prices are listed in USD.

  • I will do any fandom, and any original character. If I am not familiar with the character, I ask that you provide a link to an adequate reference (visual or written).
  • I will try my hand at drawing whatever you need me to, but if you are requesting complex mecha or armor, please have a detailed description OR a visual reference.
  • I can do NSFW, and I can do basic gore. HOWEVER, I have the right to say no if what you are requesting makes me uncomfortable within reason, (say, something incredibly grisly or something like lol/i or shot/a. I will not draw NSFW of CHILDREN. Period.)
  • Be sure to let me know EXACTLY what you want. If you tell me to wing it, I WILL. If you have a specific pose in mind, show me! Or tell me! If you don’t, tell me what you basically want the attitude of the character to be, and I will give you some options to choose from.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If you have something in mind that you want, but you do not see it listed or it doesn’t fall within the parameters of my listings, I would be happy to give you a free quote.

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