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White Day (Kazuchika Okada Imagine)

Kazuchika Okada x Reader
Warning: smut, latex free
A/N:  This really got away from me. Based a little more on Okada the character than Okada the guy. And inspired by anon request, who asked for Valentines day but upon my research White Day is where the men return the gifts they got from ladies on Valentines, so this is Okada’s idea of repaying gift.
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~3800 words

The Rainmaker knows how to repay a gift.

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Love Contract

Credit: @lookingatitdifferently (idea and context)

Leo x Reader

Angst, fluff

2,783 words

You lifted your glass of wine to your lips for a long swallow and then sighed as your eyes roamed the place for a familiar face. The party was boring and your partner was nowhere to be found. Why did he ask me to come in the first place? You thought to yourself when you saw him chatting with a couple at the bar. You took another sip from your drink when you saw him walking in your direction. He extended his arm and wrapped it around your middle as he said: 

“Do you see that woman there? She’s so excited about the new car she bought last week. She doesn’t know I have three of the same model.” 

He chuckled and you drew a smile on your face when you remembered that one of those three cars was given to you. Rich people’s conversations were never your thing, until they included you in whatever they were purchasing. Whether is was watches, jewelry, gadgets, you were always welcoming. Coming to this party had its price too. You stared at the golden watch wrapped around your wrist and a smile found its way into your face as you let your finger trace the crystal edges of your watch. You then looked at your partner and whispered ‘Thank you.’ He looked at you, pecked your cheek and said: 

“No, thank you! I would have hated to be here on my own. Thank you for coming with me.”

You rose your glass and said: “For old times’ sake.”

“Taekwoon please! Can’t you at least act that you’re not here to murder anybody?” 

Taekwoon was sitting to the bar, completely ignoring the party taking place behind him. He wasn’t even drinking which was pissing his friend and the bartender off. He turned to look at his friend. 

“You know I didn’t want to come in the first place.” 

His friend took the seat next to him, patted his shoulder as he said:

“I am doing this for you. It’s been weeks now and you still can’t get over her.” 

Taekwoon let out a sigh before turning in his seat and looking at the couples dancing around the place. 

“I really wanted to bring her along. Why did she have to break up with me?”

“Because she doesn’t love you anymore. Stop repeating the same old story and move on!”

“I can’t. I…” 

He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes fell on you hanging around your partner’s arm. His friend turned to where Taekwoon’s gaze was fixed. 

“Find someone else.” 

He said and then sipped his drink. Taekwoon’s gaze was still fixed on you as he said: 

“Do you know her?”

“Who doesn’t?”

Taekwoon turned to look at his friend with an unreadable expression on his face. 

“What is that supposed to mean? Is she a pr…” 

“Wow wait. Let’s just say she… she likes rich men, she likes it when they buy her things and take her to fancy places.”

“What? No she doesn’t!” 

“She does. Ask anyone here, I bit half of them know her.” 

“You’re lying!” 

Taekwoon said as he grabbed his friend by the shirt collar. 

“Why would I lie? It’s not like… sh*t! Is she…” 

Taekwoon let go of him and walked to where you were standing. You were chatting with your partner when you felt a strong hand grabbing your wrist. You let out a yelp until you realized it was Taekwoon. 

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Your partner yelled at him but you turned to him as you said: 

“It’s okay. He’s my… friend.” 

“I need to talk to you.” 

Taekwoon said before pulling you behind him outside the club. You stood there panting as you stared at him in disbelief. Of all the people you thought you’d see at this party, Taekwoon was the last. 

“What did you do that for? You could’ve called me if you wanted to talk to me so badly.” 

He looked at you and the blood in your veins froze at his deathly gaze. 

“Is it true?”

You looked at him in confusion. 

“What is?”

“Did you date me because I’m rich?”

You swallowed hard as you avoided his gaze. This was your intention, yes, you weren’t going to deny it. When you first spotted him at a similar party, you knew he’s going to be your next target, your next sugar daddy. But the longer you went out with him, you felt yourself falling for him, falling very hard for Jung Taekwoon. Slowly you were thinking twice before asking him to buy you anything, until you stopped asking him to buy you anything at all. The two years you spent with him were heavenly. He was very caring, very sweet, very loving with his gently touches and sweet kisses. Love making was never this ecstatic. He’d take you in his arms, delve you into the warmth of his loving embrace, print his lips all over your body in sweet short kisses, and end it with the most intimate forms of love. 

