For Belgian architects dmvA, living well is often living small. The team was recently tasked with puting that ethos into practice, when they were commissioned by an Italian design firm to build an office extension that was both mobile and small, but convertible into any conceivable use - from a bedroom and bathroom to kitchen, office or artists’ studio.

Minor Catastrophe  written by: @iwillbeinmynest

(Based off this post here)


“I’ll be back in an hour.” Tony said with out looking at you. He took the coffee mug out of your hands and chugged the bitter liquid.

“Sure, have mine.” You mumbled. He raised an eye brow, clearly hearing your remark. “Where are you going?” You decided to change the subject and let him have your coffee. You were using his mug, after all.

“Out.” He said with the intention of making you roll your eyes and he chuckled when you did. “Nat wants me to pick up some suplies.” He put air quotes on his last word and scoffed. “I don’t know. I don’t ask any more. Anyways, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

He ruffled your hair and you immediately restored it to place after swatting his hand away.

“Don’t touch my stuff!” He called from the elevator.
You sighed when the elevator doors closed, leaving the tower in a blissful silence. You poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee and headed towards your room. As you shuffled down the hall you passed Tony’s lab and paused.

The door was open.

He never left the door open.

You back tracked and peeked through the crack between the door and the frame. There, in all its geeky glory, was Tony’s lab. You had been dying to get your hands on his tech and everytime you asked the answer was always,

“Maybe another time, kid.” But he was gone. He’d be gone for a whole hour.
The temptation was too much. You knew better, but you didn’t care. You nudged the door open wider with a tap of your foot and looked around out of cautiousness. Next, you bumped the door with your hip and it slowly swung the rest of the way open.

“Oops.” You grinned devilishly to yourself and walked boldly across the threshold. You felt like royalty, all of the technology at your fingertips, his AI’s at your command. You held out your arms regally and beamed.

“Finally!” You announced dramatically. You placed your coffee on a metal table and rubbed your palms together as you pondered which toy to play with first. You eyed the the holographic screen to your right and sauntered over to it. Wiggling your fingers and waving your arms about, you played with equations and gadjets projected onto the screen.

The blue-ish light from the screen reflected off of your skin and you were so engaged in the moment that you didn’t even notice one of the Iron Legionaires standing to attention. An exact image of the robot popped onto your screen and you smirked.

“What do you do?” You asked out loud. You moved your hand across the screen and the Iron shell swung his arm in a circle. The abruptness of the action sent the table closest to it flying across the room.

You screamed at the crash and your eyes went wide when you spun arospd and realized what you had done. “No, no, no, no, no, no!” You muttered to your self as you frantically tried to shut the robot down. However, in your state of panic things only got worse. The robot seemed to go mad and began marching around the lab. Running into tables, knocking things to the floor and shattering half finished projects.

You grabbed your hair and shouted. “No! Stop! Gah!!” Loosing all hope you ran to the robot and jumped on its back. Maybe it had an off switch somewhere. As you struggled with your Frankenstein the chaos continued.

“Stop!” Tony’s voice seemed to command time and everything froze, including your heart. He was gonna kill you.

The only sound that was made were the few pieces of paper that flittered to the ground. Tony’s eyes bore into yours and you bit your lips.

“The door was open?” You shrugged.

He held up his hand and clenched his jaw. “I was gone for five minutes! I didnt even make it to my car! How could you have done so much damage, so quickly?!”

“I can fix this!” You shout in defense as you hop down from the Iron Legion madman.

“No,” He backed away from you as if you were radioactive. “No you have done enough. Go… Sit in a corner somewhere.”

“Are you… Are you sending me to time out? What am I five?!”
Tony gestured to the minor catastrophe that was his lab.

“I’ll find a corner…”


This was so awesome darling!!!!! <3 <3 <3

If anyone wants to use my title ideas, I would love it if you submitted them to me like this so I can show off your creative work!! <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

I'm very new to this fandom and was wondering if you could maybe suggest some of the better songs or maybe tell me about about the members? I know about the guy that got kicked out but that's really it xx

I can do both!! (sorry it took so long to answer this doll :( )

My personal favorite songs from each of the albums are 

Swan Songs: Bottle and a Gun, Young, California, and This Love This Hate

American Tragedy: Comin In Hot, Hear Me Now, Lump Your Head, and Glory

Notes From the Underground: We Are, Delish, Up In Smoke

Day of the Dead: Guzzle Guzzle, Dark Places, War Child, and Disease

Now, let’s get to the basics. 

