gadget gary

together we can build an island, create a community, change the world… and even tip an ice berg. waddle on.

made some humanisations for the passing of club penguin. i made a lot of memories with the characters, so i hope you enjoy these

whispers its agent g and aunt arctic

List Of All CP Ask Blogs I Know Of And That You Need To Follow

@justawittlepookie I used to not be a fan of pookies but after I found this blog I completely fell in love with it, it’s adorable.

@ask-jetpackguy Stays very in-character and it has a terrific sense of humor. (It looks like it implies the JPGxRookie ship a bit too so if you’re into that then go for it)

@official-herbert-p-bear So funny. The reactions it gives to the asks are just hilarious.

@thedisguisegal It’s really charming! I’ve always really loved Dot (because she used to remind me a little of my older sister) and this blog has such a friendly feeling.

@askgreena I don’t ship this but it’s a cute blog and I can see why people would see it as a good ship. But if you do ship this then it’s PERFECT.

@askingblog3000 Really nice blog! I felt that they got down Gary’s personality and world down well.

@ask-the-penguins VERY nolstalgic blog. Nolstalgic is all I can think of to describe it but seriously check it out.

@skipthebellhop So far all it’s focused on so far is his good bellhop side. It makes it really cute though and hard for you to remember he tried to kill you, dangit.


@penguin-agent-wertercatt Haven’t seen much of this blog yet but it has so much potential. Looks like it’s going to be really good! 

 Hey why are you still reading this and not following any of these blogs yet? Go! If you think I missed some good ones then feel free to list them in the comments/reblogs.