But after two years of not being pampered the way you’ve always been, you started missing your old life. You wanted to go back to buying the newest gadgets, the most expensive jewelry, and designer dresses. He never said no, but your love to him was preventing you from asking him for anything. 

So you decided to break up with him. Even though it sounded simple in your head, it was terrible in reality. He couldn’t understand why you wanted to break up with him. He didn’t understand what you meant with “I don’t love you anymore.” You couldn’t tell him your real reasons and you thought this was enough reason to make him break up with you. You still remember how he held into your arm tightly you could feel his fingers leave their mark onto your flesh. He begged you to stay, promised to change whatever that was bothering you, asked you to take a break instead of separating but you still said no. He was devastated, heart-broken, and in agony but you still said no. 

“Is it true?” 

Taekwoon asked again, snapping you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him as you said: 

“Why do you care?”

He gawked at you for a few seconds before saying: 

“Because I loved you!” 

I loved you too, you wanted to say, but instead you remained silent. Your heart was pounding in your chest the more you looked at him and saw the pain in his eyes; the pain you saw the day you told him you didn’t love him enough to stay.

“Do you even know what love is?”

He asked as he continued to stare at you. The accusation hurt, because he was the only one you truly loved. You bit your lip, trying to prevent yourself from confessing to him. You broke up for a reason and you weren’t going to let him remind you of that. 

“I loved you! I still do! How could you do this to me? How could you break up with me when all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with you! I was going to propose the week after our anniversary. Why did you do this to me?”

He blurted out and you could no longer feel your heart beating. He still loves me? He wanted to marry me? 

“What did you say?” 

You almost whispered, unable to breathe as you stared at him in disbelief. He placed his hands on your shoulder as he said: 

“I was going to propose in Paris. I bought the tickets. I even got you the ring you saw at the jewelry shop the week before the anniversary. I told you I wasn’t going to buy it because I wanted to surprise you. I had everything ready… except for you.”

“Taekwoon I…” 

You couldn’t think of anything to say. You remember asking him to buy you the ring because you wanted it so bad but when he said he won’t buy it you made up your mind and decided to break up with him.

“Do you know how much I blamed myself for not buying it? Do you know how many sleepless nights I spent thinking it was the reason why you left me?” 

“I’m sorry.”

You mumbled without looking at him. He let out a sigh and then asked:  

“Did you find someone new? A new sugar daddy?” 

He bit his lower lip as he waited for your answer. You looked up at him and took a deep breath before saying: 


He sighed in relief and then said: 

“I want you back.” 

Your jaw dropped in shock as you stared at him. He cupped your face as he leaned forward in an attempt to kiss you. You pushed him away before saying:

“What? Taekwoon… I’m not… I’m not a relationship material, nor am I a marriage material. I live my life moving from one man to another, spending their money on my unnecessary needs. The only reason why I didn’t want to spend your money was because I loved you! You’re the only one I truly loved and I didn’t want to use you like I used them. I never wanted to hurt you so I had to break up with you. I couldn’t…” 

Your sentence was interrupted when he locked your lips with him. He kissed you and wrapped his arms around your back to prevent you from pushing him away again. He pulled back and stared at you as he said: 

“I want you back.” 

You took a step away from him as you said: 

“I can’t. I’m sorry Taekwoon, I just can’t.” 

“Please! I love you! I’d do anything to have you back!” 

You remained silent. 

He held your hand tightly as he said: 

“Let me be your sugar daddy. Don’t go to anyone else. I’ll get you everything you want. You don’t even have to ask for it, it’ll be there already.” 

“Why would you do this?”

You asked as you tried pulling your hand out of his. He tightened his hold on your hand and said: 

“Because I love you, even if you don’t love me anymore. I want you, I don’t want to be with anyone else but you and I can’t bare seeing you with another man.” 


“Please. Think about it. I’ll even sign a contract that says I will never say no to anything you want. I’ll…”

This time it was your turn to interrupt him. You pulled yourself up and kissed him. He automatically wrapped his arms around your body as he deepened the kiss. You rested your hands on his chest and you could feel his heart pounding against his chest. His hands went up and down your back as he pulled you closer to him. When he pulled out, he said:

“Is that a yes?”

“I need to see the contract first.” 

You said as he smiled at you and averted your eyes away from his loving gaze. He pulled you closer as he whispered:

“Come with me and I’ll show it to you.” 

“What does it say?”

