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I’ve loved @crackmccraigen ‘s Powerpuff Girls since I was a little kid, although I haven’t really drawn much fanart for them.  But recently I realized that I hardly ever saw any fanart of the girls aged-up where they actually looked like superheroes.  Usually when the girls are drawn older they are either sexualized versions of their younger selves, or else they are drawn fighting crime in street clothes or living average lives.  I wanted to draw them like a real powerful superhero team - so that’s what I did!  

I tried to stick to the art style used in the show, and although the curvy figure isn’t as streamlined as their childhood shape, I aimed for a bullet design that would still be somewhat aerodynamic. I also added the futurized versions of a few other characters like Professor Utonium, Mayor Bellum, and her assistant Mr. Mayor.  And after years of battle, Mojo Jojo now has a prosthetic arm powered by the nodes on his brain that can convert into a variety of weapons and gadgets!

And then it just hit me...

TFW you are sitting on your bed, looking at a funny picture involving Tara Strong and realize that

-She was on Drawn Together with her friend Cree Summer…and they both have voiced the same character in different shows. (Penny, Inspector Gadget)
-She is also the voice of Batgirl (Batman TAS) and Harley Quinn (Injustice, DC Super Hero Girls)

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Barnes, James Barnes

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Bucky x Reader


Watching movies with Bucky was usually fun, they would lounge on opposite sides of the sofa and he would always end up rubbing her feet and ankles, sometimes working up her calf as he stared at the screen. If they cuddled up together they would never see the end of the film and this was much safer. His hands had paused on her ankle and for five minutes she didn’t notice he wasn’t watching the screen, his eyes were staring at the floor and he looked to be millions of miles away, ‘Bucky?’ He would zone out sometimes, he’d been doing it all day and she wondered where his mind was taking him…perhaps after the James Bond marathon he was getting bored?
Y/N slipped her feet from his lap and sat up, sliding across the cushions to sit on the edge by his hip, 'Bucky, baby?’

His eyes moved to hers and slowly his blank expression changed to something more resigned, 'You know that’s what spies aren’t really like, right?’

He sounded a little gruff, the slight wrinkle between his brows the only thing giving away his annoyance and she looked at the scene playing out before pausing it, 'I don’t know much about spies, Bucky. I know that James Bond is like bad fanfiction of real spies but…’ Why was he so upset by the films? She rested her hand on his hip with a frown, 'Isn’t it a little similar?’

'No where near.’ He dragged himself into an upright position, his long legs straight along the sofa as he leaned against the arm of it, his hand held her thigh to ensure he didn’t push her off when he moved, 'You think it’s all gadgets and girls and suave parties? No, doll. Not at all. It’s dirty and dark and no one gives you an out.’ Bucky sounded bitter, his anger was rolling off him in waves and Y/N swallowed thickly as she looked down at her hands. 'Spying isn’t black and white. There are people living double lives, having families that they’re expected to execute as soon as they’re no longer needed. You got sleeper agents who don’t even know what they are until one day they’re shooting up an office full of their friends. You live in walls, you don’t eat or sleep or dare to blink in case you miss something vital… you think a real spy would get away with a dressing down? You get punished. You have an example made of you… you get handed a gun and someone points to your target – you’re nothing but a tool…an Asset.’

Her guts felt like they were twisting inside her, his voice was low, it was angry and bitter but also sad. She should have thought when she put the marathon on, she was sensitive enough to him to avoid WWI and II movies but she hadn’t thought that cheesy Bond would stir up memories. For heaven’s sake the two men had the same name and initials! 'I’m sorry… ’
She heard him mumble that he was too and then he was getting up and walking toward the front door, Y/N opened her mouth to call him back as he began putting his shoes on but Bucky shook his head and told her he was coming back. Sometimes he had to walk off his frustration and she watched forlornly as he shut the door behind him.
It had already been past ten o'clock when Bucky left, his phone and keys sat on the table whilst his tea got cold and in the end Y/N tipped the contents away and washed up the few dishes from dinner. He had been living there for nearly a month and she was used to having him around to get ready fro bed with, they’d mill in and out of the bathroom, brushing teeth and washing their faces, joking about how they were flossing buddies. She got ready on her own and threw on a large t-shirt before getting into bed, the clock was ready twelve o six, she’d need to stay awake to let Bucky in as he’d left his keys. Resting her head against the pillow Y/N rested her eyes as she pulled his pillow against her chest, breathing in his scent and silently berating herself for causing him pain.


