gaddamn boy

There’s a type of character, written almost exclusively by boys, that makes me laugh every time.
I’m talking about the super serious, tragic ‘man pain’ back story, no sense of humor, rippling muscles, great fighter, probably an assassin, grim dark male character.
Like, that character who, despite doing a lot of really shitty things, and having an unbelievably crappy attitude, is still supposed to be interpreted as a ‘good guy’, no questions asked. 

 The kind of character who, in an RP setting, will not respond to any character who tries to poke fun at him, nor partake in any activity/plot that might (intentionally) make him look wrong, or foolish, or compromise is superficially written ‘gritty cool dude’ vibe. Probably perpetually wears this expression: “>:[ “

 “Thugs killed my whole family. I’m incapable of feeling happiness until I kill every thug on the planet. I don’t have a sense of humor, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.“

Are you a girl? Did you ever write a character like this!?? PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT IT. Blow my mind.