You whispered against his lips. He pecked your lips before saying: 

“It says that I’m completely yours, but you’ll have to be mine too. Completely mine.” 

You pecked his lips before saying:

“I will.” 


A month after moving back with Taekwoon, you decided you no longer wanted to live according to the contract. You called him at work and asked him when he was coming home. He said he’ll be there for lunch so you took the contract out of the safe and waited for him in the living room. 

He entered the house and called your name as he took his jacket off. You ran into his arms, kissed his lips before saying: 

“I missed you!” 

He pushed a lock of hair behind your ear as he said: 

“I missed you too.” 

You walked him toward the dining table and sat down next to him as you had lunch together. You listened to him talk about his day and watched him as he stuffed his mouth with food, while you were thinking of how to discuss the contract with him. You waited until he was done eating before moving to the living room. 

As soon as he sat down on the sofa he noticed the contract lying on the coffee table. He looked at you and then at the contract before saying: 

“Why is this here?”

You grabbed the contract and hesitated for a second before tearing it apart. His eyes widened in shock as he stared at you. 

“Why did you do that? Are you… are you leaving me again?”

You moved closer to him and placed your hand on his thigh as you said: 

“No. I’ll never leave you.” 

“Why did you do it then?”

A light shade of pink crept into your face as you said:

“I want another one.” 

He looked at you in confusion. 

“Do you want me to change any of the conditions? I’ll do whatever you want.” 

You smiled at him, cupped his face as you said: 

“Baby, I want a marriage contract.” 

His jaw dropped as he gawked at you. He was speechless for a few seconds before asking: 

“Are you… are you sure?”

You nodded. He took you in his arms and hugged you tightly. You wrapped your arms around his body with a content smile on your face. 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too. I’m sorry… for everything.” 

He pulled out, looked at you lovingly as he said: 

“Don’t apologize. Nothing matters as long as I have you.” 

You smiled at him before saying: 

“But I have one request. I want us to have a pre-nup agreement.” 

“What for?”

He asked with a worried tone. You fiddled with your fingers for a second before saying: 

“In… in case we… we get a divorce I want you to keep all your money. I don’t want to take anything.” 

He let out a sigh before saying: 

“I thought we got over this already. Everything I own is yours.” 

You held his hand in yours tightly. 

“Please. It’s my only request.”

He thought for a second and then said as he placed his hand on your cheek: 

“If I let you sign it, will you be mine forever?” 

You smiled at him as you placed your hand on his and said: 

“I’m already yours.” 

One morning a month after the wedding, and as you lay in bed, you turned around to find Taekwoon’s spot empty. It was the weekend and he usually stays in bed so it was surprising to look at his side of the bed and find it empty. You got off bed, grabbed your silk robe and put it on before heading toward the kitchen. You found him sitting to the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him and a paper in his hand. 

“Good morning.”

You said before walking in his direction. He smiled at you, put the paper on the table and opened his arms for you. You positioned yourself between his legs and wrapped your arms around his neck before pecking his lips.

“Good morning.”

You sat on the kitchen stool next to him and then looked at the paper.

“What is this?”

Before you could reach for it, he said: 

“I need to talk to you.”

You looked at him in confusion.

“What is it?”

He scratched the back of his head before looking up at you and saying:

“I… I want to cancel the pre-nup agreement.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. 


He took your hands in his, squeezed them lightly and then kissed the back of both hands before staring into your eyes. 

“I want us to live like this forever. I want us to be together and never consider a divorce… but… in case we… ever decide to go our separate ways I want you to have my money. I’d hate to see you with someone else. I’d hate to think that you’ll need someone to support you. I want you to be able to support yourself… without me or anyone else.” 


“Please say yes. I can’t sleep at night thinking you’d ever be with someone else.”

You pulled your hands out of his and cupped his face as you said: 

“I’d never want to be with anyone else but you. I don’t want money, I just want you.” 

“But we’ll cancel the agreement.” 

“We’ll cancel it if it makes you happy.” 

“It will.” 

You pecked his temple and then said: 

“That’s all that matters.” 

Can You Handle Life as a SB? A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Being a SB

As with any dating dynamic, sugar dating presents both challenges and rewards, both pros and cons. Most aspiring SBs dive into the sugar world, noticing only the rewards only to find out they can’t deal with the challenges involved.

If you’re currently considering sugar dating, first read through the list below to see if the pros match what you’re looking for and the cons are something you can deal with.

