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I am not a fan of bad weather, esp when high winds and tornados are involved. Tonight we are expecting tornados, up to softball sized hail and wind gusts up to 90mph, thats tornado speed and will most certainly destroy trees and bring down branches. Ansd its going to last for several hours. My area is on the very far west of the really bad part in the lower corner so I’m hoping by the time 9ish rolls around that has changed and we dont get such bad storms.

I have no safe place in my house, if the wind hits the right spot the whole thing is toast. My hall is not safe and has a spot w no door so I have to leash the dog in there w me and hope. Keeping all my gadgets charging all day and putting supplies, radio and flashlights in hall just in case.

And since my leg hurts, Im not going to ride today so I get to stew in it all day.

And people above us are living in their own storms now. Is it summer yet?

Little things from 2x19 that I notice as I rewatch: 

  • when alex is being extra and just rips her fire alarm off the wall she uses a stepping stool and i’m 100% sure she bought that for maggie after she started sleeping over and alex realised she couldn’t reach anything in the apartment 
  • they’re domesticity has leveled up a notch i mean “don’t wait up for me” directly implies that maggie comes and goes as she pleases and probably regularly stays over at alex’s as she waits for her to come back from deo missions etc because she needs to know alex made it home safe, she needs to be there if things go sideways on a mission and most of all being surrounded by alex’s things (by their things) she feels warmer and safer than she ever could in her own apartment (they’re so moving in together at the end of the season)
  • maggie has now referred to alex as ‘sweetie’ and ‘babe’ and i personally headcanon that she loves to use those and other little pet names a lot but only when they’re in private 
  • maggie has extensively thought about a future with alex including but not limited to more valentine’s days together, vacationing together, fighting over dishwashers and having a dog (who will NOT be named gertrude if maggie has anything to say about it!) 
  • maggie definitely uses deo tech to break that guy out of prison which means she has access somehow and i for one would like to believe that she didn’t sign an access forms, nope,  everyone knows that she’s badass agent alex danvers girlfriend and normally maggie doesn’t really like breaking rules unless its necessary but a grenade is definitely considered necessary, so she threatens the guards all “well alex gave me permission, i mean you can ask her but i hear she can do some pretty mean things with her fingers if you piss her off ya know” and next thing ya know she’s walking out of the tech room with like 6 different gadgets hidden in her jacket looking like a kid on christmas day 
  • when they save alex and kara says “you held on” and alex says “i held on” right after if you listen carefully you can hear maggie whisper back “you held on” in a tone of disbelief because she was really starting to believe that they might not get to alex in time and she would have lost the most important person in her entire world  
  • i’m also relatively sure floriana was standing on a box in that last scene with kara where they hug because from the angle she looks almost head to head with kara but we know melissa is even taller than chyler so that’s just not realistic 

I just want an AU where Aku raised his daughters instead of the High Priestess so they can be told those stories of him saving the day in fairytales as bedtime stories, tucking them in at night, kissing their little foreheads, spoiling them with cute clothes and toys and fancy gadgets and crying as they left for their first day of school. He would also teach them to fight but not hurt each other or themselves in the process

Please let me have this 😫


the team thinks that lance is no good to defend the universe and replaced him as the blue paladin. they went to a planet and tried to let allura tame the blue lion as lance sat on the ground watching as his teammates replace him.

the moment the blue lion saw that someone else than her cub was in the blue armor she immediately growled at allura and flew to lance.

the paladins went to their lions incase the blue lion attacks and shouting was heard because their lions wont let them in.

the blue lion next to lance roars and all the lions go behind her as if she led voltron while lance stood up next to her as the other palladins just stare at lance and the blue lion.

the reason they followed the blue lions command is because they owe the blue lion for bringing them their cubs/paladins and its just wrong if the one who gave them their cubs would lose her cub that brought them to the other lions in the first place.

some +++

shiros knees has given out as if he doesnt have strength to stand. he was kneeling down as he looks at his lion standing behind the blue lion which hits him with a double meaning.

because without the blue lion the black lion wouldn’t have been infront of him heck also the other lions wouldnt be.

you can see alluras tear rolling down her cheeks as she looks at what shes wearing.

she was disgusted with the thought of replacing a paladin that the lion chose as she slowly covered her mouth with the sight of lance.

hunk just smiles looking at his best friend and as tears also rolled down his cheek. they were going to remove lance.

and without lance hunk wouldn’t have met the others, he wouldnt have obtained his lion if it wasnt for lance. lance risked his life and his lion just for hunk to obtain his lion.

