Hanging Trampoline Bed

Redefine the way you think about relaxation with the hanging trampoline bed. The bed’s innovative design wonderfully combines different elements to produce an original, versatile and extremely comfortable piece of furniture you’ll love.


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Nicolas Cage Pokemon

Gotta Cage them all! This starter pack of all knowing, all powerful Pokemon paintings are portrayed in the image of the one true god – Nicolas Cage. His heavenly light guides us in all matters – and transcends all genres, including Pokemon.


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A Standard diagnostic facility available in a sickbay. Biobeds are used for general physicals, surgeries, other medical procedures and recovery.

Surgical Biobeds:

The primary Biobed in sickbay was designed to preform surgical procedures. It was hooked up to various surgical instruments and covered by a large sensor cluster. There were large displays adjacent to the bed that held vitals signs and other important information. Serious surgeries normally required larger biobeds with specialized sensors and monitors.

These beds were also used for standard examinations preformed by the chief medical officer.

Intensive Care:

Lining the perimeter of the sickbay are biobeds used for intensive care and recovery. These beds had a biofunction monitor at the head of the bed that displayed the patient’s medical status. 

((And No Bones doesn’t eyeball each patients biofunction monitor every five minuets like a worried momma.ssshhh))


ZTE Nubia Z9 Octa Core

The nearly bezel-free phone looks absolutely stunning and continues along the lines of the Nubia design language, but it has a metal chassis and 2.5-dimensional screen. The slightly curved screen measures 5.2 inches and sports a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. The screen spills gracefully over the edges by a millimeter or so, and thanks to ZTE’s new Frame Interaction Technology (FIT), certain gestures made along the bezels will enable preprogrammed actions, like taking a screenshot or turning the screen off.

Marijuana Infused Ice Cream

Embark on a never ending munchies loop as you indulge in a sweet bowl of marijuana infused ice cream. This sugary treat comes laced with grade-A funk that’ll leave you feeling like your brain and body have melted into a carefree nirvana.


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