So for the members, we have 

J-Dog/ Jorel Decker

He was one of two people to start Hollywood Undead. He does vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboard for the band. His girlfriend (pictured above) is Vanessa James and they are the cutest couple ever. Uh…random info: he has stretched ears, a cat named Tiger, he’s kind of a shy dude and acts like he’s gangster but is really just a huge dork. Beware of band ships with him *cough Derillo* 

Charlie Scene/Jordon Terrell 

Probably the most well known member of HU if we’re being honest. I blame Everywhere I Go Famous for rapping about sex and drinking and is in almost every HU song. He does vocals (both rapping and singing) and guitar. He recently got married to Randi. (pictured above.) He has the least tattoos of all the members and he hates being called “Jordon” by fans (but we still do it anyway…just not to his face whoops) He also has a habit of calling his bandmates faggots

Johnny Three Tears/ George Ragan

Known by many names…J3T, Johnny, George, Big Angry Emo *looks at bamshackalaka * He does vocals and occasionally plays bass live. Most of his lyrics have to do with more serious matters rather than partying/sexual endeavors. He has a daughter named Ava (pictured above, although she is a lot older now as that picture is old) and has (had?) a girlfriend named Asia Borden. erm..people recently are starting to think they broke up but there’;s no proof so.. He has a big 3 tattooed on his neck and for some reason always wears sunglasses (it’s always sunny in doucheville….just kidding, George)

Da Kurlzz/ Matthew Busek

That one guy that everyone in the band picks on. He does drumming and backup vocals/screams. He has a couple verses in the songs The Natives, Christmas in Hollywood, and Scene for Dummies but that’s pretty much the extent of him having lyrics. He is known for his massive wild curly hair (it’s so big cause it’s full of secrets.) one time he cut it all was a dark time for the fandom. 

oh and he has a pet chicken named Daisy.

Danny/ Daniel Murillo

Danny…oh Danny…

Well, he’s the guy they replaced Deuce with. He does vocals (his voice is angelic) occasionally guitar, and bass. Fun fact: he was on American Idol (he didn’t win…but he joined HU so I guess that’s better.) He and his wife Theresa (pictured above) have been married since his emo idol days (also pictured above) and they have a daughter named Scarlett. 

Funny Man/ Dylan Alvarez

“The Funny Man ain’t Africa,he’s Mexican” (enough people thought he was black when the band started because of his insanely low rapping voice that they felt the need to write a lyric clarifying that he is indeed not black)

Funny contributes vocals (mostly in the band’s party songs teemed with Charlie Scene) he is famous for his low sexually attractive voice and his stupid little mexi-boy mustache (but we all love it) he likes weed

i mean, he really likes weed

he also is ripped as hell and is another one of those guys that looks intimidating as fuck but is actually a huge sweetie. He also does a lot with the brand Bastard Threads. J3T once made a post about him being gay and everyone took it seriously. 

He also lit a cigarette with a blow torch before…that was funny. 

Deuce/ Aron Erlichman

just kidding 

well as you said, you know a bit about Deuce. He started HU (along with J-Dog) but was kicked out of the band for some unconfirmed reason. He did most of the writing, vocals, and producing (hence him also being known as Tha Producer.) Now he’s a solo artist collaborating with his sister (Arina Chole), Gadjet, and Truth, among other artists. His album is Nine Lives and he is currently working on releasing a second album. 

And there you have it! A quick overview of Hollywood Undead! I hope it was helpful or at least semi amusing. Welcome to the fandom! :)


Вот уже неделю пользуюсь Apple TV и безмерно этому счастлив, потому что именно этот девайс по-настоящему объединил всю яблочную технику в доме. Он стал этаким медиацентром. Вообще при покупке мне важна была только одна лишь функция- стриминг видео с айпада/айфона/мака на тв. По-началу были опасения, что стримиться будет не очень, с рывками, с подтормаживаниями, но нет. Это же Apple. Всё работает так, как и должно работать. Нажимаешь одну кнопку на экране айпада и твой любимый сериал уже на большом экране тв. При огромном количестве плюсов есть и один минус, это пульт управления. Да, он маленький, легкий, хорошо лежит в руке, но его кнопки просто меня убивают. Он мог бы быть куда лучше. Однако проблема решается просто скачиванием приложения remote на айфон и о пульте можно забыть.
В целом очень рад покупке, да и отданной в магазине сумме: 5к рублей, что ниже средне рыночной цены. Правда говорят, что сейчас стоимость яблочной приставки выросла до 8.5к, что уж слишком много для девайса такого рода.