Canned Dragon Meat

Do you know how much this stuff costs in Skyrim?!? It’s priceless!

I mean really. As in, it has no price. Because, of all the millions of items you can get in that soul-sucking game, there exists no Dragon Meat! Why is this?! It’s either a terrible oversite or a conspiracy of some sort.

That being said, I’d stock up. It’s at a good price right now anyway.

(they have “dragon” everything else, just not meat. I mean, come on. Really? They have things like mudcrab legs and mammoth snout but noooo. Not Dragon meat. Cant be having the Dovahkiin eating Dragon Meat… ok, I’m done ranting.) (I feel ripped off…) (Now I’m done.)


En Dinamarca llevan las norias horizontales a otro nivel.

Cada usuario tiene dos alas que puede controlar a su antojo y bañar con pota a todos los que miran desde abajo con la boca abierta.

Company with no product wins $533M verdict vs. Apple, says it’s no “patent troll”

Smartflash LLC is a company that operates out of a tiny office suite in Tyler, Texas. It has no employees or products and no assets except for a handful of patents—but it may be getting a whole lot of cash. A jury verdict (PDF) that came out late yesterday orders Apple to pay the company $533 million for infringing three of its patents.

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