pidge just had a breakdown crying on the ground with messy tears. because same as the others the reason she was on voltron was because of lance without lance they would have never gotten the blue lion.

if lance didnt showed up on the roof top she probably never had the guts to go and save shiro. they would have never piloted to the castle. lance was the closest to a brother she has and even in the worst times lance did everything to cheer them up and change the mood yet all they did was shut him out.

and keith oh keith
he didnt bother looking at his lion
he didnt bother thinking at all
he just looked at lance he was a mess and since when did he looked like that?
lance looked thin and he cant remember the last time they ate with lance, his hair was messy, eyes puffy, his skin wasnt the beautiful milk chocolate tone as before it was pale and his eyes didnt show the egotistical pun loving boy but yet they showed no emotion and keith just ran up not thinking twice if the lions attacked him all he thought of was lance.

once he reached lance he hugged him as he sobbed repeating the audible words of sorry again and again.

the others followed slowly pidge just ran and grabbed on to lances leg (because keith hogged lance) hunk and allura slowly walked to lance instantly wrapping their arms around the two others who where a crying mess

and shiro just he ran. he didnt even bother to slow down and tackled all of them down while each of them was having a breakdown and everyone was making small audible sounds repeatedly.

hearing those touching words made the corners of lances mouth lift up.

lance just heard muffles and looked at everyone that was squeezing him and he slowly laughed.

the others looked at him all their eyes glassy from the tears and the corners of their mouths slowly lifted up joining the lances laughter not even bothering standing up.

from the window of the castle coran also had tears down his cheeks as he took a picture with one of pidges gadgets and he was so relieved because the next day.

everything was going to change.

(im so sorry for my horrible writing)

“Pure Genius” sentence starters

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  • “Medicine is ultimately a human endeavour.”
  • “Do you see how awesome technology is?”
  • “I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.”
  • “I mean, who has offices any more? What is this, Mad Men?”
  • “We’re making miracles here on a daily basis. Big and small.”
  • “I pulled a few strings, and here I am.”
  • “What if I could give you a million chances to get it right?”
  • “I did have the genetic test done and it came back positive.”
  • “This is the revolution.”
  • “I don’t love any of this.”
  • “I need you to monitor your heart rate and your temperature.”
  • “This is extreme emotional manipulation.”
  • “We don’t have weeks. We have days.”
  • “It’s not just all gizmos and gadgets.”
  • “Do you remember when I fell in love with you?”
  • “Since when do we have gift baskets?”
  • “Are all priests celibate?”
  • “Something’s wrong, he’s acting really strange.”
  • “Sorry, I’m not great with needles.”
  • “I wanna be part of this.”
  • “I’m not gonna be able to take it if this doesn’t work.”

Concept: after Lena finds out about Supergirl, she decides to help the DEO to catch her mother, offering new gadgets and helping with the technical stuff. One day, Lena decides to go to the DEO building with Kara (as Supergirl), to show Lena around

Mon-Egg appears at the main hall and as always, he tries, unsuccessfully, to flirt with Kara, all this while Lena is right next to her. The look Lena has in her eyes is literally as if she was killing Mon-Bleh and J'onn laughs at it. When Kara realizes, she grabs Lena around her waist and kisses her cheek, and Lena’s eyebrow rises while she’s still looking at Mold-Bread.

“Wait… You guys are… together?” He says, frowning

“He said with surprise in his voice for some reason.” Lena answers with a smirk.

Kara leaves laughing when Alex and Wynn call for her, and Lena moves to stand next to Mon-Who.

“If you ever dear to flirt again with her,” she whispers, “I’ll make sure to end your fucking heterowhitecis life.”

Reader teaches Zenyatta to dance

Watchpoint Gibraltar was often a lonely place. The only team members who stayed there year round were those with nowhere else to go. Company was scarce and Valentine’s Day on the horizon only made things worse. You found yourself in tacit isolation, due largely to Soldier’s aloof nature and Winston’s obsession with his gadgets. The days trudged by with agonizing monotony. The best part of each one was crossing it off the calendar. As the morning stretched onward you fell into a carefully cultivated routine.

First a hot shower followed by a hasty breakfast. Next stop was the common room everyone shared. You took the recliner and busied yourself with phone games and cat videos. Thrilling. Then, once your battery was half gone, you walked around the facilities, picking up the errant banana peel.

The last stop was Gibraltar’s fitness center, complete with a swimming pool, fully supplied gym, track, and basketball court. A large boombox, courtesy of Lucio, sat on the sidelines of the gymnasium. There was a certain bounce to your step as you trotted over to plug in your phone. This was your one solace. Dance.

