Olloclip Studio for IPhone 6 Plus And IPhone 6s Plus

We came across an Olloclip lens a couple of years ago and we were amazed at the difference that a single detachable lens could produce via the iPhone’s camera. So, when this came out, we were obviously excited to share it with you. Presenting the Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.


Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

We present you the Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System.Besides 6 drivers, this Bluetooth speaker also features a built-in equalizer that increases the overall sound quality. The 6 speakers on this Bluetooth music system by Fluence include two 8-inch subwoofers, two 5-inch woven glass fiber composite midrange drivers and two 1-inch Neodymium Ferrofluid treble speakers.


In the DIY sneaker world, where custom can mean anything from Sharpie swooshes to complex reconstructions, Jacob Ferrato offers a unique service: He dreams up new shoe designs and stitches them together from scratch. That kind of artistry comes at a price. Ferrato’s shoes start at $1000.

MORE. Go Inside the Workshop of the Custom Sneaker King


Sony PSHX500 Hi-Res USB Turntable

Every music lover knows that the best quality of sound can be found in a turntable and vinyl records. There’s just a level of clarity that can’t be found anywhere else. However, that being said, there is always a chance that your vinyls will wear down and become unplayable. To combat this problem, we introduce the Sony Hi-Res USB Turntable

Gotenna | Carrier-less  Mobile Telephone Antenna

We’ve all been there while out camping, hunting, hiking or just somewhere out of town and, you need to use your phone, alas, you have absolutely no signal. However, with the progression of technology, that is no longer a problem. Thanks to the creation of a nifty little device, aptly called, the goTenna, you can stay in touch no matter where you are.


Logitech K480 Keyboard

The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or smartphones, it will not matter if they are iOS, Android or Windows. The Logitech K480 works with them all.


VSSL Supplies Survival Gear

In order to make life a whole lot easier for you, especially when outdoors, the VSSL team has created a unique essentials kit called the Supplies cylinder which packs some vital pieces of survival equipment you should definitely have around when setting out on any quest into the wild.

NEW! Victorinox SwissCard Lite Pocket Tool

Victorinox, the Swiss army knife manufacturer, has designed a clever multi-tool called SwissCard Lite. Admittedly, this little gadget probably won’t save your life, but it could come in handy in various situations. As the name implies, the SwissCard fits into a standard wallet card slot, meaning that you can easily store it in your wallet or pocket.


NEW! Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

Newest Landroid robotic lawn mower is definitely the future of automated yard work. It is fully automatic, cordless and unlike other similar devices, has sensors and an AI in it, which give it an edge over the competition.


Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable

The Crosley CR6020A Revolution is nothing like its big brothers because of several things. First of all, it’s very compact, measuring only 10.9 x 3 x 4.1 inchesand weighing only a pound and a half. This and the addition of a carrying handle at the back side of the turntable allows you to take it with you without difficulty. However, such a small size comes with a price because this turntable is not equipped with a built-in speaker like most of other Crosley turntables are. 


View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

View Master enables you to step into the world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.To explore the virtual world you will need three things: a View-Master viewer, an Experience Pack and a smartphone that’s compatible.


Audioengine B2

If you want to shop some quality audio gear, go for Audioengine: well-known for their solidly built speakers, the famous producer of innovative audio products has recently unveiled their new wireless speaker called B2, and judging by the first reports, this trendy soundbox is capable of delivering some stunning sound along with stylish looks.

Not Owning ≠ Not Loving


Not owning a DSLR does not mean you do not love photography.

Not owning the skills in drawing does not mean you are not into art.

Not owning a power belter voice does not mean you are not a music lover.

Not owning Shakira’s dancing prowess does not mean you do not love dancing.

Not owning an athletic body does not mean you are not a fan of sports.

Not owning a ‘Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie’-like face does not mean you do not want to look good.

Not owning branded clothes does not mean you are not into fashion.

Not owning a complete and happy family does not mean you do not want to be a member of one.

Not owning a big house does not mean you do not dream to live inside one.

Not owning a Ferrari does not mean you do not picture yourself driving one someday.

Not owning something or SOMEONE does not mean you do not love them. Sometimes, it only means that you did not or do not have the opportunity to have them. The circumstances, the people who will be affected, the time constraints, the unexpected twist, the haunting past, (the list goes on…) All those… they contribute to the reality of 'Loving without Owning.’


I discover my interest in photography back in 2002 and started shooting since 2006. Now, it’s already 2011 and yet I still don’t have my very own DSLR. Does it mean I don’t love photography?

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Gadgets Mag. Feb 2011.


Jay Park and Gwen Zamora on Gadgets Magazine July 2012

Jay Park, Gwen Zamora:

Music transcends boundaries and brings people from different backgrounds closer, and there is no better way to show this than have musician Jay Park and actress Gwen Zamora together in this month’s photofeature.


Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy the Show.

The music issue wouldn’t be complete without big starts gracing the pages of Gadgets Magazine. That’s why we have international acts Jay Park and Gwen Zamora to dazzle us with their good looks, amazing talents and extraordinary charm.

It’s hard enough to score an interview with a single busy star like Jay Park, who is in the middle of an international promo tour for his album New Breed, or with Gwen Zamora, who’s been making waves overseas with her movie The Witness. Despite the challenges, we were able to work our magic and are now lucky enough to have both of these talented personalities together for a special Gadgets exclusive. We turned the venue upside-down to get our shots; the hotel room we had at Eastwood Richmonde (Hotel) was full of camera crews, showbiz reporters, and journalists waiting to snag some face time with Gwen. After the interviews, I had to clear the area for Jay Park and our shoot.

Even with her hair undone and no make-up on, Gwen is one of the most gorgeous girls in the showbiz industry;it’s no wonder she has a whole calendar of projects lined up. Apart from a busy schedule shooting “Enteng Kabisote” and “Bubble Gang”, she has her international film, “The Witness” to promote. “I am very excited to have this shoot; I was surprised that it was offered to me by Artist Center.” said Gwen in an interview with Showbiz exclusive. “I actually know of Jay Park. I saw him when I was in Korea, but I am really excited to personally meet him,” she continued. Many may know Jay Park from 2PM but now he’s back to launch his solo career with fresher hits and hotter moves. Jay was in the Philippines for a promotional tour of his album entitled “New Breed” with the carrier single “Know Your Name.”

From the moment he entered the hotel lobby, girls were screaming and asking for an autograph. Jay is the kind of guy who can charm his way into a girl’s heart with just one smile. “I am very excited to be here in the Philippines, it’s actually my third time,” said Jay during an interview. “I would love to tour around when I have the time; a vacation really sounds nice,” he added.

During the course of our time with her, we asked Gwen if she was techie. “I woud consider myself tech savvy compared to most grils. I love my Blackberry, iPhone, Macbook, Bose portable speakers, Wii and Bluetooth car stereo. I love my blackberry because I’m simply updated with everything. My iPhone keeps me entertained and it’s easy to contact my family abroad with Viber and Skype. My Bose speakers are the bomb; I can bring them around the house wirelessly, and my Bluetooth car stereo is also a very sweet gadget because I can play music and call hands free.” said Gwen. Though Jay Park is visible through all his social networking sites, he said he is not very much of a gadget freak. “I am not very techie. The only gadgets I have are my iPhone 4 and Macbook which are both very useful when it comes to my music. I can really take note of the things I wanna write about, or make music right there and then,” he explained.

With the explosion of Gwen’s international career right around the corner and Jay Park’s first full-length album, you can be sure that we’re going to see a lot more of them in the international showbiz and music scene.

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