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Are his blasters like floating masks, or do they connect somewhere in the back we can't see? Also, it looks like the two halves are separate, so could they be pulled apart? ((sorry if this has already been said))

i sketched it like that bc it’s easier to copy and flip one half for symmetry and i have trouble keeping my head up to draw evenly lmao;;

they’re normally locked together. the blaster is like a massive skull that unhinges when firing, and the the holes and split on the head allows excess energy to vent out so the whole thing doesn’t explode. when deactivated, the halves are taken apart for maintenance. 


Infinite wouldn’t like it ,nor can he imagine gadget being anything close to evil or at least act like him when he was a bad ( same thou I just started out liking gadget/buddy way too much and then the ship appears and oooh boI did I fall for them )

Thunderstorm Run (H.R. Wells x Reader)

Rating: M (smut)

Summary: Looking to get some productive work done, you, the Reader, start your day at S.T.A.R. Labs early to avoid the chaos that normally comes with Team Flash. What you didn’t count on was H.R. coming in from a morning run in a torrential downpour, totally drenched, and had lost his shirt along the way, apparently… So much for productive!

A/N: The title is taken from Cav’s Instagram caption on his photo that inspired this hell-bound story. (See photo below the cut)

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{how I got a 5.0 this semester}

Hi everyone! Yes, I haven’t written a post in  f o r e v e r, but I figure now is a good time to update y’all on what’s going on in my life.

Last semester (aka Fall 2016), I took 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, 6.046 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 21G.901 Korean I, and Conversations You Can’t Have on Campus (a seminar style class). I ended up getting 100% in 6.034 and scraped by with an A- in 6.046, so overall I am pretty satisfied with my grades :)

I want to use this post to reflect on what I did last semester to do well in my classes, and hopefully give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your classes as well!

The theme in all these tips is simple: don’t just study harder, study smarter.

  1. Make a schedule and stick to it. I use the Calendar app on my Macbook to schedule in all my classes, office hours, study time, and even breaks. I use different colors to denote different classes, and I use one color for scheduling break time. That way, I can hold myself accountable for using all the time I scheduled to study for an exam and also motivate myself until the next break. It’s also easier to change around my schedule, and I never forget events.
  2. Know the syllabus. If homework is only worth 5% of your grade in Class 1 and it’s worth 40% in Class B, but you only have time/energy to complete one of the assignments, then it’s a no brainer which one you should do.
  3. Know the teacher. After the first quiz or exam, you should learn how the teacher writes exams. Then, for the next quiz, you can try to predict what kind of questions will be on it and study for that material. This is especially useful for multiple choice questions.
  4. Know yourself. If your first exam grade is lower than what you want, don’t just study for longer – learn from your mistakes. Why weren’t you able to come up with the right answer? What was your thought process and how did it differ from the answer key? If you ran out of time, what did you spend your time on during the exam and how can you cut down on it? On the flip side, if you are satisfied with your grade, learn from your success. How did you study for this exam and what helped the most? What was your thought process during the exam and how can you replicate it for the next one?
  5. Go to office hours!!! I’m pretty sure teachers are required to make themselves available to answer students’ questions outside of class. If you can’t go to the teacher’s office hours, then ask if you can come in during lunch or before or after school. If that doesn’t work, write them emails with questions that you have. Teachers love to see that you’re putting in effort to do well in their class, and going to office hours is the best way to show it.
  6. Ask questions. If you don’t completely understand a concept, the first thing to do is try to find an answer for yourself. The second step is to ask your teacher if your understanding is correct. The algorithms class I took is notoriously difficult, and one thing that really helped me was asking questions and then trying to put the explanation in my own words. That helped me get a better understanding of the answer and if I didn’t quite get it right, the teacher can explain further.
  7. Find your motivation. Try to motivate yourself beyond just “I want a perfect GPA.” For me, I wanted to a TA or grader next semester, and I knew that I needed to get A’s to qualify, so I used that to motivate me to learn the material to the best of my ability. For quizzes or exams, I would treat myself to a nice meal, a gadget I want, or half a day of shopping when I get a good result. Positive reinforcement works!
  8. Study and do homework independently. I know a lot of people will encourage you to form study groups, but all the exams are completed on your own. When you do homework in a group, if someone else figures out the solution, you can convince yourself that you would also have gotten it on your own, which isn’t always the case. What I found most helpful was attempting all the problems on my own, writing down questions I have, go to office hours and work on it with a TA, and then confirm my solutions with my friends.
  9. Get 7+ hours of sleep. This is actually probably the most important point. On average last semester I would say I got around 7 hours of sleep every single night. When you sleep, your brain solidifies everything you learned that day. For classes that require memorization, read through your notes before you go to bed, and flip through them again in the morning. But if you’re only getting 4-5 hours per night, your performance goes down drastically.
  10. Go on studyblr. Honestly the studyblr community on tumblr is so pure and filled with people who love to study and do well. Surround yourself with this positivity. When you’re around people who love learning and doing their best, it pushes you to do the same.

So yeah that’s it! I hope these tips help you this next semester as school starts up again. As always, if you have questions or just want to talk, please send me an ask or a message!!


