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Congrats my beautiful friend!!!! I am SO proud of you!!!!! *Big Hugs*!!! You are going to reach 1500, then 2000 before you know it! :D Now for the drabble.... I can't choose!!! #1 and #25 OR #2 with Gadreel please and thank you!!!! xo

(Thanks, dearest! I decided to go with 1 and 25 because it was adorable!)

When Gadreel had asked to come along on a hunt with you, more out of concern than anything, you had agreed. Spending time with that Angel was one of your favorite things, and alone time was even better. A man who was truly good and truly compassionate was always something you needed in your life.

The first time he brought an animal back, you weren’t really surprised. It was a mouse he had found outside that he had insisted needed to be taken care of. You tried to explain that the mouse belonged outside and that it could get its own food. Eventually he had consented and given up the mouse.

When there was a pigeon inside the motel room, you were a little irate but it was hard to stay mad at that man. The face he gave you told you that he had thought he needed to care for it as well. Eventually he gave up the pigeon as well and you had gone back out on the hunt.

The final time you came back, you had heard what could only be described as ‘lots of frogs’ coming from the bathroom. Taking a breath, you stepped inside only to see it filled with them, “Gadreel? Care to explain why my bathtub is full of frogs?”

The Angel came bolting forward, a look of concern on his features, “Y/N! They seemed to be in peril. Their water was gone and I know we have plenty. I assure you I will care for them until I am able to replenish their water!” He seemed sure of this.

You facepalmed, loving the man to death but not being sure what to do here, “I adore you, Gadreel, you know that, but your obsession with animals is going a little out of hand, don’t you think?”

He stepped towards you, cupping your face in his hands, “I find it is hard not to share my abundance of love when I am around you, Y/N. I worry I may scare you away. But if the animals bother you, I can stop.” His sincerity and sweetness was too much. You could only smile.

“Having you here is enough for me, Gadreel.”

Of Human Conditions

by ilcuoreardendo

Gadreel makes a rather blunt request of the reader.

When I’d let Gadreel into my room for our usual late evening catch up—How are you? How was training today? How’s the whole being human thing treating you?—that was the last thing I expected him to state, rather decisively, after a moment of easy silence.

Words: 2770, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Imagine This (Supernatural Imagines)

Read it on AO3 at



“Castiel, what are you doing?” Balthazar asked.
“It’s a joke,” Cas explained.
“Not a very funny one,” Gabriel said, rolling his eyes.
“It’s hilarious,” Cas insisted.
The angels continued bickering over who was funnier– “look at Y/N smile! That’s on me!” “No, that was me” “Oh come on, I’m adorable”

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