Video: World record flight for ‘farthest flight by hoverboard’

Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru piloted his homebuilt hoverboard 275.9 meters across a Canadian lake, to set the Guinness World Record.


NEW! Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones

The Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones allow you to listen to music just like the artist intended; by getting free and unadulterated sound. Apart from giving you great sound quality and a simple, yet beautiful design, these headphones are very comfortable to use, even during longer sessions.

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全機包膜+Galaxy S6 全滿版2.5D玻璃保護貼,彩色包膜替手機換新妝 @膜斯密碼

膜斯密碼終於開賣《Galaxy S6 滿版玻璃保護貼》,同樣疏水疏油抗指紋,完美對應Galaxy S6,順應Galaxy S6 三種色彩,S6滿版玻璃保護貼也分成三色,消息一出雲爸立刻衝到店裡去貼上,為的就是求個心安~

The ‘Aria’ brings gesture control to your smartwatch

The Aria is a remote that fits into a smartwatch band, able to detect finger movements thanks to sensors that monitor the tendons in your wrist. It then transmits that data to a smartwatch, allowing the user to set up controls to scroll through menus, select items, take photos (with a connected camera) and more.

The device seems to be coming to a range of platforms via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.