Grde LED Night Light and Dual USB Charger

The product creatively integrates a dual USB power adapter with a night light, making it an unexpectedly multi-functional gadget. Just plug it in a wall outlet and enjoy its convenience for charging two device simultaneously and soothing warm light automatically emitted in darkness. Don’t forget that you can also light it on or off manually by repositioning the switch.


Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover (60% OFF)

This silicon cover helps you to improve your workflow by displaying the most common and useful shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop! Cheatsheet on your fingers!

The Material is Silicone Dustproof Waterproof and is compatible with: ALL Macbook Models and sizes, also fit on Apple iMac Keyboard, and wireless keyboard.

Check it here:


Kyouei Illuminated Bookmark

Price: $16

Finally a bookmark more practical than just keeping your page and chapter. The Kyouei illuminated bookmark is a sleek sheet of circuitry that takes advantage of silver ink circuits printed on its film to emits directional LED lighting when folded over, using the CR2032 lithium coin battery as power.