Convierte cualquier limón en un dosificador en spray.

Si los limones tuvieran sentimientos esto sería realmente cruel :C


Creando realidad virtual usando la propia realidad virtual usando Unreal Engine 4

Keyport Modular Multi-Tools

View Kickstarter Campaign (10 Hours Left)

Keyport has launched a Kickstarter campaign - for its next gen modular, everyday multi-tools - the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the all new Keyport Pivot, reaching the initial funding goal of $100K in just over three days.

Both new Keyports are made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, feature a low profile lanyard, and include modularity on both sides so that they can accept optional Keyport compatible add-on components.  Keyport’s modularity will allow designers, makers, and partners to develop Keyport compatible modules on this open source platform.  Add-on modules featured in the Kickstarter launch include a Bluetooth low energy locator that works with TrackR, a pocketknife designed by Glenn Klecker of Klecker Knives, and a 12 lumen mini-flashlight.

In addition, to combat the biggest worry associated with keys…losing them, Keyport has created KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click.


View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

View Master enables you to step into the world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.To explore the virtual world you will need three things: a View-Master viewer, an Experience Pack and a smartphone that’s compatible.


Centriphone, un curioso “applexperimento” con un resultado genial.


iBattz Mojo Aqua S Waterproof, Casing Hybrid iPhone 5/5s

Mojo Aqua S Waterproof, casing bercatu daya pertama di dunia yang memiliki kemampuan dibawa menyelam. Selain dapat menambah daya sebesar 2200mAh dan tahan air, casing ini juga tahan benturan, salju, kotoran dan tak dapat dengan mudah dibuka oleh anak kecil.

Fitur kunci lainnya:

  • Mudah ganti baterai
  • Baterai dapat diganti
  • Kecepatan isi daya
  • Dukung Touch ID.

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