The beat drummed along the floor, into your bones. A brilliant smile spread across your face and it wasn’t long before you’d lost yourself to the rhythm. Your eyes were closed. All the better to imagine your stage. Besides, you knew every inch of this room by now. Hands snapped up and then snaked back down your body. Hips rolled, booty rocked, you popped, locked, dropped, and brought it back up. If it weren’t for the sound of metallic clapping and gentle laughter you may have even twerked.

“Please, do not stop on my account. I was simply admiring your skill.” Zenyatta, floating in the doorway, encouraged you to continue. Your cheeks turned a rosy shade of blush and you rushed over to turn off the music. “I’m so sorry,” you offered sheepishly, “I thought everyone was away. When did you arrive?” The omnic sensed your true question and was more than happy to answer. “Do not worry. I watched only for a few brief moments. Genji and I have returned at Winston’s request. A mission lies before us.” If robots could smile, he’d certainly be grinning at you. “My apologies for disturbing you. Though I am happy to have witnessed such grace. It is a talent I have yet to master.” A few last waves of embarrassment rippled through you as you thanked him for the kind words. “I could teach you, if you want. I mean, I’m no master like you. But if you wanted to learn I could–”

“That sounds wonderful. I am always open to learning new things. Thank you for the opportunity.” Zenyatta floated over with more grace than he knew, and waited patiently for instruction. 

“Well… You can’t really dance without putting your feet on the ground… Can you stand?” Obediently, the monk unfolded himself from his usual perch. You gasped, “I never knew how tall you were!” Zen had drawn himself up over six feet in height. He laughed kindly at your surprise and your cheeks grew hot once more. “Alright… Let’s start with something simple. Put one hand on my hip and take my right hand with the other. Perfect.” His grip was steady and confident but gentle. The metal was warm against your skin. You placed your left hand on his shoulder and closed the distance between you. His orbs responded by widening their orbit and hovering around you. Suddenly, you felt heat flush across your brow and couldn’t help but smile. This was more intimate than you anticipated.

“Now you lead, right foot forward, then left. Then move back. Yes! Now add a little wiggle and swing those hips!” You giggled and demonstrated with your own shapely form. He tilted his head and sighed admiringly, “You make it look so easy.” In truth he wasn’t the best dancer but he could follow the basic steps. Zen even tried to move his hips in similar fashion. You erupted in playful laughter, “You’re doing great! I’m truly impressed!.” Those orbs whirled around and he seemed to beam at your approval. “You are an excellent teacher. I only hope I have made you proud.”

“Absolutely. We’ll have to dance more tomorrow! It’ll be nice to finally have a partner.” The omnic bowed before you and you curtseyed in return. “I look forward to nothing more. It will be a pleasure.”

Another addition to Three Headed Adventures, this is Gizmo, Gadget, and Gearhead!

More about her: 

  • This cat belongs to your friend in Massachusetts, and you guys are good friends, but not close enough that you can ask her what is up with her cat
  • Still, she has three names, from left to right: Gizmo, Gadget, and Gearhead. It is confusing. You called the cat Triple G once, and Gizmo bit you shortly thereafter. 
  • Favorite place is in a messenger bag. Your friend accidentally took the cat to work, and it got promoted to Director of Operations by the end of the working day. 
  • Gadget is clearly the one in control of the body. Gizmo and Gearhead scream about it. 
  • Gadget screams when she hasn’t been given attention in more than 15 seconds. 
  • A tortoiseshell. Your friend woke up one day to the cat standing on her chest, and hasn’t left the house since. 
  • Quilt Enthusiast. Massachusetts. Witches. Is your friend a witch and this cat her familiar? You cannot ask. 
Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


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This pic had me thinking about a Vigilante!Lena AU

Think about it. Lena is rich and she’s a genius. She has the abilities to build super cool gadgets like Batman. Also, people try to kill her every other day, she carries a taser in her bag, she obviously knows how to kick some serious ass to defend herself.

Lena defending National City in secret at first,like Guardian. Kara finding out. Lena becoming a part of the superfriends and teaming up with the DEO cause “She’s really good,I’ve seen her fight and most importantly,I believe in her.”

Kara, Alex, James, Winn, Lena and J'onn, defenders of National City.

Bonus: Lena and Kara seeing each other using their respective abilities and smiling while saying “Cool” like Flarrow in The Flash’s Pilot (only five billion times cuter)