Dando una vuelta por la ciudad en una Stealth Bomber B52, una bici eléctrica con puntas superiores a los 80km/h.


Love At First Byte is our new feature highlighting Dear John letters, love poems and other thoughts about our technological crushes.

“Like most tween crushes, the attraction was instant and overwhelming. I remember the first time I set eyes on the Atari Lynx as if it were yesterday. It was perched on a shelf, center stage, behind a huge pane of glass – a window display in a branch of Dixons on Park Street, Bristol. There it sat, so near, yet (at about about £85, or $100) so financially far. The Lynx didn’t know I existed, even though I was just a few feet away. In my preteen mind it felt unfair. My situation felt hopeless, which of course only fanned the flames of my forbidden desire.” - Engadget Deputy Managing Editor, James Trew


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