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  • Castiel: I'm not like a regular angel, I'm like a sexy angel
  • Gabriel: *Coughing loudly*
  • Gadreel: *Clears throat*
  • Michael: *Rolls eyes*
  • Balthazar: You are the worst, Castiel!
  • Hannah: Ignore them, you're amazing Castiel
  • Gabriel: Well, well, I heard. You’ve got a special piece on the side, Cas
  • Michael: Oh?
  • Balthazar: What are you tryin' to hide, Cas?
  • Castiel: Nothing
  • Gadreel: Stop picking on him
  • Hannah: It's alright Cas, I wish you'd brought this angel with you tonight Cas
  • Castiel: Thank you, but I'm afraid it's um..forbidden
  • Hannah: What do you mean?
  • Balthazar: He and Dean are shagging! Jesus Christ, what's the point of even being in the closet if it's made out of bloody glass? We all know. I know, he knows, she knows, my bloody hamster knows
The angels of supernatural

Castiel, the angel who fell for the humans.
Gabriel, the angel who just wanted peace.
Lucifer, the angel who loved his father too much.
Gadreel, the angel who was blamed.
Anna, the angel who just wanted to feel something.
Micheal, the angel who was a good soldier.
And Balthazar, the angel who unsunk the titanic because he hated the movie.

  • Lucifer: Gonna start an apocalypse, gonna meet my son
  • *Double doors fly open, slamming against the walls*
  • Jack: What's up Daddy-O? Want some candy? How bout some whiskey? I looove humans so much, angels need to learn to be forgiving ya know? Oh, oh, I watched Brokeback Mountain last night and let me tell you-
  • Lucifer: *Sneering at the other angels* What the fuck have you idiots done to my son?
  • Balthazar: Made him awesome
  • Gabriel: Introduced him to television
  • Samandriel: Let him have a heart
  • Gadreel: Taught him to be a badass, but also forgiving
  • Castiel: Taught him drama and love
  • Lucifer: I'll. kill. you all!
  • Jack: Shut up dickbutt! God, you're so whiney. My son loves humans wahhh! Daddy doesn't love me waah. Boring
  • Gabriel: Good boy

Castiel, the angel who fell.

Gabriel, the angel who just wanted peace

Lucifer, the angel who was betrayed.

Gadreel, the angel who was blamed.

Anna, the angel who just wanted to feel something.

Michael, the angel who just wanted to be a good soldier.

And Balthazar, who simply hated the Titanic.

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Dean and Cas are usually compared to straight relationships, but take a look at these two scenes, has anyone noticed this parallel before?

On the right - Gadreel looking at the angel he’s hopelessly in love with. Also the angel he hasn’t seen in a long time.
On the left - Dean looking at his… totally platonic best friend he also hasn’t seen in a long time, obviously not being romantically involved whatsoever. 

Just look at their facial expressions, like… It’s the same face. The same look.

7x17 | 9x10

Me: Sam is such a well developed character, he’s gone through so much and he’s so broken, but he’s always serious too which I think is very interesting


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  • Jack: I wanna learn how to do angel shit
  • Balthazar: First of all, drink these twelve shots
  • Gabriel: Here's how to fuck a God
  • Balthazar: Then we steal incredibly powerful weapons and always have a back-up plan
  • Gabriel: And you gotta troll people in your back up plans
  • Balthazar: And your plan-plans
  • Gabriel: Eat these cakes, kill that guy ironically
  • Castiel: Never open a door like a normal person
  • Gabriel: You gotta be as dramatic as shit-
  • Jack: What about flying and-
  • Balthazar: Here's a list of immature puns
  • Castiel: Master being 5000% done with everything
  • Gabriel: But you still gotta be cute!
  • Gadreel: And sexy, but like you're not TRYING to be sexy
Hold On, I’m Coming Masterlist

Series Summary: When a freak accident lands you in some trouble, the local fire department and a particularly handsome firefighter come to your rescue. Dean Winchester catches your eyes immediately with his charm and kindness, but being Chief Singer’s daughter could cause some serious problems. You and Dean have a choice to make: defy your father’s wishes and face the consequences, or go your separate ways…

Author: @ravengirl94

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Warnings: (general, see each part for specific warnings) car accident, injury, stitches, blood, language, minor smut, house fire, mention of death

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites or duplicated in any way without my express written permission***

Part 1 -  You’re in a serious car accident, and a certain firefighter Winchester comes to the rescue

Part 2 -  You and Dean have your first date, with a few minor hiccups

Part 3You finally work up the courage to tell Bobby about Dean, with a little help from Jody. Later, Dean helps you find a new car and the two of you talk about your relationship.

Part 4 - Bobby confronts Dean at work. Later, you decide to fix things once and for all, but Dean thwarts your plan.

Part 5 - Coming 8/2

Part 6 - Coming 8/9

Part 7 - Coming 8/16