my new favorite comic book: WE(L)COME BACK (and maybe yours too)

okay, okay, so let me tell you about this comic book. 

this comic book, welcome back, is about two ladies who are M F E O. i mean, literally. they’re a part of an endless, eternal war that’s been around since the beginning of time (as far as we know)–and have always been destined to fight one another. since the beginning of time they have been born and reborn so that they can find, fight, and eventually kill each other. 

only this time maybe not so much. 

they’re still destined toward one another, but after so many eons they’re starting to question why they fight in the first place–the purpose of the eternal war, ongoing. 

this book is by christophersebela & gadgetwk, and it’s going to kick ass. (trust me. i know.) but if that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons: 

  • both the main characters, tessa & mali, are women of color (in their current incarnations)
  • their past incarnations have been diverse races & genders as well, the experiences of which inform their knowledge & decisions
  • the art is fucking amazing
  • for real though, look at this: 
  • pretty fuckin’ rad if you ask me
  • and this is only one panel. imagine a whole book of this. thanks, gadgetwk
  • christophersebela is a badass & everything he writes is golden. he co-wrote CAPTAIN MARVEL with kellysue as well as GHOST. HIGH CRIMES is a spy adventure drama set on mt everest (with a lady as the lead). DEAD LETTERS is about gang turf wars in purgatory (with a man of color as the lead). he also writes other cool stuff like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and i could keep going but i’ll stop now. 
  • there’s a DOG wearing a CAPE. 

there are four issues currently scheduled, but the story could go on for longer if boomstudios​ sees an audience is behind it. so, like with every creator-owned book, PREORDERS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT!

because i’m super stoked about this book, and because i want you to be super stoked too, i’m giving away some COOL STUFF to people who preorder the first issue!

i have some WELCOME BACK prints of the first and second covers, seen above, as well as a copy of the HIGH CRIMES hardcover to give away! the only rules are: reblog this post & preorder the first issue. the deadline for preorders is the 27th, so that’s when i’m going to cut off the giveaway. i’ll pick winners at random from the reblogs, so make sure your askbox is open!

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, that’s all i have to say for now about this book, even though i’m ridiculously excited and i hope you are too. you can find more information at wearesequels, the book’s tumblr, which you should totally follow too.