(Please note I don’t have the other evidence on me ATM , more will be added to this later)
Okay. This is kinda serious. This been happening for two years now with me and my friend grace. It started off simple
Her base on lbp got tooken by a user called gadgy10 , me and grace fought long and hard to stop gadgy from using grace’s base. And she did in a way but now gadgy was claiming grace’s old base as hers. More drama happened.

Skip a year or two. Somehow gadgy got ahold of my parts and started to use em. BIG mistake. First she made nick from zootopia ( however you spell it?) and clearly see my parts on it . She said to me “you can trust me Roxy I’m not like those other people” something on those lines. Biggest mistake I ever done . Honestly.
Let’s move onto the pictures.
Picture one , is the actual owner of a shark oc that gadgy stole and said it was hers and by the way gadgy been doing art trades on lbp and took people side of their art trade and haven’t done them
A single thing in return. The shark oc belongs to sharkiebites on Twitter and not gadgy (calling her gadgy because I’ve beep calling her that since) . Grace researched that sharkiebites was actually the owner of this oc! And when this was brought up what did gadgy do? Removed all pictures of the shark oc on her new account kittensgomoo. Her old account gadgy10 got banned because she did nsfw on her account (: on a fricking kid’s game by the way .
So here hers excuse “well my type of humour is sexual ” again I can’t remember so well so please bare with me . But she’s disgusting art theft and doing sexual things on a kids game .
Her ocs are too sexualised , the breasts are WAY too big and it goes and on.

She resells art and characters that aren’t even hers. YUP. That’s right. She even admitted to me in a kik chat with @bxrdrlnds “it’s not even recent ” so basically she admitted that she doing it. And she always picks on little lbp players too (: who ever get inspired will get ganged up on by her and her disgusting. Boyfriend who is into beastlitiy , lovely. Just lovely. I will add more on to this!




Finally, hot off the press!



One side is Rum Lad, flip it over, and then the other side is Gadgie.  BAM!

Rum Lad #6 is an illustrated comic-zine drawn by me! In this issue I talk about growing up in, and then leaving Boston, Lincs in the UK. I cover things ranging from exploring the town itself, discovering an amazing punk scene on my doorstep and learning to define what ‘home’ means to me. First issue in 3 years!

Gadgie #31 is a long running, legendary punk zine by Marv Gadgie, who resides in Boston, Lincs. If you’re familiar with his work, you know to expect hilarious observations and anecdotes that revolve around small town life, childhood adventures, having a family and beyond. This issue features interviews with ‘Hard Lines’ Productions (Makers of the great ‘Punk football’ documentary’), tales from the pit and some reviews.

- £3.00
- A5 sized.
- 56 pages (28 each side).
- Card covers.

Pick it up from my etsy shop over here!



Webby and myself had a fine wee stramash the other Friday with my paper figures for Montrose’s campaign - the English Civil War in Scotland. Rules are a mashup of Black Powder and Pike & Shotte, and the wee gadgies are from Billy Bones Workshop assembled by myself. I love the look of this setup, it’s like an illustration in a Victorian book come to life(*). And in the C19th paper soldiers were what most working class boys would have had to play with - Britain’s lead stuff was for posh boys only.

Every time we play this I promise myself that I will get one of those tartan-Tam-O'Shanter-plus-ginger-wig things off eBay to wear during the next game, and everytime I’ve forgotten by the time the toys next come out of the toybox. (That’s not me being racist BTW, that’s me being bigoted…)

A good game although something of a rearguard action for me (Montrose - Royalist) as Aboyne’s Horse ran off straight away and Covenantor infantry proved tougher than expected. I ended up with my Highlanders alternating fighting off Government cavalry charges with retreating towards the West of Scotland, the Irish Brigade giving up and leaving home to Ireland, and only the splendidly named Strathbogie Regiment left fighting valiantly from a fortified position in the walled manse on my left flank from where they were giving the hated Campbells something to think about.

(*) Probably the Belfast-printed hardback book “Illustrated Historical Tales for Young Protestants” that I once found in a second-hand bookshop and thought about buying for the lulz, but it was £15 I didn’t have with me at the time.