The Advantages of Being a SB

Perk #1. The Allowance

This one is a no-brainer. Getting a full-time paycheck on a regular basis – without anywhere near the time commitment of a full-time job – is one of the most wonderful perks of being a SB. The recommended allowance is basically everything you need for your monthly expenses (rent + bills + food + tuition) times two. That’s usually enough for most of us to put away a pretty penny or two every month.

Tons of free time, the option of not having to work, and a stash of cash to pay your rent, your bills, and take you where you want to go…oh, that is a lovely advantage of life as a SB.

Perk #2. Free Time

Ah, free time. What a luxury. Sometimes an even greater luxury than just money. Having ample free time to do the things you love without having to work full-time for luxurious living – quite possibly the best thing ever.

A wonderful thing about all this free time, in our humble opinion, is the chance it also gives you to learn new skills and increase your value without having to pay for your existence by working a dead-end job. Yes, you can leverage your free time to take resume-boosting courses, try out an internship that might lead to a career shift, and pick up a few hobbies that may turn into income over time.

Perk #3. Experiential Knowledge

This is one of those intangible benefits to being a SB, but not every SB takes advantage of it. Whether you already are a SB or planning to be, take advantage of this last benefit as it just might be the most useful thing you gain from the sugar relationship.

Any sugar daddy who’s able to afford thousands of dollars to take care of you every month has done something financially right. Learn from him. Question him. Find out how he does things and most importantly, how we think about things.

Don’t let him just catch you fish – let him teach you how to fish.

The Disadvantages of Being a SB

The advantages of being a SB are pretty much the same for most SBs. On the other hand, the disadvantages range a lot. Some SBs hardly notice any disadvantages. Others can list a ton.

The difference?

The SD you choose and the relationship you both decide upon. This is by far the most important consideration in your life as a SB and the difference between whether you will enjoy being a SB or live to despise it. Remember always that a mutually beneficial relationship is first and foremost a relationship. Choose wisely who you get into one with.

That being said, there are a few disadvantages to being a SB that both happy and unhappy SBs can agree with…

Disadvantage #1. The Secrets

The life of a SB is often times a secretive one. Sure, some SBs are perfectly okay telling their friends – and maybe even family – about this part of their lives but most choose to keep it private. And this can get complicated.

People close to you might wonder why you suddenly have so much free time. Or how you could afford expensive jewelry or gadgets or the rent on your city-center loft, especially without a job. Or who you’ve been going on those little trips with. Do you have a boyfriend? If so, how is it no one has met him?

To keep the details of a secret sugar life a secret, many SBs end up often lying to those closest to them. At first, it might not seem like a huge deal but after a while, the secrets can push wedges between you and those close to you. Make sure you’re ready to deal with this before you embark on life as a SB.

Disadvantage #2. No “Real” Boyfriend

The biggest disadvantage of being a SB – even if you have a SD you genuinely like – is the lack of a real relationship.

In most cases – your SD is not also your boyfriend. You’re not going to take him home to meet your parents, there’s no real future (aka marriage and kids) to look forward to, and you are not entitled to be chosen over, say, an important dinner meeting.

At the same time, juggling a SD and a real boyfriend is too much for a lot of SBs. Chances are – you’re not going to have a “real” relationship while you’re a SB. Be prepared for this sacrifice before you dive in.

Disadvantage #3. Time Control

Sure, you have tons of free time as a SB – but one thing you most likely won’t have control of is when you see your SD. Most SDs have busy hectic schedules and they squeeze you in when they have a free moment. Sometimes, you won’t be notified until the last minute, sometimes you might have to cancel other plans you had. A part of being a SB is being time-flexible. If you want absolute control of your time and set schedules, this might not be the best lifestyle for you.

However, most SDs will take your own time constraints into consideration. If you have a set schedule that you must keep (i.e. work or classes), just let him know and he’ll accommodate your schedule as you accommodate his.

Downside #4. Begrudging Company

This last disadvantage is not a real disadvantage since it can be entirely avoided by choosing your SD wisely.

So many SBs fall into the trap of getting into an arrangement with the first SD who offers them a generous allowance. And then they face the misery of having to see this person over and over again while despising the time spent with him.

This is the worst sugar mistake you can make and we absolutely, under-no-condition, think anyone should do this. If you need money desperately, get a job first and then search for a SD with a clear sense of judgment.

There are tons of SDs out there. Some you won’t like, other you’ll have a great time with. Hold out for the latter.