Okay. I want this to kill some flies. And do a lot of firebending moves♥

hate memes are fucking ridiculous

Just some friendly reminders since sometimes Tumblr astrology seems like a shitstorm of stereotype memes. Let’s spread some sign love and stop this stupid sign hate meme

Aries: you are not an angry wannabe. You are passionate about what you believe in and some people just can’t handle the heat of your fire. Don’t put yourself out to appease them. Keep that light in your eyes, and keep standing up for what you believe in. Also remember that losing doesn’t mean that you’re not good at something. Making your life into a contest will only make you doubt yourself, and you are perfect, so please don’t do that

Taurus: so what if you are stubborn and don’t like change? At least you stick up for what you believe in! And even if you do fear change, you’re smart enough to know that things have to change eventually anyways, and you are hella awesome at being prepared so things go as smoothly as possible. You don’t put material items over people; that’s just plain ridiculous. You love things, but you love people as well, and you’d always choose going out with good friends over buying a new gadget. I also want to add that if you have struggled with food in the past, please don’t think too much of it when you see posts that compare Taurus to food. You are strong and you can make it through whatever you’re going through; a weird little stereotype won’t affect that in the slightest

Gemini: ohmygod tumblr stop shitting on gems. They are gems literally and figuratively and I’m just as sick of it as they are!! There is a huge difference between being deceitful/ two-faced and having an open mind and thus changing your opinions regularly. It’s healthy for people to change their views as the world changes, and Geminis are awesome at this. Keep on keepin’ on, Gems. It also sucks because it makes Geminis feel like they’re not welcome on some astrology blogs, and that’s kind of shitty to make a group of people feel like they can’t believe in astrology because it “proves” that they’re shitty people when that’s not true in the slightest. Every sign has a chance to be shitty, and honestly if you’re stereotyping a whole sign that horribly, we all know who the real shitty person here is. Geminis are loyal as fuck to those who are loyal to them! Stay strong Gems, and hopefully this meme ends soon…

the point is: Geminis, you are not inherently two-faced. You are open-minded and try to understand multiple perspectives at once (pro of being an air sign). You are not deceitful, you just learn new information and change accordingly. Keep doing you bb

Cancer: you are not a weak cry baby. You put up with so much shit on a daily basis and you are so patient about it. When you need to cry, you cry, and that’s a lot healthier than keeping it all inside. You cry it out and then you move on, and that’s a trait that should be envied, not laughed at. You are so sweet to your friends and would do anything for them, and you often do. You go above and beyond, and anyone close to you is lucky to have you. You are not overly clingy. You just have a strong need for love and attention, and that’s by no means a bad thing. Just remember that you deserve the best, and learn how to cut toxic people from your life

Leo: you are not so conceited and wrapped up in yourself that you don’t give a fuck about others. If anything, you give too many fucks. You are so generous and loyal and friendly. You’ll be there for anyone in a jam, even if you barely know them. You always put others before yourself, and just because you care about how you look, that does not mean that you are vain

Virgo: you are not too picky; you are not a clean freak. You like things a certain way, and that’s okay. You have high standards for people and things, and that’s how you protect yourself. Just remember that sometimes people don’t understand that criticism isn’t always meant to hurt them and not everyone understands that you just want to help them grow. You see people’s flaws more than anyone, but you still love them just as much, and that’s why you want to help them, and that’s beautiful

Libra: you are not an airhead. Your brain is just so busy all the time and you have so much to say that sometimes the things you say come out wrong and people get offended. You are so smart and opinionated; the fact that you change your opinions easily because you’re indecisive doesn’t make them less valuable; it just means that you’re willing to change. You’re always changing, and people who can’t keep up call you “fake,” but they’ll never understand how quick your mind is, and you can’t stay still for too long or you go crazy. Just smile through it, and you’ll find yourself someday, I promise

Scorpio: you are not a petty, mysterious, sex-obsessed bitch like some paint you to be. You need to trust people before you tell them personal things because you value privacy. I see nothing wrong with that, and mystery is very appealing to some. And if you do like sex, what’s the big issue? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying an act that was meant to be enjoyed. You are not petty, you just get jealous easily because your mind thinks of all the things that could go wrong before the things that could go right. You are kind and loyal and your love is truly one of a kind. Also, you are not evil. You’re loyal to those who are loyal to you and you’re not afraid to show your hatred towards those who cross you. That’s not your problem; they should learn to be loyal like you

Sagittarius: you are perfectly capable of settling down. You are not going to cheat on your partner or leave them out of the blue just because you’re a Sagittarius. You are not heartless, and you’re capable of giving love and very deserving to receive it. It may take you more time to fall in love, but it’s okay, and it’s not a horrible thing that you need interesting people to keep you interested (a crazy thought, I know). You are lovely and love with all your soul when you do decide to settle down. Take your time

Capricorn: you are not boring. You are not all work and no play. You are not a humorless, emotionless rock of a human being. You are full of life and dreams and, yes, you work hard to achieve them, but you never give up on something you want, and you have so much passion, and that is so beautiful. Just because you choose to hide your emotions doesn’t mean you don’t experience them. You want to appear strong, and you do. It’s not your fault that others aren’t patient enough to get to know you. You know when to be serious and when to be humorous, and you are very tactful about it, too. I once saw a zodiac post that was “the signs as alcoholic beverages” or something like that. All the signs had fun and interesting drinks with cute descriptions, but Caps got “a plain martini” with the description of “ugh.” This made me so angry because you deserve so much more than that. You are fun and funny and awesome, and more people need to recognize that

Aquarius: you are not emotionless. There is a huge difference between detaching from your emotions and not feeling them at all. Not showing them does not mean you don’t experience them. You are human, so of course you experience emotions. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel like showing them off; not everything is meant to be so open anyways. Just make sure you have someone close to you that you can talk to things about, because keeping things in for too long can be painful and it just plain sucks. Also, aliens and shit like that are cool, so who cares if you like it? And sometimes fantasy is better than reality, so love what you love

Pisces: you’re not an infant-like crybaby.  That’s just plain ridiculous. You understand the full range of human emotions, and even if you do cry a lot, this isn’t a bad thing. It just means your empathetic and can understand others’ pain as well as your own. You’re also the farthest from oblivious. If anything, you’re almost too observant. Yes, you daydream a lot, but I love your imagination, and you should too. It’s a beautiful thing that too many take for granted, and you should be proud of it