The clock was reading one fifty five when her eyes opened blearily, she couldn’t recall when she had fallen asleep but a chill ran up her spine suddenly and she sat up with a gasp. The bedroom window was open and the covers were pulled down to her feet, the lamp had been switched off and in the corner she saw a dark figure stood watching her. ’…B…Bucky?’ The figure took a step forward and she scrambled across the bed toward the door in a panic. A large hand caught her wrist and yanked her toward a solid body, arms wrapping around her and holding her prisoner despite her struggling.

'It’s me. It’s me, babydoll…’ Bucky’s voice made her freeze and she slumped against him breathing heavily and holding in a frightened sob, 'Hey…Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you…come on, sit down.’ He guided her to sit on the edge of the bed with her, his bionic arm around her shoulders as his flesh hand held onto both of hers, sitting silently as she shook.

After a minute she had calmed down she flicked on the lamp and looked at him angrily, 'What the hell?! Why were you lurking in the dark?!’ Was he trying to scare her to death? Was he making some sort of point or playing a practical joke on her?

'I was grabbing a pair of pants from the dresser, I turned when you called me and you started to freak…’ He hadn’t had time to call her name back before she’d been running away, he had only managed to catch her by pure luck.

'But the window and the light and the blankets…why did… I thought I was gonna be murdered!’

Bucky bit down an amused chuckle, she was genuinely upset and he had to treat her seriously, he squeezed her shoulder and sighed, 'I left my keys and had to come in through the window. When I got in you were fast asleep and the room was stuffy as hell – you’d shoved the covers down to the bottom of the bed so I left the window open. I turned the light off too. Then I got ready for bed and was trying to change.’ He could understand why she’d been so surprised to find a dark figure in her room and why she was angry. 'I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you, not ever, babydoll…’

She looked at him bewildered, surprised how he had broken in through a window two feet away from her, brushed his teeth, washed his face, combed his hair and gotten down to only his boxerbriefs without her being even the faintest bit aware. 'But you were watching me?’

He shook his head, 'Had my back to you, promise. Why would I stand in a corner and watch you when I can hold you in my arms and do it?’

’…Smooth as Bond.’ It was then she remembered earlier and she looked back up at him, 'I’m sorry for tonight. I’m sorry I didn’t think what those films would dredge up, that I don’t understand…’ She felt him pull her closer into an embrace and press a kiss to the top of her head.

Bucky had gone for a long walk, he had worked through the negative feelings and the guilt, he knew he had made his girl feel like garbage and told himself to get a grip before turning back for home. He was sort of glad she was naïve enough to think James Bond was a typical spy, she didn’t need to know the truth, he didn’t want her to know such ugly things. 'I’m sorry I took it out on you. You’re always catching the end of my bad moods and you don’t deserve it – I’ll make it up to you and binge watch Glee… I’ll even stay quiet for the first season.’

'Deal.’ She smiled against him, 'But first, Your mission, Mr Barnes, if you choose to accept it -’

Bucky snorted, 'Isn’t that Mission Impossible?’


@my-lady-no-further said: Ok I actually had an idea that Lizzy would play Wonder Girl in one of the DCEU movies (cough teen titans adaption cough) and probs the Wonder Woman sequels so I’m not saying you’re reading my mind but You’re reading my damn mind!

One of the best parts is that they don’t really shy away from references so that chapter that was basically a fashion show for Sebastian? In the episode it aired in there was definitely a shot of him in the inspector trench coat and hat. You know, bc they’re so subtle. (Also all the boys at like, Weston, during filming would be scared of him at first, then to warm them up to him he’d -reluctantly- say his Inspector Gadget catchphrase.)

Sieglinde as a peppy Raven. OMG our shared universe triumphs yet again! Lizzie as a character in the DCEU ftw (especially in the Wonder-verse!)

And holy crap, yes. The show does nothing to erase Sebastian’s IG past- they even linger on that shot of him with the trench coat XD And LOL, to get the new kids to open up to filming, Sebastian has to put on that Inspector Gadget persona- “Wowsers, this cricket match is long!” And he just has to go “Wowsers!” every time there’s a mistake on set while going “why :’)” on the inside.